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Name Title Issue Page
Alder, Susan An Interview with Dr. Morton H. Smith May90 5-12
Alder, Susan An Interview with Dr. R.J. Rushdoony May90 13-29
Alder, Susan An Interview with Dr. Stanley D. Wells May90 1-4
Alder, Susan An Interview with Edmund P. Clowney Mar90 16-19
Alder, Susan An Interview with George Calhoun (Mt. Olive Tape Library) May92 1-7
Alder, Susan New Age Religion and Psychology: An Interview with William Kirk Kilpatrick Sept90 25-27
Alder, Susan Pastor Faces IRS Investigation [and] Update on Dan Morse Nov89 15-18
Alder, Susan Reformation by Correspondence Dec91 24-26
Alder, Susan Sometimes You May Have to be a Target, Part II (Interview with Dr. Stanley D. Wells) May91 17-27
Alexander, George Profitless Prophets Spr94 15-16
Bahnsen, Greg L. The Westminster Assembly and the "Equity of the Judicial Law" Spr94 4-7
Ball, Larry Reflections on the 23rd General Assembly Sum94 2-6
Ball, Larry E. A Response to the Overture from Westminster Presbytery Wtr00 16-22
Ball, Larry E. A Review of the 25th General Assembly Sum97 4-10
Ball, Larry E. A Summary of the 23rd PCA Assembly in Seven Short Lessons Sum95 2-6
Ball, Larry E. Chapter One: Scripture and Hermeneutics [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Fall94 15-18
Ball, Larry E. Only God-Ordained Drama for Worship Spr95 20-24
Ball, Larry E. Reflections on the 24th General Assembly of the PCA Sum96 2-6
Ball, Larry E. The PCA Consensus Conference [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Wtr94 28-31
Bartel, Dan Do We Teach God's Word or Do We Teach Our Opinions About God's Word [sermon delivered to 789th Stated Meeting of Central Carolina Presbytery, PCA] Fall99 23-28
Beisner, E. Calvin Questions and Comments on "A Statement of Identity for the Presbyterian Church in America" Spr99 13-20
Bennett, Richard From Tradition to Truth: A Priest's Story Feb92 13-15
Bennett, Richard The Bible vs. Roman Catholicism: A Contrast Feb92 15-20
Bennett, Richard The Bible vs. Roman Catholicism: A Contrast, Part II May92 27-30
Bennett, Richard M. "We Ought to Obey God Rather than Men" [re Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium] Sum94 14-27
Bennett, Richard M. "We Ought to Obey God Rather than Men," Part II Wtr95 5-16
Bennett, Richard M. Rome Snares Lutherans Wtr00 22-28
Bogue, Carl W. Chapter Seven: Mission - A Critique [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Wtr94 20-27
Bogue, Carl W. Conservative Colleague to Apostasy Advocate [re: Jack Rogers & PCUSA] Feb02 14-17
Bogue, Carl W. Judicial Case 93-3 and Ascension Presbytery Spr95 10-14
Bogue, Carl W. Korea - Who Are the Missionaries Fall95 29-31
Bogue, Carl W. Redigging Old "Faith Promise" Wells May92 8-14
Bogue, Elizabeth Why I Choose Christ College Wtr97 4-6
Bordwine, James Chapter Four: Church Polity [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Wtr94 2-9
Bordwine, James In the Space of Six Days: A Response to the Presbyterian Church in America Wtr99 22-31
Bordwine, James Thoughts on the MNA Assessment Center Sept92 23-27
Bordwine, James E. Pragmatism: Plague on the PCA Feb91 25-28
Bradley, Brent Form or Substance? A Report on the PCA's 28th General Assembly Fall00 4-11
Bradley, G. Brent A Question of Integrity Nov89 8-10
Bradley, G. Brent Change for hte Better for a Change: A Look at the Proposed Amendments to the Book of Church Order Dec92 16-18
Bradley, G. Brent Chapter Six: Biblical Discipline - Corporate Amnesia in the Search for Identity [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Wtr94 14-19
