Christianity Today
"A Presbyterian Journal Devoted to Stating, Defending and Furthering the Gospel in the Modern World."
Samuel G. Craig, Editor
Ethel Wallace, Assistant Editor
Published monthly by
501 Witherspoon Bldg., Phila. Pa.

Volume 7 (1936-1937)
Contents by Issue:

ct7-01 Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. The Next Assembly and the 1934 Mandate;
2. Our Seventh Year;
3. The Articles by Drs. Kuyper and Boettner;
4. Poorly Grounded Assumptions;
5. Is the Board of Foreign Missions Stalling?
Ministerial Unemployment and the Problem of Pastoral Change and Supply, by Rev. J. David Simpson [PCUS]
Presbyterianism, Lutheranism and Methodism: Our Common Heritage and Our Differences: Part II - The Lutheran System and The Methodist System, by Dr. Loraine Boettner
"Swallowed Up in Victory," by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
Missions [includes portions of J.L. Rohrbaugh's letter from Ethiopia], by Mrs. George P. Pierson
Book Reviews: 1. Reclaim Those Unitarian Wastes, by Gerrit Verkuyl;
2. Until the Flood and Other Sermons, by J.H. McComb;
3. Present Theological Tendencies, by Edwin E. Aubrey;
4. Contemporary Christian Thought, by Charles S. McFarland;
5. Premillennialism or Amillennialism, by Charles Feinberg.
News of the Church : 1. Flood Losses of Presbyterian Churches; 2. Only Evangelical Authors to Write Mission Study Books;
3. Pittsburgh Presbytery Acts on Proposed Merger of Boards of National Missions and Christian Education; 4. Independent Board Trials Appeal of Dr. Machen Denied; 5. Rev. Harold S. Laird Declared Guilty; 6. Dissenting Opinion; 7. New Brunswick Presbytery Insists on Blind Allegiance; 8. Christian Doctrines in Southern Churches; 9. Board Receipts; 10. Voting on Overtures; 11. Negro Candidates for Ministry Needed; 12. An Example in Sharing; 13. Methodist Ministers Co-operative; 14. Conflict Rages About Kagawa; 15. Leadership of Preaching Mission Announced; 16. Sowing Precious Seed Continually; 17. Moody Bible Institute Summer School.
News in Nutshells : 1. Episcopalians Wipe Out Foreign Missionary Deficit; 2. "Some New Thing"; 3. Aim of the Federal Council of Churches; 4. Conferences and Resolutions; 5. Evangelical and United Brethren Churches Plan Union; 6. Out of the Depths; 7. Reads Bible Through 155 Times; 8. Campaign Against Atheism; 9. Effects of Revival; 10. "A Land Flowing With Milk and Honey";
11. Mexican Churches Re-Open; 12. "Beginning at Jerusalem"; 13. A Proposed Petition; 14. Lutherans Distribute Over 2,000,000 Tracts; 15. Bibles Missed; 16. Catacomb Seminaries; 17. Legalized Lotteries; 18. Salary Question Studied by Unitarians;
19. Evangelicals in Brazil; 20. Radio and the Scriptures; 21. Protestants in Italy; 22. Marriage Rules Tightened.

ct7-02 Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. The Christian Pattern of Conduct; 2. "In Defense of Kagawa"; 3. Dr. Hospers Versus Dr. Machen [re: schism]; 4. Loose and Accurate Statements [re: millennial debate, Allis and Scofield];
The Blessedness of Silence, by Rev. Paul L. Berman
Relativity and the Absolute, by Rev. David S. Clark, D.D.
