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Hildreth Mau Green
Manuscript Collection #044
Box #422

Content Summary: Materials reflecting one woman's life and involvement in the southern Presbyterian church from the 1940s through the 1960s. See Scope & Content Note below for a fuller summary.

Span dates: 1929-1971 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Hildreth Mau Green Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Hildreth Mau Green
[10 June 1904 - circa 1999]

Biographical Sketch : Hildreth Greene Mau was the daughter of C.A. Greene and Minnie Fleming Greene, of Jacksonville, FL and was herself born in Atlanta on June 10, 1904. Following her marriage to Mr. George Mau, Jr. of Moultrie, GA, she assisted her husband in the operation of a bakery in Moultrie until their retirement. During this same time period, much of Hildreth Mau's life was spent in civic and church related works. For over 35 years she served as director of the Young People's Department of the Presbyterian Church of Moultrie, in addition to a term of service as president of the Presbyterian Synod of Georgia (Women of the Church) and various other church offices.

Scope & Content Note :
The Hildreth Green Mau Papers form a good representation of the activities of Women of the Church organizations of the PCUS in the 1960's - the period leading up to the formation of the PCA - particularly as those activities were conducted in Southwest Georgia Presbytery of the PCUS. The content of the teaching presented to and within these organizations is thus represented in this collection. A related smaller set of materials reflects the development of the controversial PCUS Covenant Life Curriculum. There are also three important folders of materials collected by Mrs. Mau in the early 1950s in consideration of the proposed Plan of Union of the three mainline Presbyterian denominations of that era.

Administrative Note :
Organization of the materials reflects an imposed order, since none was evident in the materials as received from the donor. In addition to the foldered items, a keepsake box containing miscellaneous letters and news clippings is accessioned, together with a representative sampling of books from her personal library. A listing of those books appears below, following the finding aid. Additional titles were deaccessioned and a listing of these works is also provided.

: The Hildreth Green Mau Papers were donated by her grandson, the Rev. George Frederic Mau, in July of 2000 following a final resolution of Mrs. Mau's effects.

Arrangement & Description :
Topical order was imposed in the processing of the papers, due to an apparent lack of order in the papers as they were received. Processing was completed by Wayne Sparkman on July 27, 2000, along with HTML formatting of the finding aid.

ƒ01—Agnes Scott College, 1953, The Aurora, [student literary magazine, Vol. 63, No. 1, Fall issue, 20p.]

ƒ02—Benfield, W.A., A Bible Study on the Position of Women in the Church (Atlanta, GA: Board of Women's Work, 1963); Handbook for Presbyterial and Synodical Officers [n.d.]; Twelve Studies for the Training Circle of the Woman's Auxiliary [n.d.]

ƒ03—First Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, NC, Bulletins, May 12, 1935 and September 18, 1938

ƒ04—First Presbyterian Church, Moultrie, GA, 1932, 1958 - 1965, Sunday Bulletins, Membership Lists, Budgets for Women of the Church, Library Acquisition List, Directory of College Students; Miscellaneous Bible Studies, [39 leaves]

ƒ05—Gibbins, Rosa, A Brief Sketch of the Women's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.: 1912 - 1936, (Atlanta, GA: Board of Women's Work, PCUS, 1956), [third printing], 28pp., bound, with insert "Order of Business for Business Sessions"

ƒ06—Knapp, Mary Gibson, Fifty Year History of the Women of the Church, Presbyterian Church U.S.: 1910 - 1960, 31pp., bound; signed copy

ƒ07—Miscellaneous: Moultrie High School, 1940, Graduation Program; Personnel of AST Branch, 1943 [directory list]; Georgia Is the State For Me [sheet music, by Ellen Payne Odom, 1964]

ƒ08—Montreat Auxiliary Training School: Retreat for Prayer, 1939 [July 5], Program; Prayer, by James H. McConkey (Richmond, VA, n.d., 11pp.), We Would Be Building [sheet music]

ƒ09Mountain Lake Sanctuary, Lake Wales, FL, Promotional Booklet [32p., w/color plates]; Brochure and Program for Carillon Recitals, 1963

ƒ10—Plan of Union, Folder 1: Official Source Materials, Includes The Plan Providing for the Union of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America and the Presbyterian Church in the United States and the United Presbyterian Church of North America as the Presbyterian Church of the United States (1954, 313p.) together with the appendix Analysis and Interpretation of the Proposed Plan of Union (16p.); Statement on Issues Concerning Presbyterian Union (Atlanta: PCUS Stated Clerk's Office, 1954), ["a clear-cut statement of the pros and cons"]

ƒ11—Plan of Union, Folder 2: Responses in Favor of Union, Includes The Presbyterian Outlook, vol. 135, no. 18, May 4, 1953, with the article "Preserving Our Distinctive Work and Testimony", by James E. Bear; The Case for Union (magazine format); All One Body We... [brochure, Question & Answer Summary of the Plan of Union, with demographic map and statistics]; Benton, Francis B., Address before Cherokee Presbytery (PCUS), January 29, 1954; As I See Church Union, by Earle Chamness

ƒ12—Plan of Union, Folder 3: Voices in Opposition to the Plan, Includes The Auburn Heresy, by Gordon H. Clark; Reprint of the Auburn Affirmation ["so-called", Outlook Publishers, n.d.]; The Liberal Attack Upon the Supernatural Christ; The Church Union Issue; and The Plan of Union Lack Those Tokens Which Have Evidenced God's Presence with and Favor Upon Our Church,all by Wm. C. Robinson; Shall We Unite With the Northern Presbyterian Church and Dr. Anderson Please Explain, by Chalmers Alexander; An Open Letter to Dr. Harrison Ray Anderson, by L. Nelson Bell; Why I Favor Preserving the Southern Church, by Rev. W.H. Frazer; The Common Evils of Modernism: As Seen In Both the National Council and the Northern Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Donald C. Graham; The Proposed Union Is Only A Step, by Paul D. Hastings; The Presbyterian Doctrine of Church Property, by L. Elmo Holt; A Layman's Views on The Merger, by Kenneth S. Keyes; It Is Time To Speak, by S.B. Lapsley; Some of the Reasons Why We Must Preserve the Distinct Work and Testimony of the Southern Presbyterian Church; An Open Letter, signed by elders of the PCUS, dated June 25, 1954, Reidsville, NC.

