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John Holt Rice

Synthetic Collection #153

Content Summary: Materials by and or about the Rev. John Holt Rice, as gathered by the staff of the PCA Historical Center.

Our search for the Papers of John Holt Rice has turned up little. A single letter by Rice was located at the Presbyteria Historical Society in Philadelphia, and another letter to Rice is found at the University of Virginia. The Union Theological Seminary in Virginia may have additional materials.

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John Holt Rice Synthetic Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

Image source: Frontispiece portrait from Memoir of the Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D., by William Maxwell (1835).

John Holt Rice
[28 November 1777 - 3 September 1831]

ƒ01—Finding aid

ƒ02—Rice, John Holt, "The Power of Truth and Love," in The National Preacher, 5.3 (October 1828): [65]-80. Accession #015a005003.

ƒ03—Rice, John Holt, Review of the "Doctrines of the Church" "Vindicated from the Misrepresentations of Dr. John Rice;" "And the integrity of revealed religion defended against the 'No comment principle' of promiscuous Bible Societies: by the Right Rev'd John S. Ravenscroft, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of North-Carolina. Originally published in The Literary and Evangelical Magazine. Richmond, VA: Printed at the Franklin Press, 1827. Disbound, 214 p.; 20.3 cm. Accession #014a127000. [This is a review written by Dr. Rice in rebuttal to the work issued by Bishop John Stark Ravenscroft (1772-1830)]

ƒ04—Rice, John Holt, The Duties of a Gospel Minister. First published as A Sermon on the Duties of a Minister of the Gospel: Preached at the Opening of the Presbytery of Hanover, at Dee Ess Church; October 11, 1809. Reprinted by Log College Press, Madison, MS, 2018. Pb, 31 p.; 22 cm. Accession #019a017000.

ƒ05—Goodrich, Hiram P., "A Brief Memoir of the Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D., Late Professor of Christian Theology in the Union Theological Seminary, Virginia," excerpted from The Annual of the Board of Education of the Presbyterian Church in the United States: A New Year's Offering for MDCCCXXXV. Edited by John Breckinridge, A.M. Philadelphia: Published by Joseph Whetham, 1835, pp. 262-276. [see the link below]

Smith, B.M. and Theodorick Pryor, Memorial Tablet in Honor of The Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D. Addresses at the Unveiling and Dedication, delivered in The Chapel of Union Theological Seminary, Va., May 5, 1885. Richmond, VA: Whittet & Shepperson, 1885. Pb, 18 p.; 23.5 cm. Accession #010a066000.

ƒ06—Price, Philip B. [1822-1905], The Life of the Reverend John Holt Rice, D.D. Reprinted from The Central Presbyterian, 1886-1887 and later published by The Library of Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, Richmond, VA, 1963. ["This is No. 5 of an Edition of Ten Copies on Bond Paper." Bears the embossing stamp of the Presbyterian Historical Foundation, Montreat, NC, on the title page.] Accession #013a109000.

ƒ07—Swift, David E., "Thomas Jefferson, John Holt Rice and Education in Virginia, 1815-25," in The Journal of Preesbyterian History, 49.1 (Spring 1971): 32-58.

ƒ08—Thomas, Arthur Dicken, Jr., "Reasonable Revivalism: Presbyterian Evangelization of Educated Virginians, 1787-1837," in The Journal of Presbyterian History, 61.3 (Fall 1983): 316-334.

ƒ09—Dawson, David, "A Recurring Issue of Mission Administration," in Missiology, 25.4 (October 1997): 457-465.

ƒ10—Weeks, Louis B., "John Holt Rice and the American Colonization Society," Journal of Presbyterian History, 46.1 (1968): 26-41.

See also (not yet in our collection):
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Works authored by Rev. John Holt Rice, available in digital format [PDF files]:—
1809 - Religious Intelligence to the Standing Committee of Missions, the Board of Trust of the Western Missionary Society.
1811 - Letter sent as Missionary to the Blacks in Charlotte County, Virginia, May 1, 1811.
1816 - View of the State of Religion in the Churches Under the Care of the Synod of Virginia.
1818 - The Virginia Evangelical and Literary Magazine, Volume 1.
1819 - Thoughts on Slavery.
1820 - Irenicum.
1820 - A Discourse Delivered Before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.
1824 - Inaugural Discourse at Union Theological Seminary.
1824 - Proposal For a Virginia Historical Society.
1824 - Charity at Home.
1828 - The Power of Truth and Love.
1829 - Correspondence of the General Assembly With Foreign Churches.
1832 - Historical and Philosophical Considerations on Religion; Addressed to James Monroe, Esq., Late President of the United States.
1833 - Memoir of James Brainerd Taylor.

Works about Rev. Rice in digital format:—
1832 - Maxwell, William, An Oration commemorative of the Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D.
1835 - Maxwell, William, Memoir of the Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D.
1835 - Goodrich, Hiram P., "A Brief Memoir of the Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D., Late Professor of Christian Theology in the Union Theological Seminary, Virginia."

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