Presbyterianism, Lutheranism and Methodism: Our Common Heritage and Our Differences: Part III - Evangelicalism, , by Dr. Loraine Boettner
A Meditation: "Who Quickeneth the Dead" [Rom. 4:17], by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
Jehovah Tsidkenu--Jeremiah 23:6: The Watchword of the Reformers [poem or hymn], by Robert Murray McCheyne
Missions [comments in review of various articles], by Mrs. George P. Pierson
Book Reviews:
1. American Philosophies of Religion, by H.N. Wieman and B.E. Meland;
2. Bible vs. Modernism, by A.N. Trice and C.H. Roberson;
3. Varieties of American Religion, edited by C.S. Braden
Letters to the Editor: 1. The Question of Secession, by Gerrit H. Hospers; 2. Forward!, by C.L. Richards [Poynette, WI]
Question Box: 1. The General Assembly, the Constitution and the Auburn Affirmation, by D.C.; 2. The Self-Testimony of the Bible, by C.G.S.
News of the Church : 1. Qualifying Statement Added to Cayuga Overture; 2. Bellingham, Washington Presbytery Votes "NO" on Merger of Boards; 3. Overtures Accepted; 4. National Mission Board Seeks Authority Over Churches; 5. Delegates to World Conference; 6. Interdenominational Agencies and Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.; 7. The Whitman-Spalding Centenary;
8. Presbyterian Church, U.S. [76th GA and Diamond Jubilee anniversary]; 9. Summer Conference of Evangelical Students League;
10. Summer School of Wheaton College; 11. A Report of the Convention of the Religion and Science Association, by L.A. Higley; 12. American Tract Society; 13. Lord Allenby, Restorer of Christian Sovereignty in Holy Land, Dies; 14. The German Church Conflict; 15. The Bible for All of China; 16. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 17. The Irish Letter, by S.W. Murray; 18. The Word in Iraq, by Mr. & Mrs. Albert G. Edwards.
News in Nutshells : 1. Woman Elder Becomes Moderator [French Broad Presbytery, PCUSA]; 2. Pennsylvania Churches Launch Lottery-Bill War; 3. Frank Questioning Suggested [re: missions]; 4. Deficit in United Church of Canada Missions; 5. Lutherans Protest; 6. Growth of Roman Catholicism in Protestant Countries; 7. A Christian Daily Paper in Japan; 8. "By Their Fruits" [liberalism and missions]; 9. Prison Youth Outnumber College; 10. Jews Go Back to Spain; 11. Hungry for the Bible; 12. Centenary of Presbyterian Church in England; 13. Confessional Church in Germany; 14. Methodist Episcopal Church Adopts Union Plan.

ct7-03 Editorial Notes and Comments:
1. 1936 General Assemblies: What of the Future?;
2. General Council's Statement;
3. The Independent Board Cases: Observations and Comments;
4. The Donegal Presbytery Decision
The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
The Inspiration of the Scriptures: Part I of series, by Dr. Loraine Boettner
The 148th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., by Rev. Joseph A. Schofield, Jr.
The Augusta Diamond Jubilee Assembly: Salient Events and Actions, by Rev. J. Blair Morton, D.D.
The 78th General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church, by Dr. J.A. Thompson, Tarkio College
[News of the Church] : 1. Final Judgments on Judicial Cases re: Members of the Independent Board: Case No. 1-Griffiths, MacPherson, Rian, Woolley and Woodbridge; Case No. 2-McIntire; Case No. 3-Machen Appeal; Case No. 5-Buswell; 2. The Donegal Presbytery Decision;
3. Covenant Union Members Establish New Church [Organization of Presbyterian Church of America]; 4. Two Churches Become Independent; 5. Princeton Seminary and Wilson College Choose New Presidents; 6. Notes from China, by M.A. Hopkins; 7. Congress of Calvinist Theology; 8. Bibles for Stricken Areas; 9. Eager Demand for the Scriptures in Ethiopia; 10. Christ Is Risen!; 11. No Longer "Protestant"; 12. Tri-State Bible Conference.

