Truth for Youth
Periodical Series number: 61
Span Dates: 1944 - 1950

Truth for Youth was a publication of the Committee on Young People's Work, an agency of the Bible Presbyterian Synod, Collingswood, NJ. Originally titled Faith and Fellowship, it was issued as "a quarterly manual containing articles, topics, musical suggestions, and recreational pointers for young people."

The Rev. Jack Murray served as Editor of the magazine and he was initially assisted by the Rev. John E. Addy, who served as Managing Editor. By the time that the Summer 1946 issue (Volume 2, Number 3) was published, Rev. Addy had been replaced by I.A. Wagner. With the Summer 1948 issue, Dr. Robert G. Rayburn was noted as having joined the Editorial Advisory Board. Cover photography during at least the first two years of publication was produced by H. Armstrong Roberts.

The PCA Historical Center currently holds eight issues of Truth for Youth. These are listed below, along with their lead articles:

Volume 1, Number 2 [Winter, 1944-1945]        
  The Tragedy of a Hidden Gospel, by John M.L. Young, pages 9-12
  The Battle of Apalach, by Nickles Cochran, page 13
  First Impressions, by Chaplain Jack Armes, pages 14-15
Volume 1, Number 4 [Autumn, 1945]        

Home on the Gripsholm, by Norton Sterrett, pages 5-8

  Chaplain for a Year, by W.B. Leonard, Jr., Chaplain Corps, USNR, pages 9-11
Volume 2, Number 1 [Winter, 1946]        
  Swords Drawn Up to the Gates of Heaven, by Thomas A. Lambie, pages 7-8
  The Trail to Home, Sweet Home, by Harold Foreman Graham, pages 9-14
Volume 2, Number 3 [Summer, 1946]        
  War in the Church, by Evangelist Henry Grube, pages 9-12
Volume 2, Number 4 [Autumn, 1946]        
  When God Chooses, by the Rev. Paul R. Abbott, Jr., pages 5-8
Volume 4, Number 2 [Summer Issue, 1948]        
  Daily Does It!, by Wendell Brock, page 5
  What Shall We Preach?, by Dr. George A. Nitshe, Jr., M.D., pages 6-8
Volume 5, Number 1 [Spring Issue, 1949]        
  From Salvation to Glory, by Dr. George A. Nitshe, Jr., pages 5-6
  The ABC of Fishing for Men, by Wm. H. Richie, pages 7-8
  Hear, O My Son, by Dr. W.O.H. Garman, pages 9-10 [Adobe PDF format only]
  Farewell Message to Dr. Lambie, author unknown, pages 11-12
Volume 5, Number 2 [Winter Issue, 1949-1950]        
  Evangelism by Eye and Ear, by Wm. H. Richie, page 4
  The Battle of the News, by Harold G. Stigers, pages 5-6
  The Path of Blackmen on Their Way to Death, author unknown, pages 7-8





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