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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #24

Content Summary: Miscellaneous publications and photocopies authored by Harry Ropp; Jerald and Sandra Tanner; Bryan Marchant; B.H. Roberts; and others; Miscellaneous ministry and conference literature.

Span dates:
1825; 1833-1898; 1921; 1977-1987

Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 24, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


Box 24
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — Robb, Harry, The Mormon Papers, 1986-1987, Page Proofs for Revision by Wesley P. Walters
ƒ03 — Tanner,Jerald and Sandra, 1977, The Changing World of Mormonism, Editor's Copy
ƒ04 — Marchant, Bryan, 1985, Trial After Trial . . . [photocopy of unpublished typescript, 376 pp.]
ƒ05 — Ropp, Harry, 1974-1987, Works: 1. A Critique of the Mormon Doctrine of Revelation [1974; 147 pp.]; 2. The Mormon Papers [1977]; 3. The Mormon Papers [1984]; 4. Are the Mormon Scriptures Reliable? [1987]
ƒ06 — Mummies, undated, Material originally inserted into the book Mummies by Richard A. Martin
ƒ07 — Roberts, B.H., 1921, Book of Mormon Difficulties (Correspondence) [photocopy; copy 1]
ƒ08 — Roberts, B.H., 1921, Book of Mormon Difficulties (Correspondence) [photocopy; copy 2]
ƒ09 — Christian Answers & Information [Chico, CA], 1983-1984; Christ Revealed, Inc. [Del City, OK], undated
ƒ10 — Mormon History Association, 1977-1984, Newsletters; Correspondence; Papers; Reports
ƒ11 — John Witmer Historical Association, 1981-1982, 1984, Correspondence; Paper by Wesley P. Walters, "The Abduction of Emily (Coburn) Austin" [30 pp.]
ƒ12 — Armstrongism, includes 1. John Ankerberg's Study Notes for a series of television programs with Garner Ted Armstrong [35p.]; and articles by W. Martin; W.J. Petersen; and M.T. Starkes
ƒ13 — Mission to Mormons [Harry Ropp; Richard Ice]
ƒ14 — Frontline Ministries [Wally Tope], 1980-1984, Newsletters
ƒ15 — Capstone Conference, 1980-1984, Literature
ƒ16 — Buskirk, Michael Van, Astrology : Revival in the Cosmic Garden. Santa Ana,CA: CARIS, 1978. 24 p.
ƒ17 — Verma, Suresh Chander, The Out of Body Experience. Independence, MO: Suresh Verma Ministries, 1984. 46 p.
ƒ18 — Hicks, Darryl E. and Dr. David A. Lewis, The Todd Phenomenon:Ex-Grand Druid vs. the Illuminati – Fact or Fantasy? Harrison, AR: New Leaf Press, 1979. Pb, 160 p.
ƒ19 — Countess, Bert H., The Jehovah Witnesses' New Testament: A Critical Analysis of the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Pub. Co., 1982. Pb, 136 p.
ƒ20 — Smith, Israel A. and Pauline Hancock, Correspondence between Israel A. Smith and Pauline Hancock on Baptism for the Dead. S.l.: s.n., n.d. Pb, 32 p. Inscribed by Pauline Hancock.
ƒ21 — Staker, Susan and Brent D. Corcoran, Wilford Woodruff's Journal, 1833-1898.
ƒ22 — Priest, Josiah, The Wonders of Nature and Providence, Displayed. Albany: J. Priest, 1825. Leather, 598 p., but defective, missing pp. i-vi and 535-598.

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