C. Gregg Singer Papers

Manuscript Collection # 32

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Content Summary: Correspondence and writings

Span Dates: 1941-1990

Size: 3 cu. ft.

Access Restrictions: None

Collection Citation: Papers of C. Gregg Singer, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, MO.

Biographical sketch :
The Rev. Dr. Charles Gregg Singer, scholar, professor, minister, churchman, and gentleman, passed away on March 22, 1999, at the age of 88. His academic and ministerial career stretched for more than six decades.
A native of Philadelphia, Pa., Dr. Singer was a graduate of Haverford College, and earned his masters and his doctorate in history from the University of Pennsylvania. He was awarded an honorary doctor of divinity from the Atlanta School of Biblical Studies in 1986.
Among the places at which he taught were Wheaton College, Salem College, the University of Pennsylvania, Belhaven College, Montreat-Anderson College, Catawba College, Furman University, and Atlanta School of Biblical Studies. At the time of his death, he was an active member of the faculty of Greenville (S. C.) Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Among his published works were: A Theological Interpretation of American History; John Calvin: His Roots and Fruits; Arnold Toynbee: A Critical Study, The Unholy Alliance (an expose of the National Council of Churches); From Rationalism to Irrationality; A Christian Introduction to History and Philosophy; The Church and the Sword; and South Carolina in the Confederation. He also contributed to The Encyclopedia of Christianity and The Dictionary of Church History.
A long-time ruling elder in the Southern Presbyterian Church, Dr. Singer was the last President of Concerned Presbyterians, Inc., a "layman's" group which had called for the establishment of a Continuing Presbyterian Church. When that new denomination, now called the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), came into being in 1973, Dr. Singer remained in the old denomination, to continue the fight. When judicial action was taken against him in 1975 on what he called "trumped up charges," he was able to transfer to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. In 1987, he joined the PCA, by being ordained as a minister by Central Carolina Presbytery.
Dr. Singer's wife predeceased him. He is survived by four children, and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Gregg Singer passed away quietly in the home of his son, Robert, just before midnight on March 22nd.

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Bell, L. Nelson, 1963 - 1969, Correspondence [4 items, 5 leaves]


Clark, Gordon H., 1941, 1968, 1971, Correspondence [3 items, 3 leaves]


Concord Presbytery [PCUS], 1975, Concord Presbytery vs. C. Gregg Singer, Ecclesiastical Trial, Correspondence, News Clippings [29 leaves]


Craig, Charles H., 1963 - 1976, Correspondence

Crowe, R. McFerran, 1950, 1953, The Lamp and the Bush: Five Lectures on the nature of God and man, as revealed in the Bible.  First delivered at a conference on world mission at Montreat, NC, August 1950 and extensively revised and delivered in 1953 at a Leadership Training School for St. John's Presbytery at Shenandoah Presbyterian Church, Miami, FL [bound, 162 pages]


Crowe, R. McFerran, 1954 - 1973, Correspondence [6 items, 8 leaves]


Dendy, Dr. Henry B., 1964 - 1971, Correspondence [6 items, 6 leaves]


Evans, G. Russell, Capt. USCG (Ret.), 1981 - 1982, Correspondence re The Church and the Sword [22 leaves]


Farrell, Frank E. [asst. editor, Christianity Today], 1952 - 1965, Correspondence [15 leaves]


Green, Jay P., 1966 - 1968, Correspondence

Gutzke, Manford George, 1957, Correspondence [2 items, 4 leaves]


Helms, Jesse [U.S. Senator], 1972 - 1990, Correspondence [39 items, 50 leaves]


Henry, Carl F.H., 1950 - 1990, Correspondence [36 items, 40 leaves]


Hill, William E., Jr., 1969 - 1983, Correspondence [6 items, 8 leaves]


Hughes, Philip Edgcumbe, 1970 - 1972, Correspondence re the Encyclopedia of Christianity and Mr. Jay Green, editor [5 items, 5 leaves]


Keyes, Kenneth, 1965 - 1975, Correspondence [7 items, 8 leaves]


Lindsell, Harold, 1969, Letter of 18 April, re Dr. Cary Weisiger's article on the Committee on Church Union (COCU) [2 leaves]


Metcalf, Robert M., Jr., 1962 - 1986, Correspondence [29 leaves]


Patterson, Donald, 1950 - 1978, Correspondence [5 items, 5 leaves]


Pew, J. Howard, 1966 - 1969 [16 items, 18 leaves]


Rayburn, Robert G., 1948 - 1989, Correspondence [27 items, 36 leaves] Select items restricted


Reid, W. Stanford, 1950 - 1989, Correspondence [37 items, 48 leaves]


Richardson, John R., 1956 - 1962, Correspondence [6 items, 6 leaves]


Robinson, William Childs, 1950 - 1974, Correspondence [14 leaves]


Rushdoony, Rousas John, 1960 - 1975, Correspondence [32 leaves]


Singer, Arthur G., 1967 - 1989, Correspondence; includes one undated letter from Dr. Singer's mother [7 leaves]


Singer, C. Gregg, Relationship of Philsophy and History to the Historic Christian Faith [typescript, 114 pp.]


Smith, Frank J., 1984 - 1985, Correspondence [7 leaves]


Smith, Morton Howison, 1958 - 1989, Correspondence [18 items, 21 leaves] Select items restricted


Stam, Peter, Jr., 1955, 1975, Correspondence [3 items, 3 leaves]


Staples, George, 1955 - 1985, Correspondence [78 leaves; Dr. Singer notes on an index card that Staples, a graduate of Union Seminary and Yale Divinity School (PhD), was a "stalwart of the faith and a very acute observer of the direction of the PCUS.  He died quite suddenly in February 1988."]


Stonehouse, Ned B., 1955 - 1957, Correspondence re WTS Journal articles [3 items, 3 leaves]


Taylor, G. Aiken, 1959 - 1969 and undated, Correspondence [60 leaves]


Taylor, G. Aiken, 1970 - 1979, Correspondence [60 leaves]


Taylor, G. Aiken, 1980 - 1983, Correspondence [40 leaves]


Thurmond, Stom [U.S. Senator], 1964 - 1974, Correspondence [39 leaves]


Van Til, Cornelius, 1943 - 1984, Correspondence; Photograph of Van Til and Singer at Westminster; Cornelius Van Til: His Theology of History, by C. Gregg Singer [19pp.]; The Problem of Historical Interpretation: Van Til's View of History, with Special Reference to His Discussion of the Philosophies of Carl Becker and R.G. Collingwood [26pp., incomplete]; [97 leaves in all]


Woolley, Paul, 1949 - 1957, Correspondence [5 leaves]


The Rev. Dr. C. Gregg Singer [1910-1999]