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PCA Congregations in
New Brunswick


PCA Congregations affected by Hurricane Katrina:
Click here for a list of the PCA congregations, maps and contact information.

This is a working list, with only partial information at this time.

Bold print indicates those churches which have documents & other historical materials on file in the Historical Center.
"Est." - Date of establishment, or organization, indicates when the church was officially recognized as a particular church.
Email and web links are provided where known. Please notify the Historical Center of changes and corrections.
Please consult the directory at http://www.pcanet.org/directory.asp for addresses, phone numbers & pastors' names.

Last Updated 17 September 2012.
Church City Province Presbytery Est.
Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Miramichi NB Eastern Canada 1971
Sovereign Community Church Miramichi NB Eastern Canada  
Redeemer Community Church Moncton NB Eastern Canada -

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