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"A Presbyterian Journal Devoted to Stating, Defending and Furthering the Gospel in the Modern World."
Samuel G. Craig, Editor
Ethel Wallace, Assistant Editor
Published monthly by
501 Witherspoon Bldg., Phila. Pa.

Volume 8 (1937-1938)
Contents by Issue:

Volume 8, No. 1 (May 1937)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. We Begin Our Eighth Year; 2. A Word to the 1937 Commissioners; 3. Must the Moderator Be a Commissioner?; 4. The Education Crisis in Mission Schools in Korea; 5. Wilbur M. Smith re Robert E. Speer. 1
Pending Judicial Decisions [re: Van Dyken case; Bennet case]   5

President Mackay's Inaugural Address

A Significant Charge Rev. E.E. Bigger 9
The Menace of Atheism T. Darley Allen 10
Christian Supernaturalism, Part III Dr. Loraine Boettner 11
Alone [poem] Selected by The Indian Christian 13
My Jesus [poem] C.E.S. 13
"But They Saw Him Not" : A Meditation Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 14
A Call for a World-Wide Day of Prayer   15
Book Reviews: 1. Germany's New Religion, by W. Hauer, K. Heim and K. Adam; 2. Our Lord: An Affirmation of the Deity of Christ, by Wm. C. Robinson; 3. Towards the Christian Revolution, edited by R.B.Y. Scott and G. Vlastos; 4. The Lamb of God Series, by J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. 16
News of the Church: 1. The Presbyterian League of Faith; 2. A Centennial Call to Prayer; 3. Further Disruption of Westminster Seminary [MacRae resignation]; 4. Wilson College Inaugurates President; 5. Providing College Students with Gospel Literature;
6. Bountifully Sowing the Precious Seed; 7. Young Evangelist Campaigns Against Liquor in Korea, by C.A. Clark; 8. Korea Letter, by A. Campbell; 9. News from China, by M.A. Hopkins; 10. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by. T.G.M. Bryan; 11. News Letter from Mexico, by Alice J. McClelland; 12. News Letter from Dominican Republic, by E.H. Ray.
News in Nutshells: 1. Poll on Church Union; 2. Talking Bibles for the Blind; 3. Whither Bound?; 4. Increase Pamphleteering; 5. Arresting Statistics; 6. Virginia Bans Whiskey Signs; 7. Protest Borrowed Money; 8. Thirsting for the Word; 9. Southern Baptists Decrease Debt; 10. Bible in Schools Upheld; 11. "Till He Come"; 12. Unscriptural Union; 13. Catechism "Roll of Honor"; 14. World Religions; 15. Atheism Totters; 16. Rumanian Jews Turning to Christianity; 17. To Promote Biblical Research; 18. The Church in Germany; 19. Blasphemy; 20. Evangelism in Mexico; 21. In Extremis [re: Spain]; 22. Russians Outside Russia Reached. 23

