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The following published histories are available in the Reading Room for reference use only. Most of these published church histories will not be for PCA churches, but have been gathered as general resources on American Presbyterian history. For churches affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), that affiliation is indicated in square brackets at the end of the title description.

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Briarwood Presbyterian Church [PCA]
——To God Be The Glory: 50 Year Jubilee, Briarwood, 1960-2010.
[Birmingham, AL]: The Church, 2010. Hb, 184 p.; 22 cm. x 29 cm. Inscribed by Frank M. Barker, Jr. [pastor, 1960-1999] and Harry L. Reeder, III [pastor, 1999 to present]
Independent Presbyterian Church
——The Independent Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama [1915-1950]. Birmingham, AL: The Guild of The Independent Presbyterian Church, 1950. Pb, 83 p.; 28 cm.
——Whiting, Marvin Yeomans, The Bearing Day Is Not Gone: The Seventy-fifth Anniversary History of Independent Presbyterian Church, 1915-1990. Birmingham, AL: Independent Presbyterian Church, 1990. Hb, 134 p.; 29 cm. Inscribed by the author.
Huntsville - Shenk, Charlotte Forgey and Donald Hugh Shenk, History of The First Presbyterian Church, Sesquicentennial Observance, 1818-1968. [Montgomery, AL]: Paragon Press, 1968. Hb, [36] p.; 24 cm.
Jacksonville - Sawyer, Effie White, The Story of First Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville, Alabama, 1834-1984. Anniston, AL: Higginbotham, Inc., 1984. Hb, 59 p.; 28 cm.

First Presbyterian Church
——Mahoney, William James, Jr., One Hundred and Fifty Years: A Sesquicentennial History of The First Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, Alabama: 1824-1974. Introduction by Rev. Harry N. Miller, Jr. Montgomery, AL: Brown Printing Co., 1974. Pb, xiv, 146 p.; 23 cm. [NEW]
Trinity Presbyterian Church
——Ashcroft, Bruce, Mark Anderson, III, and Mrs. Allen L. Knox, In Remembrance: The Centennial History of Trinity Presbyterian Church [1891-1991]. Published by the church. Pb, 115 p.; 23 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
——Holder, Eleanor Finley, A History of The First Presbyterian Church, Tuscumbia, Alabama,Sesquicentennial Observance, 1824-1974. pb, 83 p.; 23 cm.
——First Presbyterian Church, Tuscumbia, Alabama: One Hundred Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, 1824-1999. [Tuscumbia, AL: the Church, 1999], pb, 52 p.; 24 cm. Inscribed to Ben Homan [donor] by E. Buffington, 17 April 1999.
• See also for Alabama :
Marshall, James Williams, The Presbyterian Church in Alabama: A Record of the Growth of The Presbyterian Church from Its Beginning in 1811 in the Eastern Portion of Mississippi Territory to the Centennial of the Synod of Alabama in 1936. Edited by Donald Carson Graham. Montgomery, AL: The Presbyterian Historical Society of Alabama, 1977. Hb, xxii, 493 p.; 24 cm.
_____________________, Presbyterian Churches in Alabama, 1811-1936, Part I: Sketches of Churches, Outposts and Preaching Points in the Synod of Alabama--Abbeville-Butler and Megargel.
Edited by Kenneth J. Foreman, Jr. Montreat, NC: The Cooling Spring Press, 1985. Pb, 519 p.; 21 cm. Inscribed by the author.

Clarendon - The First Hundred Years: 1870-1970 - A History of The First Presbyterian Church, Clarendon, Arkansas. S.l.: s.n., [1970]. Pb, 32 p.; 23 cm.
Fayetteville - Bates, Earle, et al., A Brief History of Central Presbyterian Church U.S.A., 1830-1930. Pb, 44 p.; 23 cm.
Fort Smith - Warner, Sydney Yantis and Virginia Louise Foster, History of the First Presbyterian Church, 1846-1960,Iincluding Fort Smith and the Early Churches. Hb, 167 p.; 23 cm.

Glendale - Brownlee, Charles, "A Book of Remembrance": A History of The Calvary Independent Presbyterian Church. [Glendale, CA: The Church], 1976. Pb, [8], 136 p.; 21 cm.

