The Covenant Life Curriculum
[of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUS)]

Introduced in the early 1960s, the Covenant Life Curriculum proved to be a point of division within the southern Presbyterian Church and may arguably have been a factor leading to the eventual formation of the Presbyterian Church in America in 1973. Biblically conservative Presbyterians criticized the curriculum as heavily informed by the neo-orthodoxy of Barth and Brunner.
For a time it became the authorized curriculum of five denominations: the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the Moravian Church in America, the Presbyterian Church in the United States and the Reformed Church in America. Materials issued under the Covenant Life name were printed by the Covenant Life Press, Richmond, VA.
The Historical Center's holdings include the following twenty-four titles from the Curriculum. These materials are available to researchers at the Center, but can not be checked out, nor do we have other copies available for sale or exchange.
anonymous Education for Covenant Living, 1962, 1st, 6th & 7th printings
Beach, Waldo The Christian Life, 1966, 1st edition; Teacher's Book, 1st ed, 1966; 2d ed., 1967.
Benfield, William A., Jr. Youth Entering Into Covenant - For Parents, 1966, 3rd printing
Cogswell, James A. Response: The Church in Mission to a World in Crisis, 1971, 1st edition
Dendy, Marshall C. A Study of the Catechism: The Westminster Shorter Catechism for Families, 1966, 1st edition
Fairchild, Roy W. Christians in Families : An Inquiry into the Nature and Mission of the Christian Family. 1st ed., 1964.
Gettys, Joseph M. Living the Gospel: A Study of I Peter, 1970, 1st edition
Godard, James M. The Blue Light : Christian Dimensions in Marriage. 1st edition, 1964.
Guthrie, Shirley C., Jr. Christian Doctrine, 1968, 1st edition; Teacher's Book, 1968
Kennedy, William Bean Into Covenant Life, Vol. 1, 2d ed., 1963; Vol. 2, 1st ed., 1963; Teacher's Book, 1963, 2nd ed.
King, Ray A. A History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1966, 1st edition
Kraemer, Charles E.S. Planning for the Covenant Life Curriculum in a Local Church, 1962, 1st edition
Lubbers, Elaine Families Within the Family, 1963, 2nd printing
McCarter, Neely Dixon Hear the Word of the Lord, 1964, 1st edition, [heavily annotated by Wm. A. McIlwaine]
McMichael, Jack B. The School of the Church, 1967, 5th printing
Meeks, Wayne A. Go from Your Father's House, 1964, 1st edition, [heavily annotated by Wm. A. McIlwaine]
Perkins, Richard F. The Image of a Christian Family, 1964, 1st edition
Ramsey, William M. The Meaning of Jesus Christ, 1964, 1st edition; Leader's Guide, 1964, 1st edition
Rhodes, Arnold B. The Mighty Acts of God, 1964, 1st edition
Rogers, Isabel In Response to God, 1969, 1st edition
Smylie, James H. Into All the World. 1st edition, 1965.
Sprunt, James, et. al. From Bondage to Freedom: God's Varied Voices, 1967, 1st edition; Teacher's Book, 1967
Thompson, Ernest T. Through the Ages: A History of the Christian Church, 1965, 1st edition; Teacher's Book, 1965
Williamson, Lamar, Jr. God's Work of Art: Images of the Church in Ephesians, 1971, 1st edition