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Cecil John (Jack) Miller

Manuscript Collection #046

Content Summary: Materials from the academic and ministerial career of the Rev. Dr. C. John (Jack) Miller, with the bulk of the collection focusing on his career at Westminster Theological Seminary, the planting of the New Life Presbyterian Church, Jenkintown, PA, and the later organization of World Harvest Mission. A subseries under Westminster Theological Seminary concerns the justification controversy at that school, 1975-1982, which centered on the teachings of Professor Norman Shepherd.

Span dates: 1950-1996 Size: 12.0 cu. ft. (twelve boxes)

Access: This collection is open to researchers, with the exception of a small group of correspondence which remains under viewing restriction.

Administrative History: Arrangement and description of the collection was accomplished by project archivist Jody Van Dyke. In many cases Dr. Miller's original folder labeling has been retained in these descriptions.

C. John (Jack) Miller
[18 December 1928 - 8 April 1996]

Use of Materials/Copyright Restrictions
All copyright remains active with the surviving family. In their use of these materials, researchers are responsible for observing all copyright laws. 

Preferred citation:
C. John Miller Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Biographical Chronology

1928       -  Born on 18 December, in Gold Beach, Oregon.
1950       -  Married on 28 January to Rose Marie Carlsen
1953       -  Graduated from San Francisco State College, B.A. degree        
1955-60  -  Worked as a teacher at the Ripon Christian School
1959       -  Ordained as a Minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 9 October.
1959-63  -  Labored as a Chaplain in Stockton, CA under the authority of the OPC.
1965-72  -  Pastor, Mechanicsville Chapel, Mechanicsville, PA.
1966       -  Graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary, M.Div.
1966-80  -  Served as Professor at Westminster Theological Seminary
1968       -  Graduated from University of the Pacific, Ph.D.*
1973-90  -  Pastor, New Life Presbyterian Church, Jenkintown/Glenside, PA
1991-96  -  Director, World Harvest Missions
1996       -  Died, 8 April.
* Dissertation title: The Theme of Social Decay in the Last Five Novels of James Fenimore Cooper. Stockton, CA: University of the Pacific; Ph.D. dissertation. 187 leaves; 28 cm., with abstract and bibliography, pp. 156-164.

Collection Overview:
Box 1 - Diaries and Journals
Box 2 - Biographical materials
Box 3 - Biographical and Early Writings, primarily academic
Box 4 - Writings and Sermons
Box 5 - Writings
Box 6 - Writings and Correspondence
Box 7 - Correspondence and Westminster Justification Controversy
Box 8 - Westminster Justification Controversy, New Life Church, World Harvest Mission and works by other authors.
Box 9 - World Harvest Mission, box 1
Box 10 - World Harvest Mission, box 2
Box 11 - Westminster Theological Seminary, course syllabi and other related files, box 1
Box 12 - Westminster Theological Seminary, course syllabi and other related files, box 2

Box 1. [LN 12-03-07.1] — Diaries and Journals

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02 through ƒ28 — Journals and diaries.

Box 2. [LN 12-03-07.2] — Biographical materials
ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— CJM Autobiographical Material
ƒ03— Cancer
ƒ04— Cancer: Sane Loving In A Crazy World
ƒ05— Family Background in Oregon
ƒ06— Funeral
ƒ07— “Jack’s Testimony” Miscellaneous Gathered Materials
ƒ08— Miscellaneous Photos
ƒ09— Ripon Christian High School, 1960, The Lance [yearbook] Includes CJM Passport
ƒ10— Diary May 6, 1977 - July 26, 1977 by Rose Marie Miller
ƒ11— Notebook Containing Miscellaneous Notes, 8 May 1981 – 26 July - 1981
ƒ12— Notebook Containing Miscellaneous Notes, 12 June 1982 – 29 July 1982’ Rotary Club Photo Included
ƒ13— Journal II, 8 September 1976 – 19 December 1976
ƒ14— Journal, 1979-1980
ƒ15— 1. Small Bramby Hedge Notepad Containing Expenses from Spain Trip, August 3 - August 14 [year not indicated], 2. Small Purple Tauro Notepad Containing Notes/Expenses from Spain Trip, July 26 - August 2 [year not indicated], 3. Reporters Pad Containing Sermon Notes and Miscellaneous Notations, 4. Salmon Colored Three Subject Theme Book Containing Mostly Sermon Notes, 1980
ƒ16— Small Blue 3 Ring Binder with Sermon and Miscellaneous Notes.  Includes Newspaper articles and Other Miscellaneous Inserts
ƒ17— Blue Flight Notebook, 1954 Containing Sermon Notes, Various Writings Notes to Include Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, and Other Miscellaneous Notes
ƒ18— Small Red Top Scholar Notebook, 1980 Containing Sermon Notes and Other Miscellaneous Notes
ƒ19— Blue The NoteTaker Containing Prayer Notations and Letters
ƒ20— Green Notebook Entitled: Prayer Requests and Answers
ƒ21— Daytimer, 1990, May-June
ƒ22— Daytimer, 1990 October-November
ƒ23— Daytimer, 1990 July-August
ƒ24— Daytimer, 1988, June-November, 1989, February-May
ƒ25— Daytimer, Feb.- May 1988, Oct.-Nov. 1988, Mar. -Apr. 1990
ƒ26— Daytimer, 1989, October-November and June-September
ƒ27— Legal Pad Containing Miscellaneous Notes 

Box 3. [LN 12-03-07.3] — Biographical and Early Writings, primarily academic

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Red Harvard Square Notebook, 1986, Notes and Miscellaneous Inserts
ƒ03— Yellow Stuart Hall Notebook Entitled: “Reasoning with God in Prayer”
ƒ04— Orange Treasury Notebook, 1986, Prayer Requests, Sermon Notes, and Misc. Notes
ƒ05— Gold Flight Notebook, 1986 with Prayer Requests from Others
ƒ06— Orange Treasury Notebook, 1986 with Prayer Requests from Others
ƒ07— Brown Leather Notebook from Spain with Address Book
ƒ08— Journal: September 9, 1975 - ?
ƒ09— Report Cards for Miller Children
ƒ10— Development Tests for Roseann Miller
ƒ11— WTS Report of Academic Standing, Credit Certificate for Rose Marie Miller, Class: Excellence in Children’s Literature, Graduation Notes
ƒ12— Oppewal, Donald, 1960, High School English Curriculum Guide [Miller wrote the section on English]
ƒ13— Moby Dick Bibliography
ƒ14— A Study of Modern Love
ƒ15— Anticipations of Romanticism and Addison
ƒ16— Billy Budd: A Study in Ambiguity
ƒ17— Writings: Critical Perspective [title?]
ƒ18— Man in Modern Education, Volume I, Folder 1
ƒ19— Man in Modern Education, Volume I, Folder 2
ƒ20— Man in Modern Education, Volume II, Disputed Ground in Modern Education, Folder 1
ƒ21— Man in Modern Education, Volume II, Disputed Ground in Modern Education, Folder 2
ƒ22— Man in Modern Education, Volume III, This Great Argument, Folder 1
ƒ23— Man in Modern Education, Volume III, This Great Argument, Folder 2
ƒ24— Discipleship
ƒ25— Reaching the Children for Christ
ƒ26— Puritanism, Book Draft [includes letter from R. J. Rushdoony?]
ƒ27— Some Thoughts on Teaching The Romantic Sonnet
ƒ28— Love and Sentiment: Article in Torch & Trumpet, February 1960
ƒ29— Approaching the Non-Christian Home”
ƒ30— Repentance  And Twentieth Century Man, Early Version of
ƒ31— Repentance & 20th Century Man
ƒ32— Repentance and 20th Century Man, Early Drafts
ƒ33— Repentance and Twentieth Century Man, Typescript Draft Copy, 43p.
ƒ34— Repentance And Twentieth Century Man, Excerpt of, in Decision Magazine

