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Bible Presbyterian Church, Minutes

Record Group #003
Box #536

Content Summary: Minutes of the Bible Presbyterian Church, 1938 – 1956; the Bible Presbyterian Church, Columbus Synod, 1956 – 1961; the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 1961 – 1965. Note the
division of the Bible Presbyterian Church that occurred in 1956, with the larger portion of that division taking the designation of the "Columbus Synod," while the other portion was termed the "Collingswood Synod." In the Minutes noted below, those for the years 1956 through 1965 are for the Columbus Synod, later renamed as the Evangelical Presbyterian Church [1961-1965]. This body later united with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, General Synod to form the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod.

Span dates: 1938-1965 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

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Box 536

ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ02—General Synod (First), 1938, Minutes
ƒ03—General Synod (Second), 1939, Minutes
ƒ04—General Synod (Third), 1940, Minutes
ƒ05—General Synod (Fifth), 1942, Minutes
ƒ06—General Synod (Sixth), 1943, Minutes
ƒ07—General Synod (Seventh), 1944, Minutes
ƒ08—General Synod (Eighth), 1945, Minutes
ƒ09—General Synod (Ninth), 1946, Minutes
ƒ10—General Synod (Tenth), 1947, Minutes
ƒ11—Report & Decision of the Judicial Commission, 1948 & Pro re nata meeting of Synod, 1948
ƒ12—General Synod (Eleventh), 1948, Minutes
ƒ13—General Synod (Twelfth), 1949, Minutes
ƒ14—Judicial Commission Report and Decision, Rev. Lester R. Bachman, May 25-31, 1949
ƒ15—General Synod (Thirteenth), 1950, Minutes
ƒ16—General Synod (Fourteenth), 1951, Minutes
ƒ17—General Synod (Fifteenth), 1952, Minutes
ƒ18—General Synod (Sixteenth), 1953, Minutes
ƒ19—General Synod (Seventeenth), 1954, Minutes
ƒ20—General Synod (Eighteenth), 1955, Minutes
ƒ21—General Synod (Nineteenth), 1956, Minutes with Minutes of Pro re nata Meeting of Twentieth General Synod, 1956
ƒ22—General Synod (Twenty-First), 1957, Minutes
ƒ23—General Synod (Twenty-Second), 1958, Minutes
ƒ24—Directory of Ministers and Congregations, 1959
ƒ25—General Synod (Twenty-Third), 1959, Minutes
ƒ26—General Synod (Twenty-Fourth), 1960, Minutes
ƒ27—General Synod (Twenty-Fifth), 1961, Minutes
ƒ28—General Synod (Twenty-Sixth), 1962, Minutes
ƒ29—General Synod (Twenty-Seventh), 1963, Minutes
ƒ30—General Synod (Twenty-Eighth), 1964, Minutes
ƒ31—General Synod (Twenty-Ninth), 1965, Minutes

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