Cornelius Van Til Collection

Manuscript Collection # 48

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Content Summary: A gathered collection of writings and correspondence drawn largely from other collections within the PCA Historical Center. Index to be posted later.

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Biographical Sketch: Dr. Van Til died on 17 April 1987 at 10:57 pm, at his home in Philadelphia from illness and complications

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The Cornelius Van Til Papers reside at Westminster Theological Seminary. Finding Aids or other details on the specific extent of that collection, along with specific contact information, will be posted as that information become available.

Information on the smaller collection of materials housed here in the PCA Historical Center is also still in process. Please check back here by January 2001.

Excerpted from the 1931 brochure Our Faculty prepared by the Westminster Student's Association, this description of Dr. Van Til and his teaching:

"Dr. Van Til's main thesis is that either the God of the Bible is God, or there is no God. Since Pragmatism, Idealism, Personalism and all other such philosophies of the day deny the God of the Bible, it follows, says Dr. Van Til, that the God they would substitute is not God at all. Christian theism is the only position the consistent thinker can hold. All other philosophies rob the universe of God."
"So Dr. Van Til says, and as we follow his argument, and realize how true to Scripture it is, we are compelled to affirm its truth. And we thank God that Christianity is intellectually consistent, and that before the keenest attacks of worldly thinkers, its thought structure is impregnable. The wisdom of God meets the wisdom of the world on its own grounds and triumphs."

[3 May 1985 - 17 April 1987]

Dr. Cornelius Van Til, as he appeared in a 1931 directory of the Westminster Seminary faculty.