ct7-04 Editorial Notes and Comments:
1. Christian Joy and Confidence;
2. Salvation and Faith;
3. Encouraging Developments [re: PCUSA renewal groups];
4. Protests, The Assembly and the Constitution;
5. Philadelphia Presbytery's Pronouncement;
6. A Timely Letter, by George W. Arms.
As Touching the Untouchables, by Rev. Howard E. Anderson
The Inspiration of the Scriptures, Part II of series, by Dr. Loraine Boettner
Meditation: "Thou Hast Shown Me the Path of Life," by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
Courageous Passages from Augsburg Confessional Synod, June 1935 [re: German Evangelical Church]
Missions, by Mrs. George P. Pierson
Letters to the Editor:
1. Non-Judicial Case No. 10, by Rev. John J. De Waard
News of the Church : 1. Sixty-second General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 2. Dr. Sloan Becomes Methodist Editor; 3. The Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. and the Presbyterian Church of America; 4. Veteran Missionaries Retire [Dr. & Mrs. H.W. Greist]; 5. Their Works Do Follow [obituaries for Ethelbert Dudly Warfield and Beverege K. McElmon];
6. Dr. [J.L.] Dodds to Become Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions; 7. Special Committee Announced; 8. Day of Prayer at Wheaton; 9. European Calvinists: The Congress at Geneva-A Scot's Impressions, by D. Maclean; 10. Many Depressed People Faced With Many Religions, by H.E. Anderson [re: India]; 11. Pearl Buck's Picture of Her Parents; 12.
News in Nutshells : 1. Mormons to Leave Relief; 2. Dr. Poling Accepts Call; 3. Gift to Hampden-Sydney; 4. Lutherans Distribute Offices; 5. Inharmonious Union; 6. Communism in America; 7. Wide Open Door in Spain; 8. Protestant Church Attendance;
9. Moscow Directs Chinese Reds.

ct7-05 Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. Thoughts and Attitudes;
2. Should Ministers Who Join the Church of America Be Disciplined?;
3. The Legality of the Independent Board;
4. May a Lower Judicatory Judge the Acts of a Higher?;
. The General Assembly's Executive Order.
A Solemn Warning in the Presbyterian Crisis [sermon], by Rev. Frank R. Elder, D.D.
Make Me a Captive, Lord [poem], by George Matheson
The Nature of the Influence by Which Inspiration Is Accomplished, Part III of series, by Dr. Loraine Boettner
The Conversion of Job, by Rev. William H. Topping
Meditation: "But Some Doubted," byAbraham Kuyper, D.D.
Missions [includes letter from Marion and Jimmie Rohrbaugh], by Mrs. George P. Pierson
Book Reviews: The Church, the Churches and the Kingdom, by Philip Mauro [review by John Hendrik De Vries, D.D.]
Letters to the Editor: 1. May We Discipline Those Who Have Resigned Membership?, by Gerrit Hospers; 2. Our Presbyterian Liberties, by H.H. Kurtz; 3. In Defense of Dr. Machen, by A.A. Murray.
"Billy" Sunday on Bible [quote], by Rev. William Sunday
News of the Church : 1. The Presbyterian Church of America; 2. Plan for Foreign Board Centennial; 3. The Churches and Social Action; 4. Presbytery of Seattle Promotes Bible Mastery Campaign; 5. Lost Bibles Replaced; 6. Moderator of Last Southern Assembly Returns to China; 7. American Bible Society at the Texas Centennial; 8. S.D. Gordon [obituary]; 9. S. Parkes Cadman [obituary]; 10. Plans for Fundamental College in New Jersey [re: org. by Percy Crawford]; 11. 255th Anniversary Celebrated [Old Bedford PC, NY]; 12. Kagawa Disciples Form Organization; 13. "They Have Put No Difference Between the Holy and Profane"; 14. Pope Issues Ban Against Indecent Movies; 15. The World Congress of Faiths; 16. Westminster Catechism in Song; 17. Heresy Trial in Australia; 18. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 18. Irish Presbyterian Church General Assembly, by S.W. Murray; 19. China News, by M.A. Hopkins; 20. News from Holland.