Box 4. [LN 12-02-07.1] — Writings and Sermons

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Repentance And Twentieth Century Man, Original Notes:
ƒ03— Prayer - The Primacy of Prayer: How to Pray in a Kingdom Fashion”
ƒ04— "Fundamentals of Prayer”
ƒ05— Can Politics and Religion Mix?” (1984)
ƒ06— Evangelism and the Nihilistic Teenager” Undated [7 pp]
ƒ07— Give Back Their Dignity, folder 1 (no folder 2 found)
ƒ08— "John Dewey: The Father of Progressive Education” 8 pp + Article by Cornelius Jaarsma (1965)
ƒ09— Organizing an Evangelistic Bible Study.
ƒ10— "The Problem of Conformity in the Christian High School”
ƒ11— Reflections on Education and Ecstasy.
ƒ12— Writings: New Life Booklet.
ƒ13— The Making of a Minister.
ƒ14— Visitation in Convalescent Hospitals.
ƒ15— Elijah & Aham – Sermon, Elijah: His Fall & Recovery.
ƒ16— Sermons on The Holy Spirit & Pentecost Plus Misc. Notes: (1) The Ministry of The Spirit; (2) A Ministry of Glory; (3) The Ministry of The Spirit; (4) Pentecost – the Birthday of The Church; (5) Pentecost – the Birthday of The Church II; (6) The Holy Spirit & Preaching; Notes from “Brave New World” pg. 56; Who Lives In Fairy Land?; The Art of Apologetics in the Twentieth Century.
ƒ17— Sermon Notes on Faith.
ƒ18— Sermon Notes.
ƒ19— Sermons:
• The Renewal of the Believer;
• Missionary Power of the Gospel;
• The Power of Repentance;
• A Final Word on Church Revitalization;
• The Unlimited Worth of a Human Soul.
ƒ20— Sermons:
• Understanding the Women in Your Life;
• Towards a Gentled, Liberated Heart;
• Getting Connected to the Message of the Cross;
• Learning and Loving in Tough Times;
• Getting a Heart for God.
ƒ21— Sermons: What To Do When Sinfully Wounded by Another Christian; Betrayal of the Idol; God’s Glory: Motivation for Staying and Sending.
ƒ22— Sermons:
• What’s Missing? Eternity In Their Hearts;
• Discover the Church Without Walls;
• Untitled Sermon; Faith The Great Exchange (includes Page 205 from Wesley, Whitfield, and Samuel Johnson);
• Grow a heart For God By Tongue Control;
• Radical love.
ƒ23— Sermons:
• When the Missionary Fire Burns Low;
• The Calling of Matthew & Other Sinners;
• The Key to happiness for the Family:
• Identity in Christ; Evangelism as Lifestyle;
• The Signs of His Return;
• Stunned into Missionary Joy;
• Signs of His Coming;
• Absolutely Convinced of His Resurrection and Return;
• Worshiping Together Effectively:  Jesus Teaches us to Worship & Pray Together;
• Repentance & Twentieth Century Man: Joy of Repentance;
• The Victory that Overcomes the World;
• Dear Christians, Let Us Love one Another;
• Xmas and the Poor;
• Three Spiritual Warfare Lessons: (1) Supremacy of Love to Christ in Spiritual Warfare; (2) Christ Pays for • Our Faith; (3) Keep Right on Forgiving Your Brother;
• Spiritual Warfare;
• Spiritual Warfare: Christ vs. Satan;
• Showing God’s Light in a Darkened World;
• Walking In Light;
• 3 Parting Shots;
• Becoming a World Christian;
• God’s World View;
• The Personal Word Revealing “The Glory”;
Also included in this folder:
Congregational Announcement on Discipline Case; Undated Letter to Jack Miller, author unknown.
ƒ24— Lectures on Preaching: Soul Winning from the Pulpit; The High Cost of Effective Preaching; The Cutting Edge of the Gospel.
ƒ25— "The Great Commission In Military Perspective"
ƒ26— "Power Through Praying Together With Agreement"
ƒ27— "Fully Awake To His Glory"
ƒ28— "Awake Christian to the Spirit" - Trinity Presbyterian Church
ƒ29— The Center of Power: Faith vs. Magic
ƒ30— Death and Dying in America
ƒ31— End of 1989
ƒ32— Meditation and Prayer: Ephesians
ƒ33— Evangelism and the Happiness Cult
ƒ34— Exodus Festival Sermons: Not Ashamed of the Gospel Ever Again; Grumblers Surprised By Christ; The Celebration Song of Moses & The Lamb; The Choice: Darkness or Light; Moses Receives A Glorious Promise After a Double Defeat; God Trains A Deliverer.
ƒ35— Notes on Free Will.
ƒ36— Forgiveness and Grief
ƒ37— Heavenly Life According To Paul
ƒ38— How to Feel O.K. About Yourself
ƒ39— How To Keep Your Child From Becoming A Mess
ƒ40— How to Keep Your Mental Health In A Violent World
ƒ41— An Important Concluding Note to Husband and Fathers; Also included, Report on London
ƒ42— Overpowering the Idols by the Gospel
ƒ43— Getting God’s Heart For The World
ƒ44— Sermons & Notes for Journal
ƒ45— Sermons: No Longer Orphans But Sons; The Way Up is Down
ƒ46— How Wide is God’s Love?
ƒ47— How Big Is God’s Mission Field?
ƒ48— Sermon Notes & Articles
ƒ49— Overcoming Anger
ƒ50— Overcoming Sexual Lust
ƒ51— Sermons & Notes: Passive vs. Active Righteousness; Release from Depression and Low Self-Esteem; Sonship and God’s Plan; Includes “Leadership Training Program”; The Practice of Praying; Discovering How Love Works; Sonship Foundation of The Kingdom Notes and Itinerary.
ƒ52— Sermons from Philippians: Christ’s Secret for True Happiness; The Upward Call vs. The Downward Pull; The Man Who Gave Up Being King; Values and Goals: The Surpassing Greatness of Knowing Christ.
ƒ53— Powerful Praying Through Humility
ƒ54— Christ & The Promises
ƒ55— The Resurrection From The Dead: God’s Anchor For Faith
ƒ56— Theology of Revival
ƒ57— A Big Christ & A Big Faith
ƒ58— Solutions to Depression
ƒ59— Sermon Notebook, Miscellaneous Articles
ƒ60— Sermon Notes (Notebook)
ƒ61— Writings: Sermons, Folder 1
ƒ62— Writings: Sermons on Grace
ƒ63— Model Selection (Book), 1. Wake up call; 2. Chapter; 3. Tell your story.
ƒ64— Willson, S. Bruce, The Church and Her Ministry: Selected papers originally presented at the 1975 Pre-Synodic Conference at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. 1976. Includes "The Word of God in the Life of the Church," by C. John Miller, pp. 86-99.
ƒ65— Outline for a Book
ƒ66— Possible Titles for new book.
ƒ67— Abortion, Notes regarding
ƒ68— AIDS: The Gay 90's
ƒ69— More than Remission: The Power to Live, Love, and Forgive in Tough Times," 1988.
ƒ70— Love, New Book Manuscript, Earlier Draft.
ƒ71— Powerful Loving, New Book Manuscript, Earlier Draft.
ƒ72— Book for Non-Christians.
ƒ73— Crazy Times, Book, Opening Chapter?
ƒ74— Love, Research for New Book on
ƒ75— Love that Creates--Alternatives that Destroy
ƒ76— Powerful Living: Discovering Joy and Sanity through Drawing New to God
ƒ77— Learning from Uninvited Visitors
ƒ78— Rose Marie’s Story: Surprised by Grace
ƒ79— Power to Live, Love, Forgive," - First Draft.
ƒ80— Love Book [Notes]
ƒ81— Presenting Problem I: Failure of Men to Love in an Understanding Way.
ƒ82— Reformed Evangelism Revisited, 1979.
ƒ83— The Word of God in the Life of the Church
ƒ84— The Gospel and the American Businessman in the 1970's [7 p]; Witnessing to the American Businessman [4p]
ƒ85— "How to Deal with Personal Crisis," Rough Draft of
ƒ86— Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses [Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, 1978]
ƒ87— Witnessing to the Dying
ƒ88— Witnessing to Roman Catholics, Rough Draft and published tract       

