Accessions to the PCA Historical Center in 2010


1. “The Findings and Recommendations of the Committee to Study Freemasonry” - Information Packet mailed to PCA churches in 1987. Two packets, consisting of “Findings and Recommendations...” [18 pp.] and “Topical Summary of Document Sources” [71 pp.]. Received from the Rev. Ed Eubanks.

2. Associate-Reformed Church, Extracts from the minutes of the proceedings of the third General Synod ... held at Philadelphia, on Wednesday, the 28th May, 1806, and continued by adjournment. 33 pp. + statistical table.

Concerned United Presbyterians, Records, 3.0 cu. ft. Donation from Dr. David Coffin.

3. Handbook for Presbytery Clerks, 1998.

4. Metro Atlanta Presbytery Records, 3.0 cu. ft. (three cardboard boxes).

5. Minutes of Grace Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America, Volume XXXVII, 13 January 2009 - 8 September 2009. Donated by Mr. E.C. Case, Stated Clerk, P.O. Box 851, Woodville, MS 39669.

6. Miscellaneous records from the Stated Clerk's Office, received at the 38th General Assembly.

7. Miscellaneous Records received from the AC/SC office:

a. PCA Permanent Committees of the General Assembly, Financial Statements for the Years ended December 31, 2002 and 2001.
b. Report of Reformed University Ministries to the 31st General Assembly
c. Covenant Theological Seminary, 2002-2003, Board of Trustees, Minutes

8. Mission to North America Records for the Western Canada Presbytery, received from Paul Walker, by way of the Rev. John Smed.

9. Potomac Presbytery Records, 1.0 cu. ft. Judicial cases, Minutes and Studies.

10. King of Prussia Presbytery (PCA), records, donated by Rev. Glen Hobaugh

11. Review of Presbytery Records, nine boxes, received from the AC/SC at the 38th General Assembly.

12. Standing Judicial Commission Records, six boxes, including one box containing the return of all of the Andrino case files.

Personal Papers & Manuscript Collections:

1. Accretion to Buswell Papers: Selected pages printed from .pdf file of From Doniphan to Verdun, by Evan A. Edwards (1920).

2. Barker, William Shirmer II, Papers, eight cardboard boxes [8.0 cu. ft.]

3. Barker, William Shirmer II, Papers, four boxes [4.0 cu. ft.]

4. Accrual for the Papers of Dr. Will S. Barker, 5.0 cu. ft.

5. Buswell, Rev. James O., Evangelist - Promotional card announcing an evangelistic campaign in 1911.

6. George P. Hutchinson Papers, 14 boxes of various size: books, photocopies, etc.

7. Hutchinson, George P.--Accrual to collection, 3 cardboard boxes containing books.

8. Hutchinson, George P.--Accrual to collection, 6 cardboard boxes

9. Letter of J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. to Dr. Wilbur B. Wallis, dated 3 April 1976, image scan provided by Brent Lauder.

10. Meiners, Betty Jean Fuller, Prayer Letter Collection, 3 cardboard boxes [3.0 cu. ft.], donated by Paul R. Meiners.

11. Myers, David K., Preaching on the Plains. Unpublished diary, 1983, 547 pp. Donated by his son, Rev. David T. Myers.

12. Papers of Rodney Stortz, 0.5 cu. ft., donated by Liz Stortz (now remarried) – Working notes from commentary on the Book of Daniel.

13. R. Laird Harris Papers, accrual donated by Grace Page Harris Sears, Berea, KY. Three boxes, 1.5 cf. total, and one large envelope.

Congregational Histories:

Bethel Presbyterian Church, Clover, SC [org. 1764] - 2009 history, prepared by Helen Grant

Blackmonton Presbyterian Church, Vaiden, MS - 2010 history

Chapel in the Gardens, Garden City, GA [org. 1935] - 2009 history, prepared by Harriet M. Hartley

Columbia Presbyterian Church, Columbia, MS [org. 1910] - 2008 history, prepared by Donna Lawrence

Columbia Presbyterian Church, Columbia, MS [org. 1910] - 2009 history, prepared by Donna Lawrence

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, AL [org. 1948] - 2009 history, prepared by Dorothy Hughes

Dillingham Presbyterian Church, Barnardsville, NC [org. 1898] - 2009 history, prepared by Floy Maney

Fairview Presbyterian Church, Fountain Inn, SC [org. 1786] - 2009 history, prepared by Shirley Woodside