Volume 8, No. 2 (June 1937)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. Jesus Christ Is Lord; 2. The Communicant's Manual; 3. Calvinism and Infant Salvation. 25
The Crisis in Spain By Missionary Observer 28
The Inspiration of the Epistles W. Bell Dawson, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.C. 29
Mr. Spurgeon's Account of His Conversion in 1850   31
How to Conduct a Summer Bible School Rev. A.L. Lathem, D.D. 32
Christian Supernaturalism, Part IV Dr. Loraine Boettner 34
Prayer Richard Chenevix Trench 35
The Press Peeps at the Parsonage Rachel K. McDowell 36
A Meditation: "Your Body a Temple of the Holy Ghost" Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 38
The Sabbath Reformed Church Advocate 39
Book Review: 1. What Is the Faith?, by N. Micklem.   40
Free Radio Time--But Not for Us: Protestants, Roman Catholics and Jews are annually given an estimated two million dollars' worth of radio time--but we are barred from a great broadcasting system 41
Deluded Preachers 41
News of the Church: 1. Flood Figures; 2. Federate Churches in Mormon Area; 3. Princeton Seminary's 125th Commencement;
4. Christian Weekly News Magazine Launched; 5. In "the Land of the Sky" [re: Montreat conferences]; 6. American Tract Society; 7. League of Evangelical Students Adds Chapters; 8. Another Preaching Mission; 9. Dr. MacRae and Westminster Seminary;
10. International Conference of Evangelical Students; 11. Archbishop of Canterbury Explains Religious Significance of Coronation; 12. News Letter from India, by Grace L. Enright; 13. Progress in Korea, by C.F. Bernheisel.
News in Nutshells: 1. Gambling Millions; 2. Looking Toward Native Control; 3. Remarriage Seen as "Contrary to Law of Christ";
4. Luther's Name Removed; 5. A Useful Memory [re: George H. Stalker]; 6. Christian Message from China's Leader; 7. Millions for Drink; 8. Diamond Jubilee in Uganda; 9. Ethiopia Being Romanized; 10. The Gospel in the Irish Free State; 11. Common Hymnal for China; 12. Stirring of New Life; 13. "Evangelization"; 14. Park Benches and the Bible; 15. From Germany to Palestine [re: Jewish emigration]; 16. Toward Union of Protestant Churches in Canada; 17. "Trust God for a Sermon"; 18. Sunday Schools;
19. Churches for the Deaf.

Volume 8, No. 3 (July 1937)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. The 149th General Assembly; 2. The League of Faith: A Needed Testimony; 3. Dr. Mudge's Ex Cathedra Pronouncement; 4. Who Shall Be the Next Stated Clerk?; 5. The Van Dyken Case; 6. More Disquieting News from the Foreign Field. 49
"Bought With a Price" [Memorial Day Address, delivered 29 May 1937.] Dr. Clarence Edward Macartney, D.D. 52
The 149th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. [Samuel G. Craig] 54
Inspired Translators Rev. Charles E. Edwards, D.D. 67
She Hath Done What She Could O. Holtrop, in Daily Manna 67
Barthian Books: 1. The Doctrine of the Word of God; Credo; and The Church and the Churches, by Karl Barth; 2. Our Faith, by Emil Brunner; 3. Christianity in America: A Crisis , by E.G. Homrighausen. 68
Was Calvin an Ascetic? From The Scotsman 69
News of the Church: 1. Board Awards Prize for Foreign Mission Sermon; 2. Presbyterian U.S. Assembly; 3. Australian Presbyterians Point Way Out; 4. Southern Baptists Oppose Baptist Education by Federal Funds; 5. Bibles in Canadian Schools;
6. Conferences at Oxford and Edinburgh.
News in Nutshells: 1. New Forms of Persecution of German Protestants; 2. Missionary in China Becomes Chinese Citizen; 3. Bible Distribution in Spain; 4. Official Recognition of Ingersoll; 5. Letters and Journals of Missionaries; 6. Christian Broadcasting in China; 7. Foreign Missionaries Salaries Increased; 8. Printing Profits for Retired Ministers; 9. A New Use for Taxes. 72

Volume 8, No. 4 (August 1937)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. Dr. Allis Replies to Dr. Chafer; 2. Five Books on Essential Doctrines; 3. More About Infant Salvation. 73
"Modern Dispensationalism and the Doctrine of the Unity of Scripture" Rev. Oswald T. Allis, Ph.D., D.D. 76
Christian Supernaturalism, Part V Dr. Loraine Boettner 80
Meditation: "I Will Make It Rise" Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 82
Reminiscences of Sixty Years of Preaching: G. Campbell Morgan [w/photo] Ethel Wallace 83
News of the Church: 1. Sixty-third General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 2. The Winona Lake Bible Conference; 3. A Summer Camp for Pioneer Missionaries; 4. News Letter from Mexico, by Alice J. McClelland. 85
News in Nutshells: 1. Mission Converts in Ethiopia Suffer Persecution; 2. Dr. Niemoller Jailed; 3. Jews Reached in Scotland; 4. The Great Physician; 5. "Thy Touch Has Still Its Ancient Power"; 6. Church Statistics for 1936; 7. Liquor Interests Seek to Control Pennsylvania. 88

