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American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC)
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Box #466A

Content Summary: Constitution and Bylaws; Correspondence and deposition re H. McAllister Griffiths; various pamphlets and brochures; materials from the Second Plenary Congress [1950]

Span dates: 1941-1958 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

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Preferred citation:
American Council of Christian Churches Record Collection, Box 466A, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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reformers01Centerpiece statuary of the International Monument to the Reformation erected in Geneva, Switzerland to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Calvin's birth.
This is the center grouping of the Monument, and L to R,
the statues represent Farel, Calvin, Beza and Knox.
[Photo reproduced from A Twentieth Century Reformation: Second Congress of the International Council of Christian Churches, Geneva, Switzerland, August 16-23, 1950.]

Box 466A
Box/File & Subject
466a.01 — ACCC, American Council Rally Month: General Theme - Freedom versus Tyranny, [talking points guide, undated], 3p.; The American Council Digest, Spring 1957, Volume 1, No. 1
466a.02 — ACCC, Constitution and By-Laws [8p, annotated]; Letter of Announcement, dated 6 September, 1941 and signed by Carl M. McIntire, Wm Conant, and H. McAllister Griffiths
466a.03 — ACCC, Correspondence between J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. and Robert T. Ketcham, concerning McAllister Griffiths, 1945, 6 leaves
466a.04 — ACCC, Deposition of Binde, Helen L., Statement on articles written by McAllister Griffiths, as given 5 November 1945, 15 pages
466a.05 — ACCC, Pamphlets: The American Council of Christian Churches: Its Purpose and Testimony, by Carl McIntire, 14p.; Tests for Church Fellowship, 48p.; There's A Reason: Why the American Council Could Not Issue Jointly With The National Association of Evangelicals Sunday School Lessons [brochure]; St. Louis Council of Christian Churches, (Constitution & bylaws) [brochure]
466a.06 — ACCC, Petition for Fellowship and Membership
466a.07 — ICCC, Pamphlets: "In Contrast," by W.F. Betts, 39p.; The Testimony of the ICCC, 14p.; World Temptation From Behind the Black Curtain: An Allegory in Chinese Style, by Arie Kok, 9p.; Ecumenical Movement and WCC [Resolution adopted by Fourth Plenary Congress of the ICCC, 1958]; Can Evangelicals Cooperate with the NCC?, by Fhilip R. Foxwell, 16p.
466a.08 — ICCC, Petition for Fellowship and Membership
466a.09 — ICCC, Second Plenary Congress, 1950, August 16-23,Folder 1: Resolutions; Reply to Dean Inge and the Modern Churchman's Union; Communism and the Bible, by Dr. Fred Schwarz [address, 9p.]; Statements of Receipts and Disbursements, 1949 - 1950; Christian Crises in the Far East: China, Korea and Japan, by J. Gordon Holdcroft, 7p.;
466a.10 — ICCC, Second Plenary Congress, 1950, August 16-23,Folder 2: Resolutions: The Church and Reformation, 2p.; Statement on the World Council, 5p.; Facing Problems Raised by the World Council of Churches, by Capt. Edgar C. Bundy [address, 6p.]; Missions Commission Report, 4p.; The Sixteenth Century Reformation and the Bible, by Dr. G. Ch. Aalders [address, 4p.]
466a.11 — ICCC, Second Plenary Congress, 1950, August 16-23, Folder 3: Amendments to the Constitution; List of Committees; Hitherto Hath the Lord Helped Me, by Arie Kok [address, 4p.]; Christ and the Bible, Rev. Eleazar Perez, [address, 5p.]; The Holy Spirit and the Bible, Dr. William R. McCarrell [address, 8p.]; Nominating Committee Report; The Inspiration of the Bible, Rev. W.R. McEwen [address, 7p.]
466a.12 — ICCC, Second Plenary Congress, 1950, August 16-23, Folder 4: Promotional booklet, 47p.; Includes articles by Carl McIntire, Kenneth Muck, Arie Kok, David Hedegard, J.J. Van det Schuit, W.H. Guiton, W.O.H. Garman, T.T. Shields, J. Gordon Holdcroft, W. Harllee Bordeaux, D.O. Fuller, Kenneth R. Kinney, and R.F. Hamilton, plus a descriptive article on the Reformation Monument in Geneva.
466a.13 — ICCC, Third Plenary Congress, 1954, Panoramic photograph of Commissioners and Visitors to the Congress, Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, in August of 1954. Photo by the Pennsylvania Photo Service of Philadelphia, PA.