First Presbyterian Church, Clarendon, AR [org. 1870] - 2009 history, prepared by Jo Claire English

First Presbyterian Church, Clarksdale, MS [org. 1891] - 2009 history, prepared by Betty K. Porter

First Presbyterian Church, Ellerbe, NC [org. 1803] - 2009 history, prepared by Mary Black

First Presbyterian Church, Indianola, MS [org. 1887] - 2009 history, prepared by Nona Spencer

First Presbyterian Church, Picayune, MS [org. 1928] - 2009 history, prepared by Elsa Ruth Mathis

First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo City, MS [org. 1841], 2009 history, prepared by Josephine Roby

Free Grace Presbyterian Church, Lewiston, ME - 2009 materials, submitted by Linda Morris

Friendship Presbyterian Church, Laurens, SC [org. 1820] - 190th Anniversary materials

Germantown Presbyterian Church, Lennox, SC [org. 1888], 2009 history, prepared by Delores Otten

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO [org. 1990] - 2009 materials

Hazelwood Presbyterian Church, Hazelwood, NC [org. 1905], 2009 history, prepared by Sandra Kirkpatrick

Kanawha Salines Presbyterian Church, Malden, WV [org. 1819] - 2008 history, prepared by Twila Otey

Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, GA [org. 1850] - 2009 history, prepared by Joy Scott

Mount Calvary Presbyterian Church, Roebuck, SC, 2009 history, prepared by Ann Griffith

New Augusta Presbyterian Church, New Augusta, MS [org. 1909] - 2009 history, prepared by Mary M. Pearce

New Life Presbyterian Church, Munford, TN [org. 1977], 2009 history, prepared by Carol Bibb Fletcher

New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Manning, SC [org. 1975] - 2009 history, prepared by Ruth Read

Olivet Presbyterian Church, McConnells, SC, 2008 history, prepared by Ann Hawley

Plains Presbyterian Church, Zachary, LA [org. 1832] - 2009 history, prepared by Jane M. Burk

Providence Presbyterian Church, Clinton, MS [org. 1947] - 2009 history, prepared by Lola Bennet

Salem Presbyterian Church, Blair, SC [org. 1812] - 2009 history, prepared by Marian D. Dickey

Sardinia Presbyterian Church, Sardinia, SC [1909] - 2008 history, prepared by Fannie Louise DuBose

Smyrna Presbyterian Church, Smyrna, GA [org. 1914] - 2009 history, prepared by Maxine Miller

Story Memorial Presbyterian Church, Marion, NC [org. 1934] - 2009 history, prepared by Dora Sparks

Surfside Presbyterian Church, Myrtle Beach, SC [org. 1982] - 2009 history, prepared by Seyward Jeter

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Chester, SC [org. 1956] - 2009 history, prepared by Betty R. Fleming

Wayside Presbyterian Church, Chocowinity, NC [org. 1945], 2009 history, prepared by Reba Smith

West Springfield Covenant Community Church, West Springfield, MA [org. 1978], 2009 history

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Alamogordo, NM, 2007-2009 history materials, submitted by Lucille Davis

Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church, Simpsonville, SC [org. 1986] - 2009-2010 history, prepared by Jim Loring

Donation of miscellaneous congregational materials received from Dr. Roy Taylor.
1. Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, eight items.
2. Culto de Acoes de Gracas pelo Sesquicentenario da chegada de Simonton no Brasil, 12 de Agosto de 2009. One item, color brochure.

3. Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Jubilee Celebration Banquet. Tickets and Program, two each, four items total.

4. Promotion Ceremony for Chaplain (Col) G. Dewey Roberts, one bulletin.

5. A Memorial Service for Dr. Wilber Benson Wallis, one bulletin.
6. A Celebration of the Life of Earl Warren Witmer, one bulletin.
7. A Worship Service of Praise and Thanksgiving to the Glory of God Celebrating the Life of Thomas Dwight Linton, one bulletin.
8. Photocopies, PCA statement concerning DADT and reply from the White House, one item, four pages total.

First Presbyterian Church, Clarendon, AR, 2009 history, prepared by Jo Claire English.

Garner, Julia Holden, No Greater Foundation.

Records of Dissolved Churches in Mississippi Valley Presbytery, donated by TE Roger Collins.

Stewart, James R. and David C. Vincent, Sure Foundation: A 250-Year History of First Presbyterian Church, Schenectady, New York, 1760-2010. Dexter, MI: Thomson-Shore, Inc., 2010. 244 pp. Inscribed by the authors. Cover letter from Dr. Lawrence C. Roff.