Box 5. [LN 12-02-07.2] — Writings

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— The Great Commission: God’s Declaration of War
ƒ03— Prayer Meetings Led By The King”, How to Pray Effectively For The Harvest”  [Articles]
ƒ04— Powerful Living: “Orphans vs. Sons”
ƒ05— Constructive Conflict
ƒ06— Freedom from Human Sexuality
ƒ07— Where is the World Council of Churches Leading Us?
ƒ08— Learning to Witness Through Weakness
ƒ09— Witnessing to the Jews
ƒ10— The Use of Evangelical Literature in Tough Times, fragment
ƒ11— Evangelism and the Local Church?, “The Biblical Basis for Radical Hospitality” [unpublished portion]
ƒ12— Four Reasons for Praising Your Wife
ƒ13— The Biggest Conflict of All, folder 1
ƒ14— Herald in the Market Place
ƒ15— Is there an answer to The Exorcist?
ƒ16— Sardonicism in The Red Badge of Courage
ƒ17— Commitment in a Runaway World
ƒ18— Beyond the Great Guilt and the Great Silence, folder 1
ƒ19— Beyond the Great Guilt and the Great Silence, folder 2
ƒ20— How to Set Your Church on Fire
ƒ21— Come Back Barbara
ƒ22— Come Back Barbara, book on Barb, folder 1
ƒ23— Come Back Barbara, book on Barb, folder 2
ƒ24— Come Back Barbara - Study Guide
ƒ25— Outgrowing The Ingrown Church, Contract from Zondervan.
ƒ26— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Drafts, Folder 1
ƒ27— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Drafts, Folder 2
ƒ28— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Spanish translation
ƒ29— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Chapter XXI of [includes XXII]
ƒ30— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Review of 
ƒ31— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, 1994, Revised edition: Chapter on "Grace Meditation"
ƒ32— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Chapter left out of, folder 1
ƒ33— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Chapter left out of, folder 2
ƒ34— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church - "How to Overcome Introversion in the Small Church" [presumed original title]
ƒ35— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, "Last Chapter"
ƒ36— Outgrowing the Ingrown Church: “Give Back Their Dignity”
ƒ37— Repentance & 20th Century Man
ƒ38— Repentance and Personal Sanity; News clippings [two]; Repentance and 20th Century Man.
ƒ39— Self Esteem/Repentance
ƒ40— The World of the Twentieth Century
ƒ41— A Faith Worth Sharing - Chapter Drafts
ƒ42— Learning about Limits: God Rebuilds a Man and His Ministry
ƒ43— Forgiven - Drafts, Notes.
ƒ44— How to Erase Your Guilt: Eternity Beginnings of “Forgiveness”
ƒ45— Prayer and Evangelism
ƒ46— Writings: New Life Booklet
ƒ47— Abortion - "A Reasoned Appeal to Abington Hospital on Abortion"    

Box 6. [LN 12-02-07.3] — Writings and Correspondence

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Campus Crusade in Mexico
ƒ03— Mission: 1 International Reformed Bulletin, 1974; 2. Witnessing Through Wisdom; 3. Mission-Focus, 1973, 1974; 4. Reformed Bulletin of Missions, 1971.
ƒ04— Evangelism Methods and Presentations
ƒ05— Sermons, Witnessing to Roman Catholics, Remember You Shall Be King Hereafter, God’s Word and Roman Catholic Youth.
ƒ06— Religion in Public Schools
ƒ07— Failure in Modern Education
ƒ08— Come Back Barbara, Reviews of
ƒ09— Parenting Handout [1 p.]
ƒ10— “Including Others in Your Faith Journey”
ƒ11— Prospects for the New Hope House, Biblical Foundation for Missionary Evangelism.
ƒ12— Learning to Witness Through Weakness, Common Goals of the Elders
ƒ13— Concerts of Prayer, Colossians Study
ƒ14— God-Centered Evangelism and Communications
ƒ15— Dare to Discipline, Spiral Notebook containing sermon notes
ƒ16— Parenting Children
ƒ17— Ed Welch Letter, Ideas Left out of Ingrown Church
ƒ18— How to Talk Effectively About The Lord Jesus
ƒ19— Sermons on Evangelism from Romans
ƒ20— Miscellaneous, Includes Passport for Rose Marie Miller, Photo.
ƒ21— Miscellaneous Hand-Written Notes
ƒ22— Writings: Journal, 1976, June-August
ƒ23— Writings: A Reasonable Faith for Unreasonable Times
ƒ24— Faith vs. Magic In the Modern World, Dr. C. John Miller
ƒ25— Handout, Husband and Wife Relationships
ƒ26— Sermon Notes
ƒ27— A Faith Worth Sharing, C. John Miller
ƒ28— Church Planting, Folder 1
ƒ29— Church Planting, Folder 2
ƒ30— Floppy Disks on Witnessing [3 disks on Word 6.0)
ƒ31— Evangelism and the Local Church [Typescript]
ƒ32— Reformed Evangelism Revisited by C. John Miller, Chapter One: Launch Forth into the Deep
ƒ33— The Great Commission: God’s Declaration of War [Handwritten Portions]
ƒ34— Why the Pressure for “Open Marriage”
ƒ35— The Quest for Authentic ... Man, Prayer and Christian Manliness, Becoming a Full Time Man,
ƒ36— Leading Your Family to Christ: Harmony in the Home Through the Fifth Commandment, Repentance and the Angry Family, How Parents Can Unwittingly Lead Children Astray, Bringing Your Children to Christ, How to Lead Your Own Children to Christ
ƒ37— God’s Way to Have a Spirit Filled Family
ƒ38— Suicide, Includes Published Pamphlet
ƒ39— Evangelistic Bible Study
ƒ40— Evangelism & Contemporary Culture
ƒ40— The Husband & Father as the Spiritual Leader in the Home
ƒ41— Book on Love [unpublished] 1990 Drafts, Outlines, Notes
ƒ42— Van Til, Cornelius and Others, 1950-1957, Correspondence.
ƒ43— Miscellaneous Confidential Correspondence
ƒ44— Miscellaneous Correspondence
ƒ45— Miscellaneous Correspondence, Includes Published Pamphlets
ƒ46— Confidential Correspondence, folder 1 [under viewing restriction]
ƒ47— Confidential Correspondence, folder 2 [under viewing restriction]
ƒ48— Confidential Correspondence: folder 3 [under viewing restriction]
ƒ49— Confidential Correspondence, folder 4 [under viewing restriction]
ƒ50— Letter to Editor of the Presbyterian Guardian,  Re: OPC/RPCES Merger
ƒ51— Correspondence on Book on English Literature
ƒ52— Correspondence, Misc.
ƒ53— Miscellaneous Pamphlets and Correspondence

Box 7. [LN 12-01-07.1] — Correspondence and Westminster Justification Controversy