Volume 8, No. 5 (September 1937)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. A Labor Day Meditation; 2. Is Support of the Official Boards Mandatory?; 3. Modern Magazines and Fundamental Christianity. 89
Ambassadors for Christ William Hazer Wrighton 92
Evolution and Its Dangers W. Bell Dawson, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.C. 94
Recent Developments in Korea Rev. Charles F. Bernheisel 95
A Meditation: "Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit" Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 97
There Were Ninety and Nine [poem and commentary] anonymous 98
Unfailing Comfort in God's Word From the Bible Society Record 99
A Bible Believing Church [re: The Presbyterian Church in Korea]   99
News of the Church: 1. "The Presbyterian Church and the Jew"; 2. World Conference on Church and State Makes Pronouncements; 3. New York City Presbyterian Foundation; 4. American Bible Society News; 5. Tercentenary of the National Covenant of Scotland, 1638; 6. The Gospel in Brazil; 7. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 8. News Letter from India, by Hazel Bennett; 9. News Notes from Siam, by Rev. Loren S. Hanna. 100
News in Nutshells: 1. Japan and Christianity; 2. Scriptures Sent to India; 3. Christian Accord in China and Japan; 4. A Religious Racket; 5. Changes Hearts and Lives; 6. Results of Russia's Religious Census; 7. Business Men Reach the Unreached; 8. Do You Know?; 9. Tributes to Missionaries; 10. Need for Negro Ministers; 11. "Green Pastures" Prohibited in Belfast [re: 1936 movie];
12. Revival in Mexico; 13. "Rostrums for Debate"; 14. Italy States Its Policy for Ethiopia; 15. Britain Liberalizes Divorce Laws;
16. Harvard's Outline for Christianity; 17. Governor-General of Canada Bears Witness to Christ; 18. Sheep Without a Shepherd;
19. A Fruitful Season.

Volume 8, No. 6 (October 1937)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. The Centennial of the Board of Foreign Missions; 2. The Chief Task of the Church Whether at Home or Abroad; 3. The Oxford and Edinburgh Conferences 105
The Centennial: What Is to Be Done, Including Explanation of Existing Materials Rev. Herrick B. Young, D.D. 107
The Centennial "Contributed" 108
Related Anniversaries and Accomplishments   109
The Empty Pew First Pres. Church, Pittsburgh bulletin 110
A Leading Public Enemy--Gambling [sermon--text: John 19:24] Rev. William E. Biederwolf, D.D. 111
Grass on the Prayer Path anonymous 113
A Question of Fact Rev. William Childs Robinson, D.D. 114
How the Early Disciples Won C.W. Hale Amos 114
A Meditation: "Let There Be Light! And There Was Light" Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 115
Missions: 1. News of Missionaries in China Crisis Courtenay H. Fenn 116
Letters to the Editor: 1. Corrects Canadian Assembly Report, by Alex. A. Murray; 2. Korean Temperance Letter, by C.A. Clark 117
Madame Chiang Kai-Shek's Testimony Madame Chiang Kai-Shek 118
News of the Church: 1. Presbyterians U.S.A. Have Encouraging Year; 2. Pastors' Salaries Increased; 3. General Assembly Minutes, 1937; 4. Policy of Presbyterian Church, U.S., Adopted Regarding Schools in Korea, by C. Darby Fulton; 5. Bible Mastery;
6. An Affirmation of Unity; 7. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 8. News Letter from Mexico, by Alice J.
News in Nutshells: 1. Prayer Urged in Crisis in Orient; 2. Crisis in German Missions; 3. Centenary of Rasalama's Martyrdom;
4. One Church's Experience; 5. Chinese Phonetic Script Aids Mission Work; 6. England Cares for Spanish Christians;
7. Communism in Schools; 8. Oxford Group Movement in England; 9. "I Was Ahungered"; 10. Lutherans Seek to Reach Unchurched; 11. Messiah; 12. Significant Statement by Liberal Editor; 13. Christians in Japan; 14. Church Separates from State;
15. Religious Affiliations of Senators and Representatives in the National Congress; 16. Religion in the News; 17. Roman Catholic Propaganda.