Indelible Grace, 2010, The Hymn Sing – Live in Nashville [two disk set]

Slide Presentation on COCU and Presbyterianism [author: Presbyterian Layman (PCUSA)?], 35 mm slides, quantity 106, set in a Kodak carousel, donated by Dr. Carl W. Bogue, 16234 N. 102nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. If a cassette tape or other audio accompaniment was part of this set, that tape is missing from this donation. Accrual to the Papers of Carl W. Bogue, Jr. - “COCU and Presbyterianism” - set of 106 slides, 35 mm., possibly from a presentation prepared by the PCUSA renewal group, Laymen. Originally in the possession of Dr. Bogue's father.

Research Library:


Alexander, Henry Carrington, The Life of J.A. Alexander (Laurel, MS: Audubon Press, 2008), 2 vols.

Alexander, J.W., The Life of J.W. Alexander: Forty Years of Familiar Letters (Laurel, MS: Audubon Press, 2008), 2 vols.

Little, Bruce A., ed., Francis Schaeffer: A Mind and Heart for God (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2010), pb, 108 p.

Memorial Service bulletin for Mrs. Jeanne Taber Paterson

Memorial Tablet for Dr. John H. Rice.

Memorial Volume of the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the Rev. Moses D. Hoge, D.D., LL.D. As Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia. Richmond, [VA]: [Second Presbyterian Church; printed by Whittet & Shepperson], 1895. 156 pp.; 20 cm. Inscribed, with a brief note by Moses D. Hoge.

Stonehouse, Ned B., J. Gresham Machen: A Biographical Memoir (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1987, 3d ed.), hb, 520 pp.

Thomas, Alfred A., Correspondence of Thomas Ebenezer Thomas, mainly relating to the anti-slavery conflict in Ohio, especially in the Presbyterian church.

Creeds & Confessions:

1. Two Short Catechisms, Mutually Connected, with an Address to the Rising Generation, by John Brown, to which is added The Gospel Catechism, Published by Samuel Findley, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1855 ~ green softcover, 96 pages, hand-sewn bound, missing back cover.

2. The Shorter Catechism, Analyzed, from the Second Schenectady Edition of 1825, by Gilbert McMaster, A.M., Printed by David Love, Dayton, Ohio, 1878 ~ missing covers, 61 pages, hand-sewn bound, dog-ears; no writing

3. The Sabbath School Catechism, by a Friend of Children, Published by Western Tract Society, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1883 ~ missing covers, 32 pages, rusty staple-bound; some writing

4. The Sabbath School Catechism, by a Friend of Children, Published by Western Tract Society, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1883 ~ missing front cover, 32 pages, staple-bound; no writing

5. A Short Catechism for Young Children, by John Brown, Published by United Presbyterian Board of Publication, Pittsburgh, not dated ~ missing covers, 32 pages, staple-bound, page edge tears; no writing

6. The Children's Catechism for Families and Sabbath Schools, Published by United Presbyterian Board of Publication, Pittsburg, not dated ~ 32 pages, staple-bound; Valentine sticker on title page, covers present; no writing

7. The Westminster Shorter Catechism, Ratified by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States at Augusta, Georgia, December 4, 1861, Published by John Knox Press, Richmond, Virginia, 1861 ~ 32 pages; staple-bound.

Carruthers, S.W., The Solemn League and Covenant: Its Text and Its Translations. Off-print from The Scottish Church History Society, n.d. Inscribed on detached front cover, "To J.W.B. Pugh with kind regards from S.W. Carruthers" 20 pp.

Confession of Faith and Catechisms (Edinburgh: Printed by Sir D. Hunter Blair and M.T. Bruce, 1836), black leather, 600 pp.

Confession of Faith and Government of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, adopted 1883, revised 1948. Red cloth binding, 212 p.

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, 1914.

Cross, Jonathan, Illustrations of the Shorter Catechism for Children and Youth (Phila.: Presb. Board of Pub., 1864), vol. 2 only, 308 p.

Hetherington, Wm. M., History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines. New York: Mark H. Newman, 1843. 311 pp.

The Confession of Faith of the PCUS...1944 edition, including Amendments to the Standards, + Changes to Punctuation and Phraseology.

