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We are pleased to announce the posting of our new Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), which will list the books and other titles held in our research library. The first 1,000 titles have been entered into the database, roughly 20% of our modest collection. The Center's research library serves to augment the records and manuscript collections which form the core of our holdings. As such, the library provides additional resources for our patrons. Please keep in mind that our research library is a non-lending facility.

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Author-Title Indexes for Selected Journals :

19th-Century Periodicals :
Biblical Repertory & Princeton Review, 1829-1870
The Calvinistic Magazine, 1827
The Danville Quarterly Review, 1861-64
The Presbyterial Critic, 1855-1856
The Presbyterian Armory, 1846-1847
The Presbyterian Magazine, 1821-1822
The Presbyterian Quarterly, 1887-1904
Presbyterian Tracts, 1840-1860's
Southern Presbyterian Review,1847-85
Subject Index for The So. Presb. Review

20th-Century Periodicals :
Christianity Today [first series], 1930-49
The Bible Today, 1941-1951
The Clarion, 1944-1946
The Evangelical Student, 1926-1939
Patriarch, 1993-2004
Presbyterian Witness, 1993-2004
Reformation Today, 1951-1954
Reformed Bulletin of Missions,1965-1972
Salt, 1968-1983 [Covenant Seminary student publication]
WRS Journal, 1994-2009 [Western Reformed Seminary journal]

Articles from the above periodicals may be available in PDF, or,
depending upon condition of the original, photocopies may be purchased.
Please contact the Historical Center's director for more information.

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The Historical Center of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a ministry of the PCA Stated Clerk's Office, with facilities located in St. Louis, Missouri on the campus of Covenant Theological Seminary.
Our mission is to document the story of the conservative Presbyterian movement of the 20th & 21st centuries. The concept of the "continuing church" dates back to the Scottish Presbyterian churches of the
17th century and reflects the effort to maintain a faithful, Bible-believing Church, true to the Lordship of Christ. The PCA Historical Center currently hold the records of six conservative Presbyterian denominations,
as well as manuscript collections for over 100 individuals connected with these Churches.

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