Bradley, G. Brent Differing Weights and Measures Dec02 19-26
Bradley, G. Brent Does Christian Unity Require Church Union? May88 7-10
Bradley, G. Brent Looking Back, Around, and Ahead: A Report on the 27th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America Fall99 6-13
Bradley, G. Brent New or Old Paths?": Proposals to Amend BCO 46-5 Spr96 9-15
Bradley, G. Brent Official Immunity? Mar88 7-8
Bradley, G. Brent Plato in the PCA? Sept90 9-12
Bradley, G. Brent The 20th General Assembly: What Did and Did Not Happen Sept92 9-14
Bradley, G. Brent Tinkering with the Constitution: A Look at the Proposed BCO Amendments Fall96 4-10
Bradley, G. Brent Voting for Change: For Better or Worse (re Proposed BCO Amendments) Fall95 14-18
Chapell, Bryan

Covenant Theological Seminary: 1998-1999 President's Goals and Report

Spr98 5-13
Clauson, Kevin Letter to the Editor: re, Speaking Engagements at Christ College Wtr97 39
Colas, Ralph G. 1996 Clergy Conference for Men - Theme: "Fan Into Flame" [Critical Review of Promise Keepers Clergy Conference] Fall96 25-32
Counts, King Why Full Subscription? July93 2-6
Crampton, W. Gary A Case for Biblical Evangelism Mar90 20-24
Crampton, W. Gary A Case for Christian Education Sept91 12-16
Crampton, W. Gary A Christian Response and Alternative to Allan Bloom Mar90 27-28
Crampton, W. Gary Are All Children Dying in Infancy Saved? Feb92 21-24
Crampton, W. Gary Today's Presbyterianism: Scriptural or Man-made? Sept90 13-19
Crampton, W. Gary What About Women Preachers and Teachers? Mar90 10-13
Crick, Jerry W. Letter to the Editor, Re: Christ College, Greenville, SC Spr95 2
Dallison, Anthony R. "Can Two Walk Together Unless They Be Agreed?": The NAE and the PCA Wtr97 19-22
Davis, Bruce C. "Reverend or Pastor?" Fall95 23-26
Davis, Bruce C. The Terrible Presence of God in Hell Spr95 26-31
Davis, D. Clair Presbytery Examinations Mar93 13
Davis, Tracy The Role of Women in Ordained Offices in the Church Feb02 17-28
Derr, Sam Six Day Creation Wtr98 22-24
Dickens, Patrick Letter to the Editor, in re Reformation Christian Ministries Spr94 25,31
Doskey, Conrad A Critique of the Report of the Creation Study Committee Mar01 5-16
Duncan, J. Ligon Animadversions on Alex Mitchell's View of the Westminster Assembly and the Days of Creation Spr98 31-35
Englestad, Gary The Days of Genesis 1 Wtr97 9-14
Fast, Stephen H. The Covenant of Grace, Chapter One: God Makes His Covenant Dec92 23-28
Fast, Stephen H. The Covenant of Grace, Chapter Two: God Establishes Families of Families to Do His Will Mar93 14-19,39
Flye, Gary S. Cooperative Agreements: Unholy Alliances? Sum94 28-29
Flye, Gary S. Lamentations: A Message to American Presbyterianism Mar93 4-7
Flye, Gary S. Man's Nature and the Place of Psychology Wtr95 16-20
Flye, Gary S. Power, Authority and Jurisdiction of Church Courts July93 21-23
Flye, Gary S. The Basis of Church Authority Mar90 7-9
Flye, Gary S. The Church Victorious (Micah 4:1-5) Dec91 27-28
Flye, Gary S. Worship Leading Sept91 21-22
Gentry, Kenneth L., Jr. Letter to the Editor: re, Reedy River PCA annual Spring Bible Conference Wtr97 39
Gentry, Kenneth L., Jr. Theonomic Ethics and the Westminster Confession Spr96 16-21
Graham, Keith Six Arguments for Six Days Spr94 18-24
Griffith, Howard Women Reading Scripture to the Congregation Fall96 10-16
Gunn, Grover A Response to Dr. Bryan Chapell's 1998-1999 President's Goals and Reports Spr98 20-30