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Personal Letters, Jack Miller
ƒ03— Buddemeier, Richard E., 1996 Correspondence
ƒ04— Correspondence, 1952-1969.
ƒ05— Correspondence, 1987
ƒ06— Leadership/Discipling Materials Correspondence
ƒ07— Letter to a Cancer Patient, 24 June 1988 [two copies, one leaf each]
ƒ08— Miscellaneous Letters
ƒ09— Addictive Fears, Letters about, 1983 [one leaf].
ƒ10— Addictive Sins, Letters about, 1983-1989 [12 leaves + one envelope].
ƒ11— Christian Living, Letters about, 1974-1993.
ƒ12— Christian Living, Letters about, 1981-1988.
ƒ13— Letters To and From Missionaries
ƒ14— Letters to Leaders
ƒ15— Letters to Norman Viss, Letter to Jack Miller from Don Richardson
ƒ16— Letters, Ireland
ƒ17— Smilga, Sandra, 1985, Correspondence [see also three letters in 3.5]
ƒ18— Snyder, Chuck & Nancy, 1992-1993, Correspondence
ƒ19— Spiritual Warfare Letter, 1993
ƒ20— Miscellaneous Correspondence, Folder 1
ƒ21— Miscellaneous Correspondence, Folder 2 [includes photos]
ƒ22— Miller Children Correspondence
ƒ23— Orthodox Presbyterian Church Correspondence
ƒ24— Miscellaneous Correspondence
ƒ25— Miscellaneous Correspondence
ƒ26— University of the Pacific Correspondence, Report Cards, Degree
ƒ27— University of California Correspondence, Cornelius Van Til Letter to Miller, 11 January, 1956.
ƒ28— A Voice of Mercy, Letter of Gratitude from Janet Ross.
ƒ29— Shepherd, Norman, 1975, "The Covenant Context for Evangelism" In the church and Her Ministry (1976) pp. 100-114.
ƒ30— Westminster Theological Seminary, Board of Trustees, 1976, Unsigned draft of a Statement of Concern by Members of the WTS Faculty, dated May 1976 [3 p.;]
ƒ31— Kuschke, Arthur W., 1976, "The Relationship of Justification and Good Works" [4 p.]
ƒ32— Kuschke, Arthur W., 1976, "The Relationship of Justification and Good Works" [4 p.]
ƒ33— Kuschke, Arthur W. and C. John Miller, 1976, Letter to the Members of the Board of Trustees [2 p.]
ƒ34— Shepherd, Norman, 1976, Statement on WCF II.2, together with Notes from Faculty Discussion [8 p.]
ƒ35— Shepherd, Norman, 1976, The Relation of Good Works to Justification in the Westminster Standards [53 pp.]
ƒ36— Kuschke, Arthur W., 1976, "Statement for Consideration on December 14, 1976" [6 p.]
ƒ37— Report of the Faculty to the Board (Meeting of 10 February 1977) on the Progress of Discussion on Faith and Justification [6 p.]
ƒ38— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr., 1977, "Some Observations on the Faculty Discussion on Faith and Justification [3 p.]
ƒ39— Poythress, Vern, et al., [Faculty Committee], 1977, ". . . Two Alternative Positions that could serve as the Basis for the Faculty Report to the Board" [Dated 29 March 1977; 6 p.]
ƒ40— Poythress, Vern, et al., [Faculty Committee], 1977, ". . . Two Alternative Positions that could serve as the Basis for the Faculty Report to the Board" [Dated 29 March 1977; 6 p.]
ƒ41— Dillard, Ray, 1977, "What I Understand Mr. Shepherd to be Saying" [1 p. on fax transmission paper, dated 6 April 1977]
ƒ42— Shepherd, Norman, 1977, "A Statement on the Doctrine of Justification" with Cover Letter dated 15 April 1977 [3 p.]
ƒ43— Miller, John C., 1977, 1. Cover Letter to Arthur Kuschke, undated [1 pg.] 2. "Reflections on the Faculty Discussion of Justification" [9pp.]
ƒ44— Godfrey, W. Robert, 1977 "Proposed Faculty Report on Justification," Dated 2 May, 1977 [5pp.]
ƒ45— Godfrey, Robert, et.al., 1977, "Gentlemen of the Board of Trustees…," with cover letter of 18 May 1977.
ƒ46— Kuschke, Arthur W. and C. John Miller, 1977, Charges filed Again Against Rev. Norman Shepherd, 28 May 1977
ƒ47— (1.) Ferguson, Sinclair B. 1977, Review of the New Testament Student, Vol. III; (2.) Shepherd, Norman, 1977, "More on Covenant Evangelism: A Reply," (a.) July 1977; (b.) November 1977.
ƒ48— Clowney, Edmund P., 1977, Letter to the Rev. John Mitchell, Regarding Charges Against Rev. Norman Shepherd, [2 pp.] 1 August 1977.
ƒ49— Shepherd, Norman, 1978, 1. "Response to a Special Report of the Faculty on the Discussion on Faith and Justification," with Appendixes A-D [16pp.]; 2. Translation of Two Sections of Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics, Under Cover Letter of 3 Jan. 1977, [10pp.]; 3. Cover Slip, Dated 26 January 1978, For Above Two Items, [1 pg.]
ƒ50— Rainbow, Jon[athan], Undated Letter to Dr. Miller, [2pp.]; Possible Date: February 1978.
ƒ51— Robertson, O. Palmner "The Issues Involved in Norman Shepherd's Views on Justification" [7pp.] Cover Slip Dated 6 February 1978, [7 pp.] Cover Slip Dated 6 February 1978.
ƒ52— Knudsen, Robert D., 1978, Letter to the Board of Trustees in Support of Robert Godfrey's Questioning Some of Shepherd's Formulations, 9 February 1978 [1 pg.]
ƒ53— Shepherd, Norman, 1978, "A Further Response to a Special Report of the Faculty to the Board on Discussion of Faith and Justification,' 1 March 1978 [5 pp.]
ƒ54— Miller, C. John, 1978, Correspondence – Letter to President Edmund P. Clowney Report on Discussions with Norman Shepherd and Dick Gaffin, Dated 3 March 1978 [3 pp.]
ƒ55— Miller, C. John, 1978, Letter to Norman Shepherd, Dated 20 March 1978; (2) 25 July 1977; (3) 11 December 1978; 4. 24 July 1981, [4 pp.]
ƒ56— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr., 1978, "Faith and Works in Paul," 22 March 1978 [8 pp.]
ƒ57— Polythress, Vern, 1978, "The Role of Justification in Understanding The Bible's Message [31 March 1978] [7 pp.]
ƒ58— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr., 1978, 11 April 1978.
ƒ59— Knudsen, Robert d., 1978, Cover Letter of 14 April 1978 and "Some Thoughts on a Discussion of the Relation of Justification to Good Works." [24 pp. Total]
ƒ60— Kuschke, Arthur W., 1978, A Summary of the Issue of Justification by Faith, As Over Against Justification by Faith and Works (or by "Obedient Faith") At Westminster Seminary, Dated 14 April 1978 [13 pp., holograph.]
ƒ61— Hughes, Philip E., 1978, "Some Reasons for Dissenting from the majority Report of 21 April 1978…' [11 pp.]
ƒ62— Clowney, Edmund P., et. al., 1978, Proposed Faculty Report to the Board, April 25, 1978, Submitted by the Draft Committee Elected by the Faculty [8 pp.]
ƒ63— Report of the Faculty to the Board on Faith and Justification, 25 April 1978 [4 pp.]
ƒ64— Conn, Harvie M., 1978, Letter to the Board of Trustees [1 pg.] Dated 4 May 1978.
ƒ65— Knudsen, Robert D., et al., 1978, Letter to the Members of the Board of Trustees [7 pp.] 10 May 1978.
ƒ66— Sloat, Leslie W., 1978, Letter to the Members of the Board of Trustees, [3 pp.] 10 May 1978.
ƒ67— Kuschke, Arthur W., 1978 "A Dissent from the Faculty Report of April 25, 1978 on Faith and Justification" [12 pp.] 11 May 1978.
ƒ68— Godfrey, W. Robert, 1978, Letter to the Board of Trustees Dated 15 May 1978 [2 pp.]
ƒ69— Robertson, O. Palmer, 1978, 1. Letter of 15 May 1978; 2. Nineteen Erroneous or Misleading Statements
ƒ70— Knudsen, Robert D. 1978, Letter to the Board of Trustees, Dated 16 May 1977 [7 pp.]
ƒ71— Shepherd, Norman, 1978, Letter to the Board of Trustees Dated 20 May 1978 with Attachment A. Janse, 1931.
ƒ72— Cosgrove, Charles H., 1978, The Mosaic Law Preaches Faith: A Study in Galatians 3" [24 pp.] With Cover Letter by Robert d. Knudsen Dated 22 may 1978 [1 pg.]
ƒ73— Miller, C. John, 1978, Letter Addressed to the Board of Trustees, Dissenting from the Majority Report of 21 April 1978 [5 pp] 22 May 1978.
ƒ74— Student Petition, 1978, 6 October 1978 [1 pg.]
ƒ75— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr., 1978, Interaction with Dissent of Dr. Hughes [16 pp.] 4 November 1978.
ƒ76— Godfrey, W. Robert, 1978, Letter to the Board of Trustees Dated 10 November 1978 [3 pp.]
ƒ77— Shepherd, Norman, 1978, Cover Letter of 18 Nov. To Presbytery of Philadelphia (OPC) [3 pp.]; Thirty Four Theses on Justification [4 pp.]; Revised Formulation of Theses 7, 8, & 9 [1 pg.]
ƒ78— Presbytery of Philadelphia (OPC), 1978, Stated Clerk's Letter RE: Consideration of Shepherd's Thirty-Four Theses," 20 November 1978 [1 pg.]
ƒ79— Miller, Dr. C. John, 1978, Writings "Justification By Faith in the Twentieth Century," December 1978.
ƒ80— Kuschke, Arthur W., 1979, "Bringing The Issue Into Focus…" 13 January 1979 [4 pp.]
ƒ81— Clowney, Edmund P., 1979, Summary Statement on Justification [4 pp.], Date 8 February 1979.
ƒ82— Shepherd, Norman, 1979, The Grace of Justification," 8 February 1979.
ƒ83— Miller, C. John, 1979, "Continuance in Justification" with cover letter dated 11 April 1979. Includes an appendix, "Application to Norman Shepherd's Thirty-Four Theses on Justification." Two copies with cover letter [16 p. each], one copy without cover letter.
ƒ84— Poythress, Vern S., 1979, Systematic Theologizing in the Justification Controversy [19 pp.] 28 May 1979.
ƒ85— Kinneer, Jack, 1979 "2 Corinthians 3 and The Mosaic Covenant" 27 April 1979 [27 pp.]
ƒ86— Reynolds, Stephen M., 1979, Critical Theological Matters [17 pp.] [Dated 6 June 1979] Includes: 1. An Appeal to Hold Fast to the Teachings of Dr. J. Gresham Machen [pp. 1-11]; 2. Dangerous New Attacks on the Doctrine of the Inerrancy of the Autographa of the Bible [pp. 12-14]; 3. Theistic Evolution of Orthodox Presbyterian Circles [pp. 15-17]
ƒ87— Mitchell, John J., 1979, Open Letter to the Presbytery of Philadelphia, July 1979 [Memograph, 12 pp]
ƒ88— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr., 1979, Excerpt from S.G. DeGraaf's Hoofdlijnen In De Dogmatiek as addressed to the committee to Study the Doctrine of Justification [2 pp.] dated 22 September 1979.
ƒ89— Miller, C. John, 1979 Response to Thesis 23 and Thesis 24 of Shepherd's 34 Theses [Original Transcript and One Copy] [5 pp.]
ƒ90— Justification Controversy, Response From Theologians to Controversy. 1. Letter from O. Palmer Robertson to Theologians requesting Advice, Dated: 9 October 1979; 2. List of Documents sent to Theologians; 3. Response Letter from William Hendriksen Dated: 20 October 1979; 4. Response Letter from Pierre Courthial Dated: 26 October 1979; 5. Response Letter from C. Gregg Singer Dated: 23 October 1979; 6. Response Letter from Morton H. Smith Dated: 2 November 1979; 7. Response Letter from Roger Nicole Dated: 3 November 1979; 8. Response Letter from Edward Kellogg Dated: 6 November 1979; 9. Letter from Fred H. Klooster Dated: 9 November 1979; 10. Response Letter from R. C. Sproul Dated: 12 December 1979; 11. Letter from O. Palmer Robertson to Board of Trustees; 12. Response Letter from Iain H. Murray Dated: 14 January 1980; Response Letter Dated from D.M. Lloyd-Jones Dated: 13 February 1980 [2 copies]
ƒ91— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr., 1979, Faith and Works in Paul [13 October 1979; 9 pp.]
ƒ92— Kline, Meredith, 1979-1980, 1. A Communication on the Justification Issue to the Joint Board-Faculty Committee [4 pp.]; 2. A supplementary Communication on the Justification Issue [2 pp.]; 1. 1 November 1979; 2. 15 January 1979.
ƒ93— Williamson, G.I., 1979-1980, Correspondence: 1. Letter of 12 December 1979 to O. Palmer Robertson; 2. Letter of 23 January 1980 to Professors Robertson & Settle [4 pp. in all] 