ƒ13—Poetry, Various authors, transcribed and collected in a notebook. Majority are by Luda Fleming Corley [41 leaves] and date from 1929 - 1936; other authors include Marion B. Craig, Lilian B. Durkee, Myra Brooks Welch, etc.; 85 leaves total

ƒ14—Presbyterian Home, Quitman, GA, Dedication Program, September 19, 1951 [8p.], Memorial Gift donor cards [various printings]

ƒ15—Presbyterian Woman's Workbook, 1964 - 1965, Circle Program Material, includes Bible Study on Ephesians, "Glory in the Church," by J. Sherrard Rice

ƒ16—Presbyterian Woman's Workbook, 1967 - 1968, Circle Program Material, includes Bible Study, "The Holy Spirit at Work" [author not indicated]

ƒ17—Presbyterian Woman's Workbook, 1968 - 1969, Circle Program Material, includes Bible Study, "The Gospel According to Luke"

ƒ18—Presbyterian Woman's Workbook, 1969 - 1970, Circle Program Material, includes Bible Study,
"Upside Down - Studies in II Corinthians"

ƒ19—Presbyterian Woman's Workbook, 1970 - 1971, Circle Program Material, includes Bible Study,
"In Christ - Studies in Romans"

ƒ20—Richards, James McDowell [past president of Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA], Promotional Brochure for establishment of the J.M. Richards Chair of Biblical Exposition [23p., w/black and white portrait of James McDowell Richards, a biographical account and short articles on his life and ministry by Will Ormond, John Leith and Davison Philips

ƒ21—Richards, Mrs. Thomas H., "The Flowers and Trees of the Bible, [topical study, 2 copies, 3p. each]

ƒ22—Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1955, Minutes

ƒ23—Southwest Georgia Presbytery, Some Historical Facts of the Presbytery of Southwest Georgia: 1920 - 1945, two copies, typed, single-spaced, 16p. each; copy #1 is inscribed in pencil, "By John Good" [former pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Moultrie, GA ]

ƒ24—Talmadge, Franklin C., The Story of the Synod of Georgia, 1961, 122pp., indexed, bound

ƒ25—Thornwell Orphanage, Clinton, SC, Historical and Promotional Literature: Seventy-Five Years of Christian Life and Service: 1875 - 1950 [16p.]; After Ten Years [12p., 1956]; A Brief Historical Sketch: 1875 - 1961, [5p.]; Sarah's Home [Dedicatory Program, 24p., n.d., focusing on philanthopy of the Mr. & Mrs. T.P. Hartness]; Memorial Gift donor cards

ƒ26—Vereen, William Coachman [1859 - 1942], Editorial Tributes to, [12p., bound]; includes black & white portrait and obituary from The Christian Observer, May 20, 1942; letter from William J. Vereen [son] to Rev. John W. Good, D.D.

ƒ27—Woman's Auxiliary, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1939 - 1941, Minutes

ƒ28—Women of the Church (PCUS), Suggested Constitution and By-Laws for Local Women of the Church, 1964, 8pp., with insert noting proposed changes; United Church Women: Who We Are, What We Do [National Council of Churches brochure]

ƒ29—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1954, Minutes, List of Synodical Officers and Local Presidents for 1955

ƒ30—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1955, Minutes, District Conference Program, January 20, 1955

ƒ31—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1956, Minutes

ƒ32—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1957, Minutes

ƒ33—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1958, Minutes, Program, News Clipping, Finance Committee Report

ƒ34—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1959, Minutes

ƒ35—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1962, Minutes

ƒ36—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1963, Minutes, District Conference Program, March 29, 1963

ƒ37—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1964, Minutes, District Conference Program, February 13, 1964

ƒ38—Women of the Church, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1965, Minutes

ƒ39—Women of the Church, Synod of Georgia (PCUS), 1954, Minutes

ƒ40—Women of the Church, Synod of Georgia (PCUS), 1955, Minutes

ƒ41—Women of the Church, Synod of Georgia (PCUS), 1956, Minutes

ƒ42—Women of the Church, Synod of Georgia (PCUS), 1957, Minutes, Program, Poem - "My Task" - by Ruth Hamilton; Georgia Synodical Training School, Program for June 10 - 15 , 1957

ƒ43—Women of the Church, Synod of Georgia (PCUS), 1959 - 1960, 1963, Annual Meeting Programs; Elizabeth Collins McMillan Student Loan Requirements [brochure]; "On Furlough Where? [brochure for Mission Haven]; Georgia Synodical Training School, Program for June 15 -1 9, 1964; The Place of Missions in Christian Theology [course outline, 1964, Georgia Synodical Training School, 20p.]

ƒ44—Women of the Church, Synod of Georgia (PCUS), Stationery Samples, Presbyterial Meeting Folder from 1952, Simplified Parliamentary Procedure [brochure]

ƒ45—Young People's League, Southwest Georgia Presbytery (PCUS), 1939 - 1941, History, Minutes, List of Camp attendees, Program from 5th Annual Conference of 1940, Reports, Historian's Notebook, [23 leaves]