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Studies & Actions of the General Assembly of
The Presbyterian Church in America

[1st General Assembly, 1973, 1-77, p. 58.]


Founding and Development

13. That each congregation be encouraged to have a women's organization to be known as "Women in the Church"; abbreviated WIC.

14. That the Assembly's Christian Education Committee have an advisory Sub Committee for Women in the Church;

a. that during the first year of operation, the Women's Advisory Subcommittee, constitute the membership of this sub-committee;

b. that subsequently the sub-committee be composed of five women chosen by the Christian Education Committee from nominees from each Presbyterial organization, serving terms of two years each with three to be elected one year, and two to two year terms;

c. that this sub-committee work under the guidance and authority of the Christian Education Committee, and will meet with it at least once a year;

d. that a representative of this sub-committee sit as an observer with each of the four General Assembly committees at their meetings at least once a year.

e. that this sub-committee have an item in the denomination's news publication each month directed to the women in the local churches.

15. That the women's work year be the same as the church year, e.g. from January 1 through December 31.


31. That the proposed Suggested Constitution and Bylaws of the Women in the Church in the Presbytery be approved for use in presbyterial organizations.

32. That the proposed Suggested Constitution and Bylaws for Local Women in the Church be approved as amended for use of women in the local churches.