News in Nutshells : 1. Prime Minister of Netherlands Becomes President of Free University [Hendrik Colyn]; 2. An Independent Church for China; 3. "Go Tell" [India]; 4. Moral Dangers in England; 5. The German Protestant Church; 6. Disguised Political Propaganda; 7. Liquor Authority Would Silence Opponents; 8. Are Protestant Missions in Ethiopia to Go?; 9. "Whether by Life or by Death"; 10. A Far-Sighted Liberal; 11. Spain Confiscates Church Property; 12. Why Not "Preach the Word"?; 13. Episcopal Church Not Moving Toward Rome; 14. Netherlands Missionary Council Appeal.

ct7-06 Editorial Notes and Comments:
1. The Alleged Apostasy of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.;
2. The National Preaching Mission;
3. Dr. Allis' Second Article on Modern Dispensationalism;
4. Has the Board of Foreign Missions Kept Its Promise?.
We Want to Know: A Woman Speaks Out Concerning the Board of Foreign Missions [Editor notes name withheld]
The Limits of Controversy [editorial from The Christian]
Truth: What It Is and How to Know It, by E. Van Deusen
The Alleged Errors in Scripture, Part IV of series, by Dr. Loraine Boettner
The Gift of God [poem], by Norvelle Wallace Sharpe
"By the Resurrection of the Dead," byAbraham Kuyper, D.D.
The Oldest Bible Leaf: A Sensational Papyrus Discovery, by Professor Adolf Deissmann.
Book Reviews : 1. Calvinism and Social Problems, by E.J. Tanis; 2. Christ's Seven Letters to His Church, by Wm. McCarrell;
3. Twenty Years with Billy Sunday, by H. Rodeheaver; 4. Christian Giving, and Bible Epitaphs, both by C.E. Macartney;
5. Preaching Christ in Corinth, by K.J. Stratemeier; 6. Portraits of Christ in the Gospel of John, by H.S. Laird; 7. Across the Years, by C.S. Macfarland; 8. A Souvenir of the Quartercentenary of the "Institutes of the Christian Religion" by John Calvin; 9. "Hearts That Understand", by L.H. McCraw; 10.
News of the Church : 1. Increase in Members and Contributions in Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.; 2. Program of National Preaching Mission; 3. Presbyterian Church of America; 4. New Editors for "The Presbyterian Guardian"; 5. Edmund B. Chaffee [obituary for director of the Labor Temple]; 6. Edith Fox Norton [obituary for co-founder of Belgian Gospel Mission]; 7. Mrs. Calvin Mateer [obituary]; 8. Text of Bill of Complaint Against the "Presbyterian Church of America".
News in Nutshells : 1. Oppose Sunday Elections; 2. Statistician Becomes Moderator; 3. Outdoor Preaching; 4. Evolution Protest Movement; 5. Anniversary of Tyndale's Martyrdom Celebrated; 6. "Saloon Moves Forward"; 7. Commission on Church Unity Confronted by Odd Situation; 8. 1935 Church Statistics; 9. World's Sunday School Convention; 10. King Edward's Protestant Declaration.

ct7-07 Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. Presbyterians and Foreign Missions: Their Duties and Rights
The Sabbath Institution, by Rev. George P. Pierson, D.D.