Box 8. [LN 12-01-07.2] — Justification Controversy, New Llife Church, World Harvest Mission, and works by other authors.

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Handwritten Notes, Unsigned: Set 1 – Assumed Author, C. John Miller [Eleven Leaves, 5.5 x 8.5]; Set 2 Dated 1 November, 4 leaves, Double-Sided 8.5 x 11 Paper
ƒ03— "Supplemental Report to the Board by Some Members of the Special Board-Faculty Committee on Justification, Dated 14 February 1980 [18 pp. incl. Title Page]
ƒ04— Robertson O. Palmer, 1980 "Norman Shepherd's 'Covenant Perspective:' An Analysis of His Public Statements" [7 pp.] 6 May 1980.
ƒ05— Report of the Committee to Study the Doctrine of Justification By Faith, 1980, 1. Westminster Statement on Justification; 2 Affirmations and Denials, 8 May 1980 [24 pp.]
ƒ06— WTS Board of Trustees, 1980, Minority Report of the Board-Faculty Committee on Justification, Dated 13 May 1980 [29 pp.] and Cover Letter Dated 19 May 1980 [1 pg.]
ƒ07— Westminster Statement on Justification, Dated 27 May 1980 [17 pp. + Covers]
ƒ08— Shepherd, Norman, 1980 Letter to WTS Board of Trustees, Dated 7 July 1980, RE: Letter From Reid, Cummings & Bean, Dated 9 June 1980, (also attached) [2 pp]
ƒ09— WTS Board of Trustees, 1980, Report…By Some Members of the Board-Faculty Commission Erected to Consider Allegations Concerning Professor Shepherd's Teaching Dated 17 November 1980 [4 pp.], Signed by Nederhood, Pappas, Polywress, & Strimple.
ƒ10— WTS Commission on Allegations Regarding Professor Shepherd, 1980 Report to the Board of Trustees from Three Members of the Commission [Cummings, Godfrey, Hoeflinger], Dated 19 November 1980 [3 pp.] + 2. Summary of Allegations, Dated 9 October 1980 [15 pp.] [Note: Missing Appendix A, pp.16-19], [Appendix A is Part of a Second copy of the Report also in this Folder] and Cover Letter, Undated From Arthur [Kuschke] to Jack [Miller] [1 pg.]
ƒ11— Presbytery of Philadelphia (OPC), 1980, Complaint and Substitute Motion [4 pp.]
ƒ12— Affirmations, Denials and Comparisons of Formulations on the Doctrine of Justification as Presented at Westminster Theological Seminary, 1975-1980 [9 pp. carbon typescript on onion skin paper)
ƒ13— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr., 1981, Open Letter "To Those Concerned for the Ministry of Westminster Seminary," Dated 19 May 1981 [8 pp.]
ƒ14— Strimple, Robert B., 1981, Correspondence with Mr. John Ykema, Dated 21 July 1981 [3 pp.]
ƒ15— Shepherd, Norman, 1981, Letter Received on 8 October 1981 By the Visitation Committee and Addressed to the Board of Trustees [10 pp.]
ƒ16— Clowney, Edmund P., 1981 Controversial issues in the Teaching of Professor Shepherd, Report Delivered 9 October 1981 [14 pp.]; With Cover Letter, Dated 12 oct 1981 [1 pg.]
ƒ17— Visitation committee, 1981 Report to the Board of Trustees [November 1981] [8 pp.]
ƒ18— Visitation Committee, 1981 Revised Report [as Submitted by Edmund P. Clowney, 22 pp.]
ƒ19— Miller, C. John, 1981 Correspondence with the Board-Faculty Committee [7 pp.]
ƒ20— Reasons and Specifications Supporting the Action of the Board of Trustees in Removing Professor Shepherd, Approved by the Executive committee of the Board, February 26, 1982 [18 pp.]; Together With: Clowney, Edmund P., 23 June 1982, Introductory letter [1 pg.]; Clowney, Edmund P., 23 June 1982, Cover Letter for "Reasons and Specifications" [2 pp.]; News Release: Shepherd Case Concluded at Westminster Seminary [1 pg.]
ƒ21— Gaffin, Richard B., Jr. 1982, Letters of 21 April 1982 [5 pp.] and 11 may 1982, [7 pp.] Regarding the Letter of 4 May 1981 and the Dismissal of Norman Shepherd, Respectively, Copy of 4 May 1981 Included in this file {2 pp.]
ƒ22— Presbytery of Philadelphia (OPC), 1983, Report of the Committee of Three, Meeting May 6-7, 1983 [RE: Letter of 4 May 1981 and Related Matters] [9 pp.] + Example Copy of Letter of 4 May 1981 [2 pp.] and its attached letter of 4 December 1980 [6 pp.]
ƒ23— BLANK FILE: Justification Controversy WTS, Reports to Philadelphia OPC Presbytery Notes on Shepherd's Theses & Theses.
ƒ24— BLANK FILE: Controversy on Justification at WTS: WTS Faculty Reports Correspondence letter to R. Gaffin
ƒ25— BLANK FILE: Justification Controversy, WTS Articles by N. Shepherd, U Poythress, S. Reynolds.
ƒ26— Entry from Kuschke, Arthur W. Jr., Dated 8 March 1978 Regarding Enlargement of Specifications 2 & 3 of Charge II of the Justification Controversy . [1 pg.] Copy of Charge I & II (Charge I is not indicated but assumed), Pages 2-5 [Missing Page 1], [4 pp.]
ƒ27— Copy of Chapter XI "Justification by Faith Alone" from Book Entitled "Puritan Sage, Collected Writings of Jonathan Edwards," Pages 219-265; Pages are Underlined, Highlighted and Contain Some Hand Written Notations. [24 pp.]
ƒ28— Letter of Dissent from Faculty-Report on Justification Adopted By Faculty on April 25, 1978. Letter to Board of Trustees Dated 26 April 1978 From: W. Robert Godfrey, Philip E. Hughes, Robert D. Knudsen, Arthur W. Kuschke, C. John Miller, O. Palmer Robertson. [1 pg.]
ƒ29— Hand-Written Memo from Arthur W. Kuschke to Jack Miller Regarding the WTS Justification Controversy, Dated 31 October 1977 [2 pp.]
ƒ30— Justification Controversy Questions and Answers [5 pp.]
ƒ31— Reynolds, Stephen M. Letter to the Presbytery of Philadelphia entitled "An Attempt At Reconciliation" Dated 8 January 1979 {9 pp.]
ƒ32— Response to Theses 22 (34 These by Norman Shepherd) by C. John Miller (undated); Kuschke, Arthur "Also Necessary for Justification?" [2 pp.] Why the Presbytery, Meeting May 12, 1979 Should Find that Thesis 22 is Contrary to the bible and the Westminster Standards, 12 May 1979 [5 pp.]
ƒ33— Zahn, Theodor "Der Brief des Paulus an die Galater" 3rd ed. (1922), pp. 251-253, Copy of Hand-Written Notes By Unknown Author [7 pp.]
ƒ34— WTS Board of Trustees Judgment Letter Regarding the Premature Resolution on Justification by Faith Adopted by the Board on February 8, 1979, Request For Clarification From Seminary On Scriptural Doctrine of Justification by Faith. Date: Unknown [1 pg.]