• Colorado Springs -
Westerlund, Gwen, Telling the Next Generation: Thirty Years of God's Blessing at Village Seven Presbyterian Church, 1972-2002. s.l.: s.n., 2002. Pb, 179 p.; 21 cm. Inscribed by the author and by the first three pastors of the church. [PCA]
• Lake City
- Thompson, Thomas Gray and Harold M. Parker, Jr., The Oldest Church on the Western Slope: A History of the Presbyterian Church, Lake City, Colorado. Boulder, CO: Published for the Church by Weekley Enterprises, Inc., 1976. pb, viii, 88 p.; 20 cm. Inscribed by the author, 25 July 1976.

• Wilmington - Two Hundredth Anniversary, First and Central Presbyterian Church of Wilmington, Del., Inc., 1737-1937. Wilmington, DE: W.N. Cann, 1937. Hb, 83, [11] l. of plates, 24 cm.
• White Clay Creek -
Mackey, William D., White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, Presbytery of New Castle. Wilmington, DE: James & Webb, Printers, 1876. Pb, 36 p.; 24 cm.


Bartow - Wright, Freddie T., editor, First Presbyterian Church, Bartow, Florida, 1882-1982. Bartow, FL: Bartow Printing Co., 1982. Hb, 79, "a"-"w", 23 cm.

Pompano Beach - Landini, Ruth, editor, A 50-Year History of the First Presbyterian Church of Pompano Beach,1954-2004. New York City: Complete Copy Center, 2004. Hb, 123 p.; 29 cm.

Central Presbyterian Church -
Smith, John Robert, The Church That Stayed: The Life and Times of Central Presbyterian Church in the Heart of Atlanta, 1858-1978. [Atlanta]: The Atlanta Historical Society, 1979. Hb, v, 181 p.; 24 cm.
North Avenue Presbyterian Church - Flinn, Elizabeth Blackshear, With Feet of Clay: A History of the North Avenue Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia, 1898-1990. S.l.: s.n., 1990. Hb, iii, 169, [15] p.; Appendix includes color plates of stained glass windows; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church [PCA]
Calhoun, David B., Cloud of Witnesses: The Story of First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia, 1804-2004. [Greenville, SC: APress], 2004. hb, xiii, 327, [16]; 24 cm. Inscribed by the author.
-----Rogers, E.P. (Ebenezer Platt), A Brief History of First Presbyterian Church, in Augusta, Geo., with a Catalogue of its Officers and Members. Charleston, SC: Steam Power-press of Walker and James, 1851. Hb, 45 p.; 22 cm.
-----Wadley, Mary C., et al., One Hundred Years of the First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, Georgia, 1804-1904. Philadelphia: Press of Allen, Lane and Scott, 1904. Hb, 178 p.; 25 cm. Copy #126 of 600, inscribed by the pastor, Rev. J.T. Plunkett. [lacks frontispiece & title page]
Bainbridge - History of First Presbyterian Church, 1852-1952.
Banks County - Toney, Charles G., Hebron Presbyterian Church: God's Pilgrim People, 1796-1996. Banks County, GA: Hebron Historical Society, 1995. Hb, xv, 541 p.; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
——Gilbert, James J., A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Georgia during the first 100 years of its existence. Columbus, GA: Gilbert Printing Co., 1930. Hb, [4], 148 p.; 21 cm.
——Hamilton, Myron, And Character Produces Hope: Authorized Memoirs of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Georgia, for the Period 1946-1995. Columbus, GA: Quill Publications, 1996. Hb, xii, 577 p.; 24 cm. Inscribed by the author on the front free end paper.
Gainesville - Webster, Barbara J., History of First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, Georgia, 1827-1847, 1866-1966. [Gainesville: The Church], 1966. Hb, 89 p.; 24 cm.
Roswell - Martin, Clarece, A History of Roswell Presbyterian Church. Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Company, 1984. Hb, xi, 12-185 p.; indexed; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church - Williams, Dorothy H. and Clarence A., A History of The First Presbyterian Church of Savannah, Georgia, 1827-1977. Pb, 160 p.; 23 cm. Inscribed by the authors.
Independent Presbyterian Church
——Axley, Lowry, Holding Aloft the Torch: A History of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah, Georgia. Savannah: The Pigeonhole Press, 1958. Hb, xiv, 247 p.; indexed; 24 cm.
——Calhoun, David B., Splendor of Grace: The Independent Presbyterian Church, 1755-2005. Greenville, SC: A Press Printing, 2005. Hb, xv, 593 p.; 24 cm.; indexed. Inscribed by the author.
——History of the Independent Presbyterian Church and Sunday School, Savannah, Ga. Savannah: Geo. N. Nichols, Printer and Binder, 1882. Hb, 49 p.; 21 cm.
——Manual of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah. Historical Sketch: Church Rules: Forms of Organization and of Worship: List of Members. Savannah, GA: The Morning News Print, 1890. Hb, 68 p.; 20 cm.