The Trustworthiness of the Bible (Part V of series), by Dr. Loraine Boettner
His Chosen Path for Thee [poem], by Anonymous
Truth: What It Is and How to Know It, by E. Van Deusen
The Sign of Jonas, by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
Missions, and Women of the Home Churches, by "By One of Them"
A New Invention Bringing Comfort to the Blind: The New Talking Books of the Bible, by Millard L. Robinson
News of the Church :
1. Mrs. Samuel G. Craig;
2. Standardizing Seminaries;
3. D.L. Moody Centenary;
4. The New Home of the American Bible Society;
5. Whitman-Spalding Centennial to Be Celebrated in Churches;
6. Indian Moderator; 7. Bible Verses to Memorize; 8. The Challenge of the New Atheism; 9. Diamond Anniversary of Campbell Morgan; 10. Gipsy Smith's Diamond Jubilee as Evangelist; 11. The Negroes and "Father Divine" and "Green Pastures"; 12. Survey of Persecuted Churches; 13. Evangelical Churches in Spain Are Left Unharmed; 14. Not Religious, But Economic Reasons Behind Dr. Ambedkar's Movement from Hinduism; 15. Missionaries Found Murdered in Ethiopia; 16. Seven Ancient Scrolls of Early Christians Found in Palestine;
17. The Bible Open Now to Illiterates in China; 18. Newchwang Bible School in Manchuria; 19. Text of Preliminary Objections Filed by Presbyterian Church of America to Complaint of Presbyterian Church U.S.A..
News in Nutshells : 1. Doctrinal Differences to Be Wiped Out; 2. Orthodox and Hicksite Friends Look Toward Union; 3. Methodist Youth Conference; 4. "Excommunicated"; 5. A New Edition of the Authorized Version; 6. Admitting the Truth; 7. Methodist Protestant Conference Votes Down Union; 8. Roman Catholics Working On Revision of Bible; 9. The Baptists and Religious Liberty; 10. Religious Martyrdom in Russia; 11. Feed My Lambs; 12. "The Maximum"; 13. Suicide in Japan; 14. Italy in Ethiopia; 15. Japanese Movement for Evangelism; 16. Mail Delivery on Sunday Asked; 17. Anti-Jewish Campaign in Austria; 18. The Jews; 19. From Persecutor to Pastor [re: Dr. Gueiro in Recife, Brazil].

ct7-08 Editorial Notes and Comments:
1. A Christmas Meditation;
2. Dr. Mudge's Response;
3. A Layman's Challenge.
The Naming of Jesus: A Christmas Sermon, by Rev. Jesse M. Corum, Jr., D.D.
The Place [poem], by Adelaide A. Pollard
Present-Day Martyrs [re: Christians in Germany], by Rev. W. Russell Bowie, D.D.
The Plenary Inspiration of the Bible: Conclusion (Part VI of series), by Dr. Loraine Boettner
Meditation: "Blessed Are the Pure in Heart," byAbraham Kuyper, D.D.
Missions, and Women of the Home Church, by "By One of Them"
Book Reviews: 1. Daily Devotions for Individual and Family, by Wm. Brenner; 2. Daily Manna for 1937, edited by M. Monsma; 3. Child's Story Bible, by C.F. Vos; 4. Life Begins At. . . ?, cartoons by E.J. Pace; 5. "Christmas"; 6. Old Buckingham by the Sea on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, by I.M. Page; 7. Vicarious Atonement through Christ, by L. Berkhof.
His Hands [poem], by John Richard Moreland
Letters to the Editor : 1. Dr. McAfee Defends Board, by Cleland B. McAfee, w/reply;
2. Appreciation from a Missionary, by Alma D. Dodds [China].
News of the Church : 1. The Second General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America; 2. Prominent Layman Explains Withdrawal; 3. General Council; 4. Louisville Seminary; 5. Centennial Celebrated [Burlington Church]; 6. Sesqui-Centennial of Old Fairfield Church; 7. D.L. Moody Centenary Celebrations for 1937; 8. The Presbyterian Church in Canada; 9. Korea Letter, by Rev. Archibald Campbell; 10. China Notes, by Rev. M.A. Hopkins.
News in Nutshells : 1. Universal Week of Prayer; 2. Depressed Class Hindus Vote Down Faith Change; 3. The Church in Germany; 4. Two Missionaries Withdraw from Presbyterian, U.S.A. Board [Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Hamilton]; 5. Youth Imperiled; 6. "Mercy Death" Bill Reaches British Parliament; 7. National Young Life Campaign; 8. American Christian Foundation and Its Mouthpiece;
9. New Editor for Liberal Presbyterian Paper; 10. Financial Journal Wants Old Time Religion; 11. Lutherans Open Door to Women Officials; 12. New Deal Agency Backs New Calendar; 13. Decrease in Missionaries; 14. "Kutra Tseni" for Indians; 15. Population Increasing Faster Than Christianity; 16. Dr. Master Resigns; 17. Methodists Start New Movement.