Volume 8, No. 7 (November 1937)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. A Distinctive Characteristic of Christians; 2. Developments at Princeton Seminary; 3. Abraham Kuyper Centenary. 125
War Death Never Earns Heaven Rev. Alford Kelley 128
Some Contributions of Historic Calvinism and Presbyterianism Rev. John S. Foster, D.D. 129
The "Open Bible" and the "Unread Bible" T. Miller Neatby, D.D. 133
A Meditation: Christmas Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 135
The Old Time Communion Service George F. Robertson, D.D. 137
Book Reviews: 1. The Faith We Live By: An Exposition of the Apostle's Creed, by E.L. Douglass; 2. Karl Barth's Idea of Revelation, by P.H. Monsma; 3. Missions Tomorrow, by K.S. Latourette; 4. A Theology for Christian Missions, by H.V. White; 5. The Open Door in China, by M.A. Hopkins. 138
Pastor Martin Niemueller's Last Sermon Before Imprisonment Rev. Martin Niemueller 140
News of the Church: 1. The Future of China Missions, by Courtenay H. Fenn; 2. The Far Eastern Situation; 3. China Situation as Regards Missionaries; 4. Missionaries Make "Sacrificial" Offering; 5. Department of Missionary Personnel; 6. Board of Christian Education to Raise Fund for Colleges; 7. Increase in Pastors' Salaries; 8. Southern Mountains Seminar; 9. Princeton Seminary Adds to Staff; 10. Faith and Westminster Seminaries Open; 11. University Christian Mission ; 12. World Council of Churches;
13. A Prize Contest for Essays on Temperance; 14. Protestant Episcopal Church Asks Union with Presbyterian Church U.S.A.;
15. Methodist Protestant Church, Eastern Conference, Rebels Against Merger; 16. Moody Bible Institute Expands; 17. Faculty Additions at Moody Bible Institute; 18. A Call for United Prayer on Behalf of Ethiopia; 19. Distressed Protestant Churches;
20. The Ukraine "Reformation", by Harry Jeffs; 21. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan.
News in Nutshells: 1. Prizes for Arguments Against Christianity; 2. Raises Minimum Salary of Clergy; 3. Religion in Russia Spreads Like Prairie Fire; 4. Germany's Religious Issue Is a Universal One; 5. Girls in Training; 6. Many Unchurched Japanese in United States; 7. Three Reasons; 8. Lutheran Chapel at Harvard; 9. A Useless and Unscriptural Effort; 10. "False Note in Preaching"; 11. Negro Missionary Honored; 12. Bible Reading in Schools; 13. Princeton University and Chapel Attendance; 14. Return in Unbelief; 15. World Becoming Heathen; 16. China Today Ravaged and Desolate; 17. Lutheran Church Shows Its Colors; 18. Calendar Change Unlikely; 19. One Missionary [re: Rev. Clifford Welch] 147

