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The following published histories are available in the Reading Room for reference use only. Most of these published histories will not be for PCA presbyteries, but have been gathered as general resources on American Presbyterian history. For presbyteries affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), that affiliation is indicated in square brackets at the end of the title description.
ch Library of the PHistorical Center - Holdings in :
Smith, Richard K. and J. Melvin Nelson, Datelines and By-Lines : A Sketchbook of Presbyterian Beginnings and Growth in Arizona (Phoenix, AZ : Synod of Arizona, United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1969), pb, 90pp.; 23 cm. [UPC(USA)]

Miller, S.G., et al., The History of Presbyterianism in Arkansas, 1828-1902 (Little Rock, AR : Press of Arkansas Democrat Co., 1902), hb, 199pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS]


Craig, E.M., Highways and Byways of Appalachia : A study of the work of the Synod of Appalachia of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (Kingsport, TN : Kingsport Press, 1927), hb, x, 183pp.; illustrations; portrait; map; 20 cm. [PCUS]

Woods, James L., California Pioneer Decade of 1849 : The Presbyterian Church, with some mention of other churches, nad incidental reference to current events and civil affairs of early and later date (San Francisco, CA : Press of The Hansen Co., 1922; reprinted, Fresno, CA : Pioneer Publishing Co., 1981), hb, 181pp.; 23.5 cm.
Minutes of the Annual Session of the Synod of California, held at Presbyterian Conference Grounds, Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, July 22-28, 1937, with an Appendix
(Los Angeles, CA : Crescent Printing Company, 1937), hb, 131pp.; 22 cm. [Note: Includes portrait and memorials to William Stewart Young, D.D., 1859-1937] ; [PCUSA]

Delaware, Maryland & Virginia (i.e., "Delmarva")
Lappen, James H., Presbyterians on Delmarva : The History of the New Castle Presbytery. Salisbury, MD: Wicomico Presbyterian Church, 1972. Pb, 75 p.; 23 cm.

Bullock, James R., Heritage and Hope : A Story of Presbyterians in Florida (Orlando, FL : Synod of Florida, PC(USA), 1987), pb, 134pp.; appendix; 21 cm. [PC(USA)]

Cartledge, Groves Harrison, Historical Sketches : Presbyterian Churches and Early Settlers in Northeast Georgia (Athens, GA : Historical Foundation of the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, 1960), hb, ix, 208pp.; index; 23.5 cm.
Stacy, James, A History of the Presbyterian Church in Georgia (Elberton, GA : Press of The Star, n.d. [circa 1912] ), hb, 404pp.; 20 cm.
Talmadge, Franklin C., The Story of the Presbytery of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA : Foote & Davies, Inc., 1960), hb, [xiv], 242pp.; indexed; 24 cm. [PCUS]


Blair, William Irvine, The Presbyterian Synods of Illinois ([Mattoon, IL : Mattoon Presbytery, under the auspices of the Synod of Illinois, 1952), hb, xiii, 370pp.; 23 cm.
Hooker, Malcolm D., The History of Presbyterianism in Champaign County, 1802-1953 ( ), pb, vii, 88pp.; 22.5 cm. [PCUSA]
Norton, Augustus Theodore, History of the Presbyterian Church in the State of Illinois (St. Louis : W.S. Bryan, Publisher, for the Author, 1879), hb, Volume I, xiii, 735pp.; 22.5 cm. [It is our understanding that only "Volume 1" was printed, and there were no others.]

Rudolph, L.C., Hoozier Zion : The Presbyterians in Early Indiana (New Haven and London : Yale University Press, 1963), hb, xiii, 218pp.; indexed; 22 cm.


Fox, H. Clifford, German Presbyterianism in the Upper Mississippi Valley (Ypsilanti, MI : University Lithoprinters, 1942; Ph.D. dissertation, State University of Iowa), bound photocopy, 181pp.; 22 cm.
Wunder, Beth, North Central Iowa Presbytery : Bicentennial History [s.l. : The Presbytery, 1989), pb, 126pp.; photographs; 22 cm.