• Bloomington
First Presbyterian Church
Strong, Edward K., et al., A Souvenir. Being a History of the First Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, Ill., 1833-1895. Bloomington, IL: Prepared under the direction of the Young Women of the Sunday School Class of Mr. Samuel L. Hawks.
• Chicago
Stevenson, Andrew, Chicago: Pre-eminently A Presbyterian City. With Supplementary Sketches of McCormick Theological Seminary, Lake Forest University and the Presbyterian Hospital. Chicago, IL: The Winona Publishing Company, 1907. Hb, 124 p.; 20 cm. Inscribed by the author: "With sincere regards for Dr. James H. Snowden, Andrew Stevenson, Chicago, June 17, 1910."
First Presbyterian Church
Otis, Philo Adams, The First Presbyterian Church, 1833-1913: A History of the Oldest Organization in Chicago, with Biographical Sketches of the Ministers and Extracts from the Choir Records. Chicago, IL: 2d & revised edition, Fleming H. Revell, 1913. Bound photocopy, ix, [4], 14-320 p.; 22 cm. x 33 cm.
Fourth Presbyterian Church
Scroggs, Marilee Munger, A Light in the City: The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. Chicago: The Church, 1990. Hb, [6], 180, [2] p.; 31 cm. Inscribed by the author.

Marrisa - A Centennial History of the Marissa United Presbyterian Church, 1870-1970. Pb, 64 p.; 23 cm. [PCA]
Sandwich (De Kalb County) - Patten, Jennie M. and Andrew Graham, History of the Somonauk United Presbyterian Church near Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois, with Ancestral Lines of the Early Members. Chicago: Printed privately for James A. Patten and Henry J. Patten, 1928. Hb, xiv, 373 p.; indexed; 22 cm.

First Presbyterian Church
Ferguson, John B, et al., The One Hundred Tenth Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Indiana. s.l.: s.n., 1934. pb, 48 p.; 22 cm.
——Palmer, Herriott C., The First Presbyterian Church of Franklin, Indiana, 1824-1944. Franklin, IN: The First Presbyterian Church, 1946. hb, xv, 515 p.; indexed; 25 cm.
Second Presbyterian Church
——Geib, George W., Lives Touched By Faith: Second Presbyterian Church, 150 Years. Indianapolis: The Church, 1988; Printed by Malloy Lithographing, Inc. Hb, 241 p.; indexed; 24 cm. Inscribed by the author.
——Moore, Arthur C., et al, The Second Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis: One Hundred Years, 1838-1938. Indianapolis: The Second Presbyterian Church, 1939. hb, xiii, 302 p.; 25 cm.


• Des Moines -
Plambeck, Herb, et al., Westminster's Century of Progress, 1858-1958: 100 Years of Christian Service. Des Moines IA: s.n. [Westminster United Presbyterian Church], 1958. 133 p.; 24 cm.
• Mount Vernon -
Stanclift, Henry C., A Century of Presbyterianism in Mount Vernon, Iowa, 1843-1943. Mount Vernon, IA: Press of Mount Vernon Hawkeye-Record, 1943. Pb, vi, 28 p.; 23 cm.


