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Morton Howison Smith
Manuscript Collection #034
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Content Summary: Arrangement and description of this collection is currently underway. Partial listings of the folder contents will appear here, but are subject to moving as processing continues and as sub-groups in the collection are more firmly established.

Span dates: 1923-2017 Size: 10.0 cu. ft. (ten boxes)

Access: This collection will be open to researchers early in 2020.

Preferred citation:
Morton Howison Smith Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Presbyterian Church in America; Stated Clerk's Office (PCA); Reformed Theological Seminary; Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Rev. Dr. Morton Howison Smith
[11 December 1923 – 12 November 2017]

Box 1

ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Bahnsen, Greg L., 1983, "Chantry on Law and Reconstruction." [13 p.]
ƒ03— Biographical information on Dr. Morton H. Smith
ƒ04— Calvary Presbytery (PCA)
ƒ05— Central Mississippi Presbytery Extension News. [Three issues: May 1962; October 1964; October 1965]
ƒ06— Clowney, Edmund P., 1965, "Another Foundation: The Presbyterian Confessional Crisis" [18 p.]
ƒ07— The Conservative Reformed Record. [vol. 3, nos. 1-3 (Jan. - Mar. 1970)]
ƒ08— Correspondence
ƒ09— Covenant College [Frank A. Brock letter to the Board of Trustees, dated 3 July 1989; 3 p.]
ƒ10— Dye, Eric Raye, 1985, "Exclusive Psalmody and John Calvin" [19 p.]
ƒ11— Fesko, J.V., 2002, "The Legacy of Old School Confession Subscription in the OPC" [40 p.]
ƒ12— Gilchrist, Paul R., 1989, Stated Clerk's Letter
ƒ13— Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, correspondence and miscellaneous items
ƒ14— Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1998, Student papers
ƒ15— International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, 1983-1984, Newsletter and prayer bulletin
ƒ16— Johnson, Terry, circa 1979-1981, "Gone with the Wind: R.L. Dabney and the Evangelical Defence of Slavery" [a critical evaluation; 43 p.]
ƒ17— Knight, George W., III, 1988, Theology and Exegesis of the Epistles of Paul [syllabus]
ƒ18— Krabbendam, Henry, 1995, "Sovereignty and Responsibility (A Reexamination of the Pelagian Controversy and its Implications in Historical Perspective)." [77 p.]
ƒ19— Lutz, Clarence Albert ("Al") 1986, "Covenant Theology and the God-Centered School in the PCA"
ƒ20— Maxwell, Ellen Mercer, 1980, Briery Presbyterian Church, 1755-1980.
ƒ21— Mission to North America, 1984, Invocation, August issue.
ƒ22— McNicoll, John S., 1970, "God's Care for the Children" [11 p.]
ƒ23— Our Presbyterian Testimony, vol. 3, no. 6 (June 1957). Willow Grove, PA: Covenant House. [20 p.]
ƒ24— Presbyterian Church in America, undated, Digest of the Acts and Proceedings [early, partial draft]
ƒ25— Presbyterian Church in America, 1983-1986,: The Office of the Stated Clerk: History, Job Description, Planning Calendar
ƒ26— Presbyterian Church in America, 1987, Report of the Stated Clerk to the Committee on Administration
ƒ27— Presbyterian Church in America, miscellaneous brochures and other items
ƒ28— PCA Historical Center, 1985-1987, annual reports, newsletter
ƒ29— Presbyterian Church in the U.S., 1960, Study Draft of "The Directory for Worship and the Life and Work of the Church" [pb, 19 p.]
ƒ30— The Presbyterian Journal, 1983, Minutes of the Called Meeting of 24 February, 1983.
ƒ31— Princeton Theological Seminary, 1983, News notice of work on the Scholar's Guide to China Missions.
ƒ32— Rankin, Duncan, undated, partial proofs on an Index to The Southern Presbyterian Review.
ƒ33— Reformed Ecumenical Synod, 1968, World Survey of Reformed Missions.
ƒ34— Reformed Seminary of St. Petersburg, 2000-2001, Report; promotional flyer.
ƒ35— Reformed Theological Seminary, folder 1: miscellaneous items
ƒ36— Reformed Theological Seminary, 1970, proposed leave of absence and fellowship funding from A.A.T.S.
ƒ37— Robinson, William Childs, 1964, "The Reformed Faith in Historical Perspective" [5 p.]
ƒ38— Singer, C. Gregg, 1986-1988, Correspondence [25 leaves; funeral service bulletin, 26 March 1999.]
ƒ39— Smith, Frank J., 1991, Correspondence regarding a book to be published [2 items; 2 p.]
ƒ40— Smith, Morton H., undated, miscellaneous sermon and lecture notes.
ƒ41— Smith, Morton H., 1968-1970, Publisher's permissions to quote, for use in Smith's Systematic Theology.
ƒ42— The South: gathered articles by Eugene Genovese and others.
ƒ43— Spiritual Gifts
ƒ44— Subscription, folder 1
ƒ45— Subscription, folder 2
ƒ46— Smith, Morton H., n.d., "Subscription to the Westminster Standards in the Presbyterian Church in America"
ƒ47— Synod of Mississippi, folder 1
ƒ48— Synod of Mississippi, folder 2
ƒ49— Synod of Mississippi, folder 3
ƒ50— Van Dixhoorn, Chad, 1999, "The Sonship Program for Revival: A Summary and Critique." [photocopy, 11 p.]
ƒ51— Western Carolina Presbytery (PCA), 2004, judicial case.
ƒ52— Western Carolina Presbytery (PCA), 2008, Smith vs. Western Carolina Presbytery
ƒ53— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1963, 1981-1982, Items including materials about the justification controversy
ƒ54— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1987, Memorial Service for Dr. Cornelius Van Til, with notes on the several speakers
ƒ55— News clippings.