ct7-09 Editorial Notes and Comments:
1. The Van Dyken Case [Presbytery of Duluth];
2. Relative to Buchmanism or the Oxford Group Movement; 3. Our Assistant Editor [Miss Ethel Wallace]
Christians Awake! Your Responsibility as a Christian, by Rev. Clarence Edward Macartney, D.D.
Das Jahr geht still zu Ende [translated from the German]
"Religion" or Grace?, by Rev. Gordon A. Peddie, M.A.
Presbyterian Missionaries and the Truth, by Rev. H.P. Dunlop
We May Not Know, by Grace Buchanan Sherwood
Meditation: The Signs of the Times, by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
The Bible Is True, by D.L. Moody
Missions, and Women of the Home Church, by "By One of Them"
A Missionary's Work, by Rev. Harold C. Anderson
Book Reviews: 1. The Life of Christ, by A. Fahling; 2. Listen!--God Speaks, by A.C. Gaebelein; 3. O Steadfast Face! Studies of the Christ of Purpose, by D. Russell; 4. The Highest Fellowship, by J.M. Ghysels; 5. The Bible Designed to be Read as Living Literature, edited by E.S. Bates; 6. My Robber Captain, by C.G. Kilpper; 7. The Exile, by Pearl Buck, reviewed by Mrs. Nettie DuBose Junkin; 8. Ye Shall Be My Witnesses, issued by the Confessional Church in Germany [review]; 9. 104 New Testament Stories, in the Idja language, issued by Dutch Bible Society; 10. The Life of Faith [review].
News of the Church : 1. Appeal in Behalf of Christian Exiles from Germany; 2. New York Synod Places James E. Bennet on Trial;
3. Presbyterians Prominent in Radical New Society; 4. The Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and American Jewry; 5. Sesquicentennial of First Church, Princeton; 6. Presbyterian Minister Becomes Chaplain at Alcatraz; 7. "We Need Christian Schools" [C. Van Til to speak]; 8. "My Word Shall Not Return Void" [American Bible Society]; 9. A Bible Campaign in the Philippines; 10. New Princeton Group Attempts to Preserve "Christian Heritage"; 11. National Reform Sabbath Program for Pennsylvania; 12. Save the Children Fund; 13. Prayer for the Unchurched; 14. Protests Against "Green Pastures"; 15. Campaign Against Beer; 16. A Prize Contest for Essays on Temperance in 1937; 17. "Except Ye Repent"; 18. England and Its Modern King David; 19. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 20. The "Angus" Controversy in Australia, by W.L. Simpson; 21. Latest News of North China Theological Seminary, by A.N. MacLeod.
News in Nutshells : 1. Bibles Placed in White House; 2. Christian Testimony Stifled; 3. Destructive Methods Taboo;
4. Mohammedanism and the Negro; 5. Mormons for Sabbath Observance; 6. Protest Against Communism; 7. Collections Banned;
8. Believe It or Not; 9. United Church of Canada Ordains First Woman Minister; 10. Baptists Respond to Mission Board's Call;
11. What Next?; 12. Methodist Union Now Almost Assured; 13. "Free" Churches and the Coronation; 14. Spanish Protestants in Distress; 15. Religion in Russia; 16. Godless Propaganda Prepares World Program; 17. The Lull in Germany; 18. Religion in France; 19. The Methodist Sacramental Fellowship.

ct7-10 Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. Dr. J. Gresham Machen [obituary]; 2. Preliminary Objections to Bill of Complaint Dismissed [re: PCofA case]; 3. Further Suspensions and Depositions; 4. The Cayuga Overture [re: overture to amend WCF 23:2]; 5. "The State of the Church".