ƒ35— Gaffin, Dick (Richard) B., Jr., Copy of Letter to Arthur Kuschke and Jack Miller Concerning The Consideration of Galatians 5:5, 6 as Found in the Exposition of Theodor Zahn [1 pg.]
ƒ36— Ryskamp, Kenneth L., Wilson, William O. Jr., Ykema, John I., Letter to C. John Miller Seeking Reconciliation For WTS, Dated 16 June 1981, [2 pp.]
ƒ37— Copies of (1) "We Would See Jesus" by Roy and Revel Hession [1 pg.]; (2). "Commentary on Luther's Article" by Tim Conkling [2 pp.]; (3) "Romans 6: Learning to Live Under Grace, Insights Into Living the Christian Life" by Tim Conkling [5 pp.]
ƒ38— Stances on Faith and Good Works from Various Authors
ƒ39— Vos, Geerhardus, The Pauline Eschatology, pp. 148-149 [photocopy], addresed "To Jack" [1 pg.]
ƒ40— Letter of Dissent from Faculty-Report on Justification Adopted By Faculty on April 25, 1978. Letter to Board of Trustees Dated 26 April 1978 From: W. Robert Godfrey, Philip E. Hughes, Robert D. Knudsen, Arthur W. Kuschke, C. John Miller, O. Palmer Robertson. [1 pg.]
ƒ41— Mitchell, John J., Response Letter to Letter Dated May 4, 1981. Addressed to WTS Letter on Justification Controversy. Mitchell is Seeking a Judicial Hearing In Order to Resolve the Controversy [2 pp.] Gaffin, Richard B Letter of Response to Letter Dated May 4, 1981. [8 pp.]
ƒ42— Continuance In Justification Is By Faith Alone, Owen, John Justification by Faith Ch.V Excerpt [1 pg.]
ƒ43— BLANK FILE: Justification Controversy WTS, WTS Board and Faculty Notes/Recommendations 9/22/79 – ?/23.82
ƒ44— Godfrey, Robert W. Letter to WTS Board Of Trustees Critiquing Norman Shepherd's Views on Justification, Dated 31 January 1978
ƒ45— (1.) Cummings, David, Hand-Written Letter to C. John Miller Dated 17 February 1981 Urging Action Regarding the Justification Controversy [2 pp.]. Attached Letter Date 16 November, 1977 to the Presbytery of Philadelphia with Testimonials for their Deliberations Involving Norman Shepherd's views on Justification [2 pp.]; (2.) C. John Miller Hand-Written Letter to "Dick" (Presumed Richard Gaffin) Regarding Justification Controversy, Dated 22 August 1980 [1 pg. ]; (3.) Proposed Possible Motions, Author Unknown, [3 pp.]; (4.) Additional Motions [2 pp.] (5.) Poythress, Vern S., Formulation, 3 May 1977 [1 pg.]; (6.) WTS Board of Trustees Letter of Support of the Faculty on Faith and Justification Adopted by Faculty on 25 April 1978 [1 pg.]
ƒ46— (1.) Ryskamp, Kenneth L., Wilson, William O. Jr., Ykema, John I. Letter to WTS Board and Staff Anticipating A Resolution to the Justification Controversy [2 pp.]; (2.) Statement of the WTS Board of Trustees Regarding The Dismissal of Norman Shepherd [1 pg.]; (3.) Sibley, Laurence C. Jr., Press Release [4 pp. including cover]; (4.) Letter of Regret to WTS Board and Faculty from Earl C. Van Til, Dated 14 December 1981 [1 pg.]
ƒ47— Charge I by The Presbytery of Philadelphia of Norman Shepherd, Undated, [5 pp.]
ƒ48— WTS Board Of Trustees Letter Regarding A "Clear Break" with Norman Shepherd's Doctrinal Position on Justification. Dated 4 December 1980, [6 pp.]
ƒ49— (1.) Godfrey, Robert W., Knudsen, Robert D., Kuschke, Arthur W., Sloat, Leslie W., Letter to the Faculty of WTS Requesting a Meeting to Discuss the Contents of Their Letter from June 3, 1981. Dated 15 June 1981 [1 pg.]; (2.) Logan, Samuel T. Jr., Letter to Kenneth L. Ryskamp with Recommendations for Resolution [5 pp.]
ƒ50— "Citations from Reformed Theologians On the Relation Between Faith and Works" Undated, [3 pp.] Two Copies
ƒ51— Poythress, Vern S., 1981, "Dear Colleagues" [typescript mimeo, dated Oct. 1981; 17 p.]
ƒ52— Legal Documentation Regarding Claim of Hugh Whitted Against the Estate of Arthur S. Demoss.
ƒ53— History of New Life.
ƒ54— New Life Church Planning / Prayer Bibliography
ƒ55— New Life Course on Evangelism
ƒ56— New Life Presbyterian Church: Bulletins
ƒ57— New Life Reports: Hillside, etc.
ƒ58— New Life Scripture Songs.
ƒ59— Miscellaneous Material: Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, Published Brochures, Theology of Prayer.
ƒ60— New Life Youth Program, Evangelism and the Nihilistic Teenager, Give Them Back Their Dignity, Proposal for Youth Church, Christ and the Generation Gap, Winning Young People to Christ, Assignments for Youth Evangelism.
ƒ61— New Life Prayer Retreat
ƒ62— Legal Documentation Re: Claim of Hugh Whitted Against the Estate of Arthur S. Demoss.
ƒ63— King, David, 1971, "Satan and the Christian" [56 pp.] [Incomplete]
ƒ64— Nabors, Randy, 1969, Open Air Campaigner's N.Y. Metropolitan Area Report [3 pp.]
ƒ65— Gunstra, Bernard, 1971, Thoughts on Theological Education [20 pp.]
ƒ66— Miscellaneous Writings by Various Authors.
ƒ67— Gospel Communication, Christian Writer
ƒ68— Alper, Bert, "No Jewish Evangelism", Alper, Elinor, "Why Don't You Steal?", Letter to Abbie by unknown author, Misc. Published Pamphlets
ƒ69— Hannah Steinberg, Getting Our Missionary Identity Straight
ƒ70— How to Write Missionary Letters, Published Booklet by Alvera Mickelson, Collegiate Challenge Magazine, 1969. Other Miscellaneous Materials.
ƒ71— "Great Letters" [that title may not be that of Dr. Miller, but perhaps that of B. Juliani]
ƒ72— "Jack's Book" : Sons vs. Orphans, 2/8/85; Galatians 3:15 - Conscience, 3/16/85; Difference/Law & Gospel, 4/17/85; Justification by Faith; "new material for here or Law & Gospel.
ƒ73— "Jack's Writings" - three 3.5" floppy discs; John Miller, Sample OCR Scans: 3.5" floppy disc, from Deb Hughes, addressed to Dan Macha.
ƒ74— "Letters Answered"
ƒ75— Abortion, Letters on, circa 1986.
ƒ76— Amsterdam Files
ƒ77— Brown diary with black taped spine, circa 1994.
ƒ78— Correspondence, 1982-1988 ["Letters to New Life Church during lymphoma, about stewardship"]
ƒ79— Correspondence, unsorted, 1978-1994 [World Harvest]
ƒ80— Daytimer pages, loose, 1991.

