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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #54

Content Summary: Miscellaneous Articles; Working Files

Span dates: 1824-1986 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

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Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 54, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


Box 54
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — Nibley, Hugh, The Return of the Book of Enoch, as serialized in The Ensign [October 1975-August 1977; Correspondence from "Michael" [Quinn] dated 12/19/1976 [80 leaves]
ƒ03 — Oaks, Dallin H., 1985, "Reading Church History" [CES D&C Symposium; 27 leaves]
ƒ04 — Paul, E. Robert, undated, "Mormonism, Science, and Natural Theology, 1830-1930" [24 leaves]
ƒ05 — Church of Christ [Independence, MO], 1971-1973, Advertisements; Correspondence of Frank F. Wipper and Jim Snell
ƒ06 — Miscellaneous File
ƒ07 — Benson, Frank Thomas, Jr., 1950, An Analysis of Orson Pratt's Invention in the Pratt-Newman Debate [118 p.]; Correspondence of James D. Bales, dated 11/27/1979 [1 leaf]
ƒ08 — Pratt, Orson [1811-1881], 1840, An Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions and of the Late Discovery of Ancient American Records… [photocopy, 17 leaves]
ƒ09 — Pratt, Parley P. [1807-1857], 1838, Mormonism Unveiled: Zion's Watchman Unmasked, and Its Editor, Mr. L.R. Sunderland Exposed…[25 leaves]
ƒ10 — Packard, Noah, 1859, "A Synopsis of the Life and Travels of Noah Packard…" [typescript photocopy, 10 leaves, inscribed and signed by Clarence E. Packard]
ƒ11 — Quinn, D. Michael, 1982, "On Being a Mormon Historian" [28 leaves; soft bound]
ƒ12 — The Return, Volumes I-IV [Selected extracts; photocopy]
ƒ13 — Richards, Charles C., 1947, Address [photocopy, 16 leaves]
ƒ14 — White, Joseph W., 1947, The Influence of Sidney Rigdon upon the Theology of Mormonism [incomplete photocopy, 51 leaves from 146 p. mss]; Correspondence of Joseph W. White dated 5 August 1978 [3 leaves]
ƒ15 — Smith, Joseph, 1944, "Latter Day Saints" in An Original History of the Religious Denominations at Present Existing in the United States, pp. 404-410 [photocopy]
ƒ16 — Pratt, Parley P. [1807-1857], A Dialogue between Josh. Smith and the Devil [photocopy, 9 leaves]
ƒ17 — Scribner's Monthly, 1871-1872; 1877, Articles on Mormonism [photocopies, 28 leaves]
ƒ18 — "Sword of Laban" Leaflets [photocopies
ƒ19 — Smith, George D., 1983-1984, "Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon"; McMurrin, Sterling M., "The History of Mormonism and Church Authorities" in Free Inquiry (Winter 1983/84): 20-34 [15 leaves]
ƒ20 — Strang, James Jesse [1813-1856], 1851, The Book of the Law of the Lord… [photocopy, 84 leaves]
ƒ21 — Swartz, Willis G., 1926, "Mormon Life and Doctrines in Illinois and Utah (1840-1860)," in Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society, 1926 [photocopy, 14 leaves]
ƒ22 — Tucker, Pomeroy, 1867, "Origin, Rise, and Progress of Mormonism [photocopy, 21 leaves]
ƒ23 — Turner, O., 1851, History of the Pioneer Settlement of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, and Morris' Reserve;… [photocopy, 39 leaves]
ƒ24 — "Excerpts from the Diary of Charles L. Walker," undated [two sets, 8 leaves each]
ƒ25 — White, Owen Kendall, Jr., 1967, The Social Psychological Basis of Mormon Neo-Orthodoxy [photocopy, 185 leaves]
ƒ26 — West, William S., 1837, A Few Interesting Facts respecting the Rise, Progress and Pretensions of the Mormons [photocopy, 9 leaves]
ƒ27 — Wardle's Publications : 1. "Mormon Doctrine and Covenants, Section 121" [15 p.]; 2. "One God or Many?" [15 p.]; 3. "The Nature of God: Changeable or Unchangeable?" [6 p.]; 4. "The Doctrine of Blood Atonement" [17 p.]; 5. "Statements of Belief" [7 p.]; 6. "The Seed of Joseph Smith, The Martyr" [24 p.]; 7. "The Adam-God Doctrine" [8 p.]; 8. "Polygamy in the Bible: Is It Approved of God?" [14 p.]; 9. "Is Plural Marriage Essential to Salvation?" [19 p.]
ƒ28 — Whitsitt, William H., 1882-1891, 1. "The Secular and the Sacred: An Examination of Selected Parallels in the Writings of Solomon Spalding and the Book of Mormon"; 2. "The Honolulu Manuscript and the Book of Mormon"; 3. "(The Life of) Sidney Rigdon, the Real Founder of Mormonism"; 4. Mormonism; 5. Dickinson, Ellen E., "Solomon Spaulding's 'Manuscript Found'"; [photocopy, 51 leaves]
ƒ29 — Wild, Asa, 1824, A Short Sketch of the Religious Experience and Spiritual Travels of Asa Wild, of Amsterdam, N.Y. [photocopy, 51 leaves]
ƒ30 — Woodruff, Wilford, Blessing, etc. [photocopy, 2 leaves]
ƒ31 — Mormons and the Equal Rights Amendment, 1980, News clippings
ƒ32 — LDS Sects, undated news clipping regarding Ervil LeBaron [photocopy, 1 leaf]
ƒ33 — Worman, J.H., 1876, "Mormons" in Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [photocopy, 32 leaves]
ƒ34 — "Working File"
ƒ35 — Prophecies and Church History
ƒ36 — Newspapers [working notes]
ƒ37 — InterVarsity Fellowship Papers, 1981, 1. Mulholland, Ken, "A Christian Response to Mormonism [21 leaves]; 2. Tingle, Donald S., "Mormons – Latter-Day Saints?" [21 leaves]
ƒ38 — Cheville, Roy A., "Mormonism on the Move" The Christian Century 80.44 (30 Oct. 1963): 1328-1330; 2. Foster, Donald L., "Unique Gospel in Utah," TCC 82.28 (14 July 1965): 890-892; 3. Davidson, Glen W., "Mormon Missionaries and the Race Question," TCC 82.39 (29 September 1965): 1183-1186.
ƒ39 — Light on Mormonism [John Nutting, Cleveland, OH], 1925, Various clippings
ƒ40 — Walters, Wesley P., 1969-1970, Correspondence with his niece [27 leaves]
ƒ41 — Walters, Wesley P., 1986, 1. "Is the Mormon Church Christ's True Church?" [typescript, 12 leaves; 2. Personal Freedom Outreach Newsletter, 6.1 (Jan.-Mar. 1986), containing same article
ƒ42 — Walters, Wesley P., undated, The Challenge of Mormonism, working notes [10 leaves]
ƒ43 — Response and Replies, 1977-1978, includes 1. Articles from Dialogue (Walters; Bushman); 2. Jerald and Sandra Tanner's Distorted View of Mormonism…by "a Latter-day Saint Historian" [63 p.]; 3. Answering Dr. Clandestine: A Response to the Anonymous LDS Historian [56 p.]
ƒ44 — Suggested Bibliography
ƒ45 — Evening and Morning Star [photocopies from various issues, approx. 50 leaves]

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