Pratt - Historical Sketch of the First Presbyterian Church, Pratt, Kansas, 1884-1924, commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the church. S.l.: s.n., 1924. Pb, 124 p.; 22 cm.
Topeka - Crane, Marjorie and Barney Oldfield,
First United Presbyterian Church: 125 Years - 1859-1984. hb, 80 pp. Kentucky

Bath County - Sanders, Robert Stuart, An Historical Sketch of Springfield Presbyterian Church, Bath County, Kentucky. Frankfort, KY: Roberts Printing Company, 1954. Pb, 115 p.; 23 cm.
Fayette County - Sanders, Robert Stuart, Sketch of Mount Horeb Presbyterian Church, 1827-1952, commemorating the one-hundredth and twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding and the thirtieth anniversary of the pastorate of Dr. Thomas Wallis Rainey. Lexington, KY: [The Lexington Leader], 1953. Pb, 40 p.; 22 cm.
Versailles and Woodford County
Sanders, Robert Stuart, Presbyterianism in Versailles and Woodford County, Kentucky, 1784-1963. Louisville, KY: Dunne Press, 1963. Hb, 224 p.; 24 cm.
See also:
Weeks, Louis B., Kentucky Presbyterians. Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1983. Hb, xi, 190 p.; indexed; 22 cm.

Ruston - Graham, John Purcell, History of Ruston Presbyterian Church, Ruston, Louisiana: Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, October 23, 1959. S.l.: s.n., 1959. Pb, 111 p.; 26 cm.
— Plains Presbyterian Church [PCA]
Garner, Julia Holden, No Greater Foundation. S.l.: s.n., 1960. Hb, 52 p.; 26 cm.

Annapolis - Evangelical Presbyterian Church: Anniversary Memories, 1964-1984. S.l.: s.n., [1984]. Pb, 48 p.; 26 cm. [PCA]
— Catonsville Presbyterian Church -
Zimmerman, David W., History of the Catonsville Presbyterian Church, 1880-1980. Pb, xii, 190 p.; 23 cm.
Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church - Pollitt, Levin Irving, A History of Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1870-1945. Baltimore: Thomsen-Ellis-Hutton Co., 1945. Hb, 166 p.; 22 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
Gardner, John H., Jr., The First Presbyterian Church of Baltimore: A Two-Century Chronicle. Baltimore, [MD]: The Committee of the Presbyterian Church in the City of Baltimore, 1962. Hb, xiv, 203 p.; 21 cm.
Second Presbyterian Church
- Warren, Paul Christopher, One Hundred Fifty Years, 1803-1953. Hb, 62 p.; 24 cm.

Colora, Cecil County
Lower West Nottingham

——Gayley, Samuel A., An Historical Sketch of the Lower West Nottingham Presbyterian Church. Philadelphia: Alfred Martien, 1865; reprint, 1966. Hb, 66 p.; 24 cm.
Handy, John T., Jr., Rehoboth Presbyterian Church, 1706-1956. Rehoboth, MD: The Rehoboth Presbyterian Church, 1956. Hb, vi, 38 p.; 24 cm.

Detroit - Carnegie, William R., The Scotch Presbyterian Church of Detroit. Its History from 1842 to 1938. Detroit, MI: Published by the Church, [1938]. Hb, [8], 208 p.; 24 cm.
Milford - Crockett, Barbara, Sesquicentennial of the Spirit: A History of the Milford Presbyterian Church, 1838-1988. Hb, xi, 224 p.; indexed; 29 cm.

Westminster Presbyterian Church
——The History of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota. And of the Celebration of its Fiftieth Anniversary, 1857-1907. Minneapolis, [MN]: Review Publishing Company, 1907. Hb, 359 p.; indexed; 22 cm.

Holly Springs [Marshall County]
First Presbyterian Church [org. 1836]
Winter, Robert Milton, Shadow of a Mighty Rock: A Social and Cultural History of Presbyterianism in Marshall County, Mississippi. Franklin, TN: Providence House Publishers, 1997. Hb, xiv, 594 p.; indexed; 29 cm.
First Presbyterian Church [org. 1860]
——Cabaniss, Allen, First Presbyterian Church, Hazlehurst, Mississippi, 1860-1985. Pb, 92 p.
——History of First Presbyterian Church, Hazlehurst, Mississippi, Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1860-2010: 150 Years of Sharing the Faith. The Last 25 Years. Pb, 36 p.
Indianola - Johnson, Jayne Williams and Marion Glenn Johnson, Indianola Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, Indianola, Mississippi, 1887-1987 - A History. Including Sunflower Presbyterian Church. S.l.: s.n., [1987]. Pb, x, 66 p.; 23 cm.
Liberty - Stratton, Richard H., The History of the Liberty Presbyterian Church: "150 Years of Service" Organized November 26, 1848. Liberty, MS: The Southern Herald, [1998]. Pb, 84 p.; 22 cm.


Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church [later merged with Chesterfield Presbyterian Church, PCA]
A History of Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church. S.l.: s.n., n.d. Pb, 52 p.; 22 cm.
Kansas City
Central Presbyterian Church
Swofford, Bertha Wright, The Light Shineth. History of Central Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, Missouri, 1857-1957. Kansas City, MO: Brown-White-Lowell Press, 1957. Hb, 132 p.; 24 cm. Inscribed by the author. Insert page of omiitted officers.
Memorial Presbyterian Church
——Hall, Thomas B., M.D., History of the Memorial Presbyterian Church and the Experiment Farm of Napton, Missouri, with some remarks on the history of Jonesborough (now Napton) and the Smith Chapel (Methodist) and Zoar (Baptist) churches. S.l.: s.n., n.d. Pb, 36 p.; 23 cm.
——God, Man, and The Land: Christian Stewardship, Conservation, and the Future of Agriculture. First Series, Sermons delivered 1968-1985, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Napton, Salt Fork Township, Saline County, Missouri. Napton, MO: Session of Memorial Presbyterian Church, [Printed by The Lowell Press, Kansas City, MO], 1986. Pb, 80 p.; 23 cm.
St. Louis

Bonhomme Presbyterian Church
Stadler, Frances Hurd, A History of Bonhomme Presbyterian Church, Established 1816. [Cover title: Church of the Pioneers]. [St. Louis, MO]: Eden Publishing House, 1976. Pb, [4], 65 p.; 23 cm.
Dardenne Presbyterian Church
Watson, Elizabeth Audrain, Heritage and Promise: A Story of the Dardenne Presbyterian Church and Its Community. Chicago: Adams Press, 1977. hb, xii, 430 p.; 24 cm.
Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church
Cannon, Rev. John F., et al., Fiftieth Anniversary: Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church, Grand and Washington Avenues, St. Louis, Missouri. St Louis, MO: Press of Robertson Printing Company, 312 Vine Street, 1903. Hb, 44 p.; 26 cm.
Second Presbyterian Church
Bard, Mary G., The History of Second Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, 1838-1988. St. Louis: The Church, 1987. Pb, xiii, [1], 89 p.; 23 cm. Inscribed by the author.
Westminster Presbyterian Church
——Witherspoon, William, The History of Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1853-1978. St. Louis: Comfort Printing & Stationery Company, 1978. Pb, viii, 112 p.; 23 cm. Inscribed by the author.
• Webb City
Crotty, Henrietta M., The First Presbyterian Church of Webb City, Missouri: Commemorating Sixty-Five Years Of Its History, 1877-1942. Webb City, MO: The Church; Printed by The Switzer Printing Company, 1942. Hb, [8], 134, [9] p.; 23 cm.
See also:
Stiritz, Mary M., St. Louis: Historic Churches & Synagogues. St. Louis: St. Louis Public Library, 1995. Pb, 154 p.; 26 cm.
Stringfield, E.E., Presbyterianism in the Ozarks: A History of the Work of the Various Branches of the Presbyterian Church in Southwest Missouri. S.l.: s.n., 1909. Bound photocopy, 439 p.; 22 cm. x 29 cm.
Wamble, Gaston Hugh, "Negroes and Missouri Protestant Churches Before and After the Civil War," in Missouri Historical Review 61.3 (April 1967): 321-347.

