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James Augustine & Pauline Herron McAlpine

Manuscript Collection #021
Box #322

Content Summary: Notable materials include Annual Reports for the Japan Mission, The Presbyterian Survey, a family history by Frank Herron Smith, and scrapbooks kept by Rev. McAlpine.

Span dates: 1880-1979 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
James A. and Pauline H. McAlpine Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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James Augustine McAlpine
[14 September 1905 – 20 May 1982]
Box 322
[folders have been sorted alphabetically for ease of reference]
ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ02—McAlpine, James A., Personal Papers
ƒ03—Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUS), 1975, Personnel Handbook
ƒ04—Postcards, 1946 - 1947, from Stillwater, OK to Rev. McAlpine in Japan
ƒ05—Continuing..., vol. 1, No. 2; vol. 3, no. 1, 2, 6, and 10; other materials on the PCA
ƒ06—Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Beginnings
ƒ07—Presbyterian Churchmen United
ƒ08—Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship (PEF)
ƒ09—Presbyterian Journal
ƒ10—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1940
ƒ11—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1939
ƒ12—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1938
ƒ13—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1937
ƒ14—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1936
ƒ15—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1935
ƒ16—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1934
ƒ17—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1933
ƒ18—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1932
ƒ19—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1931
ƒ20—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1930
ƒ21—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1928 - 1929
ƒ22—Presbyterian Survey, The, 1925
ƒ23—Published Articles
ƒ24—Hour for Christ [Radio Program]
ƒ25—Reformed Church in Japan
ƒ26—Reformed Church in Japan, 1968 - 1975, General Assembly, Official Gazettes, Personal Notes of Central Presbytery, Preachers Meetings
ƒ27—Japan Mission (PCUS), 1966 - 1974, Annual Mission Reports
ƒ28—Japan Mission (PCUS), 1954 - 1965, Annual Mission Reports
ƒ29—Japan Mission (PCUS), 1940 - 1953, Annual Mission Reports
ƒ30—Japan Mission (PCUS), 1930 - 1931, and 1934 - 1939, Annual Mission Reports
ƒ31—Japan Mission (PCUS), 1885 - 1887, 1897, Reports
ƒ32—Japan International Christian University and Japan National Christian Council, 1956, Reports
ƒ33—Declaration of Faith (PCUS), Proposed, 1976, Minority Report [Rejected]
ƒ34—Reports, Miscellaneous
ƒ35—Mission to the World (PCA), 1978 [November], Correspondence, Notes, Reports
ƒ36—Reformed Church in Japan, 1969 - 1975, Reports to Board of World Missions (PCUS)
ƒ37—Japan Mission (PCUS), Language Committee Reports, "Textbook for Medical Workers"
ƒ39—Scrapbook, 1946 - 1949, Folder 1
ƒ40—Scrapbook, 1946 - 1949, Folder 2
ƒ41—Scrapbook, 1880 - 1899
ƒ42—Scrapbook, 1900 - 1910
ƒ43—Scrapbook, 1911 - 1920
ƒ44—Scrapbook, 1953 - 1955
ƒ45—Scrapbook, 1930 - 1967
ƒ46—Sermons, Notes [sampling]
ƒ47—Shizuoka Evangelistic Center for the Blind, 1979
ƒ48—Smith, Frank Herron, Biographical Data
ƒ49—Smith, Frank Herron, Articles and Letters
ƒ50—Smith, Frank Herron, History, We and Our Forbears, Title Page to Page 41
ƒ51—Smith, Frank Herron, History, We and Our Forbears, Page 42 to Page 85
ƒ52—Smith, Frank Herron, History, We and Our Forbears, Page 86 to Page 123
ƒ53—Smith, Pauline, "The United States and Japan"
ƒ54—Spencer, Robert & Evelyn, 1930 - 1935, Newsletter and Reports from Japan
ƒ55—Sunday School Lessons and Materials
ƒ56—U.S. Navy Language School, Stillwater, OK, Newspaper clippings and Photographs

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