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(A partial listing of materials available for use in the Center's Reading Room)

Beatty, Charles [1715?-1772], The Journals of Charles Beatty, 1762-1769, edited, with an introduction by Guy S. Klett, (University Park, PA : The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1962), hb, 144pp.; 23 cm.
Beecher, Lyman [1775-1863],
The Autobiography of Lyman Beecher, edited by Barbara M. Cross, (Cambridge, MA : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1961), 2 volumes, xxxix, 418pp. and 447pp.; 24 cm. [formerly owned by L.A. Loetscher]
Borchert, Harold [1918-____], Hitherto. . . A Biographical Testimony (s.l. : s.n., 1992), pb, 262pp.; 21 cm.
Chester, Samuel Hall
, Memories of Four-Score Years (Richmond, VA : Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1934), hb, 235pp.; 21 cm. Inscribed by the author; copy no. 206 of 500.
Cuyler, Theodore L. [1822-1909], Recollections of a Long Life : An Autobiography (New York : The Baker & Taylor Co., 1902), hb, viii, 356pp., indexed; 20 cm.
Finney, Charles Grandison
[1792-1875], Charles G. Finney : An Autobiography (Old Tappan, NJ : Fleming H. Revell Company, 1876, 1908), hb, xii, 477pp.; 19 cm.
Foxwell, Philip,
Philip Foxwell : Missionary Magician (Pasadena, CA : William Carey Library, 1989), pb, viii, 83pp.; 21 cm.
Godfrey, W. Robert,
An Unexpected Journey : Discovering Reformed Christianity (Phillipsburg, NJ : P&R Publishing, 2004), pb, 150pp.; 21.5 cm.
Lambie, Thomas A., M.D. [1885-1954],
A Doctor Without A Country (New York : Fleming H. Revell Company, 1939), hb, 252pp.; 21 cm. [inscribed by author on front free endpaper]
McClintock, John
, in Half Century Pastorate of the Rev. John McClintock at New Providence Congregation, Presbytery of Redstone, Celebrated July 10th, 1889. The resignation of and release from the pastoral charge; the proceedings and addresses on that occasion; to which is affixed the autobiography and fiftieth anniversary sermon of the pastor. (Washington, PA : Observer Power Print, 1890), disbound, 71, [2] pp.; 22.5 cm.
Potts, Warren N., Saws of an Aged Parson (Columbus, GA : Quill Publications, 1987), hb, vi, 338pp.; 21.5 cm.
Rayburn, Robert G. [1915-1990],
Fight the Good Fight : Lessons from the Korean War (Lookout Mtn, TN : The Covenant College Press, 1956), hb, 108pp.; 20 cm.
Later edition, (s.l. : published for the Golden Rakkasans and active-duty Rakkasans, 2003, 1956), pb, 108, [3]pp.; illustrations; 20 cm.
Stelzle, Charles, A Son of the Bowery : The Life Story of an East Side American (New York : George H. Doran Company, 1926), hb, 335pp.; 22 cm.
Stuart, George H., The Life of George H. Stuart, Written by Himself, edited by Robt. Ellis Thompson, D.D. (Philadelphia : J.M. Stoddart & Co., 1890), hb, 383pp.; 20 cm.
Thompson, Charles Lemuel,
Charles Lemuel Thompson : An Autobiography, with Introduction by John A. Marquis, D.D. (New York : Fleming H. Revell Company, 1924), hb, 289pp.; 20.5 cm.
Waddel, John N., Memorials of Academic Life : being an Historical Sketch of The Waddel Family, identified through three generations with the history of the higher education in the south and southwest (Richmond, VA : Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1891), hb, 583pp.; 20 cm.
Wade, Joel T. and Grace Van Duyn, Our Life Story : The simply-told story of the long and fruitful lives of two faithful Workers in the Vineyard of the Master. (Chattanooga, TN : Geo. C. Hudson Co., 1954), hb, 692pp.; 23.5 cm.


