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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #51

Content Summary: Research files on Mormonism and Freemasonry; Works by A.C. Lambert and J.D. Bales; Manuscript drafts and miscellaneous articles and papers.

Span dates: 1828-1986 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 51, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


Box 51
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — Kirtland Council Minute Book, 1832-1837 [photocopy, 267 p.]
ƒ03 — Hurlbutt Family – 1. The Hurlbutt Story, Compiled by Edith H. Hurlbutt, A Supplement to The Hurlbutt Genealogy, by Henry H. Hurlbutt [24 p.]; 2. A Genealogical/Biographical Extract from History of the Town of Ledyard, 1650-1900, by John Avery [12 p.]
ƒ04 — Mormon Temple Records [photocopies, approx. 250 pages]
ƒ05 — Brandt, Edward J., 1976, The History, Content, and Latter-Day Saint Use of the Book of Jasher [photocopy, vi, 201 p.]
ƒ06 — McCormick, W.J. McK., undated, Christ, the Christian, & Freemasonry [56 p.]; News clipping
ƒ07 — Mormonism and Freemasonry – Papers by Adamson, Durham, Hogan, etc.; Correspondence; Mormon Miscellaneous 1.1 (October 1975)
ƒ08 — Masonic Background Material
ƒ09 — Anti-Masonic (Cazenovia, NY) Republican Monitor [photocopy of vol. VI, no. 14 (23 November 1828), including article "Freemasonry a Covenant with Death"
ƒ10 — Westminster College (Salt Lake City, UT) Conference, 1979, Brochure; News clipping; Notes
ƒ11 — Lambert, A.C., 1974, The Most Probable Sources of the Book of Mormon "Caracters" – A Private Notebook, Vol. III
ƒ12 — Mormon Wealth and Power – Articles; News clippings; Lambert, A.C., 1978, The Wealth and Power of the Mormon Church – A Private Notebook.
ƒ13 — McElveen, Floyd, 1977, Correspondence and Manuscript photocopies for Will the Saints Go Marching In?
ƒ14 — Morality and Family Statistics, 1982, Correspondence [inquiry and reply by Rev. Walters]
ƒ15 — Various clippings
ƒ16 — Van Hale Pamphlets [Mormon Miscellaneous Response series, #1-5]
ƒ17 — Mormon morality, 1981-1983, News clippings
ƒ18 — Statistics
ƒ19 — Juedes, John, 1979, "An Assessment of Mormon Use of Martin Luther's Words to Support the Latter-Day Saint Doctrine of a Total Apostasy of the Christian Church [23 p.]; Correspondence
ƒ20 — Christianson – Urban Correspondence, 1976, in re: Cowdery account of Church origin; View of the Hebrews and Priesthood [7 leaves]
ƒ21 — Morgan Affair – Mormonism and Masonry
ƒ22 — "Items Needed"
ƒ23 — Wyl, W., 1886, Mormon Portraits or The Truth about the Mormon Leaders [photocopy, 320 p.]
ƒ24 — Marquardt, H. Michael and Wesley P. Walters, The Book of Mormon's Use of Biblical Texts, Manuscript draft [approx. 160 p.]
ƒ25 — Bales, J.D., 1958, The Book of Mormon? [photocopy, 281 p.]
ƒ26 — Bales, J.D., undated, Latter-Day Saints? [photocopy of draft manuscript, approx. 200 p.]
ƒ27 — Bales, J.D., undated, Mormon Elders: A Mission Field at Your Door [draft manuscript, 69 p.]
ƒ28 — Lingle, Wilbur, undated, Approaching Mormons in Love – A Layman's Guide to Understanding and Witnessing to Mormons [photocopy of manuscript draft, 190 p.]
ƒ29 — Lambert, A.C., 1962, Mormonism and Masonry : A Tabooed and Difficult Subject – A Private Notebook [photocopy, ix, 244 p.]
ƒ30 — Lambert, A.C., 1945, Outline for Studying the Contributions of the Book of Mormon to Modern Cultures [photocopy, 33 p.]
ƒ31 — Utah History Research Bulletin 1.2 (Fall 1972)
ƒ32 — Vogel, Dan, undated [circa 1985], Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon [manuscript draft, 153 p.; title page missing]

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