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Frederick W. Evans, Jr.
Manuscript Collection MS#045
Box #555

Content Summary: Subject files on Books of the Bible; Missions and World Religions; Ecumenicity and Roman Catholicism; and various cultural issues facing the Church.

Span dates: 1942 - 1990 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Frederick W. Evans, Jr. Manuscript Collection,
Box 555, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

Frederick W. Evans, Jr.The Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Evans, Jr.

Box 555
File — Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 Mark – study by Otto A. Piper
ƒ03 Luke – study by Warwick Aiken
ƒ04 John – study by Alfred Martin, “Life Through Believing” [series]; A.H. Stewart on John 17
ƒ05 Acts – outline of book; article by H. Lockyer
ƒ06 Roman – studies by August Van Ryn [series] and Donald M. Davies
ƒ07 I Corinthians – brochure by Douglas M. White; casuistic outline; article by Henry Owen
ƒ08 II Corinthians – article by Roger Joel Andrus [pastor, Old Orchard Chapel, Webster Groves, MO]
ƒ09 Ephesians – articles by Charles J. Woodbridge [Bible Study Outlines packet], K. Taylor, D.G. Barnhouse, W. Culbertson, R.L. Kuiper
ƒ10 Philippians – articles by Bouton, Blaiklock, H. Lockyer and B. Ramm
ƒ11 Colossians – articles by H.T. Kuist, H.H. Ehrenstein, B. Ramm
ƒ12 I Thessalonians – articles by H.H. Ehrenstein, H. Lockyer, R.L. Kuiper, Stacey Woods
ƒ13 Titus and Philemon – articles by T. Stanley Soltau, E.M. Blaiklock, H. Lockyer
ƒ14 Hebrews – articles by B. Ramm [series] and R.F. Hallford
ƒ15 I Peter – articles by S. Maxwell Coder [series], H.A. Sinzheimer, H. Lockyer
ƒ16 I, II and III John – articles by Charles B. Bowser [series], E.M. Blaiklock [series], Roy Laurin
ƒ17 Jude and Revelation – articles by Edgar Ainslie [series], Charles J. Woodbridge [Bible Study Outlines packet], M. Tenney, H. Lockyer.
ƒ18 Bible Study Method – various articles
ƒ19 Bible Characters – various articles
ƒ20 Beatitudes – various articles
ƒ21 Archaeology and Bible Evidences – articles by Allan A. MacRae, E.M. Blaiklock and others
ƒ22 Parables – articles by M.H. Prior and R.R. Kauffman
ƒ23 Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy – sermon by H.J. Hager, “The Sin of Evil Speaking”
ƒ24 Joshua, Judges, Ruth – study by H. Lockyer on Ruth
ƒ25 I and II Kings – article by R.H. Jones
ƒ26 Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther – articles by H. Lockyer
ƒ27 Job – article by H. Lockyer, “My Redeemer Lives”
ƒ28 Psalms – articles by E.M. Blaiklock [series], Haddon Robinson [Ps. 23, series], and others
ƒ29 Proverbs – studies by H. Lockyer and M.H. Prior
ƒ30 Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon – article by Robert B. Laurin
ƒ31 Isaiah – articles by Gleason Archer [series], Frederick A. Aston, and others
ƒ32 Hosea, Joel, Amos – study by J. Stuart Holden [series]
ƒ33 Obadiah, Johah, Micah – articles by O.T. Allis (Jonah) and Alvin Martin (Micah)
ƒ34 Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah – study by Frank E. Gaebelein [series]
ƒ35 Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi – studies by S. Franklin Logson [series]; handwritten notes on Malachi by [?] Dr. Evans
ƒ36 Bible Book Outlines – outlines of various books of the Bible
ƒ37 Ten Commandments – studies by A. Morgan Derham [series]
ƒ38 Prophecy – articles by A.C. Gaebelein, G.E. Ladd, Wilbur M. Smith [series], D.G. Barnhouse
ƒ39 Paul and Paulinism – articles by Ray C. Stedman and G. Allen Fleece
ƒ40 Bible Interpretation – articles by H. Lockyer, H.T. Kuist, P.T. Fuhrmann, P.H. Richards, J.C. Trimble, Ray C. Stedman, Lyman Coleman, A. Skevington Wood and others
ƒ41 Comparative Religions – articles by J.I. Packer, James A. Michener, Calvin H. Chambers and Don Hillis
ƒ42 World Religions – miscellaneous articles
ƒ43 Missions – various articles
ƒ44 Medical Missions – various articles
ƒ45 Indigenious Church Missions – various articles
ƒ46 Missions Biographies – various articles
ƒ47 Jews and Israel – various articles
ƒ48 Holy Spirit and Missions – various articles
ƒ49 Church and Denominationalism – various articles
ƒ50 Church and Ecumenicity – various articles
ƒ51 Roman Catholicism (Persecution, etc) – various articles
ƒ52 Ecumenicity – various articles
ƒ53 Ecumenicity and the Second Coming – various articles
ƒ54 Ecumenicity and the Holy Spirit – various articles
ƒ55Ecumenicity and Missions – various articles
ƒ56 Ecumenicity and Neo-Orthodoxy – various articles
ƒ57 Ecumenicity and Roman Catholicism – various articles
ƒ58 Separation and Worldliness – various articles
ƒ59 Denominationalism – various articles
ƒ60 Psychology – various articles
ƒ61 Peale, Norman Vincent and ‘Self-Help’ – various articles
ƒ62 Obscenity – various articles
ƒ63 Mental Health – various articles
ƒ64 Evolution – various articles
ƒ65 — Communism¬† – various articles
ƒ66 Capital Punishment and Suicide – various articles
ƒ67 World – various articles
ƒ68 Sexual Relationships and Immorality – various articles
ƒ69 Science – various articles
ƒ70 Race and Nationalism – various articles
ƒ71 American History and Patriotism – various articles

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