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William Andrew & Aurine Wilkins McIlwaine

Manuscript Collection #043
Boxes #481

Content Summary: Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism; Consultation on World Missions (PCUS); Atlanta Presbytery (PCUS); Discussion of Covenant Life Curriculum.

Span dates: 1942-1983 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
William A. & Aurine W. McIlwaine Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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William Andrew McIlwaine
[24 April 1893 - 30 November 1985]

Box 481
[folders have been sorted alphabetically for ease of reference]
ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ26—"Calvin's View of the Authority of Scripture," [paper]
ƒ02—Alliance of the Reformed Churches
ƒ03—Annual Reports, 1947 – 1961
ƒ05—Articles from periodicals
ƒ04—Articles, 1949 – 1962
ƒ07—Articles, Miscellaneous
ƒ08—Articles, Miscellaneous
ƒ09—Articles, Miscellaneous
ƒ10—Asian Leadership Conference, Report, December 1961
ƒ11—Atlanta Presbytery, PCUS
ƒ12—Atlanta Presbytery, PCUS, 1964 – 1965
ƒ14—Atlanta Presbytery, PCUS, 1964 – 1965, Reports
ƒ15—Atlanta Presbytery, PCUS, 1965, Minutes, Correspondence, Reports
ƒ13—Atlanta Presbytery, PCUS, 1973, August, Financial Reports,
ƒ16—Auburn Affirmation
ƒ18—Belknap Case, 1955
ƒ19—Bible Study Outline
ƒ20—Bible Translation
ƒ21—Board of Home Missions, PCUS
ƒ22—Board of Home Missions, PCUS, 1963 – 1965
ƒ23—Board of Home Missions, PCUS, Manual, 1965
ƒ24—Braille Literature
ƒ51—Budozono, English Translation of, 1962
ƒ27—Central Florida Presbytery, Judicial Cases, 1983
ƒ28—Central Theological Seminary, Kobe, Japan, Inaugural Address
ƒ29—Certificates, Short Courses
ƒ31—Chaplaincy, Commission, 1943 and other military records
ƒ32—Chaplaincy, Correspondence, 1942 – 1947
ƒ30—Chaplaincy, U.S. Army, Bulletins, 1943 – 1946
ƒ34—Christian University Association, Financial Statements, 1946
ƒ36—Church Union
ƒ41—Committee on Administration, 1976, Minutes,
ƒ40—Committee on Administration, 1977 – 1978, Financial Reports,
ƒ38—Comparative Analysis of the Old and New Testaments in Japanese
ƒ39—Confession of Faith, Changes in
ƒ42—Confidential Report on Christian Education and the State in Japan, 1936
ƒ43—Consultation on World Missions, PCUS, 1962, Folder 1
ƒ44—Consultation on World Missions, PCUS, 1962, Folder 2
ƒ45—Consultative Study on Mission Policy, PCUS, 1962
ƒ46—Continuing Presbyterian Church, Commissioner's Handbook, First General Assembly, 1973
ƒ47—Covenant Life Curriculum
ƒ33—Covenant Life Curriculum, 1966
ƒ48—Divorce, PCUS Policy
ƒ17—Dunkerly, Donald A., Baptism sermon, 1972
ƒ49—Dunkerly, Donald A., Ministers of the Word, [study paper]
ƒ50—Eisenhower, President Dwight D., Visit to Japan, 1960
ƒ52—Evangelical Confederation of Columbia, 1971
ƒ57—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism
ƒ69—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1969 – 1971, Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, Reports and Letters,
ƒ58—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1970, Formation of ECOE, Letters in re,
ƒ61—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1970, Minutes and Reports,
ƒ67—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1971 – 1972, Minutes and miscellaneous notes,
ƒ64—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1972 – 1973, Minutes and Reports,
ƒ65—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1972 – 1973, Reports and Letters,
ƒ63—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1972 – 1973, Reports,
ƒ55—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1972, Heini-German-Edey, Confidential Report,
ƒ62—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1972, Minutes and Reports,
ƒ70—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1973, Daulis, Mputo,
ƒ68—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1973, Letters,
ƒ71—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1973, Missionary Candidates,
ƒ66—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, 1973, Reports and Policies,
ƒ56—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, Formation of ECOE, Documents in re
ƒ54—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism, Letters and Reports to Board of World Missions (PCUS),
ƒ60—Hill, William E., Letters on ECOE missionaries and candidates
ƒ35—Japan, Church Councils and Movements in Japan
ƒ37—Japan, Churches in Japan
ƒ53—Scottdale Evangelistic Program

Links to the finding aids for this collection:
Box 479: Correspondence, Bell - Young, including additional family correspondence

Box 480: Correspondence, 1906 - 1984; W.B. McIlwaine correspondence, 1874 - 1949

Box 481: Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism; Consultation on World Missions (PCUS)

Box 482: Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism; International Christian University; Japan Mission

Box 483: Missionary prayer letters, 1934 - 1984; Reformed Theological Seminary, 1964 - 1978

Box 484: Kobe Reformed Theological Seminary, 1953 - 1960; Japan Mission (PCUS); Photographs

Box 485: Shikoku Christian College; Westminster Theological Seminary, 1962 - 1968; Van Til Lectures

Box 486: Writings, articles, sermons and course notes; Comparative Study of Non-Christian Religions

Box 487: Atlanta Presbytery (PCUS), 1963 - 1973; Japan Protestant Centennial; Correspondence

Box 488: Ephemera - Diplomas and Plaques

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