Accessions for the Year 2001

Collections Received and/or Processed:

Collection Donor Size
Anderson, The Papers of the Rev. Bertil I. Rev. Roger Collins, Stated Clerk of Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA) 1 cu. ft.
Evans, The Papers of the Rev. Dr. Frederick W., Jr. Mrs. Frederick W. Evans, Jr. (Irene) 6 cu. ft.
Gilchrist, The Papers of the Rev. Dr. Paul R. Dr. Paul R. Gilchrist 12 cu. ft.
Harris, The Papers of the Rev. Dr. R. Laird Dr. R. Laird Harris 5 cu. ft.
Mau, The Papers of Hildreth Greene Frederick Mau 1 cu. ft.
MacNair, The papers of Donald J. Dr. Donald J. MacNair 4 cu. ft.
Wallis, The Papers of Wilbur and Marie Dr. Wilbur Wallis 30 cu. ft.
Bible Presbyterian Church, Minutes, 1986 - 1997 Stated Clerk, Bible Presbyterian Church  
Covenant Theological Seminary, Records Dr. Bryan Chapell 13 cu. ft.
Covenant Theological Seminary, Media - master tapes Jennifer Winter 18 cu. ft.
Mission to North America (PCA), Records [Ephemera]    
PCA Stated Clerk - Presbytery Records Stated Clerk's Office 1.5 cu. ft.
Western Carolina Presbytery (PCA), Records Steve Doty 3 cu. ft.


Title Author Details

A Light in the City: The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago

Scroggs, Marilee M.

Hb, 180pp.

A Method for Prayer, edited and revised by J. Ligon Duncan, III, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1994)

Henry, Matthew

Pb, 390pp.

A Place for Truth: The Bicentennial James Henley Thornwell Lectures, February 4-5, 1995, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1996)

Calhoun, David B.

Pb, 76pp.

Acts of the Reformed Ecumenical Synod, 1976


Pb, 340pp.

Adopted by God: From Wayward Sinners to Cherished Children

Peterson, Robert A.

Pb, 182pp.

Against the World: The Trinity Review, 1978 – 1988 [2 copies]


Hb, 360pp.

An Annotated Autobiography

Spence, T.H., Jr.

Hb, 113pp.

Bethel and Here Ministers: 1746-1946

Turner, Herbert S.

Hb, 208pp.

Biblical and Theological Studies

PTS Faculty

Hb, 634pp.

Bicentennial Supplement for the Bicentennial Celebration of the Associate Reformed Church (Greenville, SC, 1983)


Hb, 514pp.

Book of Common Worship, (Revised) PCUSA, 1932


Hb, 353pp

Book of Common Worship, PCUSA, 1946, 5th printing, 1956   Hb, 388pp.

Centennial History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church: 1803 – 1903 (Charleston, SC: Walker, Evans & Cogswell, 1905
[reprint, 1979])


Hb, 750pp.

Centennial History of the Shadyside Presbyterian Church

Belfour , Stanton

Hb, 155pp.

Centennial Memorial:  Presbytery of Carlisle


Hb, 475pp.

Centennial Volume of the First Presbyterian Church


Hb, 259pp.

Changing of the Guard

Karlberg, Mark


Christian Living in the Home

Adams, Jay E.

Pb, 143pp.

Churches of the Valley

Nevin, Alfred

Hb, 338 pp.

Commemorative History of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey, Revised Edition: 1728-1962,

Fell, Shelby G. and Ernestine S. Coffey

Hb, 253pp.

Commemorative History of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey: 1728-1928

McKinney, W.K., Chas. A. Philhower & Harry A. Kniffin

Hb, 483pp.

Constitution of the Bible Presbyterian Church, 1959, published by the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions


Hb, 181pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States [PCUS],
1899 edition

- Hb, 190pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1906 edition


Hb, 541pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1913 edition   Hb, 544pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1916 edition


Hb, 560pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1917 edition


Hb, 560pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1938 edition   Hb, 532pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1951 edition


Hb, 567pp.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1954 edition


Hb, 568pp.

Covenant Theological Seminary Book of Graduates: 1980


Pb, 52pp.

Creator, Redeemer, Consummator: A Festschrift for Meredith G. Kline (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 2000)

Griffith, Howard &  John R. Muether, editors

Hb, 294pp.