Dwight L. Moody: Ambassador for Christ, by A.L. Gaylord
The Present Status of the Shrine Question in Korea, by Rev. Charles S. Bernheisel
A Pre-Easter Meditation: "O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?," byAbraham Kuyper, D.D.
Missions: 1. Prescribed Mission Study Books for Children; 2. A Cry From Far-Away Africa [poem]; 3. News Letter from Mexico, by Alice J. McClelland; 4. A Liberal's Explanation [re: failure of missions]
Letters to the Editor: 1. Layman Expresses Himself Concerning Mortgage Amendment and Pension Plan, by O.H. Stewart; 2. Dr. Gaebelein and Arminianism, by A.C. Gaebelein, w/reply; 3. A Thing to Weep Over, by Rev. J.H. Gauss; 4. A Sound Jewish Work, by Miss B.; 5. Commends Paper, by J.M. Robinson.
Book Reviews: 1. What Is Christianity?, by S. Norborg; 2. The Meaning of Christ to Me, by R.E. Speer; 3. The Bible Confirmed by Science, by W.B. Dawson; 4. Revival in Romance and Realism, by Mrs. H.M. Woods; 5. He Is Able, by W.E. Sangster
News of the Church : 1. Dr. Machen Departs [obituary]; 2. Preliminary Court Decision Upholds Contention of Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.; 3. Extracts from Answer to Bill of Complaint [re: PCofA case]; 4. Centennial of Presbyterian Foreign Missions;
5. Editor of the Banner Dies [J.H. Snowden]; 6. Federal Council Lays Bare Its Aims; 7. Princeton Seminary Inaugurates President [J.A. Mackay]; 8. D.L. Moody's 100th Anniversary; 9. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 10. Revised Shorter Catechism in Chinese, by M.A. Hopkins; 11. The Power of the Word.
News in Nutshells : 1. Germans Conform St. John's Gospel to Nazi Doctrines; 2. Fruits of Affliction [Jewish conversions]; 3. "A Streamlined Revival"; 4. Reminders of the Moody-Sankey Revival in Philadelphia; 5. English Archbishops Reply to Pacifists;
6. Atheism Combated by Christian Evidence Society; 7. Crime and Youth; 8. Darkest Africa; 9. Strength of Roman Catholics;
10. German Seminary Closed; 11. Mohammedan Stronghold Opened [Nigeria]; 12. A New Movement to Support Communism;
13. Religious "Liberty" in Russia, by F.J. Miles.

ct7-11 Editorial Notes and Comments:
1. The [James E.] Bennet Case;
2. A New Series by Dr. Boettner;
3. The Inauguration of Dr. Mackay;
4. "World Christianity: A Digest".
Christian Supernaturalism, by Dr. Loraine Boettner
The Note of Judgment in the Message of the Gospel, by Rev. William Matheson
Thy Will Be Done [poem], from the Indian Christian Endeavor
I Saw the Flood [Ohio Valley Flood of 1937], by Rev. Paul M. Edris
And Walk in Darkness, by John Murray, in Daily Manna
An Easter Meditation: "The Firstborn from the Dead," by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
"I Need Power?" [re: anecdote from Moody and Sankey revival in London]
Missions: 1. Prescribed Mission Study Books for Children; 2. American Paganism; 3. The Missionaries' Plea.
News of the Church : 1. The Presbyterian Flood Relief, by H.M. Robinson; 2. To Aid Flood-Injured Christians; 3. Texas Presbyterian Synods Ask for Comity; 4. A Bible Training School in Pittsburgh; 5. 12th Convention of League of Evangelical Students; 6. Westminster Seminary Board Elects President; 7. A New Edition of Calvin's Institutes; 8. Presbyterians in Vienna;
9. Dr. A.Z. Conrad, Militant Fundamentalist, Dies; 10. Comments on the Angus Case; 11. News Notes from Siam, by L.S. Hanna.;
12. News Letter from Korea, by C.F. Bernheisel; 13. News Letter from Santa Domingo, by E.H. Ray; 14. Matthew Henry Anniversary.