The Shorter Catechism. Somewhat Abridged. Bombay Tract and Book Society. No. 3. Hindustani Series. 18mo. 3d Ed., 1855. 32 pp.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism and an Analysis, adopted by the General Synod of New York and Philadelphia, 1788, with Proofs from the Scriptures. Philadelphia: Board of Christian Education [1974?], 24 pp.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism, PCUS edition, undated.

Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechisms (Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1841), leather spine, interleaved.

Denominational Histories:

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 206th General Synod, Commissioner's Handbook, worship service bulletin [notable for the uncharacteristic exclusion of the Lord's Supper from this year's observation, directly due to the controversy over Erskine College]

Chestnut, Robert W., A Brief History of the General Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, with Additions, Corrections, and 13 Appendices, by Rev. Reid W. Stewart, Ph.D. Spiral bound, 233 pp.

Gerety, Sean, Can the Presbyterian Church in America be saved? Unicoi, TN: The Trinity Foundation, 2009. pb, 130 pp.

The Proposed Plan of Union between The Reformed Church in Americva and The Presbyterian Church In the United States (1968) - Supplement to the 1968 Minutes of the General Assembly. Pb, 96 pp.

Why Am I An Old School Presbyterian? Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, n.d. [circa 1840]. 20 pp. “Tract No. 275.”

Presbytery, Synod and Regional Histories:

Blair, Wm. Irving, The Presbyterian Synods of Illinois (Mattoon, IL: Mattoon Presbytery, 1952), hb, xiv, 370 p.

Donaldson, Alexander, A History of the Churches in Blairsville Presbytery.

Edwards, Maurice D., History of the Synod of Minnesota (PCUSA), 1927, 427 pp.

Fraser, J. Wallace, Centennial History of the Presbytery of Clarion.

Graves, Fred R., North Mississippi Presbytery: A History. Sardis, MS: Southern Reporter, 1942. 48 pp.;

Historical Sketch of the Synod of Ohio (N.S.), from 1838-1868. Cincinnati: Elm Street Printing Co., 1870. 40 pp.

History of the Presbytery of Redstone, 1889.

Hubbard, Joseph W., ed., History of the Presbyterian Church in Iowa, 1837-1900.

Presbytery of St. Louis [Old School], Minutes, 4 October 1860-7 February 1866, bound photocopy, 207 pages.

Presbytery of Kiskiminetas: Many Covenants - One Communion. Indiana, PA: A.G. Halldin Publishing Co., 1988. Hb, 179 pp.


Reformed Presbyterian Church, Duanesburg, NY, Commemorative plate, undated, produced by The Thomas Studio, Trenton, NJ.

Two boxes of award plaques, received from the AC/SC at the 38th General Assembly.

Journals & Periodicals:

Congregational Record and New Hampshire Journal, 1896-1898 [seven issues]

La Revue Farel, volume 5 (2010). Donated by Jason Zuidema.

Presbyterian Almanacs for the years 1843, 1850, 1851, 1853, and 1855.

The Calvinistic Magazine, conducted by James Gallaher, Frederick A. Ross, and David Nelson. Vol. 1 (1827), 309pp.; prepared index.

The Confessional Presbyterian, volume 5 (2009). Donation from Mr. Chris Coldwell.

The Mercersburg Quarterly Review, volumes VI (1854) and VII (1855).

The Mercersburg Review, volumes II (1850), III (1851) and IV (1852).


Edmonds, Dr. Henry M., The Foundations of Our Liberties (s.l.: s.n., 1939), 15p.

Lane, Rev. Benjamin Ingersol, Responses on the Use of Tobacco. New-York: Wiley and Putnam, 1846. 156 pp.

Milton, Michael A., Small Things, Big Things: Inspiring Stories of Everyday Grace (P&R, 2009), pb, 235 pp.

Rushdoony, Rousa J., The Roots of Reconstruction. Ross House.

Wylie, Samuel Brown, An Introduction to Greek Grammar. Philadelphia: J. Whetham, 144 Chestnut Street, 1838. 149 pp.


Minutes of the Presbytery of South Carolina, Spring Session, Held at Retreat Church, Pickens, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of April 1861. Columbia: Steam Press of Robert M. Stokes, 1861.

Minutes of the Proceedings of the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Volume X (1901-1905). Belfast. 1223 pp. + Indices. Appended at the end of the bound volume is Report of the Twentieth Century Thanksgiving Fund (1905), 116 pp.

PCA Administrative Committee, Spring Stated Meeting, April 2010: Reports, Planning and Management, Budgets and Financial; plus Proposed Docket for the 38th General Assembly.