Critical Reviews (New York: Oxford, 1932)

Warfield, B.B.

Hb, 487pp.

Crown Him Lord of All: Essays on the Life and Witness of the Free Church of Scotland, (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1993)

Clement Graham

Hb, 152pp.

East Liberty Presbyterian Church, with Historical Setting and a Narrative of the Centennial Celebration, April 12-20, 1919

Negley, Georgina G.

Hb, 256pp.

Ecclesiastical Megalomania: The Economic and Political Thought of the Roman Catholic Church [2 copies]

Robbins, John W.

Hb, 344pp.

Ever a Frontier: The Bicentennial History of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Walther, J.A. (ed.)

Hb, 282pp.

Everything You Wanted to Know About PREDESTINATION, but Were Afraid to Ask, with an introduction by Dr. Rod Mays, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 2000)

Benton, W. Wilson, Jr.

Pb, 18pp.

General Assembly Journal: 1874 – 1875



General Catalogue of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary [McCormick, Chicago, IL]: 1830- 1928

No author indicated

Hb, 363pp.

General Catalogue of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Chicago, Lane Seminary Affiliated, 1829-1939

No author indicated

Hb, 545pp.

Getting to Know John’s Gospel: Leader’s Guide

Peterson, Robert A.

Pb, 71pp.

Greenville Presbyterian Church: 1765-1973

Leith, John H.

Pb, 156pp.

Guide to the Free Church of Scotland: Colleges and Offices, (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1994)

Anderson , William S.

pb, 36pp.

Harmony of the Westminster Presbyterian Standards

Green, James B.

Hb, 231 pp.

History of Auburn Theological Seminary:1818-1918

Adams, John Q.

Hb, 2235pp.

History of Bainbridge (GA) Presbyterian Church

- Pb,

History of Brick Presbyterian Church of New York

Knapp, Sheldon

Hb, 566pp.

History of First Presbyterian, Bloomsbury, NJ



History of Lexington Presbyterian Church, Lexington, VA

Hunter, Robert F.

Hb, 190pp.

History of Old Stone Presbyterian Church: 1783 – 1983

Montgomery, John Fleshman

hb, 347pp., signed.

History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterians: 1882 – 1982 (Greenville, SC: ARP, 1983)

Ware, Lowry and James W. Gettys

Hb, 555pp.

History of the Associate Reformed Synod  of the South: 1782 – 1882 (Harrisburg, PA, 1882, [rpt, 1979])

Lathan, Robert

Hb, 418pp.

History of the First Presbyterian Church of Greenburg, Pennsylvania: 1788-1988

Van Atta, Robert B.

Hb, 288pp.

History of the Presbyterian Home for Children (Talladega, AL)

Jacobs, Allen C.

Hb, 321pp.

History of the Presbytery of Blairsville and Its Churches

Hays, Calvin C.

Hb, 193pp.

History of the Presbytery of Huntingdon

Gibson, William J.

Hb, 362pp.

History of Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church


Hold Fast Your Confession: Studies in Church Principles, (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1978)

Macleod, Donald, ed.

Hb, 216pp.

If God Already Knows, Why Pray?

Kelly, Douglas F.

Pb, 216pp.

James Henley Thornwell and the Westminster Confession of Faith, (Greenville, SC: A Press, 1986)

Rankin, W. Duncan

pb, 25pp.

Kirk and Nation: The Story of the Reformed Church of Scotland

Reid, J.M.

Hb, 205pp.

Lexington Presbyterian Church: 1789-1989

Hunter, Robert F.

Hb, 190pp.

Life of Archibald Alexander

Alexander, J.W.

Hb, 700pp.

Limited Inspiration (Phila: P&R, 1962)

Warfield, B.B.

Pb, 54pp.

Living in Christ’s Church

Clowney, Edmund P.

Bound photocopy, 164pp

Lord God of Truth, bound together with Concerning the Teacher, by Aurelius Augustine [2 copies]

Clark, Gordon H.

Pb, 120pp.

Manual of Presbyterian Law for Church Officers and Members, 1928


Hb, 387pp.

Manual of Presbyterian Law for Church Officers and Members, 1945


Hb, 412pp.

Memoir of Elizabeth Holman Spence

Spence, T.H., Jr.