Gunn, Grover Chapter Three: Theological Reflection [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Fall94 27-30
Gunn, Grover Six Day Creation Sum97 10-34
Gunn, Grover E., III Freedom or Slavery? Spr94 26
Hall, David W. Holding Fast the Great Concession of Faith: Science, Apologetics, and Orthodoxy Wtr97 4-19
Hall, David W. The Westminster View of Creation Days: A Choice between Non-Ambiguity or Historical Revisionism Sum98 4-29
Harrell, William Should Exceptions to Our Standards Be Preached or Taught in the PCA? Spr98 36-40
Harrell, William Some Observations on the PCA and the Recent Assembly Dec90 2-4
Hathaway, Vaugh E., Jr. Letter to the Editor (Comments re Proposed Amendment to BCO 15-2) Feb91 2-3
Hendrickson, John C. Letter to the Editor: Re, "Confessional Literacy," by King Counts Wtr95 30-33
Holloway, Michael Pray for Your Child ... Fall95 33-35
Howell, Carl An Interview with Pastor Steve Schlissel Dec92 31-39
Howell, Carl An Interview with PCA Missionary, the Rev. Sidney B. Anderson, Part I Sept92 2-8
Howell, Carl An Interview with Steve Schlissel, Part II Mar93 24-32
Howell, Carl Selling Jesus: What's Wrong with Marketing the Church? July93 32-33
Hurst, Kerry W. There's No Business Like Show Business! Dec91 13-16
Hurst, Pete "Bear With Me in a Little Foolishness" (I Cor. 11:1) [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Fall94 10-11
Hurst, Pete Chapter Five: Worship - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Wtr94 10-13
Hurst, Pete General Assembly and the Press May92 20-21
Hurst, Pete Lesson 4: Congregational Worship Fall97 13-17
Hurst, Pete Shepherding the Flock: An Interview with Pastor Pete Hurst Fall00 17-29
Isbell, Sherman PCA Continues Anti-Reformed Voting in NAPARC Spr95 14-20
Johnson, Henry E. True to the Great Commission Nov87 1-2
Johnson, Henry E. True to the Great Commission: Evangelism Begins at Home Mar88 9-12.
Johnson, Henry E. True to the Great Commission: Evangelism Begins at Home May88 11-14
Jones, James A., Jr. An Interview with Eugene Boyer May92 22-27
Jones, James A., Jr. Education is a Moral Endeavor, Parts I - III Nov89 22-28
Jones, James A., Jr. News of the 19th General Assembly of the PCA Sept91 4-9
Jones, James A., Jr. The Attack on Biblical Counseling in the PCA Nov88 1-2
Jones, James A., Jr. The Importance of an Educated Ruling Eldership Mar90 5-6
Jones, James A., Jr. The Missionary Hurdle May91 11-16
Jones, James A., Jr. Whatever Happened to the PCA? (The Sequel) Sept90 3-8
Jones, James A., Jr. Whatever Happened to the PCA? Nov89 1-4
King, Rodney Broad Churchism Mar90 14-15
Knight, George W. Biblical Church Discipline Sum96 7-35
Knolls, Richard Promise Keepers: Men of Integrity - A Study in Contradictions Wtr97 22-34
Lavallee, Louis Augustine and Orthodoxy in the Creation Day Debate Fall98 21-30
Lee, Francis Nigel A Few Biblical Principles for a Church Code of Discipline Sum94 29-33
Lee, Francis Nigel Calvin on the Weekly Christian Sabbath July93 7-16
Lightfoot, John On Creation [translated by Rev. Wesley Baker] Sum98 30-36
Longacre, David and Englestad, Gary An Historical Overview of the Views of the Length of the Creation Days within the Reformed Tradition and Beyond Wtr97 20-29
Maddox, Dr. Robert A Personal Resolution to the Assembly Nov88 10-11
Maddox, Dr. Robert Teachers of Health or Teachers of Sin?: A Reexamination of Contraception Prescription Nov88 12-16
Maddox, Dr. Robert Thoughts on the Restoration of Eldership Sept91 17-21
Maddox, Robert An Interview with George Grant of Coral Ridge Ministries and Legacy Communications Sept92 32-34
