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Adger, John Bailey [1810 - 1899], "A Call to the Ministry" (1882)
_______________, "A Denial of Divine Right for Organs in Public Worship" (1869) 
_______________, "A Few Observations on the Foregoing Article" (1873)
_______________, "A Thoroughly Educated Ministry" (1883)
_______________, "Calvin Defended against Drs. Cunningham and Hodge" (1876)
_______________, "Harbingers of the Reformation" (1885)
_______________, "The General Assembly at New Orleans" (1877)
Alexander, Maitland, Eulogy for Dr. J. Gresham Machen (1937)
Allis, Oswald T., "Robert Dick Wilson--Defender of God's Word" (1930)
Anderson, S.J.P., "Form and Spirit" (1850)
_____________, "Notes on the Miracles of our Lord" (1851)
_____________, "The Prophets of the Restoration" (1856) [review of T.V. Moore's Commentary on Haggai, etc.]
Anonymous, "The Scriptural Office of the Deacon," in Presbyterian Tracts, vol. 6, tract no. 94, 16 pp.
__________, "Modern Homiletics" (1885)
__________, "Pastors and Evangelists versus Stated Supplies" (1871)
Anonymous ["A Georgia Pastor"], "The Church a Spiritual Power" (1859)
Anonymous ["H.B.H."], "A Pastor's Farewell to his Study" (1858)
Armes, Roland K., "The Moderator's Message," The Clarion, 1.3 (October 1944): 1.
Armstrong, George D., "The Revised Directory for Worship" (1881)

Baird, Samuel J., "Constitution of the Presbyterian Church" (1857)
Barbour, Lewis Green, A Brief in the Case of the Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister (1884)
Bell, L. Nelson, "No Birth Certificate!" (1962)
Belz, Max, "Ask God to Use His Rod" (circa 1948)
Berkhof, Louis, "The Development of Spirituality in Seminary Students" (1938)
Bible Presbyterian Church, "The Harvey Cedars Resolutions" (1945)
Black, John, "The Substance of Some Discourses on Baptism" (1846)
Boggs, W.E., "The Deacon’s Office in the Church of the New Testament" (1875)
Breckinridge, Robert J., "The Christian Pastor, one of Christ’s Ascension Gifts" (1884)
__________________, "Presbyterian Government Not a Hierarchy, But a Commonwealth" (1882)
__________________, "Presbyterian Ordination Not a Charm, But an Act of Government" (1882)
__________________, "Some Thoughts on the Developement of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A." (1848)
Buswell, J. Oliver, Jr., Letter to Cornelius Van Til, regarding apologetics (1937)
__________________, "Of God and the Holy Trinity" - Lecture on WCF Chapter 2 [.pdf] ; [.doc]

Campbell, Samuel D., "An Educated Ministry—The Board of Education" (1859)
Cassells, Samuel J., "Arminianism Restrictive of Divine Free Agency" (1852)
Clark, Gordon H., "The Auburn Heresy" (1935)
______________, "The Ordination of Women" (1977)
Cox, Robert H., "A Clarion Call" in The Clarion 1.1 (August 1944): 1.
____________, "The Eighth General Synod," The Clarion 1.11 (June 1945): page 1; page 4; page 5.
____________, "How Distinctive Is Our Witness?" The Clarion 1.5 (December 1944): 2.
Craig, Samuel G., "Westminster Seminary and the Reformed Faith" (1934)
Cross, Thomas G., Historical Background and Development of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (1968)
Curtis, Thomas, "A Standard Edition of the English Bible" (1858)

Dabney, Robert Lewis [1820-1898], "Christ Our Substitute," - also available in HTML format.
__________________, "The Changes Proposed in Our Book of Discipline" (1859)
Darnall, W.H., "The Creation" (1867)
Dickson, Andrew Flinn, "God’s Rest, our Rest" (1855)
Donaldson, LaVerne, "Present Needs of Our Church," The Clarion 1.2 (September 1944): 1.
Douglas, John, "On Organs" (1855)
Dunkerley, Donald, "Baptism--Of Infants?--By Sprinkling?" (1972)

Edgar, Andrew, "Fencing the Table" (1885)
Engles, W.M., "Recollections of Dr. Janeway" (1859)
Evans, Frederick W., Jr., "Job: A Message for God's People Today" [1991, final sermon]

Fraser, A.M., "Dr. Thornwell as an Ecclesiologist" (1912)
Frierson, David Ethan, "Presbyterianism" (1879)

Gage, Daniel S., "The Auburn Affirmation" (1942)
Girardeau, John L, "Individual Liberty and Church Authority" (1889), 18 p.
______________, "Pastoral Charge to Rev. James H. Thornwell"
______________, "Report on the Diaconate" (1884) - authored together with R.L. Dabney and T.E. Peck.
______________, "Our Ecclesiastical Relations to Freedmen" (1867)
______________, "The Diaconate" (1879); Part II (1880);
______________, "The Diaconate Again" (1881)
______________, "The Importance of the Office of the Deacon" (1881)
______________, "The Suffering Seaboard of South Carolina" (1876)
Gray, John Hanna, Letter to a Pastor and his wife on the death of their son (circa 1873)
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___________________, "Unity in Purity" Presbyterian Guardian 1.10 (Feb. 1936): 159.
___________________, "What Price Treason?" Presbyterian Guardian 2.1 (6 April 1936): 3.

