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Church names in bold print indicates those churches which have documents & historical materials on file in the Historical Center.
"Est."= Date of establishment, or organization and indicates when the church was officially recognized as a particular church.

Last Updated 9 May 2018.
Church City State Presbytery Est.
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Ackley IA Iowa  
Redeemer Presbyterian Church Des Moines IA Iowa 08/25/2002
New Life Fellowship Church Elk Run Heights IA Iowa 2015
Colfax Center Presbyterian Church Holland IA Iowa 1871
Hospers Presbyterian Church Hospers IA Iowa 1877
One Ancient Hope Presbyterian Church Iowa City IA Iowa 2013
Bethany Evangelical & Reformed Church Ledyard IA Iowa 1938
Hope Evangelical Church North Liberty IA Iowa 1990
Harvest Church PCA Orange City IA Iowa 06/01/2008

6 Pictured below are the various buildings occupied by the Colfax Center congregation over the years. 6
First church building, built in 1873

The church's second building

The third and current facility, built in 1917
Rev. J. Van der Las,
organizing pastor of the
Colfax Center
Presbyterian Church, 1871

Succession of Pastors
of the
Colfax Center Presbyterian Church:
Jacob Brinkema, 1871 - 1874
Behrend Van der Las, 1874 - 1900
John E. Drake, 1900 - 1935
George Swalve, 1935 - 1952
Wiert Eekhoff, 1952 - 1962
Gene Straatmeyer, 1963 - 1970
Jerry Van Curler, 1972 - 1983
Arthur G. Ames, 1983 - 1987
Larry C. Hoop, 1988 - present

Max Belz, one of the sons
of the church,
pictured during his time
at the University of Dubuque