Mang, Michael E. The Doctrine of Creation in Calvary Presbytery Spr96 22-27
Martin, John A Sermon by Pastor John Martin (1 Peter 1:1-2) May 92 15-19
Mau, G. Fredric The Committees of Commissioners: A Populist Thorn in the Centralists' Side May91 6-10
McAuliffe, Joseph R. Letter to the Editor: re Southeastern Conference on Christianity and Government Spr96 28
Mericle, Dave Worship Governed by God's Word Wtr98 17-21
Miller, Robert A Parable Concerning Progressive Creation Spr99 20-24
Miller, Samuel Wise Counsel for Ministers June87 14-15
Morecraft, Joe, III How Dabney Looked at the World: The Worldview of Robert L. Dabney Sum00 3-36
Murphy, Martin Cryptological Evangelicalism Dec92 11-14
North, Gary R.J. Rushdoony, R.I.P. Mar01 16-22
Osborne, Dan Presbyterian Safe-Guards, Not Congregationalism Nov87 8-9
Osborne, Dan The Propaganda of the PCA Mar88 4-6
Oswalt, Lonn An Interview with Dr. Douglas Kelly July93 27-30
Oswalt, Lonn Shaping Culture and History Through Preaching Mar93 8-12
Oswalt, Lonn The Story of Samuel Maina Sept91 1-4
Peacock, Dale Judicial Case #91-5: A Dissent (Gunter & Monroe vs. Central Florida Pby) Sept92 15-16
Peacock, Dale The 23rd General Assembly (1995) & A Brief Primer Fall95 2-13
Pribble, Stephen An Authentic Modern Version? Mar88 13-14
Rapp, Robert S. Letter to the Editor, regarding The Jesus Film Sum94 34-35
RCUS Report Adopted by the Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS) [concerning women in military service] Wtr99 12-22
Rogers, Wayne "He Gave Some to Be ... Pastors and Teachers!" Sum95 21-25
Rogers, Wayne An Overview of the Proposed Statement of Identity Fall94 3-10
Rogers, Wayne Biblical Church Discipline: The Practice and Procedure Wtr95 24-28
Rose, Bill "You Can Just Get Out of the Church" Sept92 29-30
Rose, Bill Justification by Faith & Works July93 24-25
Rose, Bill Justification by Faith & Works Mar93 33-35
Rose, Bill Tenure: A Danger to the Future of the PCA May91


Rose, Bill The Background of the PCA Sept91 26-27
Rose, Bill The Background of the PCA, Part II Dec91 22-24
Rose, Bill The Background of the PCA, Part III (God Forms a Conservative Presbyterian Church) Feb92 24-26
Rose, Bill Why Lord? John 13:7 Dec92 29-30
Schlissel, Steve The Next Battle of Tours Nov02 31-34
Schultz, Roger The 1998 General Assembly Fall98 11-18
Schultz, Roger A Report on the 29th [2001] PCA General Assembly Oct01 4-18
Schultz, Roger The 2002 PCA General Assembly: A Review Nov02 16-30
Scott, Jack B. The Handwriting on the Wall: A Reply to Bryan Chapell's "President's Goals and Report" Spr98 13-18
Simmons, Steven G. An Elder's Place is in the Home Spr95 24-26
Simmons, Steven G. Hybrid Presbyterianism Dec92 20-22
Simmons, Steven G. The Importance of the Family in the Life of the Church Wtr95


Smith, Frank J. Announcing Psalmody Conference in August, 1990 Nov89 19-20
Smith, Frank J. Why a New Proposed Directory for Worship? May88 5-6
Smith, Morton Commentary on the PCA Book of Church Order, Chapter 8 Dec90 12-20
Smith, Morton H. Chapter Two: Subscription to Doctrinal Standards by Church Officers [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Fall94 18-26
Smith, Morton H. My Pilgrimage Regarding Creation Spr98 18-20
Smith, Neil The Effect of the War Between the States on Southern Presbyterian Theology: An Interview with Steve Wilkins, Part II Wtr95 2-5
Smith, Neil The Effects of the War Between the States on Southern Presbyterian Theology: An Interview with Steve Wilkins, Part I Sum94 11-14