Volume 8, No. 8 (December 1937) - PENDING
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. The Advent; 2. The Barthian View of the Bible 149
Why Jesus Came Rev. John H. McComb, D.D. 152
The Supreme Mission of the Church [sermon preached at Meeting of New York Synod] Rev. John T. Reeve, D.D. 154
Afraid to Die! Rev. Charles Henry MacVey 157
Christmas Meditation: Came to Save That Which Was Lost Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 159
A Christian's Financial Creed H.F. Rall in N.Y. Christian Advocate 161
Book Reviews: 1. The Philosophy of Religion from the Standpoint of Protestant Theology; The Divine Imperative: A Study in Christian Ethics; and The Church and the Oxford Group, all by Emil Brunner; 2. As It Was So Shall It Be, by A.C. Gaebelein;
3. Billy Sunday Speaks: A Thousand Famous Epigrams; 4. Glorious Triumph, by L.H. McCraw.
Missions: 1. The Men's Missionary League Movement.   164
News of the Church: 1. Japanese Authorities Force Crisis, by Rev. A. Campbell; 2. Union of French Protestant Churches and What It Signifies, by Rev. B. Decorvet; 3. Gospels Being Translated Into Primitive Languages, by Alice J. McClelland; 4. One Hundred Years, by Rev. W.L. Simpson; 5. "Beginnings of Great Things" by Hazel Bennett; 6. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan; 7. Italy and Portugal; 8. Church-wide Campaign for Concerted Prayer; 9. Texas School Board Gives Credit for Bible Study; 10. The New Winona, by Rev. J.A. Huffman; 11. General Council Plans; 12. Pittsburgh Presbytery Protests Liquor Radio Advertising; 13. Committee on Stated Clerk Asks for Suggestions; 14. To Reach the Jews in Philadelphia; 15. Father, Forgive. 165
News in Nutshells: 1. Forward in the Far East; 2. Buchmanism in India; 3. Roman Catholics Voice Support of Franco in Spain; 3. Might Have Been Presbyterian; 4. "Internships" for Seminary Graduates; 5. Good News from Spanish Guinea; 6. German Missionaries; 7. Missions to Children in English Villages; 8. Modernism Futile; 9. England's Oldest Sunday-School; 10. German Church Situation More Serious Than Ever; 11. "Godless" Congress in London; 12. Needs Multiply [re: Europe]; 13. Dry Victories; 14. A Century of Missions in China; 15. Graduates of Christian Schools; 16. Unevangelized America; 17. D.L. Moody's "Rules" for Prayer Meeting; 18. Negroes and Their Churches.  

Volume 8, No. 9 (January 1938)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. "As Jehovah the God of Israel Liveth Before Whom I Stand"; 2. Dr. Homrighausen's View of the Bible; 3. President Baird's Inaugural Address [San Francisco Theological Seminary] 173
Palestine Today Rev. W.L. McClenahan 176
The Glory That Excelleth Max L. Reich 178
The Authoritative Book E. Van Deusen 179
Under Grace [quote regarding Romans 6:14] John Murray 183
"From Strength to Strength" Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 184
Afraid of a Shadow "by a Young Scotchman" 185
Book Reviews: 1. What Is Christian Faith?, by W.C. Robinson; 2. Presbyterianism in America--Past, Present and Prospective, by A.C. Zenos; 3. "Lord, I Believe" by W.E. McClure; 4. Peter and his Lord: Sermons on the Life of Peter, by C.E. Macartney;
5. The Approaching Advent of Christ: An Examination of the Teaching of J.N. Darby and his Followers, by Rev. A. Reese.
The Sino-Japanese Conflict As It Looks to Us   188
Christian Loyalty   189
Gustavus Adolphus' Battle-Hymn, 1631   189
News of the Church: 1. The Student World on Fire for Christ, by T.de B. Wilmot; 2. A Second Century Message; 3. Late News from China; 4. Preparing for Sesqui-Centennial of General Assembly; 5. Presbyteries' Action on Assembly Matters; 6. Sprunt Lectures At Union Seminary, Richmond; 7. Flourishes During Depression [Amer. Tract Soc.]; 8. Federal Council Enlarges Preaching Mission; 9. A Needy Home Field [African-Americans]; 10. The German Church Conflict; 11. The Presbyterian Church in Canada, by T.G.M. Bryan. 190
News in Nutshells: 1. Church People Give Most; 2. The Liquor Question in England; 3. Reactions to World Council Suggestion;
4. Birthplace of General Booth; 5. Rejoices in Tribulation; 6. The Gospel in Ethiopia; 7. Cunning Deceivers; 8. American Standard Version To Be Revised; 9. Freedom to Worship; 10. "The Good News" in France; 11. Christian America; 12. Spreading the Gospel by the Bird Route; 13. What Was Meant by "Day's Work" Some 80 Years Ago; 14. Important Bills Before Congress; 15. Crisis in Rumania; 16. Sex Pictures Stopped by Denver Judge; 17. Religions in Germany; 18. All Night Meeting of Prayer; 19. True to His Commission; 20. Greeks and the Scriptures; 21. General Ludendorff, Foe of Christianity, Dies; 22. A Queen and Her Conversion.