Hill, John B., The Presbytery of Kansas City and Its Predecessors, 1821-1901 : Historical Sketches and Statistical Matter (Kansas City : The Burd & Fletcher Printing Co., 1901), hb, 336pp.; 23 cm.

Bell, Benjamin Charles, Presbyterianism in North Louisiana, Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Red River Presbytery (s.l. : The Presbyterian Board of Publications of the Synod of Louisiana, 1930; reprinted 1988 by the Louisiana Board of Presbyterian Publications), pb, 131pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS]
Voss, Louis, Presbyterianism in New Orleans and Adjacent Points (s.l. : Presbyterian Board of Publications of the Synod of Louisiana, 1931), pb, 416pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS]

Page, I. Marshall, Old Buckingham by the Sea on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Philadelphia : The Westminster Press, 1936), hb, 252pp.; 20.5 cm.

Inventory of the Church Archives of Michigan : Presbyterian Church in U.S.A., Presbytery of Flint (Detroit : The Michigan Historical Records Survey Project, 1941), pb, 30pp.; 29 cm.
Cole, Maurice F., Impact of the Civil War on the Presbyterian Church in Michigan ( [Lansing, MI] : Michigan Civil War Centennial Observance Committee, 1965), pb, 19pp.; 23 cm.
Comin, John and Harold F. Fredsell, History of the Presbyterian Church in Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI: The Ann Arbor Press, 1950. Hb, 215 p.; 24 cm.
Craker, Ruth, The First Protestant Mission in the Grand Traverse Region (Mount Pleasant, MI : Rivercrest House, 1932, 1935, 3rd edition, 1979), hb, 99pp. ; 20 cm.
Fredsell, Harold F., John Monteith and Detroit Presbyterianism (Ann Arbor, MI : The Ann Arbor Press, 1966), pb, 285pp.; 23 cm.


Garrison, Joseph M., The Missouri Presbytery, 1817-1937 (Columbia, MO : The Presbytery, 1937), pb, 35pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS; photocopy]

Edwards, George (editor), The Pioneer Work of the Presbyterian Church in Montana (Helena, MT : Independent Publishing Company, 1907), hb, 213pp.; 23 cm. [Note : Contents reprinted from Volume VI of the Journal of the Montana State Historical Society]
McKinney, Patricia M., Presbyterianism in Montana : Its First Hundred Years (Helena, MT : Thurber's, 1970-1979), pb, 135pp.; 23 cm.

Schwarz, Julius F., History of The Presbyterian Church in Nebraska ([Omaha, NE] : s.n., 1924), pb, 259pp.; illus.; portraits; tables; 23 cm.

New England
Pickell, Charles N. and Mrs. George E. Bevans, Presbyterianism in New England : The Story of a Mission (s.l. : Synod of New England, 1962), 59 pp.; [13] leaves, [1] leaf of plates; illus.; portrait; 24 cm.

New Hampshire
Gerould, Samuel Lankton, The Congregational and Presbyterian Churches and Ministers of New Hampshire connected with the General Association : A Continuation of the compilation of Rev. Henry A. Hazen, issued in 1875, bringing the record down to 1900 (Lebanon, NH: Printed by H.E. White, 1900), pb, 58pp.; 23 cm.

New Jersey
Centennial, Presbytery of Newton : An Adjourned Meeting, in the First Presbyterian Church, Washington, N.J. : The Historical Narrative, Histories of the Churches and other Data : Tuesday, November twentieth, Nineteen Seventeen [N.J.? : s.n., 1917), hb, 101pp.; 18 cm.
Hewitt, Theron (chair), One Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of The Presbytery of West Jersey, November 5, 1839 - November 5, 1939, in the First Presbyterian Church, Bridgeton, New Jersey, November 6, 1939 (s.l. : The Presbytery of West Jersey, 1939), pb, 124pp.; 23 cm. [Note : Historical Sketch by Rev. Addison Berg Collins, pp. 16-26]