Exonumia [numismatics]:

Calvin 500 silver alloy "Legacy" coin, quantity two (2).

Tenney, Mary McWhorter, Communion Tokens, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1936. 195 pp. Inscribed, "Given in memory of Mrs. S.M. Tenney by her daughter-in-law, Jena Brown Tenney." Dated 21 April 1960, San Benito, Texas.


Cooke, John Esten, An Essay on the Invalidity of Presbyterian Ordination. Lexington, [KY]: Printed at the Reporter Office, 1829. xxviii, 216 pp.

General Assembly Handbook for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1947, w/1. Report of the Committee on Song in the Public Worship of God and 2. Report of the Committee elected by the 13th General Assembly to Study the Incomprehensibility of God.

Revised Amended Version of the Form of Government of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1977.

Second Revised Version of a Form of Government for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1967. BX 8959 .A26 F6 1967. 76 pp.

Form of Government of the Presbyterian Church of America, as proposed to the Second General Assembly, November 12-15, 1936.

The Revised Form of Government, and Forms of Process of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America : Ordered by the General Assembly to be printed for the consideration of the Presbyteries. Trenton, N.J.: Printed by George Sherman, 1820. 44 pp.

Winchester, Samuel G., Speech of the Rev. Samuel G. Winchester, in defence of the Act of the Synod of Philadelphia, in the case of the Assembly's Second Presbytery of Philadelphia. Delivered in the General Assembly, May, 1834. Philadelphia: Wm. S. Martien, Printer, George Street, 1834.

Workman, William Hay, Presbyterian Rule, embracing the Form of Government, Rules of Discipline and Directory for Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. Richmond, VA: Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1898. 256 pp.

Seminary Histories & Theological Education:

History of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, by I.S. McElroy. Charlotte, NC: The Presbyterian Standard Pub. Co., 1929.

Robinson, Wm. C., Columbia Theological Seminary and The Southern Presbyterian Church, 1831-1931. Decatur, GA: Lindsey Printing Co., 1931. 233 pp.

To God Alone be Glory: Celebrating 200 Years [history of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA].

Sermons & Discourses:

Green, Ashbel, A Sermon, Preached at the Funeral of the Rev. George Duffield, D.D., late pastor of the Third Presbyterian Congregation in the City of Philadelphia; who died February 2d, 1790. Philadelphia: Printed by Daniel Humphreys, 1790. 24 pp.

Miller, Samuel, Christian Weapons Not Carnal, But Spiritual. A Sermon delivered in the Second Presbyterian Church, in the city of Baltimore, October 13, 1826; at the Installation of the Reverend John Breckinridge, as Colleague with the Reverend John Glendy, D.D. in the pastoral charge of the said church. Princeton Press. Printed by D.A. Borrenstein, 1826. 55 pp.

Sermons selected from the Manuscripts of the Late Moses Hoge, D.D. Richmond [VA]: N. Pollard, Publishers, 1821. 508 pp.

Spring, Gardiner, "A Tribute to New-England: A Sermon delivered before The New-England Society of the City and State of New-York, on the 22d of December, 1820, being the Second Centennial Celebration of the Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth. New-York: Published by L&F Lockwood, J. Seymour, Printer, 1821.

Spring, Gardiner, A Dissertation on the Rule of Faith. New York: Leavitt, Trow & Co., 1844.

Spring, Gardiner, Something Must Be Done. New York: Dodge & Sayre, 1816.

Witmer, Timothy Z., The Shepherd Leader: Achieving Effective Shepherding in Your Church. P&R, 2010. 268 pp. Inscribed.


“A Presbyterian of Virginia,” Remarks on The Act of the General Assembly of 1837, Declaring four Synods to be “neither in form nor in fact, an integral portion of the Presbyterian Church of these United States:” Submitted for the Consideration of Southern Presbyterians. Richmond: Wm. Macfarlane, Printer, 1837. 40 pp.

Edgar, Samuel, The Variations of Popery, with an Appendix by Rev. John N. McLeod, D.D., of New York. New York: Holman & Gray, Printers, 1848. Second American Edition.

Henry, T. Carlton, Letters to an Anxious Inquirer. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publications, 1840. 308 pp.

Ussher, James, A Body of Divinity: Being the Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion (Birmingham: Solid Ground Christian Books, 2007), hb, 467 p.

Archival Studies:
Boles, Selecting & Appraising Archives and Manuscripts. Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 2005. 192 pp.
Encoded Archival Description on the Internet, edited Daniel Pitti.
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