Hb, 118pp.

Men of the Burning Heart, by (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1983),

Collins, G.N.M.

Hb, 160pp.

Minutes of the 63rd General Assembly of the OPC


Pb, 402pp.

Minutes of the General Synod of the ARP Church, 1982


Pb, 814pp.

Moses' Law for Modern Government: The Intellectual and Sociological Origins of the Christian Reconstructionist Movement, A Paper presented to the Social Science History Association, Atlanta, Georgia, October 15, 1994, by (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1998, 3rd ed.)

Duncan, J. Ligon III,

Pb, 40pp.

One Hundred Years of Evangelism in Japan (Columbus, GA: Quill, 1986)

McAlpine, James

Pb, 234pp.

Plain Talk on Christian Doctrine: A Pastor Looks at the Shorter Catechism, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 2000),

Reed, Gordon K.

Pb,, 207pp.

Psalms and Hymns [Presbyterian Hymnal, 1833]

- Hb, 666pp.

Presbyterian Law for the Local Church

Blake, Eugene C.

Hb, 129pp.

Presbyterian Re-Union Memorial Volume: 1837-1871


Hb, 568pp.

Presbyterian Women of South Carolina

Gist, Margaret

Hb, 785pp.


Hays, George P.

Hb, 544pp.

Presbyterians in the South, Volume 1 [signed?]

Thompson, Ernest Trice

Hb, 629pp.

Presbyterians in the South, Volume 2

Thompson, E.T.

Hb, 528pp.

Presbyterians in the South, Volume 3

Thompson, E.T.

Hb, 636pp.

Presbytery of the Log College: Cradle of the Presbyterian Church in America

Murphy, Thomas

Hb, 566pp.

Princetoniana: Charles and A.A. Hodge with Class and Table Talk of Hodge the Younger

Salmond, C.A.

Hb, 239pp.

Red Man’s Trail

- Pb,

Reformed Worship: Worship that Is According to Scripture, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 2000)

Johnson, Terry L.

Pb, 63pp.

Religion and the Abortion Patient (University of Iowa, 1975)

Pett, Mark

Hb, 233pp.

Short History of the Westminster Assembly, revised and edited by J. Ligon Duncan, III, (Greenville, SC: A Press, 1993)

Beveridge, William

pb, 141pp.

Soldiers of the Church [Reformed Presbyterians in WW I]

Pritchard, John W.

Hb, 190pp.

Southern Presbyterian Leaders: 1683-1911

White, Henry A.

Hb, 476pp.

Standards of Government, Discipline and Worship of the OPC, 1965 rpt


Hb, 122pp.

Tercentenary Studies 1928 Reformed Church in America

Demerest, W.H.S.

Hb, 515pp., photocopy

The Book of Common Worship [PCUSA, 1906]


Hb, 263pp.

The Book of Remembrance: 1862-1962 – First Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

Wiley, Mary C. * Wm. E. East

Hb, 95pp.

The Broken Home: Lessons in Sorrow, with introduction by Glen C. Knecht, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1994)

Palmer, B.M.

pb, 111pp.

The Call to Grace

Shepherd, Norman

Pb, 110pp.

The Days of the Years of My Pilgrimage, (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1991)

Collins, G.N.M.

pb, 156pp.

The Everyday Work of the Westminster Assembly, edited by J. Ligon Duncan, III, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1994)

Carruthers, S.W.

Pb, 284pp.

The Federal Theology: Its Import and Its Regulative Influence, with an introduction by W. Duncan Rankin, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1994)

Girardeau, John L.

Pb, 55pp.

The First Presbyterian Church of Princeton: Two Centuries of History

Link, Arthur S. (ed.)

Hb, 113pp.

The First Presbyterian Church of York, Pennsylvania—Two Hundred Year: 1762-1962

No author indicated

Hb, 46pp.

The Free Church of Scotland: The Crisis of 1900, (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1989)

Stewart, Alexander & J. K. Cameron

Hb, 427pp.

The Friar [Publication of the Friar’s Club at PTS]


Hb, 77pp.

The Heritage of Our Fathers, (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1976, 2nd ed.)

Collins, G.N.M.

hb, 172pp.

The Historical Foundation and Its Treasures [1st ed.]

Spence, T.H., Jr.

Hb, 174pp.