News in Nutshells : 1. Bishop Manning Assails President's Court Proposal; 2. Bill to Regulate Movies Presented to Congress;
3. Episcopalians Differ About Archbishop; 4. Testaments in Philippines; 5. Modernists and Communists; 6. A Misleading Appeal; 7. An Experiment [re: a student church]; 8. Barth and the Liberals; 9. German Protestants to Vote on Nazi "Gospel"; 10. Russian Diplomats Must Belong to "Godless"; 11. Mail-Box Sunday School; 12. "Kingdom of God Movement" in India [E. Stanley Jones]; 13. The Lord's Day in England.

ct7-12 Editorial Notes and Comments :
1.In Memoriam [re: Rev. Dr. Wm. Buchanan];
2. Dr. Boettner's Book; 2. Dr. Caspar Wistar Hodge [obituary];
3. Mr. Rockefeller and Church Union.
A Hero's Autobiography [sermon], by Rev. John H. McComb
The Rev. Walter Duncan Buchanan, D.D., LL.D.: An Appreciation, by Rev. William Carter.
Christian Supernaturalism, Part II, by Dr. Loraine Boettner
I Cannot Doubt, by Grace Buchanan Sherwood
The Bible and the Traveling Man, by N.F. Dewar
A Post-Easter Meditation: Christ the Firstfruits, by Abraham Kuyper, D.D.
News of the Church :
1. Presbyterian Flood Relief; 2. General Council Approves Year of "Witnessing"; 3. Presbyterian Youth Conference; 4. Golden Jubilee of Occidental College; 5. In Honor of Daniel Shaw Gage; 6. Unusual Subjects for Stone Lectures; 7. Cayuga Overture; 8. Collingswood, N.J., Church in Civil Court; 9. Caspar Wistar Hodge [obituary]; 10. Emile Doumergue [obituary];
11. Mrs. George Peck Pierson [obituary]; 12. American Anti-Atheistic Society; 13. Report of Moody Centenary Founder's Week; 14. Winona Lake School Announces Summer Courses; 15. Replacing Bibles Lost in Flood; 16. The Scriptures in Nearly One Thousand Languages; 17. Questionable Interdenominational Organizations; 18. Westminster Seminary News; 19. Edinburgh Congress on Calvinism, by "Churchman" [p. 287]; 20. American Calvinistic Conference, by Jacob T. Hoogstra; 21. Half the World Lives in Bibleless Homes; 22. Missions for Orientals Needed; Centennial Hymn, by J.G. Eldridge; 23. Dr. Allis Lectures in Edinburgh [p. 289]; 24. News Letter from Scotland, by D. Maclean; 25. News Letter from Bulgaria, by M.N. Popoff; 26. As a Lamb to the Slaughter [re: missionary George Atley]
News in Nutshells : 1. Roman Catholics Taking Over Ethiopian Missions; 2. Anti-Clerical Movement in Spain; 3. General Booth in India; 4. Radio Proclaims Gospel in Ecuador; 5. Kindness Remembered; 6. A Christian Chinese Mother; 7. Modernism Retrograde; 8. A Unique Coronation Gift; 9. The Church in Germany; 10. Plans for Union of Protestants in France; 11. To Celebrate Anniversary of French Protestant Freedom; 12. Mission Work Needed at Home; 13. A Tribute to Moody from the Liberal Christian Century; 14. Roman Catholic Alumni Fight Irreligious Forces; 15. Evangelical Christianity in Mexico; 16. Calvinism Revitalized; 17. Gift to Baptist Paper; 18. The Churches in Flood Crisis; 19. Scotland to Celebrate Tercentenary; 20. Yale Professor Warns of Dangers to Missions.