Snapp, Bryon Introduction to this Issue (September, 1990) Sept90 1-2
Snapp, Byron "The Extraordinary Clause" and the Ministry in the PCA Nov88 3-6
Snapp, Byron A Book of Confessions? Fall00 12-17
Snapp, Byron A Controversial Creation Wtr97 6-8
Snapp, Byron A Few Comments on the New Ad-Interim Report May88 15-18
Snapp, Byron A Few Questions: Comments on the Introduction [re Proposed Statement of Identity] Fall94 11-14
Snapp, Byron A Lesson from History: How Denominations Decline Sum94 7-10
Snapp, Byron A Tale of Two Cities July93 17-20
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Christian Reformed Pastor, Steve Schlissel Dec90 21-28
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Christian Reformed Pastor, Steve Schlissel, Part II Feb91 19-24
Snapp, Byron An Interview with David W. Hall: The Practice of Confessional Subscription Oct01 19-33
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Don Kistler of Soli Deo Gloria Publishers Dec91 2-12
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. Feb91 4-8
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Dr. R.J. Rushdoony Feb91 9-18
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Frank Smith, author of The History of the Presbyterian Church in America: The Continuing Church Movement Wtr00 4-15
Snapp, Byron An Interview with George Grant Spr96 2-9
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Greg L. Bahnsen Feb92 1-12
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Morton H. Smith, Part II: Confessional Subscription Spr94 27-31
Snapp, Byron An Interview with Peter Hammond, Founder of Frontline Fellowship Wtr98 4-13
Snapp, Byron Are We Asking the Right Question? Fall96 32-36
Snapp, Byron Avoiding the Ivory Tower Phenomena: An Interview with Lonn Oswalt, Dean of the R.L. Dabney Center for Theological Study Fall99 13-22
Snapp, Byron Biblical Polity at Risk Nov87 4-7
Snapp, Byron Blood of the Moon: An Interview with George Grant Nov02 4-6
Snapp, Byron Christ and Creation: An Interview with Douglas Kelly Wtr97 14-19
Snapp, Byron Christian Worldview Student Conference Dec02 17-18
Snapp, Byron Dance and the Regulative Principle of Worship Dec91 17-21
Snapp, Byron Definitions Fall99 28-32
Snapp, Byron Definitions, Part II Wtr00 29-32
Snapp, Byron Editor's Introduction (February, 1991) Feb91 1
Snapp, Byron Editor's Introduction (May, 1991) May91 1
Snapp, Byron How to Practically Teach the WCF Spr94 8-11
Snapp, Byron In All Seriousness Mar93 20-23
Snapp, Byron Introducing Westminster Classical College: An Interview with Dr. Ken Gentry Dec02 4-16
Snapp, Byron Introduction to the following articles Nov89 21-22
Snapp, Byron Introduction to this Issue (December, 1990) Dec90 1
Snapp, Byron Islam vs. Christianity: A Brief Comparison Nov02 7-15
Snapp, Byron Issues in the PCA: An Update Dec00 4-18
Snapp, Byron Leaving a Legacy [Memorial for George Calhoun, founder of the Mt. Olive Tape Library] Feb02 28-30
Snapp, Byron Lesson 1: Introduction to Presbyterian Government Fall97 4-5
Snapp, Byron Lesson 10: Continuing Revelation Fall97 36-40
Snapp, Byron Lesson 2: Overview of Confessional Standards Fall97 6-8
Snapp, Byron Lesson 3: PCA History Fall97 9-13
Snapp, Byron Lesson 5: Confessional Subscription Fall97 17-21
Snapp, Byron Lesson 6: The Doctrine of Creation, Part I Fall97 21-26
Snapp, Byron Lesson 7: The Doctrine of Creation, Part II Fall97 26-27
Snapp, Byron Lesson 8: Ordination Fall97 28-31
Snapp, Byron Lesson 9: Theonomy Fall97 31-36
Snapp, Byron More on Creation Wtr98 21-22
