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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #52

Content Summary: Draft manuscripts for works by Dan Vogel
and others; Miscellaneous research files.

Span dates: 1973-1990 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 52, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

Rev. Wesley Walters delivering a message on "The Roots of Mormonism" at the Atlantic Baptist College, in 1980. [Photo in Box 52, file 15]

Box 52
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — Vogel, Dan, 1983, Is the Book of Mormon Ancient History? [manuscript draft, photocopy, vi, 193 p.]; Correspondence
ƒ03 — Vogel, Dan, 1987, "Anti-Universalism in the Book of Mormon" [draft copy, 54 p.]
ƒ04 — Vogel, Dan, 1988, The Book of Mormon in Jacksonian America [two draft copies, 62 p.; and 64 p. with cover letter]
ƒ05 — Vogel, Dan, 1989, "Mormonism's 'Anti-Masonick Bible'," The John Whitmer Historical Association 9 (1989): 17-30 [photocopy]
ƒ06 — Symposium on Apocryphal Literature, 1983, Promotional brochure; News clipping
ƒ07 — Hogan, Mervin, The Official Minutes of Nauvoo Lodge [photocopy, 103 p.]
ƒ08 — Various Photos and Negatives
ƒ09 — Barnett, Maurice, circa 1979, Mormonism Against Itself [first draft]
ƒ10 — Marquardt, H. Michael, Correspondence; Notes [approx. 200 leaves]
ƒ11 — Far West Record : "The Conference Minutes and Record Book of Christ's Church of Latter-Day Saints, belonging to the High Council of said Church, of their successors in office, Caldwell County, Missouri, April 6, 1838 [transcript carbons]
ƒ12 — Overheads, Smith Papyrii
ƒ13 — Johnson, Bruce A., 1973, "A Mormon Answers : A brief response to declarations made by Mr. Walter R. Martin" [photocopy, 50 p.]
ƒ14 — Clarke, Adam, Commentary, 1831 edition [photocopies of select portions—Isaiah 2-14, 22, 28-29, 48-51:1 and Matthew 5
ƒ15 — CC&EF Lectures; Atlantic Baptist College lecture series; Photographs
ƒ16 — RES Lectures, 24 April 1979
ƒ17 — Three Nephites [G.T. Harrison] – Tract Pamphlets : 1. You Could Be Wrong About the Mormon Church; 2. A New Breed of Sheep; 3. The Realistic Articles of Faith Brought Up to Date After 144 Years; 4. Mormonism? Are You Kidding?; 5. Gospel Questions Mormons Dare Not Tackle; 6. The End of Mormonism's Everlasting Gospel
ƒ18 — Excommunication [Witte/Baer], 1975
ƒ19 — Walters, Wesley P., various articles authored by
ƒ20 — "Articles to be filed"
ƒ21 — Westminster California Lectures, 1990
ƒ22 — Tvedtnes, John A., The Isaiah Variants in the Book of Mormon [139 p.]
ƒ23 — O.T. re Mormon Scriptures
ƒ24 — Printings of the Book of Daniel
ƒ25 — Bishop Lowth Commentary, 1809 edition, Isaiah 1-14; 29; 48-55; Micah 4-5; Malachi 3-4 [photocopies]
ƒ26 — Matthew Henry Commentary, Isaiah 2-14; 22; 28; 29; 48-55:1; Micah 2-5; Malachi 3-4 [photocopies]
ƒ27 — Matthew Poole Commentary, 1800 edition, Isaiah 2-14; 48-50 [photocopies]

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