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Historical Center News
Vol. IV, No. 1

All Electronic Media are Destined for Destruction!

years.  You may yourself have noticed the problem of bleed-through on cassette tapes that are left un-played for years.  With time, the tapes become entirely unusable.   
CD-ROMs are potentially better, but subject to their own problems.  They can be rendered unreadable by simple scratches.  Moreover,  as the
Newsweek article notes, "Even the CD-ROM, once touted as indestructible, is proving vulnerable to stray magnetic fields, oxidation, humidity and material decay."  High quality CDs may last as long as 50 years, with care, while the cheaper ones may be useless in 5 years.
The important thing to remember in all of this is that everything has its appropriate purpose.  Electronic media are great as formats for access.  But they are not the best format for preservation.   Your Session records or other precious documents are still best preserved on acid-free paper or even microfilm.  Each of these media can be expected to last up to 400 years, if properly stored.   Our advice:  Backup your files-- and print the important stuff!
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