Babcock, Maltbie Davenport [1858-1901]
Robinson, Charles E., Maltbie Davenport Babcock, A Reminiscent Sketch and Memorial (New York : Fleming H. Revell Company, 1904), hb, 161pp.; 18 cm.
Baird, Robert [1798-1863]
Baird, Henry M., The Life of the Rev. Robert Baird, D.D. (New York : Anson D.F. Randolph, 1866), hb, 347pp.; 20 cm.
Beecher, Henry Ward [1813-1887]

• Elsmere, Jane Shaffer, Henry Ward Beecher, The Indiana Years, 1837-1847 (Indianapolis : Indiana Historical Society, 1973), hb, 317pp.; indexed; 23.5 cm.
• McLoughlin, William G., The Meaning of Henry Ward Beecher : An Essay on the Shifting Values of Mid-Victorian America, 1840-1870 (New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1970), hb, 276, index [i-viii]; 22 cm.
Bell, L. Nelson [1894-1973]
Pollock, John, A Foreign Devil in China : The Story of Dr. L. Nelson Bell (Minneapolis, MN: World Wide Publications, 1971, 1988), pb, 355pp.; 20.5 cm.
Brown, Allen H.
A Pioneer of Southern New Jersey : A Tribute to Rev. Allen H. Brown, by the Presbytery of West Jersey, Commemorating his Eightieth Birthday and Fifty-Four Years of Service; Including his autobiography, historical papers, and a few sermons (Philadelphia : Allen, Lane and Scott, 1901), hb,

