Your Help Is Needed!

The work of the PCA Historical Center depends entirely upon voluntary contributions. We currently have no endowments or other means of supporting this valuable work. When the Presbyterian Church in America was established in 1973, its constitutional documents were carefully constructed to protect the right of the local congregation to its own property and, as a result, each local congregation also retains control over its money as well. In other words, unlike most of the mainline denominations, the PCA does not tax (or otherwise levy) its local congregations.

This means that in the PCA, the agencies, boards and various works of the denomination must each individually present their own case before the churches as to why a particular ministry should be supported. It is then up to the Session of the local church to determine that they will support that work, agency, or board.

We hope that as you have explored Historical Center's web site and become more familiar with the work that is being done here, that you will become convinced of the need to support the Center with both your prayers and your contributions.



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