Snapp, Byron More on the General Assembly's Use of Facilities Offering Pornographic Movies Nov88 7-9
Snapp, Byron Preliminary Comments on Proposed Book of Church Order Amendments Dec90 5-12
Snapp, Byron Presbyterians in Print: An Interview with Louis DeBoer Dec00 19-28
Snapp, Byron Receiving Men on Exception: An Interview with Dr. Morton H. Smith Spr99 4-8
Snapp, Byron Should the PCA Support the Holiday Inn? May88 1-4
Snapp, Byron Some Arguments Against the Proposed Book of Church Order Amendments Mar88 1-2
Snapp, Byron Some Dangers of Evangelism Sept91 23-25
Snapp, Byron Some Thoughts on Missions: Excerpts from an Interview with Sidney Anderson, MTW Missionary to the Czech Republic Fall95 26-28
Snapp, Byron The General Assembly's Plural View of Pluralism Dec92 4-10
Snapp, Byron The Importance of Checks and Balances in the Administration of the PCA Nov89 5-7
Snapp, Byron The Importance of Doctrinal Purity in the PCA Sept91 9-11
Snapp, Byron The Inter-Faith Conference: An Interview with Robert Zins Mar01 22-30
Snapp, Byron The Live Oak Case Sept92 19-22
Snapp, Byron The Lord's Supper and Church Membership June87 11-13
Snapp, Byron The Meaning of PCA June87 2-6
Snapp, Byron The Military Chaplaincy and Women in Combat: An Interview with Robert Needham Wtr99 4-12
Snapp, Byron The Ordination of Women: An Interview with Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen Spr95 4-10
Snapp, Byron The PCA Now Supports Pluralism Nov89 11-14
Snapp, Byron The Source of Security: God or the State? June87 7-10
Snapp, Byron Thoughts on the Lord's Day: An Interview with Dr. Nigel Lee Fall98 4-11
Snapp, Byron Thoughts on Your Preparation for the Assembly May91 2-3
Snapp, Byron Training Nationals in the Truth Sum95 18-20
Snapp, Byron Trends Fall95 19-23
Snapp, Byron Urban Nations Today Fall95 31-32
Snapp, Byron Urban Nations: An Update Wtr95 28-30
Snapp, Byron What is the Real Meaning of Parity Among Ruling and Teaching Elders Mar90 1-4
Snapp, Byron Whose Responsibility? Sept90 20-24
Snapp, Byron Will This Dream Come True? [re the adoption of Romanian orphans] Fall94 31-32
Snapp, Byron Women's Leadership in the Church: An Interview with Dr. George Knight Feb02 5-13
Snapp, Byron, and Hurst, Pete Thoughts on Theological Education: Interview with Dr. O. Palmer Robertson Sum95 12-18
Sullivan, Tom Biblical Illiteracy in America: An Appalling Reality May90 30-31
Sullivan, Tom Every Christian a Biblical Counselor Dec91 29-30
Sullivan, Tom The Promise Keepers: A Few Remarks Sum95 25-29
Tonski, Anthony Letter to the Editor: re Availability of the Works of Thomas Goodwin Spr96 27
Van Voorhis, John Proposed Revival Covenant Sept91 28-29
Van Voorhis, John The Reformed Faith and the Whole Counsel of God Wtr98 13-17
Van Voorhis, John H. Christian Love in the PCA: The Dangers of "Biting and Devouring" Spr94 12-14
Western Carolina Pby Serving Communion [Response of Western Carolina Presbytery to a question regarding the acceptability of women assisting in the distribution of the elements of the Lord's Supper] Fall96 23-25
Westminster Pby Overture to the 28th General Assembly from Westminster Presbytery Wtr00 15-16
Willard, Charles Letter to the Editor, Re: Reformed Fellowship International Ministries Spr95 2-3
Willet, S. Scott One Man's Response to a Protest Spr99 8-13
Willet, S. Scott The New Jersey Case of 1998 Fall98 18-21
Yelton, Jeffrey P. Church Membership, Church Discipline, and the PCA Fall96 17-23
Yelton, Jeffrey P. Loose Subscription and Its Fruits Sum95 6-11