Box 2
ƒ01— Finding aid
ƒ02— Presbyterian Church, U.S., 1966
ƒ03— Presbyterian Church, U.S., 1971
ƒ04— Presbyterian Church, U.S., 1972, Convention to Organize Synod "F"
ƒ05— Central Mississippi Presbytery (PCUS), 1957-1972, Commission on the Minister and his Work.
ƒ06— Central Mississippi Presbytery (PCUS), 1962-1964, White Books, Reports, Correspondence.
ƒ07— Central Mississippi Presbytery (PCUS), 1964, Hart Case.
ƒ08— Central Mississippi Presbytery (PCUS), 1970-1973, White Books, Reports, Judicial matters.
ƒ09— Central Mississippi Presbytery (PCUS), 1971, Committee on Confession and Catechisms.
ƒ10— Central Mississippi Presbytery (PCUS), 1973, Committee on Church Separation.
ƒ11— Central Mississippi Presbytery (PCUS), 1973-1974, Dismissals to Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA)
ƒ12— Robert Strong and W. Woodrow Bagby vs. Judicial Commission of the Synod of the Mid-South (PCUS)
ƒ13— Meridian Presbytery (PCUS), 1955-1960.
ƒ14— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1973-1974, Correspondence, Overtures, Statistical Information.
ƒ15— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1973-1974, Committee Appointment Letters.
ƒ16— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1974-1975, Examination Committee.
ƒ17— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1975, White Books.
ƒ18— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1975-1976, Examination materials [portions]
ƒ19— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1976, White Books.
ƒ20— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1977-1978, White Books.
ƒ21— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), 1977-1978, Correspondence, Reports.
ƒ22— Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA), Forms.
ƒ23— Dooyeweerd, Herman, "The Secularizaion of Science" (1954). Translation by Robert D. Knudsen. [17 p.]
ƒ24— Komarovska, Tanya, 1992-1993, Correspondence regarding a translation project.
ƒ25— Shoemaker, Robert Glover, 1955-1961, Correspondence [37 items]
ƒ26— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1976, Shepherd Case, folder 1.
ƒ27— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1978, Shepherd Case, folder 2.
ƒ28— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1979, Shepherd Case, folder 3.
ƒ29— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1980, Shepherd Case, folder 4.
ƒ30— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1981, Shepherd Case, folder 5.
ƒ31— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1982, Shepherd Case, folder 6.
ƒ32— Westminster Theological Seminary, 1983, Shepherd Case, folder 7.

Box 3
ƒ01— Finding aid

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