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Frederick W. Evans, Jr.
Manuscript Collection MS#045
Box #554

Content Summary: Pastor's subject files. Box 554 contains files covering doctrinal issues and ministry issues.

Span dates: 1942 - 1992 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Frederick W. Evans, Jr. Manuscript Collection, Box 554, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

Frederick W. Evans, Jr.
The Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Evans, Jr.


Box 554
File — Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 Age Group Problems – various articles
ƒ03 Alcohol and Tobacco – various articles; brochures on Keswick and Hebron Colonies
ƒ04 Child Training – articles & booklets, including “This Is the Way They Are” by Clyde Narramore
ƒ05 Christian Education – articles by Gordon H. Clark, Morton H. Smith, Joseph T. Bayly
ƒ06 Church Offices – articles by Morton H. Smith, “The Vows of Teaching and Ruling Elders,” Paul W. Milhouse and Helen R. Davis
ƒ07 Deeper Life – miscellaneous articles
ƒ08 Evangelism – various articles
ƒ09 Evangelism (“Soul-Winning”) – miscellaneous booklets and articles
ƒ10 Guidance and the Will of God – articles and brochures by Alan Redpath, O.R. Barclay, G. Muller, J.I. Packer and others
ƒ11 Healing – articles by Keith L. Brooks, H.A. Ironside, A.B. Simpson, and others
ƒ12 Heroes of the Faith – various articles on R.M. McCheyne, Jonathan Edwards, A.W. Tozer, George Whitefield, Chalmers, Simeon, Bonar, Makemie, Latimer and others
ƒ13 Ideas for Local Churches – various articles
ƒ14 Instructions for Christians – articles by T.Stanley Soltau, W.P. Nicholson, R. Rinker, J.T. Larson, and others
ƒ15 Lord’s Day – articles by L. Nelson Bell, Joseph T. Bayly and others
16 Marriage — articles by William Childs Robinson, Clarence E. Macartney, R.H. Hamilton, Donald Gray Barnhouse, L.J. Carter and others
ƒ17 Music – various articles on church music
ƒ18 Pastoral Ministry – various articles by A.W. Tozer, G.V. Erickson, R.T. Henderson, W. Christianson, S.M. Shoemaker, E.R. Enlow, Adam Clarke and Don Hillis
19 Prayer – various articles and booklets
ƒ20 Preaching – miscellaneous articles
ƒ21 Questions of Conscience – articles by William Stanford Reid [The Christian and Modern War] and others
ƒ22 Relationships (Christian), 1958, Editorials by H. Clay Trumbull, reprinted in the Sunday School Times from the 1889 collection titled Ourselves and Others
ƒ23 Revival – booklets by Horatius Bonar and Jonathan Goforth; miscellaneous articles
ƒ24 Stewardship – articles by George A. Palmer, Kenneth Keyes, Jacob Stam and others
ƒ25 Tozer, A.W., The Menace of the Religious Movie [booklet, 30 pp.]
ƒ26 Victorious Life [Keswick Movement] – Official Program, 1954; various articles
ƒ27 Visitation – various articles, booklets and studies
ƒ28 Will of God – article by Margaret Erb; booklet by G. Allen Fleece [Columbia Bible College]
ƒ29 Worship – miscellaneous articles
ƒ30 Doctrine: Regeneration – various articles
ƒ31 Doctrine: Dispensationalism – various articles
ƒ32 Doctrine: The Person of Christ – various articles
ƒ33 Doctrine: Apologetics and Christian Evidences – various articles
ƒ34 Doctrine: The Apostle’s Creed – articles [series] by Robert Strong
ƒ35 Doctrine: Word of Christ – article by Leon Morris
ƒ36 Doctrine: Universalism and Eternal Punishment – various articles
ƒ37 Doctrine: Sin – various articles
38 Doctrine: Second Coming – various articles
ƒ39 Doctrine: Salvation – various articles
ƒ40 Doctrine: Resurrection unto Judgment – various articles
ƒ41 Doctrine: Resurrection – various articles
ƒ42 Doctrine: Assurance – various articles
ƒ43 Doctrine: The Cross of Christ – various articles
ƒ44 Doctrine: Error – various articles
ƒ45 Doctrine: God – various articles
ƒ46 Doctrine: The Attributes of God – various articles
ƒ47 Doctrine: The Gospel – various articles
ƒ48 Doctrine: Heaven and Hell – various articles
ƒ49 Doctrine: The Holy Spirit – various articles, including D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, John R.W. Stott
ƒ50 Doctrine: Incarnation and Virgin Birth – various articles
ƒ51 Doctrine: Judgment – various articles
ƒ52 Doctrine: The Lord’s Supper – various articles
ƒ53 Doctrine: Miracles – various articles
ƒ54 Doctrine: Calvinism – articles by J.B. Green, Robert Strong, D. Clair Davis, and others
ƒ55 Doctrine: Inspiration of Scripture – Some Results of Higher Criticism, by Frederick Erdman [booklet, 24pp.], articles by Jack W. Murray and others
ƒ56 Doctrine: Revelation – various articles
ƒ57 Doctrine: Atonement – various articles
ƒ58 Doctrine: Baptism – various brochures and articles, including Are You a Biblical Baptist by George W. Marston; A Study of Infant Baptism by William M. McCreery; A Closer Look At Sprinkling, by Tom Watson, Jr.; What Baptists Believe And Why They Believe It, by J.G. Bow; Baptism by Francis A. Schaeffer; The Scriptural Doctrine of Infant Baptism Considered in the Light of Objections, by Allan A. MacRae; “Ecclesiogical Differences within the Reformed Faith,” by James R. Pfeiffer.