New York
Carter, Richard M., A Brief History of the Albany Presbytery of the United Presbyterian Church (s.l. : The Presbytery, 1935), pb, 24pp.; 19 cm. [UPCNA]
Everitt, Benjamin H., The History of The Presbytery of Westchester (Brooklyn, NY : Theo. Gaus' Sons, Inc., 1962), hb, 101pp.; indexed; 23 cm.
Hotchkin, James H., A History of the Purchase and Settlement of Western New York, and of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Presbyterian Church in that section (New York : M.W. Dodd, Brick Church Chapel, 1848), hb, xvi, 600pp.; 23 cm.
History of Rochester Presbytery from the earliest settlement of the country,
embracing original records of Ontario Association, and the presbyteries of Ontario, Rochester (former), Genesee River, and Rochester City, to which are appended biographical sketches of deceased ministers and brief histories of individual churches.
Moore, R. Braden, History of Huron Presbytery, Showing the Work of the Plan of Union from its inception in 1801 till after the Reunion in 1870; also the spirit of the Presbytery regarding religious, general and national interests; with biographical notice of some ministers, and sketches of the churches (Philadelphia : Press of Wm. F. Fell & Co., 1892), hb, v, 486pp.; 22 cm.
Nichols, Robert Hastings, Presbyterianism in New York State : A History of the Synod and Its Predecessors (Philadelphia : The Westminster Press, 1963), hb, 288pp.; 21 cm. [Note : Edited and completed by James Hastings Nichols]
Parsons, Levi, History of Rochester Presbytery, from the Earliest Settlement of the Country, embracing original records of Ontario Association, and the Presbyteries of Ontario, Rochester (former), Genesee River and Rochester City, to which are appended Biographical Sketches of Deceased Ministers and Brief Histories of Individual Churches (Rochester, NY : Democrat-Chronicle Press, 1889), hb, 319pp.; frontispiece [portrait of Rev. James B. Shaw, D.D.]; plates; 24 cm.
Stewart, Thomas A., History of the Presbytery of Argyle of the United Presbyterian Church of North America (s.l. : The Presbytery, 1933), pb, 23, [1] pp.; 22 cm. [UPCNA]
Wood, Thomas S. (chair), History of the Presbytery of New York (Buffalo, NY : Presbytery of Western New York, 1976), pb, v, 147pp.; indexed; 23 cm. Includes chapters on the Presbyteries of Buffalo, Caledonia, Niagara, Buffalo-Niagara and Western New York.

North Carolina
Craig, David Irvin, A History of the Development of the Presbyterian Church in North Carolina, and of Synodical Home Missions, together with Evangelistic Messages by James I. Vance, D.D. and others. Richmond, VA: Whittet & Shepperson, Printers, 1907. Hb, 192 p.; 21 cm.
Foote, William Henry, Sketches of North Carolina, Historical and Biographical, illustrative of the Principles of a Portion of Her Early Settlers (New York : Robert Carter, 1846; 1912; 3rd edition, 2nd printing, New Bern, NC: Owen G. Dunn & Co., 1966), hb, (n), [ix]-xxxii, [33]-593pp.; indexed; 23 cm. [PCUS]
Garth, John G., Sixty Years of Home Missions in the Presbyterian Synod of North Carolina (s.l : s.n., n.d.), pb, 86pp.; 21.5 cm. [PCUS]
McElroy, Isaac Stewart, Some Pioneer Presbyterian Preachers of the Piedmont North Carolina (Gastonia, NC : Loftin & Co., Printers, 1928), pb, 50pp.; 22 cm. [PCUS]
McGeachy, Neill Roderick, Confronted by Challenge : A History of the Presbytery of Concord (s.l. : The Delmar Company, 1985), hb, xix, 676pp.; 24 cm. [PCUS]
Stone, Robert Hamlin, A History of Orange Presbytery, 1770-1970 (Greensboro, NC : Heritage Printers, Inc., 1970), hb, xxviii, [4], 430pp.; indexed; 24 cm. [PCUS]

