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Max Victor Belz
Manuscript Collection MS#002
Box #119

Content Summary: Box 119 contains materials from the printing business conducted by Max Belz, including representative samples of his work for Covenant College, The Bible Presbyterian Reporter, National Presbyterian Missions, The Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, and World Presbyterian Missions.

Span dates: 1945 - 1985 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Max Victor Belz Manuscript Collection, Box 119, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Cono Christian School

Pastor Max Belz, June, 1948

Box 119—
ƒ01—Adams, Jay, “Realized Millennialism”
ƒ81—Belz, Max, PO–STIK Business materials
ƒ14—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1959 – 1960, William Mahlow Correspondence
ƒ08—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, August/September issue
ƒ11—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, December issue
ƒ04—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, January issue, Mockup
ƒ07—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, June/July issue
ƒ05—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, March issue
ƒ06—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, May issue
ƒ10—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, November issue
ƒ09—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1960, October issue
ƒ12—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, 1961, June/July issue
ƒ13—Bible Presbyterian Reporter, Miscellaneous letters and undated articles
ƒ16—Bulletin Supplement, 1964
ƒ18—Bulletin Supplement, Envelopes
ƒ17—Bulletin Supplement, May 26, 1964
ƒ19—Buswell, J. Oliver, Jr., Church History Chart
ƒ02—Cono Center Presbyterian Church, Walker, IA, Bulletins
ƒ20—Contender, The, 1953, July issue
ƒ22—Contender, The, 1954, August issue
ƒ21—Contender, The, 1954, January issue
ƒ46—Covenant College Press, “Are the Sheep Secure?”
ƒ25—Covenant College, 1958, Bagpipe, December issue
ƒ24—Covenant College, 1958, Bagpipe, October issue
ƒ26—Covenant College, 1959, Bagpipe, February issue
ƒ28—Covenant College, 1960, Bagpipe, December issue
ƒ27—Covenant College, 1960, Bagpipe, January 16 issue
ƒ34—Covenant College, 1960, Business Reply Envelopes
ƒ29—Covenant College, 1963 – 1964, Basketball Schedule
ƒ54—Covenant College, 1963, November/December issue
ƒ49—Covenant College, 1963, Student Brochure, December, 1963
ƒ39—Covenant College, 1963, The Intercessor, December issue
ƒ38—Covenant College, 1963, The Intercessor, November issue
ƒ53—Covenant College, 1963, The Thistle, September/October issue
ƒ23—Covenant College, 1964, Ben Lippen Yearbook Ad., The Challenge
ƒ30—Covenant College, 1964, Brochure
ƒ32—Covenant College, 1964, Bulletin Supplement, January
ƒ31—Covenant College, 1964, Bulletin Supplement, January 14
ƒ35—Covenant College, 1964, Choral Programs
ƒ36—Covenant College, 1964, Choral Schedule, dated January 31, 1964
ƒ37—Covenant College, 1964, Envelopes
ƒ44—Covenant College, 1964, Letterheads
ƒ48—Covenant College, 1964, Robert G. Rayburn, Letter, January, 1964
ƒ50—Covenant College, 1964, Tartan proofs, January issue
ƒ51—Covenant College, 1964, Tartan, February issue
ƒ52—Covenant College, 1964, Tartan, October issue
ƒ40—Covenant College, 1964, The Intercessor, January issue
ƒ43—Covenant College, 1964, The Intercessor, June issue
ƒ41—Covenant College, 1964, The Intercessor, March issue
ƒ42—Covenant College, 1964, The Intercessor, May issue
ƒ33—Covenant College, Bulletin Supplement, Rayburn Letter
ƒ45—Covenant College, Newsletter Stationery
ƒ47—Covenant College, Rayburn, Paul J., M.D., “I Changed My Mind About Christian Colleges”
ƒ55—Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter, 1963, December issue
ƒ60—Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter, 1963, Graphic Electronics, Inc.
ƒ58—Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter, 1964, April issue
ƒ56—Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter, 1964, February issue
ƒ57—Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter, 1964, March issue
ƒ59—Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter, Expiration Notices
ƒ62—Faith and Freedom Brochures
ƒ63—First Bible Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO, Brochure
ƒ15—General Synod, Bible Presbyterian Church, 1954, Minutes
ƒ03—General Synod, Bible Presbyterian Church, 1958 (Twenty-Second), Minutes
ƒ61—General Synod, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (BPC), 1963, Statistics
ƒ64—Gray, Fichard, Correspondence re Eschatology
ƒ65—Hebron Colony, 1964, Card Forms
ƒ66—Hebron Colony, Correspondence with E.A. Dillard
ƒ67—Highland College, 1954, Highland Highlights, December issue
ƒ68—Hoogstrate, John, Printing order
ƒ69—Johnson, Earl, Radio sermon
ƒ73—National Presbyterian Missions, “The Bible Presbyterian Church Invites You”
ƒ75—National Presbyterian Missions, “What About National Missions?”
ƒ70—National Presbyterian Missions, A Going in the Mulberry Tree
ƒ72—National Presbyterian Missions, Banquet Program, July, 1959
ƒ76—National Presbyterian Missions, Envelope Style
ƒ71—National Presbyterian Missions, Evangelical Presbyterian Training Association
ƒ74—National Presbyterian Missions, Invitation Leaflets
ƒ77—National Presbyterian Missions, Thanksgiving, November 12, 1963
ƒ78—Near East Christian Church, Open Letter, September, 1954
ƒ79—News Sheet, April and June 1953, Printing Orders and Correspondence
ƒ82—Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1960, April 18 issue
ƒ83—Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1960, August/September issue
ƒ84—Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1963, November issue
ƒ87—Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1964, April issue
ƒ85—Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1964, January/February issue
ƒ86—Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1964, March issue
ƒ88—Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1964, May issue
ƒ80—Shakespeare, Notes on
ƒ89—Soltau, T. Stanley, “God’s Remedy for Anxiety”
ƒ98—World Presbyterian Missions, 1959, Prayer Cards
ƒ93—World Presbyterian Missions, 1960, Newsletter, August/September issue
ƒ96—World Presbyterian Missions, 1960, Newsletter, December issue
ƒ92—World Presbyterian Missions, 1960, Newsletter, June issue
ƒ90—World Presbyterian Missions, 1960, Newsletter, March issue
ƒ91—World Presbyterian Missions, 1960, Newsletter, May issue
ƒ95—World Presbyterian Missions, 1960, Newsletter, November issue
ƒ94—World Presbyterian Missions, 1960, Newsletter, October issue
ƒ97—World Presbyterian Missions, 1961, Newsletter, September issue

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