The Union Seminary Magazine, 1889-1922.

Author-Title Index, prepared by Barry Waugh, 2015..

The above link to the PDF file provides a partial index for the serial published by Union Theological Seminary, Virginia, from 1889 to 1946, however the index does not go beyond 1922 because the index was compiled using digital out-of-copyright issues. For the entire run, the periodical was published using two successive titles. The first title, The Union Seminary Magazine, began with vol.1, no. 1, for October-November 1889, and then continued through vol. 24, no. 4. When the name was changed, the word Review was exchanged for Magazine beginning with vol. 25, no. 1, for October-November 1913. The Union Seminary Review continued until its last issue, vol. 57, no. 4, was published for August 1946. Note that the volume numbers were continued in sequence even though the title of the journal was changed. This index is provided in PDF because it gives full text search capabilities and precludes the need for a title index while giving the researcher the ability to search using key words in lieu of a subject index.

The volumes in this index include Volumes 2-10, 11*, 12-13, 15-23, 25-26, 27*, 28-32, with the asterisk indicating that the titles for that volume were compiled from the text posted on Hathi Trust. The other volumes were compiled using downloaded PDFs from other sites. Lacking are volumes 1 and 14, which are presently unavailable in digital form, and the available edition of vol. 24 is partial, with two copies of issue no. 2 and no copy of issue no. 3.