Crawford, T.R. and Robert Alexander, History of the Presbytery of St. Clarisville, in the Synod of Ohio (Washington, PA : Observer Book and Job Rooms, 1888), pb, 90pp.; illus.; 23 cm.
Crist, A.C., The History of Marion Presbytery. Its Churches, Elders, Ministers, Missionary Societies, Etc. [Delaware, OH]: Press of the Delaware Gazette, 1908. Hb, 352 p.; 20 cm.
Hildebrand, R. Paul and Virginia Hildebrand, Footprints : Presbyterianism in Massillon, Ohio (Alliance, OH : Jarman Printing Company, 1976), pb, 160pp.; 23 cm.
Ludlow, Rev. & Mrs. Arthur Clyde, History of Cleveland Presbyterianism, with Directory of All the Churches (Cleveland, OH : W.M. Bayne Printing Co., 1896), hb, 280pp.; 23 cm.
Shriver, Phillip R. and Edith Foth Puff, A History of Presbyterianism in Oxford, Ohio, 1818-1825-2000 (Oxford, OH : The Oxford Presbyterian Church, 2000), pb, iv, 261pp.; 23 cm.
Taylor, Charles B., The Presbytery of Athens (Logan, OH : Press of the Logan Republican, 1914), hb, 156pp.; 20 cm.
Welsh, E.B., Buckeye Presbyterianism : An Account of the Seven Presbyterian Denominations with their twenty-one Synods and more than sixty Presbyteries which at one time or another have functioned wholly or in large part within the State of Ohio (Wooster, OH : United Presbyterian Synod of Ohip, 1968), hb, 285pp.; 23 cm.

[Upper Ohio Valley : Including Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia]
McKinney, William Wilson, The Presbyterian Valley : 200 Years of Presbyterianism in the Upper Ohio Valley (Pittsburgh : Davis & Warde, Inc., 1958), hb, xix, 639pp.; 21.5 cm.