Volume 8, No. 10 (February 1938)
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1. A Christian View of the Future; 2. Dr. Francis L. Patton's View of the Bible. 197
The Peace of God Rev. Clarence E. Macartney, D.D. 200
The Abrahamic Covenant and the Baptism of Infants Rev. E.E. Bigger 202
Pacifism and the Bible A.N. Fraser 204
Alexander Henderson's Text--Glasgow, December 13, 1638 Wm. Childs Robinson 206
In the Heavens Andrew Murray 206
The Living Stream [poem] John W. McLennan 206
A Meditation: "Not as I Will" Abraham Kuyper, D.D. 207
The Joys of Heaven Rev. Jonathan Edwards 208
Book Reviews: 1. A Christian Layman's Handbook, by R.M. Kurtz; 2. In Remembrance of Me, by F.H. Lindemann; 3. The Oxford Conference: Official Report, by J.H. Oldham; 4. Diary of William Plumer Jacobs, edited by T. Jacobs; 5. Types of Modern Theology, by H.R. Mackintosh; 6. Why Do I Believe the Bible Is God's Word?, by W. Dallman. 209
A Remarkable Document on the Bible From The Gideon 210
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Philips Brooks 210
Letters tot the Editor: 1. Modernist Paper Supported by Presbyterians, by Grace L. Enright; 2. Discussion of Fundamental Doctrines Advocated, by H.F. 211
What Is Happening to the Christians Among the Refugees from Germany Today? Dr. Henry Smith Leiper 212
News of the Church: 1. Presbyterian Church of America Loses Suit to Retain Name; 2. Episcopalians Present Union Resolution to Presbyterians; 3. Grove City College to Receive Generous Gifts; 4. Wheaton College Establishes Theological Course; 5. Wheaton College to Conduct Palestine Trip; 6. Wheaton College to Raise Large Fund; 7. American Bible Society News; 8. American Tract Society Prizes; 9. Presbyterians in Korea; 10. "Amidst Grim Realities of War"--News Letter from China, by M.A. Hopkins;
11. Shell Fire Wrecks Institution for Chinese Blind; 12. Bible Exhibit in China; 13. All Energies Given to Evangelistic Work--News Letter from Mexico, by Alice J. McClelland; 14. Chinese Natives Trained by Presbyterians; 15. Sequel to the Murder of the "Three Freds"; 16. White Unto Harvest; 17. Thirteenth Annual Convention of League of Evangelical Students; 18. Library for Ministers; 19. Calvinistic Congress to Meet; 20. 1940 Convention World's Sunday School Association; 21. Leaflets Against Evolution.
News in Nutshells: 1. Heretical Report by Anglican Commission; 2. Boston, Massachusetts; 3. An Approach to Young Men;
4. Presbyterian Church, U.S. and the China Crisis; 5. The Goal of Communism; 6. Dr. Turck's Conception of the Church; 7. Southern Methodist Salaries; 8. Jews in Palestine; 9. Campaign for Princeton Seminary; 10. "Rising Tide" [re: Oxford Group magazine]; 11. "United Front" Hit by British Churchmen; 12. Survey Finds Collegians 88 Per Cent Religious; 13. World's Jewish Population; 14. Thankful for Leprosy; 15. British Analysis of "Re-Thinking Missions"; 16. Since Prohibition; 17. News Notes on German Church Situation; 18. College Paper Urges Theology; 19. To Evangelize Free State; 20. Chinese Ambassador Witnesses to Christ; 21. Unbelievers Both [Aldous Huxley and Leslie Weatherhead]; 22. Roman Catholics Increase; 23. Native Indian Christians.

Volume 8, No. 11 (March 1938) - PENDING
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1.  
News of the Church: 1.    

Volume 8, No. 12 (April 1938) - PENDING
Editorial Notes and Comments: 1.  
News of the Church: 1.