United First Presbyterian Church

——Converse, Charles S., History of the United First Presbyterian Church of Amwell, N.J. Trenton, NJ: MacCrellish & Quigley, Steam Power Book and Job Printers, 1881. Pb, 40 p.; 24 cm.
——Kirkpatrick, Jacob, An Historical Discourse delivered by the Request of the Presbytery of Raritan in the United First Presbyterian Church of Amwell, New Jersey. Philadelphia: William S. & Alfred Martien, 1860. Pb, 16 p.; 22 cm.
Bloomsbury - Clyde, Margaret H., Historical Paper read at the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, 1857-1932, of the First Presbyterian Church, Bloomsbury, New Jersey. [New York]: Federal Advertising Agency Press, 1932. Hb, with slip cover, 21 p.; 19 cm. Copy no. 22 of 250 printed.
Bound Brook - Kler, Joseph H., M.D., God's Happy Cluster: History of the Bound Brook Presbyterian Church, 1688-1963. S.l.: s.n., n.d. . Hb, [10], 136, xii, [xiii-xiv]; 24 cm.
Elizabeth - Ellison, Harry C., Church of the Founding Fathers: A History, First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1664-1964. Cornish, ME: Carbrook Press, 1964. Pb, 196, [19] p.; portraits; 24 cm.
Freehold - Griffin, Wm. L., 150 Years of Ministry, 1838-1988 : The First Presbyterian Church of Freehold, New Jersey. S.l.: The Author, 1989. Hb, 147 p.; 24 cm. Inscribed by the author.
• Lawrenceville - Podmore, Harry J., editor, The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Commemorating the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the deed conveying land for the erection of a Church in Maidenhead, now Lawrence Township. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1948. Hb, xiii, 135 p.; 24 cm.
• New Brunswick
- Boyd, Elizabeth French, The First Quarter-Millennium: A History of the Presbyterian Church in New Brunswick, 1726-1976. New Brunswick, NJ: The Church, 1976. Hb, 127 p.; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
——Frazer, David R., et al., Centennial Celebration of the Dedication of the First Presbyterian Church, Newark, N.J., January Fourth and Fifth, 1891. Pb, 56 p.; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
——Smith, George W., The History of the First Presbyterian Church of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, 1853-1903. S.l.: s.n., [1903]. Pb, 71 p.; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
Hinsdale, Horace G., An Historical Discourse, commemorating the Centenary of the completed Organization of the First Presbyterian Church, Princeton, N.J. [Princeton, NJ]: The Princeton Press, 1888. Pb, 76 p.; 21 cm.
Link, Arthur S., editor, The First Presbyterian Church of Princeton: Two Centuries of History. Princeton, NJ: The First Presbyterian Church, 1967. Hb, 113 p.; 23 cm. Comprised of articles by Arthur S. Link, Lefferts A. Loetscher, Robert R. Cawley and Charles T. Fritsch.
——Schenck, William Edward, An Historical Account of the First Presbyterian Church of Princeton, N.J., being a Sermon preached on Thanksgiving Day, December 12, 1850. Princeton, NJ: Printed by John T. Robinson, 1850. Pb, 78 p.; 22 cm.
Davis, William F., 200 Years of Christian Ministry of the First Presbyterian Church, Rahway, N.J., 1741-1941. Hb, 80 p.; 24 cm.
Ridgewood - Adamson, Claude M., The History of The First Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood, New Jersey, 1823-1973. S.l.: s.n., 1973. Hb, [6], 108, [1] p.; 223.5 cm.
McKinnney, William K., Charles A. Philhower and Harry A. Kniffin, Commemorative History of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey, 1728-1928. Westfield, NJ: The Church, 1929. Hb, 483 p.; 24 cm.
McKinnney, William K., Charles A. Philhower and Harry A. Kniffin, Commemorative History of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey, Revised Edition, 1728-1962. Plainfield, NJ: Boise Printing Company, 1963. Hb, 253 p.; 24 cm.
See also:
Inventory of the Church Archives in New Jersey: Presbyterians. Newark, NJ: Historical Records Survey, Works Progress Administration, 1940. Pb, 562, [1] p.; 27 cm.

