Westminster Shorter Catechism Collection: PCUS Editions.

Carruthers #A226, circa 1905-1914

Front cover:

The Westminster | Shorter Catechism | Ratified by the | General Assembly of the | Presbyterian Church | in the United States | At | Augusta, Ga., December | 4th, 1861 | RICHMOND, VA.: | PRESBYTERIAN COMMITTEE OF PUBLICATION | 212-214 NORTH SIXTH ST.

Blue paper cover with single lined border.
32 pp.; 13.7 x 8.7 cm.

Additional material: Sabbath-School Equipment (cover page 2); Brief history of the Catechism on verse of title page; the Ten Commandments; the New Commandment; the Beatitudes; the Creed; the Names and Order of the Books of the Bible; the Lord's Prayer; Hymn: The Love of Jesus; Our Sabbath School Periodicals (cover page 3); Our Catechetical Publications (cover page 4)

In his bibliography in Three Centuries of the Shorter Catechism, S.W. Carruthers assigns #A226 to what appears to be this same edition.

Accession #010a093000


Below: Cover pages 2 and 3 (cover interior)

At right: Cover page 4 (back)

Noted items include the pricing of the Confession of Faith and Book of Church Order, in Sheep (i.e., leather), at 75 cents per copy.

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Verso title page:
I love to hear the story,
Which angel voices tell,
How once the King of Glory
Came down on earth to dwell.
I am both weak and sinful,
But this I surely know,
The Lord came down to save me,
Because He loved me so.

I'm glad my blessed Saviour
Was once a child like me,
To show how pure and holy
His little ones might be.
And if I try to follow
His footsteps here below,
He never will forget me,
Because He loves me so.

To sing His love and mercy,
My sweetest songs I'll raise,
And, though I cannot see Him,
I know He hears my praise;

For he has kindly promised
That even I may go
To sing among His angels,
Because He loves me so.
Page 32 : Hymn - The Love of Jesus
[Not to be confused with "I love to tell the story," (Katherine Hankey, 1866), the words for the hymn included in this printing of the Shorter Catechism were written by Emily H. Miller and published in 1867 in The Little Corporal (a children's monthly published in Chicago, 1865-1875). The poem was later set to music by Arthur H. Mann, and published in The Methodist Sunday School Hymnbook (London, 1881).