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James Augustine & Pauline Herron McAlpine

Manuscript Collection #021
Boxes #501-505

Content Summary: These boxes contain Minutes of the Japan Mission, 1950 - 1971; histories of Kinjo College, Seoul Foreign School and Reformed Theological Seminary.

Span dates: 1889-1978 Size: 2.5 cu. ft. (five boxes)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
James A. and Pauline H. McAlpine Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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James Augustine McAlpine
[14 September 1905 – 20 May 1982]

Box 321
[folders have been sorted alphabetically for ease of reference]
ƒ01—Finding Aid (in each box)

ƒ505.06—Board of World Missions, PCUS, 1960, Annual Report

ƒ505.07—Board of World Missions, PCUS, 1966, Annual Report

ƒ505.09—Board of World Missions, PCUS, 1967, Annual Report

ƒ504.13—Calvin in Japan, 1963, [booklet]

ƒ504.06—Cogswell, James A., 1957, Until the Day Dawn

ƒ505.04—Executive Committee of Foreign Missions, PCUS, 1946, Annual Report

ƒ505.05—Executive Committee of Foreign Missions, PCUS, 1949, Annual Report

ƒ501.02—Executive Committee of Foreign Missions, PCUS, 1933, Revised Manual

ƒ504.03—Hamilton, E.H., 1981, Thank Christ Anew

ƒ504.16—I Have Fought a Good Fight: A Memorial, Volumes I – VII

ƒ505.03—Japan Christian Quarterly, 1968, Summer

ƒ501.05—Japan Mission, PCUS, 1950 – 1959, Minutes

ƒ502.02—Japan Mission, PCUS, 1960 – 1966, Minutes

ƒ501.04—Japan Mission, PCUS, 1961, Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules

ƒ503.02—Japan Mission, PCUS, 1967 – 1971, Minutes

ƒ501.03—Japan Mission, PCUS, 1967, 1968, 1969, Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules

ƒ504.14—Japan Mission, PCUS, 1968, Directory

ƒ504.15—Japan Mission, PCUS, 1974, Directory of Missionaries in Japan

ƒ504.02—Japanese Hymnal

ƒ504.05—Kaigan Church History, 1972, 100th Anniversary

ƒ504.07—Kirtland, Leila G., undated, Lumpy

ƒ504.10—Kondo, Buichi, 1962, Kinjo College, Seventy Years: 1889 – 1959

ƒ504.11—Kondo, Buichi, 1970, Kinjo College, Eighty Years: 1889 – 1969

ƒ505.02—Pastoral Letter, Concerning the Experience of the Holy Spirit in the Church Today, adopted at the Second General Assembly of the PCA, 1974

ƒ504.12—Reformed Theological Seminary: The First Ten Years [booklet]

ƒ504.08—Seoul Foreign School, undated, Statistical Information 

ƒ505.08—Southern Presbyterian Missions Abroad, PCUS, 1919

ƒ504.09—Underwood, Horace H., 1978, Seoul Foreign School: 1912 – 1978

ƒ504.04—Williams, Henry F., undated, In the Mikado's Empire

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