Chalmers, Thomas
Watt, Hugh, Thomas Chalmers and the Disruption, incorporating the Chalmers Lectures for 1940-44 (Edinburgh : Thomas Nelson and Sons, Ltd., 1943), hb, 363pp., indexed; 18.5 cm.
Cooke, Henry
Porter, J.L., The Life and Times of Henry Cooke (Belfast, Northern Ireland : Ambassador, 1871, 1999), pb, 504pp.
Corbett, Hunter [1835-1920]
Heeren, John J., On The Shantung Front : A History of the Shantung Mission of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1861-1940 in its Historical, Economic, and Political Setting (New York : The Board of Foreign Missions of the PCUSA, 1940), hb, xvi, 264pp.; 23 cm.
Smith, Harold Frederick and Charles Hodge Corbett, Hunter Corbett and His Family (Claremont, CA : College Press, 1965), hb, [199]pp.; 23.5 cm.
Cromwell, Oliver
• D'Aubigne, J.H. Merle, The Protector : A Vindication (Harrisonburg, VA : Sprinkle Publications, 1983), hb, 281pp.; 19.5 cm.
Dickinson, Jonathan [1688-1747]
LeBeau, Bryan F., Jonathan Dickinson and the Formative Years of American Presbyterianism (Lexington, KY : The University Press of Kentucky, 1997), hb, x, 252pp.; 23.5 cm.
Eaton, Samuel John Mills [1820-1889]
Caughey, A.H., A Memoir of the Rev. S.J.M. Eaton, D.D., Pastor for a third of a century of the Presbyterian Church of Franklin, Pennsylvania ( Erie, PA : Dispatch Publishing Company, Limited, 1890), hb, 343pp.; 19 cm.
Edwards, Jonathan [1703-1758]
Marsden, George M., Jonathan Edwards, A Life (New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 2003), hb, xx, 615pp.; 24 cm.
Hendrick, James P. [1828-1896]
Hendrick, William J., Rev. James P. Hendrick, D.D. : Memoirs, with an appendix containing history of Ebenezer Presbytery and other papers (Cambridge, MA : Printed at the Riverside Press, 1907), hb, 342pp., indexed; 22.5 cm.
Herron, Francis [1774-1860]
Paxton, William M., Two Discourses upon the Life and Character of the Rev. Francis Herron, D.D. (Pittsburgh : Robert S. Davis; Press of W.G. Johnston & Co., 1861), hb, 141pp.; 21 cm.
Imbrie, Charles Kisselman [1814-1891]
In Memoriam (New York, Broun, Green & Adams, 1892), hb, 58pp., 1 leaf, 1 portrait; 23 cm. Includes 1. Biographical Sketch, by Rev. William Imbrie; 2. Sermon by Rev. Charles Herr; 3. Funeral Services [account]; 4. Resolutions.
Jackson, Sheldon [1834-1909]
Lazell, J. Arthur, Alaskan Apostle : The Life Story of Sheldon Jackson (New York : Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 1960), hb, 218pp., indexed; 21 cm.
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn [1899-1981]
Catherwood, Frederick and Elizabeth, Martyn Lloyd-Jones : The Man and His Books (Evangelical Library of Wales; Port Talbot, Wales : Talbot Printing Co., 1982), pb, 44pp.; 18.5 cm.
Makemie, Francis [1658-1708]
Page, I. Marshall, The Life Story of Rev. Francis Makemie (Grand Rapids, MI : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1938), hb, 258pp.; 20 cm. [Inscribed by the author]
Schlenther, Boyd, The Life and Writings of Francis Makemie (Philadelphia : Presbyterian Historical Society, 1971), hb, 287pp.; 23 cm.
Matthews, Mark A. [1867-1940]
Giboney, Ezra P. and Agnes M. Potter, The Life of Mark A. Matthews : "Tall Pine of the Sierras" (Grand Rapids, MI : Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1948), hb, 134pp., portrait; 20 cm.
McCorkle, Samuel Eusebius [1746-1811 ]
Hurley, James F. and Julia Goode Eagan, The Prophet of Zion-Parnassus : Samuel Eusebius McCorkle (Richmond, VA : Published for the authors by [the] Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1934), hb, 121pp.; 22 cm.
McMillan, John [1752-1833]
Guthrie, Dwight Raymond, John McMillan : The Apostle of Presbyterianism in the West (Pittsburgh : University of Pittsburgh Press, 1952), hb, x, 296pp., indexed; 24 cm.
Osborn, Ethan [1758-1858]
Hotchkin, Beriah B. [1806?-1878], The Pastor of the Old Stone Church (Philadelphia : W.S. and A. Martien, 1858), hb, 143pp.; portrait; 20 cm.
Scott, William Anderson [1813-1885]
Drury, Clifford Merrill, William Anderson Scott : "No Ordinary Man," (Glendale, CA : Arthur H. Clark Company, 1967), hb, 352pp., indexed; 24 cm.
Snowden, James Henry [1852-1936]
McKinney, William W., editor, The Incomparable Snowden (Pittsburgh : Davis & Warde, Inc., 1961), hb, 221pp.; 21.5 cm.
Talmadge, T. DeWitt [1832-1902]
Rusk, John, The Authentic Life of T. DeWitt Talmadge, the Greatly Beloved Divine (Chicago, IL : Monroe Book Co., 1902), hb, 448pp.
Tennent, Gilbert [1703-1764]--
• Coalter, Milton J., Jr., Gilbert Tennent, Son of Thunder : A Case Study of Continental Pietism's Impact on the First Great Awakening in the Middle Colonies (New York : Greenwood Press, 1986), hb, 227pp.; 22 cm.
Wilson, John Leighton [1809-1886]
• DuBose, Hampden C., Memoirs of the Rev. John Leighton Wilson, D.D., Missionary to Africa, and Secretary of Foreign Missions (Richmond, VA : Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1893), hb, 336pp.; 20 cm.
Wilson, Woodrow [1856-1924]
• Taylor, James H., Woodrow Wilson in Church : His Membership in the Congregation of The Central Presbyterian Church, Washington D.C., 1913-1924 (Charleston, SC : Printed Privately by the Author, 1952), hb, 44pp.; 20 cm.


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