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John W. Sanderson, Jr.
[19 March 1916 - 30 April 1998]
Parents: Father, John W., Sr.; mother, Ella V. Smith
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

Spouse: Pearl L. Hetrick, 12 June 1939, Wheaton, IL

Children: David R.; Judith E.; Robert G.
Undergraduate Education: BA, Wheaton College, 1937
Graduate Education: B.Div., Faith Theological Seminary, 1940; BD, 1945; MA, University of PA, 1949; DD, Geneva College, 1966
Ministry: Licensed and ordained in October of 1940 by the Chicago

Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church, Rev. Sanderson's first pastorate was at the First Bible Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, MO, serving there from 1940-43. He was succeeded in that post by the Rev. Francis A. Schaeffer. Rev. Sanderson went on to serve as Associate Professor at Faith Theological Seminary from 1945-1952 and 1955-56, pastoring the Bible Presbyterian Church of Newark, DE during the interim 1952-55 years. He was a professor at Covenant College in St. Louis from 1956-57 and then professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia from 1957-63. Other positions of service included professor, dean and vice president of Covenant College from 1964-1976 and as professor at Covenant Theological Seminary for the years 1956-57, 1963-64 and 1976-84. Honors included serving as moderator of Synod for the Bible Presbyterian Church in 1951. Rev. Sanderson was given the status of honorably retired in 1986.

Encounter in the Non-Christian World
The Fruit of the Spirit
Mirrors of His Glory
"The Unity of the Church," The Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, Volume 93, Number 9, November 1959, pages 101 - 103; reprinted from Review Section of The Westminster Theological Journal, May 1959, pages 246-249.
"The New Version and the Doctrine of Inspiration," The Witness, 8.12 (May 1953), 5-6.
'A Christian View of History," The Witness, 10.1 (May 1954) 7-8, 10.
"Seeking Things Above," The Witness, 11.7 (March 1956) 7-8.
"Where do we go from here in THEOLOGY?," The Witness, 11.8 (April 1956) 7-8.





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