Hall, David W., "Bibliographic Essay on Church Government" [from Premise, May 1995]
Herron, David [1832-1908], "The Jubilee Trumpet"
Hill, William E., Jr., "No-Compromise Men and Churches" [HTML only; from Convocation of Sessions, 1973]
Hodge, Caspar Wistar [1870-1937], "The Reformed Faith" (1929)
_________________, "The Significance of the Reformed Theology Today"
Hodge, Charles, Funeral Sermon for the Rev. J. J. Janeway (1858)
____________, "The Revised Book of Discipline" (1858)
____________, What Is Presbyterianism?(1855), 80 p.
____________, "What Is the System of Doctrine? [HTML only]
Hodge, J. Aspinwall, Chapter 6--Of Deacons, in What Is Presbyterian Law? (1882)
Howe, George, "Funeral Sermon for the Rev. Robert Means" (1836)
Hutchinson, George P., The History Behind the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (1974)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Nature of Presbyterianism
Chapter 2: The Reformed Presbyterian Church in America
Chapter 3: The Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod
Chapter 4: The Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
Chapter 5: The Broadening Church in the U.S.A.
Chapter 6: The Presbyterian Separatist Movement
Chapter 7: The Bible Presbyterian Church
Chapter 8: The Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Chapter 9: The Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod
Chapter 10: The Necessity for Consistent Christianity

Johnson, Hon. Herschel Vespasion [1812-1880], "Eloquence" (1854)

Kerr, Robert P., "The Revised Directory" (1890)
____________, "The Revised Directory for Worship" (1892)

Laird, Harold Samuel, "Called Out and Cast Out"
Lathem, Abraham Lance, "How to Conduct a Summer Bible School" (1937)
Latimer, James Fair, "The Influence of the Invisible Church upon the Visible Church in the Formulation of Her Creed" (1885)
Law, Thomas H., "Dr. Thornwell as a Preacher and a Teacher," (1912)
Lefevre, J.A., "The Diaconate of Scripture" (1881)
__________, "The Presbyterian Diaconate" (1881)
Lewis, F.W., "A Plea for the Study of Hebrew" (1879)
Loetscher, Frederick W., "Address on the 200th Anniversary of the Adopting Act" - also available in HTML format.
Long, Isaac Jaspers, "Powers of the General Assembly" (1868)
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________________, "Christianity in Conflict"
________________, "Mountains and Why We Love Them" (1933)
________________, "My Idea of God" (1927)
________________, Letter regarding ethical decisions (1936)
________________, "The Changing Scene and the Unchanging Word" (1936)
________________, "The Church of God" (1936 sermon)
________________, "The Necessity of the Christian School" (1933)
________________, "The Need of Regeneration" PG 2.5 (1 June 1936): 90.
________________, The Separateness of the Church (1925)
MacRae, Allan A., "Why the League?" (1925)
______________, "The Holy Scriptures" - Lecture on WCF Chapter 1 [.pdf] ; [.doc]
Martin, Edward, "The Law of the Sabbath, in its Bearing upon National Prosperity" (1862)
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McIntire, Carl, Letter containing an Autobiographical Account
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_______________, "The Reformed Presbyterian Church--An Historical Sketch" (1860)
Meyrowitz, Alexander, "Ethics of the Fathers" (1879)
Miller, Samuel, "Church Attachment and Sectarianism" (1854) - also available in HTML format.
____________, "The, Earth Filled with the Glory of the Lord," (1835) - also available in HTML format.
____________, "The Vows of Teaching and Ruling Elders" (1833) - also available in HTML format.
Mosely, Bennet Williamson [1836-1886], "Ministerial Training" (1873)
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_____________________, "Life, Character, and Genius of the Late Rev. James H. Thornwell" (1862)
_____________________, "The Art of Conversation" (1862)
_____________________, "The Relation between the Work of Christ and the Condition of the Angelic World" (1847)
_____________________, "The Tribunal of History" (1872) - [pdf image scan]
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___________________, "Thoughts on the Theistic Controversy"
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_____________, Chapter 19--Deacons, in Notes on Ecclesiology (1892)
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_______________________________, "Pastoral Letter Concerning the Experience of the Holy Spirit in the Church Today" (1975)
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____________________, "What Is an Offense?" (1960)

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____________________, "A Review of a Review" (1948; re: apologetics)
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_____________, "The Call to the Ministry—Its Nature and Evidence" (1849)
___________, "The Necessity and Importance of Controversy" (1853)
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