Albany - James, Robert C., A Collection of Historical Records of the State Street Presbyterian Church of Albany, N.Y., Compiled in connection with the Semi-Centennial Celebration, 1861-1911. Albany, NY: Fort Orange Press, The Brandon Printing Company, 1911. Hb, 89, [4] p.; 24 cm.
Reformed Presbyterian Church
150th Anniversary: The Reformed Presbyteiran Church, Duanesburg, New York, 1795-1945. Duanesburg, NY: Superior Print, 1945. pb, 20 p.; 22 cm.
——Chesnut, Robert W., et al., Reformed Presbyterian Church, PCA: 1795-1995. [Duanesburg, NY: the Church, 1995], pb, 72 p.; 22 cm. [PCA]
Long Island
First Presbyterian Church of Babylon
Schou, Marilyn, By the Waters of Babylon : A History of The First Presbyterian Church of Babylon, Long Island, 1730-1980. Smithtown, NY: Exposition Press, Inc., 1980. Hb, ix, 101 p.; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica
——Winans, George Woodruff, First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica, New York, 1662-1942: A Narrative History of Its Two Hundred and Eighty Years of Continuous Service. Jamaica on Long Island: Published by the Church, 1943. Hb, xxi, [3], 248 p.; indexed; 22 cm.
——_____________________, Three Hundred Years of Worship and Service: The First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, New York, 1662-1962. Jamica, NY: Published by the Church, 1962. Hb, 84 p.; 24 cm.
New York City
Brick Presbyterian Church
Knapp, Shepherd, A History of the Brick Presbyterian Church in the City of New York. New York: Published by the Trustees of the Brick Presbyterian Church, 1909. Hb, xxii, 565 p.; indexed; 24 cm.
Spring, Gardiner, Brick Memorial Presbyterian Church: Containing the Discourses delivered by Dr. Spring on the Closing of the Old Church iin Beekman St., and the Opening of the New Church on Murray Hill; The Discourse delivered on the Fiftieth Anniversary of his Installation as Pastor of the Brick Church; with the Proceedings of the Memorial Meeting, and the Discourse preached on the Occasion of Mrs. Spring's Decease. New York: M.W. Dodd, Publisher, 1861. Bound photocopy, 248 p.; 22 cm. x 31 cm.
A Quarter Century of Brick Church History, 1911-1936. New York: The Church, 1936. Hb, with slip cover, 40 p.; 21 cm.
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, A Noble Landmark of New York: The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1808-1958.
New York: Van Rees Press, 1960. Hb, xiii, [2], 174 p.; 22 cm.
Ridgebury - Price, Rev. John M., One Hundred and Fifty Years of the Presbyterian Church of Ridgebury, New York, 1792-1942. Pb, 24 p.; 21 cm.
Rock Tavern - Vance, John L., editor, The Assembling of Ourselves Together: Ecclesiology in the Twenty-First Century. Hb, xx, 210 p.; indexed; 24 cm. [PCA]
Salem - Hiebert, S. Lloyd, Shrine of Salem: An Historical Sketch of The Old White Church of Salem, New York. S.l.: s.n., 1942. Pb, 36 p.; 22 cm.
First Presbyterian Church [PCA]
——Alford, Michael R., Grace E. Linebaugh and James R. Stewart, Anniversary Anecdotes: First Presbyterian Church, 1760-1985. Schenectady, NY: First Presbyterian Church, 1986. pb, ix, 132 p.; indexed; 21 cm.
——New : Stewart, James R. and David C. Vincent, Sure Foundation: A 250-Year History of First Presbyteriain Church, Schenectady, New York, 1760-2010. With textual contributions by Michael R. Alford, Grace Linebaugh, and J. James Mancuso. Dexter, MI: Thomson-Shore, 2010.
Inscribed by the authors [Stewart, Vincent, Alford, and Mancuso]

Bethesda Presbyterian Church
Butler, Bion, Old Bethesda, At the Head of Rockfish. New York: Grosset & Dunlap [Printed by Kingsport Press, Kingsport, TN], 1933. Hb, xxv, 288 p.; 21 cm. Introduction by James Boyd.
Caliri, David J., Pine and Thistle - Two Hundred Years: Bethesda Presbyterian Church. Aberdeen, NC: Bethesda Presbyterian Church, 1989. pb, ix, 118 p.; 23 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
McCoy, George W., The First Presbyterian Church, Asheville, N.C., 1794-1951. Asheville: The Miller Printing Company, 1951. Hb, viii, 67 p.; 23.5 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
Williams, Elizabeth, A History of First Presbyterian Church, 1821-1983. Charlotte, NC: Heritage Printers, Inc., 1983. Hb, xiv, [2], 246, [1] p.; indexed; 24 cm. Inscribed by the author.
Second Presbyterian Church
Lafferty, Robert H., editor, History of The Second Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1873-1947.
Charlotte, NC: The Herald Press, Inc., 1953. Hb, 118 p.; 24 cm.
Steele Creek Presbyterian Church
The History of Steele Creek Presbyterian Church, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte, NC: Craftsman Printing and Publishing House, 1978, Third Edition. [First edition, 1872; 2d edition, 1901]. Hb, xiv, 392 p.; 24 cm.

Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church
McGeachy, Neill Roderick, A History of the Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church, Mecklenberg Presbytery. Rock Hill, SC: Record Printing Co., 1954. Hb, [10], 195 p.; 22 cm. Foreword by Ernest Trice Thompson.
——_____________________, A History of the Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church, Mecklenberg Presbytery. Charlotte, NC: Jostens, 2005. Hb, viii, [2], 218 p.; 22 cm. Foreword by Ernest Trice Thompson. [250th Anniversary edition]
Cleveland - Fleming, Rev. John Kerr, History of the Third Creek Presbyterian Church, 1787-1966. Raleigh, NC: Offset Compositors and the Office of the Synod of North Carolina, 1967. Hb, x, 199 p.; 22 cm. Inscribed by the author. [Concord Presbytery, PCUS]
Concord - Spence, Thomas Hugh, Jr., The Presbyterian Congregation on Rocky River. Concord, NC: Rocky River Presbyterian Church, 1954. Hb, xiii, 238 p.; 24 cm.
First Presbyterian Church
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Buffalo Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church
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Harnett and Cumberland Counties, respectively
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See also:
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Allegheny County
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Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
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English Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church
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Westminster Presbyterian Church

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First Presbyterian Church

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Scots Presbyterian Church
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Tenth Presbyterian Church [PCA]
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East Liberty Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church
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First United Presbyterian Church
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Sixth United Presbyterian Church
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See also:
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Chester County
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First Presbyterian Church
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Shandon Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church -
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Greenville Presbyterian Church
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Westminster Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church

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——New : First Presbyterian Church, Sanctuary Centennial Rededication Celebration, December 12, 2010, 7:00 PM, Chattanooga, Tennesee. [Chattanooga, TN: The Church], 2010. Pb, 24 p.; 28 cm. [with DVD of the service]
New City Fellowship [PCA]
——New City Fellowship at Westminster - 25th Anniversary. [Chattanooga, TN: The Church], 2001. Hb, 39 p.; 28 cm.
Zion Presbyterian Church [PCA]
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First Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church
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Second Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church
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Westminster Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church
Bisell, Florence Morley, A Century of Outreach: Centennial Publication, 1950. Austin, TX: Cross Press, 1996 [Memorial Reprint of Centennial Brochure]. Pb, 38 p.; 24 cm.

First Southern Presbyterian Church
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Old Presbyterian Meeting House
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Second Presbyterian Church
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The Tinkling Spring and Hermitage Presbyterian Churches
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First Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church
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Second Presbyterian Church
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First Presbyterian Church - The Centennial of the Beginning of Presbyterianism in the City of Washington. [Washington, D.C.: First Presbyterian Church, 1895. Hb, [10], 157, 1a-15a p.; 24 cm. Includes 1. Centennial sermon by Rev. Byron Sunderland; 2. Presbyterianism and the Nation, by Charles L. Thompson; 3. Presbyterianism and Education, by Henry M. McCracken; 4. The Rise, Progress and Influence of Presbyterianism, by B.F. Bittinger; 5. Address by the Hon. John W. Foster; 6. Address by the Rev. J.G. Butler.

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Hollis, Daniel W., Look To The Rock: One Hundred Ante-bellum Presbyterian Churches of the South. Richmond, VA: John Knox Press, 1961. Photographs by Carl Julien. Hb, xi, [3], 142 p.; 31 cm.
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• Gresham, William B., Jr., Like the Seed of The Mustard Plant: The History of The Presbyterian Church in Belize. [Belize: The Church], 1992. Pb, viii, 89 p.; 28 cm.

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