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Jonthan Dickinson

Manuscript Collection (Synthetic) #244

Box locator #260101.6

Content Summary: A small synthetic collection gathered by the staff of the Histoical Center to augment other collections and consisting at this time of a few original materials by Rev. Jonathan Dickinson and a handful of articles and one major book about Rev. Dickinson.

Span dates: 1841-1997 Size: 0.25 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Jonathan Dickinson Manuscript Collection (synthetic), PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Thus far we've been unable to locate an archives which may hold the actual papers of Rev. Dickinson.

Rev. Jonathan Dickinson
[22 April 1688 – 7 October 1747]
Box locator #260101.6

ƒ01 – Finding Aid

ƒ02 – Dickinson, Jonathan, The True Scripture Doctrine concerning some Important Points of Christian Faith: particularly eternal election, original sin, grace in conversion, justification by faith, and the saints perseverance. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1841. Hb, 252 p.; 15.5 cm. Accession #014a100000.

ƒ03 –  Dickinson, Jonathan, Familiar Letters to a Gentleman, upon a variety of Seasonable and Important Subjects in Religion. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1841. Hb, vi, [7]-324 p.; 20.2 cm. Accession #009a062000.

ƒ04 – Dickinson, Jonathan, “A Sermon preached at the Synod at Philadelphia, September 22, 1722.” [photocopy; text: 2 Timothy 3:17]

ƒ05 – Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Dickinson, The Presbyterian, 2.3 (March 1852): 124-129.

ƒ06 – Harlan, David C., “The Travail of Religious Moderation: Jonathan Dickinson and the Great Awakening,” Journal of Presbyterian History, 61.4 (Winter 1983): 411-426. [photocopy]

ƒ07 – LeBeau, Bryan F., “The Subscription Controversy,” Journal of Presbyterian History, 54.3 (Fall 1976): 317-335. [photocopy]

ƒ08 – LeBeau, Bryan F., Jonathan Dickinson and the Formative Years of American Presbyterianism. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1997. Hb, x, 252 p.; 24 cm. Accession #003a022000.

ƒ09 – Schmidt, Leigh Eric, “Jonathan Dickinson and the Making of the Moderate Awakening,” American Presbyterians, 63.4 (Winter 1985): 341-353.

ƒ10 – Sloat, Leslie W., “Jonathan Dickinson and the Problem of Synodical Authority,” Westminster Theological Journal, 8.2 (1946): 149-165. [photocopy]

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