Archives and Manuscript Repository for the Continuing Presbyterian Church

Denominational and Organizational Records housed at the PCA Historical Center :

The PCA Historical Center serves as the denominational archives of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). But because of the 1982 Joining & Receiving of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES), the Center is also the archives of record for that denomination and its predecessor denominations. These include the Evangelical Presbyterian Church [1961-1965], which was formerly known as the Bible Presbyterian Church, Columbus Synod [1956-1961] and the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod [1833-1965]. The agencies, schools and ministries of these denominations are also included among our collection of organizational records.

In achieving intellectual control over our collections, we first make a distinction between Organic and Synthetic collections, where organic means those collections which have a direct familial connection, as sketched out in the above statement. Organic collections have been received at the Archives with a known provenance which ties it back to the creator of those materials.

Synthetic collections on the other hand are those collections that have been gathered by Archives staff and which are maintained here for informational purposes. These materials may have been donated, purchased, or may even be duplicate items separated out from organic collections. The distinction to keep in mind then is that the PCA Historical Center is not the archives of record for materials represented under this category of synthetic collections. Thus we may have a synthetic collection for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), but the OPC denominational archives is located in Willow Grove, PA.

Note: In the list below of organic collections, the links provided there are jump links to points below on this same page, where we then show an overview of each collection and provide links to each collection or subgroup. For the list of synthetic collections, the links provided there will each take the reader to separate pages for those collections.

Organic Collections:
Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) [1973-ongoing]
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod [1965-1982]
Evangelical Presbyterian Church [1961-1965]
Bible Presbyterian Church, Collingswood Synod [1956-1961]
Bible Presbyterian Church [1938-1956]
Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod [1833-1965]
Synthetic Collections:
Presbyterian Church in the U.S. [1861-1983
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church [1784-ongoing]
Covenant Presbytery [1971-1987]
Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church
Orthodox Presbyterian Church [1936-ongoing]
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. [1789-1958]
Presbyterian Church (USA) [1983-ongoing]
Reformed Presbytery
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America [1833-ongoing]
United Presbyterian Church of North America [1858-1958]
United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A [1958-1983]

Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) - [1973 - ongoing]
Formative Organizations in PCA History [1942-1973] :
Concerned Presbyterians Presbyterian Churchmen United (PCU)
Continuing Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship
Executive Committee for Overseas Evangelism Presbyterian Journal
Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS
Agencies, Committees and Works of the PCA:
Administrative Committee PCA Foundation
byFaith Magazine [2001-ongoing] PCA Historical Center
Christian Education & Publications (CE&P) PCA Messenger [1978-1994]
Covenant College PCA Stated Clerk's Office
Covenant Theological Seminary Reformed University Ministries
Mission to North America (MNA)
[was Mission to the United States, 1973-1983]
Ridge Haven Conference Center
Standing Judicial Commission
Mission to the World (MTW)
Women in the Church (WIC)

Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES) - [6 April 1965 - 10 July 1982]
The RPCES was officially organized on 6 April 1965 by the union of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church [1961-1965] and the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod [1833-1965].
Board of Home Ministries Peace Chapel [Warminster, PA]
Christian Training, Inc. Reformed Presbyterian Foundation
Covenant College Stated Clerk's Office of the RPCES
Covenant Theological Seminary Women's Synodical Society
Knollwood Lodge [Barron County, WI] World Presbyterian Missions [WPM]
National Presbyterian Missions (NPM) Moderators & Stated Clerks of the RPCES
The History Behind the RPCES, by George P. Hutchinson [1974]
Related Manuscript Collections:
R. Laird Harris; Donald J. MacNair; Robert G. Rayburn;

Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) - [1961-6 April 1965]
Covenant College & Seminary Minutes, 1961-1965
Cono Christian School, Walker, Iowa  
Bible Presbyterian Church, Columbus Synod (BPC) - [1955/56 - 1961]
Bible Presbyterian Church Records Covenant College & Seminary
Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC) - [1938-1956]
American Council of Christian Churches Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions
Bible Presbyterian Church Records International Council of Christian Churches
Children for Christ, Inc. Minutes of the Bible Presbyterian Church, 1938 - 1961
Christian Beacon Pearson Mission to the Cherokees
Faith Theological Seminary Presbyteries of the BPC
First Bible Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO Succession of Moderators and Stated Clerks

Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod (RPCGS) - [1833 - 6 April 1965]
Organized in 1774, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North American divided in 1833, with one wing of the division called the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod. This denomination continued until 1965, when it merged with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church [1961-1965] to form the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES).

Ministerial Directory, 1833 - 1858
RPCNA, GS Presbyteries
RPCNA, GS Records
• Records of General Synod Churches
Succession of Moderators, Stated Clerks and Synods
Theological Seminary: Constitution, Students & Alumni
Notable items:
An Historical Sketch of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, by John Niel McLeod, 1860, [PDF]
eBook: Memoir of the Rev. Alexander McLeod, D.D.

Ecumenical Organizations & Various Ministries (affiliated and unaffiliated) :

• Coral Ridge Ministries [D. James Kennedy]
Key Life Ministries [Steve Brown]
• Ligonier Ministries [R.C. Sproul]
• National Presbyterian and Reformed Fellowship [1971 - 1983]
• North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council [1975ff.]
Presbyterian Missions International (PMI)
• Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel [1978-ongoing]
• Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community
The Trinity Foundation
World Harvest Ministries

Guide to Presbyterian Archives

PCA Historical Center
12330 Conway Road
St. Louis, MO 63141
Phone : (314) 469-9077
Email : wsparkman@pcanet.org
Website : http://www.pcahistory.org

Presbyterian Historical Society
425 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19073
(215) 555-5555
Email : refdesk@history.pcusa.org
Website : http://www.history.pcusa.org
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
7418 Penn Ave 
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Holds the records of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, congregational histories and the papers of many pastors within that denomination.
See also holdings at Geneva College.

Princeton Theological Seminary Special Collections
P.O. Box 821, 64 Mercer Street
Princeton, NJ 08542-0803
(609) 497-7953

Westminster Theological Seminary
2960 Church Road, Glenside, PA 19038
( 215)-887-5511 
Holds the papers of various faculty, including J. Gresham Machen, John Murray, Cornelius Van Til & Harvey Conn.

Presbyterian Historical Society, Montreat, NC
This archives is now closed - Congregational history materials were transferred to Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA. All other collections were taken to the Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA (see above).