The Historical Foundation and Its Treasures [revised ed.]

Spence, T.H., Jr.

Hb, 171pp.

The Historical Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of the Presbytery of Huntingdon, Held in Huntingdon, PA, April 9, 1895


Hb, 422pp

The Old Log College: Anniversary Celebration brochure

Murphy, Thomas


The Practice of Confessional Subscription

Hall, David

Pb, 339pp.

The Presbyterian Valley (Pittsburgh)

McKinney, W.W.

Hb, 639pp.

The Presbyterian Controversy

Longfield, Bradley

Hb, 333pp.

The Story of Montreat from Its Beginning: 1897 – 1947

Anderson, R.C.

Hb, 237pp.


The Story of the Presbytery of Atlanta

Talmadge, Franklin.

Hb, 242pp.

The Theology and Theologians of Scotland: 1560 - 1750,  (Edinburgh: The Knox Press, 1982, 3rd ed.),

Walker, James

Pb, 207pp.

The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Freedom - A Study of the Church and Her People, 1732 - 1952, (Fishersville, VA, 1954) Wilson, Howard McKnight Hb, 578pp.

The United Presbyterian Story: A Centennial Study, 1858-1958

Jamison, Wallace N.

Hb, 253pp.

The Westminster Assembly: A Guide to Basic Bibliography, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1993)

Hall, David W. and J. Ligon Duncan, III,

Pb, 17pp.

The Westminster Confesion of Faith, Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland edition, 1970

Westminster Divines

Hb, 438pp.

The Westminster Confession of Faith: The Preparation and Printing of its Seven Leading Editions and A Critical Text, (Greenville, SC: Reformed Academic Press, 1995)

Carruthers, S.W.

pb, 157pp.

The Youth’s Evangelist, Vol. 7, 1865

Ferguson, James M.

Hb, 96pp.

Theological Interpretation of American History, (Greenville, SC: A Press, 1994, 3rd ed.)

Singer, C. Gregg

Pb, 354pp.

Unfinished Business in the Presbyterian Church of America

Eastman, Fred


Virginia Presbyterians in American Life: 1755 – 1980

Davis, Robert P.; Smylie, James H.; Thompson, Ernest Trice; Thompson, Dean K.; and Todd, William Newton Hb, 293pp.

Westminster Shorter Catechism, PCUS edition

- Pb,

Westminster’s Confession:  The Abandonment of Van Til’s Legacy

North, Gary

Hb, 385pp.

What is Faith? (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1946)

Machen, J. Gresham

Hb, 263pp.

William the Baptist, by (Greenville, S.C.: Reformed Academic Press, 1994)

Chaney, James M.

Pb, 133pp.

Women’s Work in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (Greenville, SC, 1983)

Oates, Julia, edited by Alice H. Skelton

Hb, 365pp.

World Survey of Reformed Missions, 3rd edition, 1977


Pb, 164pp.

World Survey of Reformed Theological Education, 1st edition, 1976


Pb, 95pp.



Roll #

Synod of Mississippi, Sept. 1945 – 1950, Minutes
Central Mississippi Presbytery, 1865 – Spring 1940, Minutes


Central Mississippi Presbytery, 1940 – 1956, Minutes
Chickasaw Presbytery, 1842 – 1890, Minutes


Chickasaw Presbytery, 1890 – [1906 missing] – 1907, Minutes


East Mississippi Presbytery, 1929 – 1950, Minutes
Meridian Presbytery, 1900 – 1917, Minutes


Meridian Presbytery, 1917 – 1950, Minutes
Register of Ministers
Mississippi Presbytery, 1816, 1820, 1825, 1827, 1832, 1848 – 1861, Minutes


Mississippi Presbytery, 1859 – 1890, Minutes


Mississippi Presbytery, 1890 – 1916, Minutes


Mississippi Presbytery, 1916 – 1917; 1920 – 1950, Minutes
Newton Presbytery, 1854 – 1864, Minutes


North Mississippi Presbytery, 1856 – 1912, Minutes


North Mississippi Presbytery, 1913 – 1960, Minutes


North Mississippi Presbytery, 1957 – 1960, Minutes
Tombeckbee Presbytery, 1828 – 1889, Minutes


St. John’s Presbytery, 1911 – 1947, Minutes