Box 9. [LN 12-01-07.3] —
World Harvest Mission, box 1

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Early Sonship (Leadership Training): Alan Lee Revision.
ƒ03— Early Sonship at New Life
ƒ04— Early Sonship, 1987, ["right before cancer"]
ƒ05— Sonship
ƒ06— Sonship - An Orphan Becomes a Son, by Rose Marie Miller.
ƒ07— Sonship - Engaging in Constructive Conflict.
ƒ08— Sonship - Passive versus Active Righteousness, by J. Miller.
ƒ09— Sonship - Primacy of Faith, by J. Miller.
ƒ10— Sonship assignments
ƒ11— Sonship Materials - Sonship Ridgehaven Conference Center, 1995.
ƒ12— Sonship talks
ƒ13— Sonship Testimonies, two cassette tapes, 1994.
ƒ14— Evangelism & the Local Church, Early Sonship Manual
ƒ15— Sonship, miscellaneous
ƒ16— Transcripts for Sonship Courses
ƒ17— World Harvest Mission, Sonship Week, 1985: A Son Meets With His Father; Passive vs. Active  Righteousness; My Encounter with the Gospel. Folder 1.
ƒ18— World Harvest Mission, Sonship Week, 1985: My Encounter With the Gospel, Parts 1 & 2; Conflict [27  April 1985]; Conflict; Leadership Training Series: Defeating the Flesh. Folder 2.
ƒ19— Sonship Materials, “Disciples by Grace” -[includes floppy disk - Orphan’s Vs. Sons”]
ƒ20— Sonship Training for Pastors.
ƒ21— Evangelism Seminar & Papers on Prayer.
ƒ22— Evangelism Conference, 1986.
ƒ23— Daily Diary, Executive's Weekly Minder 1994.
ƒ24— File labeled "Word Perfect" - WHM Correspondence and Ministry planning.
ƒ25— Materials from Daytimer: Original sin; Justification; Quotations.
ƒ26— Miller prayer letters.
ƒ27— WHM Report, 1990, Jack Miller.
ƒ28— Minister's Conference, 1980 & 1981, Lectures One, Two, and Three (1980), Evangelistic Crusade (1981)
ƒ29— Miscellaneous Letters
ƒ30— Letter about Uganda and the Early History of World Harvest Mission
ƒ31— Journal notes [4 leaves]
ƒ32— Journal, 1986, Meditations on Romans 5
ƒ33— Judge's Prayer Breakfast, 1994, Lecture on Abraham Lincoln [typescript, 6 p.]
ƒ34— Leadership; Letter to WHM Missionaries, 1993
ƒ35— Green cover, spiral bound notebook [blank pages removed by archivist]
ƒ36— Annual Reports: 1992-1996; Jack & Rose Marie Miller
ƒ37— Jenkins, David & Margaret

Box 10. [LN 13-01-07.1] — World Harvest Mission, box 2

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Report on Uganda, 1980
ƒ03— Fund for Uganda Quarterly Letter, 1977; Misc. Letters
ƒ04— Letters, Africa
ƒ05— Letters from C. J. Miller to WHM Board; Reports to Board
ƒ06— Letters to WHM Missionaries; Report to WHM Board, 1990
ƒ07— Letters, 1994
ƒ08— The Modern Theological Novel”
ƒ09— Mission of the Church & Mission to the Poor
ƒ10— Missionary Training Course/Center
ƒ11— Moscow
ƒ12— New Era
ƒ13— Pastor's/Minister's Conference, Uganda, 1983.
ƒ14— Uganda, 1979.
ƒ15— Master Plan for Evangelism and Church Planting in Uganda.
ƒ16— Personal life of a church planter (course)
ƒ17— Praise book, 1994, spiral bound [red cover; blank pages removed by archivist]
ƒ18— Preparation of the Man
ƒ19— Quo Vadis "Planning Diary," 1983.
ƒ20— Quotes book, spiral bound, undated [royal blue; blank pages removed by archivist]
ƒ21— Record book, 1991, [black]
ƒ22— Record book, 1992 [medium blue]
ƒ23— Record book, 1993, [light blue]
ƒ24— The London Training Center
ƒ25— Reports, London trip, photographs
ƒ26— Russia
ƒ27— Support Raising Letters/Financial/Prayer
ƒ28— Vision, Strategy, and Direction of World Harvest Mission, 1993.
ƒ29— WHM Audit, 1994.
ƒ30— World Harvest documents
ƒ31— World Harvest Mission course on evangelism
ƒ32— World Harvest Mission, Ireland
ƒ33— World Harvest Mission, 1993; The Great Commission: God’s Declaration of War; Letter from Paul McKaughan; Reflections on a European Field Director.
ƒ34— Uganda Committee: Early Form of World Harvest Mission.
ƒ35— World Harvest Mission: Leadership Training Series
ƒ36— Can We Believe The Bible?, For Muslims - Uganda 1980.
ƒ37— Sonship Tracks, Prayer London
ƒ38— Sonship Weekends, Core Elements in Planning
ƒ39— Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage
ƒ40— Sandy Cove Speaking Engagement Itinerary and Thank You Letter
ƒ41— Approach to Young People Thru Justice, Dr. C. John Miller [File originally entitled: Space Shuttle]
ƒ42— The Church and Missionary Strategy in 20th Century.
ƒ43— Preaching Christ with a Clearly Defined Purpose
ƒ44— Financial Statement Uganda, Includes Red Spiral Bound Notebook with Various Notations (1979) , 2 Published works:  1. ”The Fly Whisk” (1967), 2. “The Tales Of Wamungumo”(1968).
ƒ45— Miscellaneous Correspondence Uganda
ƒ46— World Harvest Mission, 1994, Board Notebook.
ƒ47— World Harvest Mission, 1995, Board Notebook, Audit for 1994.
ƒ48— Uganda File, Newspaper Articles
ƒ49— World Harvest Mission Notebook, April 2-3, 1995.
ƒ50— Sonship Week 1995
ƒ51— Uganda Correspondence, Includes Africa Map
ƒ52— Sonship for Missionaries
ƒ53— Miscellaneous Sonship Material   

Box 11 [LN 13-01-07.2] — Westminster Theological Seminary, course syllabi & related files, box 1

