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Frederick W. Evans, Jr.
Manuscript Collection MS#045
Box #553

Content Summary: Writings; Subject Files on Church History, Contemporary Movements and Cults.

Span dates: 1950 - 1991 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Frederick W. Evans, Jr. Manuscript Collection, Box 553, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

graduation dayGraduation Day at Westminster, 23 May 1984
The Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Evans, Jr. (L), graduating with the degree of Doctor of Ministry.
His son William (R) graduated the same day with the Master of Arts and Religion degree.

Box 553
File — Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 Evans, Frederick W., Jr., 1974, Writings: Revivalist in Conflict: Ashahel Nettleton and the Controversy over ‘New Measures’ [MA Thesis, Butler University, 135pp., bound]
ƒ03Evans, Frederick W., Jr., 1990, Writings: The God Who Is [Study on the Character of God, after the pattern of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, Question 4; pb, 89pp.]
ƒ04Evans, Frederick W., Jr., 1990, Writings: They Kept the Faith: A 12 Week Study Course Bringing Together Church and Faith in History [spiral bound, 70pp.]
ƒ05Evans, Frederick W., Jr., 1990, Writings: They Sought a City!: A Twelve Week Study Course Surveying American Church History [spiral bound, 70pp.)
ƒ06Evans, Frederick W., Jr., 1991, Writings: Christ in the Psalms, [pb, 89pp.]
ƒ07Deck., Northcote [Medical Misionary to the Solomon Islands], 1955 – 1960, Sermons [4 items]
ƒ08Duncan, George B. [English Keswick Speaker], 1958 – 1961, Sermons [6 items]
ƒ09Havner, Vance, 1950 – 1970, Sermons [18 items]
ƒ10Holden, J. Stewart, 1955 – 1963, Sermons [16 items]
ƒ11Howard, Philip E., Jr. [Ed. of The Sunday School Times and Father of Elizabeth Elliot], 1963 – 1964, Sermons, Obituary
ƒ12 Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn, 1955 – 1964, Sermons [5 items, including Maintaining the Evangelical Faith Today (20pp.)]
ƒ13Mundell, George H., 1957, Sermons [5 items]
ƒ14Simeon Stylites, 1960, Clippings from the column in The Christian Century [23 items]
ƒ15Steele, Francis Rue, 1963 – 1969, Sermons [14 items]
ƒ16Stott, John R.W., 1957 – 1962, Sermons [4 items]
ƒ17Tozer, Aiden Wilson, 1956 – 1963, Editorials from The Alliance Weekly
ƒ18Tozer, Aiden Wilson, 1956 - 1963, Collected articles; Memorial issue of The Alliance Weekly
ƒ19Barthianism, 1959 – 1963, Articles, by C. Van Til; J. Daane; K. Kantzer; K. Barth; D. Hedegard; R.M.O. Barth; F.L. Filas; J. Pelikan; E.J. Carnell; H.D. Friberg; B. Ramm
ƒ20 Contemporary Thought and Mood, Articles by F.A. Schaeffer; J.F. Gates, et. al.
ƒ21Evangelicalism, Miscellaneous articles pro and con
ƒ22Fundamentalism, 1955 – 1963, Miscellaneous articles
ƒ23Holiness & Pentacostalism, 1957 – 1969, Miscellaneous articles and brochures
ƒ24Interpretation of History, Articles by C.G. Singer; W.S. Reid; E.D. Myers; H.B. Kuhn; D.C. Masters; G.E.  Ladd; K. Kantzer; N.O. Hatch; R. Rusk; R. Henry; A.A. Hoekema
ƒ25Liberalism, Aticles from The Christian Century, by P. Hutchinson; M.E. Marty; C.C. Morrison; W.E. Garrison; Commemorative issue on H.E. Fosdick, 21 May 1958
ƒ26Liberalism, Articles, 1950 – 1955, by N. Stonehouse; H.J. Ockenga; D.W. Ferm; K. Kantzer; W.N. Pittenger; J.DeF. Murch; R. Aldrich; M. Bach; R.D. Bulkley; H.E. Fosdick
ƒ27Neo-Evangelicalism, 1956 – 1976, Articles and pamphlets by B. Jones; W.E. Ashbrook; C.E. Tulga; D.O. Beale; J.W. Sanderson; M. Westphal; et. al.
ƒ28Neo-Orthodoxy and the Bible, Articles by J.I. Packer; J.A. Mackay; G.H. Clark
ƒ29Neo-Orthodoxy, Articles by L.N. Bell; M.C. Tenney; D.P. Fuller; H.H. Rowley; O.W. Price, Jr.; J.B. Green; J.T. Mueller; J.M. Kik; G.A. Taylor; N.F.S. Ferré; W. Young
ƒ30 Christian Biography, Articles on David Livingstone; Matthew Henry; J. Gresham Machen; Howard A. Kelly; Evan Roberts
ƒ31 Puritanism, 1962 – 1963, Articles by J.R. Richardson and J.R. Philips
ƒ32Armstrong, Herbert W., Miscellaneous articles
ƒ33Christian Science, Correspondence and Miscellaneous articles
ƒ35Jehovah’s Witnesses, Miscellaneous tracts, pamphlets and articles
ƒ36Cults: General articles and articles on various cults, including Bahai, Spiritism, et. al.
ƒ37Lee, Witness, and the Local Church, Correspondence, Fact Sheet, The Stream, vol. 8, no. 3
ƒ38Moon, Sun Myung, and the Unification Church, Miscellaneous articles
ƒ39Mormonism, Miscellaneous tracts, pamphlets and articles
ƒ40 Poling, Kermit William, Cult and Occult: Data and Doctrine, undated, 35pp.
ƒ41Seventh-Day Adventism, Miscellaneous articles
ƒ42 Thieme, R.B., Jr., Miscellaneous booklets
ƒ43 Unity School of Christianity, Miscellaneous articles
ƒ44 Wierville, Victor Paul, and The Way, Miscellaneous articles, Folder 1 [24 leaves]
ƒ45 Wierville, Victor Paul, and The Way, Miscellaneous articles, Folder 2, including A Biblical Analysis by J.L. Williams

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