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G. Aiken Taylor
Manuscript Collection #038
Box #111

Content Summary: General Reference Files, Acts - Heaven; Funeral Service of Mrs. James T. Liddell, Sr.

Span dates:1920-1984 Size:1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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George Aiken Taylor, Ph.D.
[22 January 1920 - 6 March 1984]

Box 111
ƒ02—Acts, Class Material on
ƒ03—Alcohol, Article on
ƒ04—Alcohol, Material Collected on, Folder 1
ƒ05—Alcohol, Material Collected on, Folder 2
ƒ06—Alcohol, Material Collected on, Folder 3
ƒ07—Alcoholics Anonymous
ƒ08—Alcoholics Anonymous, Material Collected on, Folder 1
ƒ09—Alcoholics Anonymous, Material Collected on, Folder 2
ƒ10—Alcoholics Anonymous, Material Collected on, Folder 3
ƒ11—Alcoholism, Articles on
ƒ12—Alcoholism, Material Collected on
ƒ13—Ambition, Sermon Notes on
ƒ14—American Political Theory, Class Material on
ƒ15—Amos [Book of], Papers on
ƒ16—Apologetics, Class Notes and Paper on
ƒ17—Apologetics, Material Collected on
ƒ18—Apologetics, Sermon on
ƒ20—Apostle's Creed, Sermons on
ƒ19—Apostle's Creed, Material Collected on
ƒ22—Atonement, The
ƒ23—Auburn Affirmation, [publication, sample copy of]
ƒ24—Aviation, Material Collected on
ƒ25—Baldwin, James, Material Collected on
ƒ27—Baptism, Material Collected on
ƒ28—Belief, Material Collected on
ƒ29—Bible Quizzes
ƒ30—Bible School Material, Folder 1
ƒ31—Bible School Material, Folder 2
ƒ32—Bible Study
ƒ33—Bible Study Material, Folder 1
ƒ34—Bible Study Material, Folder 2
ƒ35—Bible Study Material, Folder 3
ƒ36—Bible Study Outline
ƒ37—Boasting, Spiritual, Material Collected on
ƒ38—Book Lists
ƒ39—Book Reports
ƒ41—Brotherhood, Material Collected on
ƒ44—Calvin and Religious Knowledge, [article]
ƒ43—Calvin, Material Collected on
ƒ45—Camp Westminster, 1957, Materials Collected on, Folder 1
ƒ46—Camp Westminster, 1957, Materials Collected on, Folder 2
ƒ47—Catechism, Class Notes on
ƒ48—Character, Sermons on
ƒ49—Christian Life, Material Collected on
ƒ50—Christian Life, Sermons on
ƒ21—Christianity Today, Articles for publication in
ƒ53—Christmas Sermons
ƒ51—Christmas, Material Collected on
ƒ52—Christmas, Notes for an Editorial on
ƒ57—Church History I, Class Notes
ƒ58—Church History II, Class Notes
ƒ59—Church in History
ƒ60—Church Observations, Report on
ƒ61—Church Union
ƒ62—Church Union, Material Collected on
ƒ56—Church, Leaving a, Sermon on
ƒ54—Church, The
ƒ55—Church, The, Sermons on
ƒ64—Citizenship, Material Collected on
ƒ65—Coming of Christ, The
ƒ66—Coming of Christ, The, Material Collected on
ƒ67—Commitment, Sermons on
ƒ69—Communication, Material Collected on
ƒ71—Communism, Material Collected on
ƒ72—Conduct/Character, Material Collected on
ƒ73—Conduct/Character, Sermons on
ƒ74—Confession of Sin, Sermons on
ƒ76—Conversion, Material Collected on
ƒ75—Conversion, Sermons on

ƒ77—Correspondence Courses, Catalog of
ƒ78—Counseling, Bibliography
ƒ79—Covenant Theology
ƒ80—Criticism, Sermon on
ƒ81—Crucifixion, The
ƒ82—Crucifixion, The Date of the, Paper on
ƒ85—Death of Christ
ƒ84—Death, Sermons on
ƒ86—Deity of Christ, Paper on
ƒ88—Depravity, Human, Material Collected on
ƒ87—Depravity, Human, Sermons on
ƒ89—Devil, The
ƒ91—Devotions, Collected
ƒ92—Difficult Texts
ƒ93—Discouragement, Sermons on
ƒ94—Dispensationalism, Material Collected on
ƒ95—Division, Ecumenical
ƒ97—Doctoral Program, Program Outline and Grades
ƒ96—Doctrines We Cannot Do Without: A Series of Sermons
ƒ101—Education, Christian, Religious
ƒ102—Education, Christian, Religious, Material Collected on
ƒ100—Education, Christian: "The Director of Christian Education," an Article
ƒ99—Education, Material Collected on

ƒ104—Election, Material Collected on
ƒ105—Encounter with God, Sermons on
ƒ106—Epistles, Teachings of the
ƒ107—Ethics, Christian, Historical Types of, Class Material on
ƒ108—Evangelism, Folder 1
ƒ109—Evangelism, Folder 2
ƒ110—Evangelism, New Testament, Class Material on, Folder 1
ƒ111—Evangelism, New Testament, Class Material on, Folder 2
ƒ112—Evangelism, Sermons on
ƒ114—Faith, Material Collected on
ƒ115—Faith, Sermons on, Folder 1
ƒ116—Faith, Sermons on, Folder 2
ƒ117—Family Life
ƒ118—Family Life, Material Collected on
ƒ120—Fatherhood, Material Collected on
ƒ121—Forgiveness, Sermons on
ƒ122—Fundamentalism, Material Collected on
ƒ124—Funerals, Material Collected on
ƒ125—Gambling, Legalization of, Article on
ƒ126—Gifts, Spiritual, Material Collected on
ƒ127—Glorifying God, Sermons on
ƒ128—God, Sermon on
ƒ129—Gospels, Folder 1
ƒ130—Gospels, Folder 2
ƒ131—Grace, Sermons on
ƒ132—Greek, Class Notes on
ƒ133—Growth, Sermons on
ƒ134—Happiness, Sermons on
ƒ136—Heaven, Sermons on
ƒ123—Liddell, Mrs. James T., Sr., Funeral Service