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Westminster Seminary Course, undated, Lecture Notes for Undetermined Course [?]: (1.) John Cotton on God's Grace; (2.) How Unitarianism Arises in Reformed Churches.
ƒ03— Westminster Seminary Course, undated, Prayer, Lecture notes only.
ƒ04— Pastoral Interns, Miscellaneous Reports; Includes Western Music: a journey to the east?, by Wayne Labs.
ƒ05— Systematics 531
ƒ06— Group Evangelism Announcements
ƒ07— Missions Course (#635) & (#6233)
ƒ08— “A Christian View of Sexuality” (Notes and Outline By C.John Miller)
ƒ09— Preaching by Faith, folder 1
ƒ10— Youth Evangelism (WTS Course)
ƒ11— Van Til, Cornelius, 1953, Christian-Theistic Evidences [Course Syllabus, 136 p.; Annotated by CJM]
ƒ12— Van Til, Cornelius, 1965, “Christ and Culture”
ƒ13— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1973, Board of Trustees, Minutes of 8 February + Reflections on Theological Education at Westminster by C. John Miller.
ƒ14— Westminster Theological Seminary, Salvation Today: A Research Seminar.
ƒ15— Westminster Theological Seminary “Contemporary Culture and Evangelism”
ƒ16— Westminster Theological Seminary.
ƒ17— Christian Education - Ed. Clowney - Westminster.
ƒ18— Systematics, Murrey, Lecgture Notes
ƒ19— Westminster Seminary, 1964-65, Missions Courses, Syllabi and Lecture Notes for Courses #635 and #636 at Westminster. Includes the booklet, Six Essential Components of World Evangelization: Goals for 1984, by Ralph D. Winter [24 p.]
ƒ20— Westminster Seminary Course, 1974, Youth Evangelism: Course Outline and Lecture Notes.
ƒ21— Westminster Seminary Course, 1979, Evangelism and the Local Church [PT #503], Outline, Notes, and Handouts.
ƒ22— Westminster Seminary Course, 1976, Evangelism in Contemporary Culture, Syllabus and Lecture Notes
ƒ23— Westminster Seminary Course, undated, Guilt & Grace in Modern Literature, Lecture notes only, without  syllabus or course number.
ƒ24— Westminster Seminary Course, circa 1976, Group Evangelism, Syllabus and Lecture Notes; Includes Seminar Outline for "The Evangelistic Calling of the Church," by Edmund P. Clowney.
ƒ25— Westminster Seminary Course, Personal Evangelism/Contemporary Evangelistic Approaches, Lecture Notes.
ƒ26— Reformed Ministerial Institute, 1968 [18th Annual], Program and Lecture Notes for Address by Dr. Miller on "Witnessing to the American Businessman"; Some notes on other lectures.
ƒ27— Westminster Seminary Course [?], circa 1970, European Theological Novel, Lecture Notes.
ƒ28— Westminster Seminary Course [?], circa 1970, The Modern Theological Novel, Folder 2: Lectures. 
ƒ29— "Living for the King," - Weekly Assignments.
ƒ30— Evangelism for Tough Times, circa 1986. Includes :Toward a Theology of Evangelism"
ƒ31— Westminster Seminary Course, 1978, Evangelism in the Local Church [PT 491]; Evangelism Through Hospitality.
ƒ32— Preaching by Faith
ƒ33— Westminster Seminary Course, 1969, Christian Poets
ƒ34— Westminster Seminary Course, Calvinism in American Literature.
ƒ35— Theology of Culture
ƒ36— Message and Method, Section One: Introduction to Message and Preaching Method.
ƒ37— Puritanism in Literature.
ƒ38— Literature (American), circa 1966-68, including a paper by C. John Miller, "Alfred Tennyson and E.A. Robinson and the Arthurian Story" [These are materials from his coursework at the University of the Pacific.]
ƒ39— Westminster Seminary Course, 1972, Man in Contemporary Culture, Folder 1. Includes Listening Notes from Lectures 1 and 7b of The Intellectual Climate of the New Theologies, by Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer.
ƒ40— Westminster Seminary Course, 1972, Man in Contemporary Culture, Folder 2.
ƒ41— Newspaper Articles Regarding Capital Punishment, 1969.
ƒ42— Discipleship Through Wisdom by E. Langston Haygood, Misc. Notes on Discipling.
ƒ43— Hospitality and Friendship Evangelism
ƒ44— Ministry of The Holy Spirit
ƒ45— Personal Evangelism
ƒ46— Evangelism and Prayer
ƒ47— Seminary - NT Biblical Theology Notebook
ƒ48— Theology of Christian Education, Outline Syllabus for Theology of Christian Nurture by Edmund P. Clowney

Box 12. [LN 13-01-07.3] — Westminster Theological Seminary, course syllabi & related files, box 2
ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Teaching Materials: Teaching With a Purpose, “The Seven Laws of Teaching” by John Milton Gregory.
ƒ03— Seminary: 1. Proposal for a New Seminary, John Frame; 2. Scriptural Considerations in the Calling of a Seminary Teacher, Edmund R. Clowney.
ƒ04— The Christian Teacher, National Association of Christian Schools, Chicago IL., Copies for September 1957, February 1958, March 1958. Various Documentation on Teaching.
ƒ05— Word in the World, Lecture Schedule & Misc.
ƒ06— Preparations for Witness, Sections 1 and 2, Miscellaneous Papers on Witnessing.
ƒ07— Notes from Seminary, Old Testament Prophets
ƒ08— Composition Notebooks from Seminary: 1. English, 1958; 1. Language Comp. and Literature, 1966.
ƒ09— Missions Consultation, 1983, Letter to Arthur J. Schwab from Edmund P. Clowney, Notes on Restructuring Ministry.
ƒ10— Missionary Promises.
ƒ11— Presbytery of Philadelphia (OPC), 1970, By-Laws.
ƒ12— Course Syllabus, “Successful Church Planting,” Reading List
ƒ13— Lectures on Missions, 1982.
ƒ14— Articles and Magazines on Science, Evolution, Darwin.
ƒ15— Clowney, Edmund P, The Biblical Doctrine of the Church.
ƒ16— Youth Evangelism Final, Advisor List for DMIN Candidates.
ƒ17— WTS Correspondence.
ƒ18— DMIN Program Sample Questions for Qualifying Examinations.
ƒ19— Rupprecht, David A. DMIN Writings, (1.) Law and Grace and the Maldaptive Personality; (2,) The Functions of the Family and Deuteronomy, Chapter Six; (3.) The Biblical Attitudes Toward the Alien and the Stranger and Their Basis for an Extended Family Ministry.
ƒ20— Rupprecht, David A., Letter Dated October 2, 1980 to Miller, Response from Miller.
ƒ21— Tilford, Earl H., Program Proposal for Fulfilling the Requirements for the DMIN Degree.
ƒ22— Hardman, Marlin C., How To Facilitate the Learning Process in Disciplemaking Through the Ministry of Small Groups, DMIN Program, 1 November, 1978; Includes correspondence 1978, 1979.
ƒ23— Hardman, Marlin C., 1980, Progress Report on DMIN Program.
ƒ24— Kline, Donald L., Research Project Contract and Program Design for DMIN Degree, 1978, Materials and Correspondence.
ƒ25— Kline, Don, 1979, “Word Studies”  [DMIN Course Work]
ƒ26— Kline, Don, 1980, Paper on Justification By Faith and Revision of New Life Prayer Material.
ƒ27— Howard, Bill, Note for Research Letter #1
ƒ28— WTS DMIN Program Correspondence.
ƒ29— Fortney, Thomas, WTS Class Journal.
ƒ30— Rupprecht, David A., DMIN Project, Extending Yourself: A Manual for Ministering Through the Extended Family.
ƒ31— Beginners Catechism, Includes Paper for Educational Psychology by Geraldine J. Steensma, January, 1973.
ƒ32— Catechism History.
ƒ33— Introductory Bibliography on Theological Education By Extension and Programmed Instruction.
ƒ34— Christian Education Course 628, Folder 1.
ƒ35— Christian Education Course 628, Folder 2.
ƒ36— The Christian Faith, Four High School Essays by Ripon Christian High School Seniors, 1955-56, Advisor: C.J. Miller.
ƒ37— Westminster Theological Seminary, undated, Lecture: “Christ & the Ten Commandments: Harmony in the Home.  CM106 Transcription, 25 pp.
ƒ38— Howard, Bill, DMIN Materials.
ƒ39— Morey, Robert A., The Scriptures and The Deity of Christ Workbook, DMIN.     

Collection Overview:
Box 1 - Diaries and Journals
Box 2 - Biographical materials
Box 3 - Biographical and Early Writings, primarily academic
Box 4 - Writings and Sermons
Box 5 - Writings
Box 6 - Writings and Correspondence
Box 7 - Correspondence and Westminster Justification Controversy
Box 8 - Westminster Justification Controversy, New Life Church, World Harvest Mission and works by other authors.
Box 9 - World Harvest Mission, box 1
Box 10 - World Harvest Mission, box 2
Box 11 - Westminster Theological Seminary, course syllabi and other related files, box 1
Box 12 - Westminster Theological Seminary, course syllabi and other related files, box 2 

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