Barnett, John Morrison, John C. Meloy and Ebenezer Finley, History of the Presbytery of Redstone : organized by the Synod of New York and Philadelphia, Sept. 10, 1781, and under its care till 1788 : a part of the Synod of Virginia, 1788-1802 : of the Synod of Pittsburg, 1802-1881 : and now of the Synod of Pennsylvania, 1881-1889 (Washington, PA : Observer Book and Job Print, 1889), hb, iv, 230pp.; [7] leaves of plates; illustrations; 23 cm.
Brooks, Peter Haverly, The History of Lackawanna Presbytery from its organization. Scranton, PA: Republican Printing House, 1888. Pb, 50 p.; 23 cm.
Clark, Robert Lorenzo, A History of the Presbytery of Westminster and Its Antecedents, 1732-1924 (Chicago : The Regan Printing and Publishing Company, 1924), hb, 545pp.; frontispiece; plates; portraits; 24 cm.
Eaton, Samuel John, History of the Presbytery of Erie; embracing in its ancient boundaries the whole of northeastern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio : with Biographical sketches of all its ministers, and historical sketches of its churches (New York : Hurd and Houghton, 1868), hb, xv, 463pp.; indexed; 20 cm.
Fraser, J. Wallace, A History of the Presbytery of Clarion of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (s.l. : s.n., 1938), pb, 248pp.; illustrations; 24 cm. [Note : Preface by J. Ross Stevenson.]
Furbay, Harvey Graeme, The Historical Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of the Presbytery of Huntingdon, held in Huntingdon, Pa., April 9, 1895 (Philadelphia : J.P. Lippincott Company, 1896), hb, 422pp.; 27 cm.
Gibson, William J., History of the Presbytery of Huntingdon (Bellefonte, PA : Bellefonte Press Company Print, 1874), hb, 356pp.; 22 cm.
Glise, Morton G. and Ralph B. Snyder, A Bicentennial History of the Presbytery of Carlisle (Camp Hill, PA : Plank's Suburban Press, 1986), hb, 270pp.; 23 cm.
Hamilton, W.F., Henry Woods, James I. Brownson, et al., History of the Presbytery of Washington : Including a brief account of the planting of the Presbyterian church in Western Pennsylvania and parts adjacent, with sketches of pioneer ministers and ruling elders ; also sketches of later ministers and ruling elders (Philadelphia : Jas. B. Rodgers Printing Co., 1889), hb, viii, 450pp.; [18] leaves of plates; illustrations; portraits; 24 cm.
Hays, Calvin C., History of the Presbytery of Blairsville and Its Churches (Pittsburgh, PA : Pittsburgh Printing Co., 1930), hb, 193pp.; 23.5 cm.
Junkin, David X., Aaron Williams, et al., Centenary memorial of the planting and growth of Presbyterianism in western Pennsylvania and parts adjacent : containing the historical discourses delivered at a convention of the synods of Pittsburgh, Erie, Cleveland, and Columbus, held in Pittsburgh, December 7-9, 1875 : with appendices and illustrations (Pittsburgh : Printed for the Publishing Committee by Benjamin Singerly, 74 Third Avenue; and for sale by W.W. Waters, Presbyterian Book Store, 1876), hb, 445pp.; [12] leaves of plates; illustrations; 24 cm.
Klett, Guy Soulliard, Presbyterians in Colonial Pennsylvania (Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 1937), hb, xi, 297pp.; indexed; 23 cm.
McKinney,. William Wilson, Early Pittsburgh Presbyterianism; tracing the development of the Presbyterian Church, United States of America, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from 1758-1839 (Pittsburgh, PA : The Gibson Press, 1938), hb, 345pp.; 24 cm.
McNees, W. S., History of Butler Presbytery : A Historical Sketch of the Presbytery of Allegheny and Its Legal Successor, the Presbytery of Butler. Butler, PA: The Ziegler Printing Co., 1923. Hb, 190 p.; 23 cm.
Murphy, Thomas, The Presbytery of the Log College, or, The Cradle of the Presbyterian Church in America (Philadelphia : Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work, 1889), hb, 526pp.; illustrations; plates; portraits; 26 cm.
Miller, James A., The History of the Presbytery of Steuben (Angelica, NY : Allegany County Republican Press, 1897), hb, 92pp.; 23 cm.
Nevin, Alfred, Churches of the Valley : or, An Historical Sketch of the Old Presbyterian Congregations of Cumberland and Franklin Counties, in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia : Joseph M. Wilson, 1852), hb, 338pp.; 19 cm.
Norcross, George, Talbot W. Chambers, et al., The Centennial Memorial of the Presbytery of Carlisle : A Series of Papers, Historical and Biographical, relating to the Origin and Growth of Presbyterianism in the central and eastern part of southern Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, PA : Meyers Printing and Publishing House, 1889), hb, 2 volumes : vol. 1, xv, 461pp. and vol. 2, 475pp.; 24 cm.
Osmond, J., History of the Presbytery of Luzerne, State of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia : Published under the auspices of the Presbyterian Historical Society, 1897), hb, xvii, 344pp.; 21 cm.
Potter, Henry N., One Hundred Years of Shenango Presbytery (Enon Valley, PA : The Presbytery, 1908), pb, 78pp.; 4 leaves of plates; 20 cm.
Radcliffe, Wallace, Decennial Sermon of the Presbytery of Lehigh, 1870-1880. Reading, PA: W.S.S. Coleman, Book & Job Printer, Sixth & Court Sts., (over P.O.), 1880. Pb, 17 p.; 25 cm.
Sloan, D.H., A History of the Presbytery of Kittanning of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America : with its churches and schools (Pittsburgh : Printed by Barrows & Osbourne, 1888), hb, vi, 425pp.; 24 cm.
White, William P. and William H. Scott, The Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia : A Camera and Pen Sketch of Each Presbyterian Church and Institution in the City (Philadelphia : Allen, Lane & Scott, 1895), hb, 311pp.; 24.5 cm. [Notes: Prefatory note by William C. Cattell; Introduction by Willard M. Rice; inscription on front free paper : "Compliments of Wm. H. Scott, 1895"]

