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G. Aiken Taylor
Manuscript Collection #38
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Content Summary: Personal and Family Papers; Church Property Issues.

Span dates: 1920-1984 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Presbyterian Journal Collection; PCA history, 1973-1984;

George Aiken Taylor, Ph.D.
[22 January 1920 - 6 March 1984]

Box 114

ƒ53—Church Property Issues: Church Withdrawal from Denomination, Forms and Correspondence
ƒ49—Church Property Issues: Court Decisions, Lists of and Specific Examples
ƒ50—Church Property Issues: Court Decisions, U.S. Supreme Court
ƒ51—Church Property Issues: General Information
ƒ54—Church Property Issues: PCA Book of Church Order, Excerpt from
ƒ55—Church Property Issues: PCUS History Compiled, Minutes, and Published Material of the PCUS
ƒ56—Church Property Issues: PCUSA and UPCUSA History Compiled & Collected, Published Materials
ƒ57—Church Property Issues: PCUSA and UPCUSA Minutes from General Assemblies, Excerpts of
ƒ52—Church Property Issues: Testimony by G. Aiken Taylor ["Basic Testimony"]
ƒ07—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, Blanche [wife]
ƒ08—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, George Aiken Jr. [son]
ƒ09—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, George W. [father]
ƒ10—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, Hugh Pratt [son]
ƒ11—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, Jane Bright [daughter]
ƒ13—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, Julia E. (Julia Taylor Redus) [daughter]
ƒ13—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, Julia Pratt [mother]
ƒ14—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, Others, Correspondence
ƒ15—Personal Papers: Family - Taylor, Others, Documents
ƒ03—Personal Papers: G. Aiken Taylor - Biographical Material
ƒ05—Personal Papers: G. Aiken Taylor - Material Collected or Produced of Personal Interest
ƒ06—Personal Papers: G. Aiken Taylor - Material Printed of Personal Interest
ƒ02—Personal Papers: G. Aiken Taylor - U.S. Army service: Reports, Forms, Documents, Diplomas
ƒ04—Personal Papers: G. Aiken Taylor - Documents and Forms
ƒ16—Personal Papers: General - Addresses, Alumni Lists [Presbyterian College, Duke University Ph.D.]
ƒ17—Personal Papers: General - Addresses, Business
ƒ18—Personal Papers: General - Addresses, Church Related
ƒ19—Personal Papers: General - Addresses, Family and Friends
ƒ20—Personal Papers: General - Bills and Receipts, 1979 - 1983
ƒ21—Personal Papers: General - Biographical, Non-Family
ƒ22—Personal Papers: General - Caniff, Milton, Correspondence
ƒ23—Personal Papers: General - Church Union, Correspondence concerning
ƒ24—Personal Papers: General - Conferences, with G. Aiken Taylor as Speaker
ƒ31—Personal Papers: General - Correspondence, Miscellaneous
ƒ48—Personal Papers: General - Europe, Trip to, 1983, Information, Receipts, etc.
ƒ25—Personal Papers: General - Ferg, Bruce M., Correspondence
ƒ26—Personal Papers: General - Findley, A. Ray and Muriel A., Correspondence relative to
ƒ27—Personal Papers: General - Greeting Cards received
ƒ28—Personal Papers: General - Helms, Jesse, Correspondence
ƒ29—Personal Papers: General - Hospital, 1981, Insurance Claim Forms
ƒ30—Personal Papers: General - Koop, C. Everett, Correspondence and Information on
ƒ32—Personal Papers: General - Ministers ["Good Men"], Information on
ƒ33—Personal Papers: General - Ministers ["Good Men"], References, Resumes, Requests
ƒ34—Personal Papers: General - Missions, Correspondence concerning, Material Collected on
ƒ35—Personal Papers: General - Motorcycle, Correspondence concerning, Forms
ƒ36—Personal Papers: General - Philadelphia Presbytery, Minutes, Reports
ƒ37—Personal Papers: General - Simpson, Katherine, Correspondence
ƒ38—Personal Papers: General - Theological Education, Drew University, Data on
ƒ41—Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1981, Correspondence re G.A.T.'s Missing Luggage
ƒ39—Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1981, Education
ƒ40—Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1981, Information on
ƒ42—Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1981, Registration Material
ƒ43—Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1981, Rohrbaugh, James L.
ƒ45—Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1982 (Proposed), Information
Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1982 (Proposed), Inquiries
ƒ46—Personal Papers: General - Tour, Journal, 1983 (Proposed), Responses
ƒ47—Personal Papers: General - Trinity Presbyterian Church, Correspondence