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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #39

Content Summary: Research files on The Way International; Seventh Day Adventism and other groups

Span dates: unspecified Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 39, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


Box 39
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — The Way International
ƒ03 — More About The Way
ƒ04 — The Way – Power for Abundant Living – Basic Course
ƒ05 — Information on Victor Paul Wierville
ƒ06 — Pre-Nicene Statements on the Deity and Nature of the Son
ƒ07 — Investigations of The Way
ƒ08 — Seventh Day Adventists, Folder 1
ƒ09 — Letters and Articles re: Davenport, Rea and Ellen G. White's Inspiration
ƒ10 — The Day Star [photocopy]
ƒ11 — Broadsides, 1846, 1849
ƒ12 — A Word to the Little Flock, 1847 [photocopy]
ƒ13 — The Present Truth, 1849-1850 [photocopy]
ƒ14 — A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White, 1851 [photocopy]
ƒ15 — Pictures of E.G. White and James White
ƒ16 — E.G. White Estate Papers
ƒ17 — The General Conference of 1905 – Chapter from Arthur L. White biography of E.G.W.
ƒ18 — White, Arthur L., 1978-1979, The Writings of Ellen G. White
ƒ19 — Graeser, Mark, "Rethinking Christology"
ƒ20 — Seventh Day Adventism booklets
ƒ21 — Graybill, Ronald D., 1983, The Power of Prophecy: Ellen G. White and the Women Religious Founders of the Nineteenth Century [photocopy, 216 p.]
ƒ22 — Barnett, Maurice, Ellen G. White and Inspiration
ƒ23 — Armstrongism, Folder 1
ƒ24 — Armstrongism, Folder 2
ƒ25 — Alberto
ƒ26 — Secret Societies
ƒ27 — Illuminati – John Todd
ƒ28 — Joseph Jeffers – Yahweh Cult
ƒ29 — PTL Club
ƒ30 — Gemstone File
ƒ31 — "Confidence in Gurus and Psychomutation" – translation from the German of a speech made by Pastor F.W. Haack
39.32 — Pastor F.W. Haack
ƒ33 — O'Hairism
ƒ34 — Jim Jones – People's Temple
ƒ35 — Assemblies of Yahweh
ƒ36 — Miscellaneous, including some Correspondence

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