South Carolina
Early History of Presbyterianism in South Carolina : A Sermon (Columbia, SC : I.C. Morgan, 1855), 22pp. [photocopy]
Howe, George, History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina (Columbia, SC : Published and sold by W.J. Duffie, 1883), 2 vols. [vol. II only at present], 789pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS]
Jones, F.D. and Mills, W.H., History of The Presbyterian Church in South Carolina (Columbia, SC : The R.L. Bryan Company, 1926), hb, xi, 1094pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS]

Alexander, J.E., A Brief History of The Synod of Tennessee, from 1817 to 1887 (Philadelphia : MacCalla & Company, 1890), hb, 155pp.; 24 cm.
Barr, Thomas C., et al., The story of the Presbyteries of Columbia and Nashville : From early settlement to 1972 (s.l. : Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, The Presbyterian Church in the United States, 1976), hb, ix, 278pp.; 24 cm. [PCUS]
Diehl, Charles E., The Story of a Vineyard : The Work of the Presbyterian Church U.S. in the Synod of Tennessee (Memphia, TN : The Davis Printing Company, 11927), hb, 96pp.; 20 cm. [PCUS]

Chavez, Thomas, Jr., Texas Mexican Presbyterians (Midland, TX : First Presbyterian Church Press, 1980), pb, 40pp.; 21.5 cm. [PCUSA]
Paschal, George H., Jr. and Judith A. Benner, One Hundred Years of Challenge and Change : A History of the Synod of Texas of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (San Antonio : Trinity University Press, 1968), hb, x, 259pp.; indexed; 23.5 cm.
Red, William Stuart, A History of the Presbyterian Church in Texas ([Austin, TX] :The Steck Co., 1936), hb, xiii, 413pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS]

Baird, Paul Jesse, Presbyterian Pioneers in Utah (Santa Rosa, CA : Printed by Check/ Print, 1996), pb, 20pp.; 22 cm.

Davis, Robert P., Virginia Presbyterians in American life : Hanover Presbytery (1755-1980), (Richmond, VA : Hanover Presbytery, 1982), hb, 293pp.; indexed; 24 cm. Edited by Patricia Aldridge. [PCUS]
Graham, James R., The Planting of the Presbyterian Church in Northern Virginia, prior to the organization of Winchester Presbytery, December 4, 1794 (Winchester, VA : The Geo. F. Norton Publishing Co., 1904), hb, 168pp.; 23 cm. [PCUS]
Johnson, Thomas Cary, Virginia Presbyterianism and Religious Liberty in Colonial and Revolutionary Times (Richmond, VA : The Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1907), pb, 128pp.; index; 20 cm.
Wilson, Howard McKnight, The Lexington Presbytery Heritage : The Presbytery of Lexington and its churches in the Synod of Virginia, Presbyterian Church in the United States (Verona, VA : McClure Printing Company, 1971), hb, xiii, [chart], 510pp.; indexed; 23 cm. [PCUS]
Woodworth, Robert Bell, A History of the Presbytery of Winchester (Synod of Virginia) : Its Rise and Growth, Ecclesiastical Relations, Institutions and Agencies, Churches and Ministers, 1719-1945 (Staunton, VA : The McClure Printing Company, 1947), hb, x, 521pp.; indexed; 23 cm. [PCUS]

Minutes of the Synod of Washington, 1960, United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (Spokane, WA : The Synod of Washington, 1960), pb, pp. 330-495; 22.5 cm.

West Virginia
Courtney, Lloyd McF., The Church on the Western Waters (Richmond, VA : Whittet & Shepperson, 1940), hb, 123pp. [PCUS]
Overmeyer, Joe B., History of the Presbytery of Kanawha, 1895-1956 (Charleston, WV : Jarrett Printing Company, 1956), hb, iv, 804pp.; 23.5 cm. [PCUS]
Wilson, Gill Irwin, The Story of Presbyterianism in West Virginia (s.l. : s.n., 1958), pb, 172pp.; map; 23 cm. [PCUSA]

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