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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #1

Content Summary: Ministry Organization Files : Alpha Omega Ministries - Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City

Span dates: 1972-1996 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.
Preferred citation:
Wesley P. Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 1, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Box 1
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — Sources of Literature, Tracts, etc.
ƒ03 — Miscellaneous Ministries dealing with Mormonism
ƒ04 — Alpha and Omega Ministries, 1986-1990, Newsletter: The Dividing Line; Tracts
ƒ05 — American Family Foundation,1979-1982, Newsletters; Literature
ƒ06 — Apologetic Research Coalition, 1986-1990, Newsletter: Update
ƒ06b — Berean Report [John & Phyllis Farkas, Webster, NY], 1988-1994, Newsletters; Literature
ƒ07 — Christian Answers & Information [(CAI), Chico, CA], 1980-1989, Literature; Newsletters
ƒ08 — Christian Apologetics: Research and Information Service [(CARIS), Jim Spencer, Milwaukee, WI], 1977-1982, Newsletters; Tracts; Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation: A Critical Analysis, by E. Cal Beisner
ƒ09 — Christian Counter-Attack Ministries [Columbus, OH], 1985, Promotional Literature; Newsletter
ƒ10 — Christian Information Bureau, [Dave Hunt, Camarillo, CA], 1988-1990, Newsletters
ƒ11 — Christian Research Institute [Walter Martin, San Juan Capistrano, CA], 1986-1988, Promotional Literature; Newsletter
ƒ12 — Citizen’s Freedom Foundation [Redondo Beach, CA], 1980-1984, Newsletters
ƒ13 — Concerned Christians Growth Ministries [W.A. van Leen, Western Australia], 1990, Newsletters
ƒ14 — Conservative Baptism Home Mission Society [Marv & Jan Cowans, SLC, UT], 1982-1989, Newsletters
ƒ15 — Cornerstone Ministries/Jesus People, USA [Chicago, IL], circa 1985, Tracts, Magazine
ƒ16 — Cult and Occult Unification Plan [Scottsdale, AZ], 1977, Promotional Literature
ƒ17 — Cult Awareness Network [Chicago, IL], 1984-1988, Newsletters
ƒ18 — Eleazar Bible Missions, Inc., 1982, Newsletters
ƒ19 — Frontline Ministries [Wally Tope, Flintridge, CA], 1984-1986, Newsletters
ƒ20 — Gospel Truths Ministries [Grand Rapids, MI], 1988-1993,  Newsletters
ƒ21 — Institute of Contemporary Christianity [James Bjornstad, Oakland, NJ], 1972-1980, Newsletters
ƒ22 — Jews for Jesus, 1978, Newsletters
ƒ23 — John Ankerberg Evangelistic Association, 1986, Newsletters, Promotional Literature
ƒ24 — Jude 3 Missions [Kurt Van Gorden, Orange, CA], 1987-1991, Newsletters
ƒ25 — Lodestar Ministries [Wheaton, IL], 1987-1988, Newsletters
ƒ26 — Lutheran Mission Conference, 1979, Conference Literature; Tracts
ƒ27 — Lutheran Research & Information Center, 1983, Newsletter [1.1-1.3]
ƒ28 — MacGregor Ministries [Delta, British Columbia], 1984-1986, Newsletters; Literature
ƒ29 — Mission to Mormons [Roy, UT], 1984-1987, Newsletters
ƒ30 — Mormonism Researched [El Cajon, CA], 1985-1996, Newsletters

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