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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #55

Content Summary: Files on Vermont; Nathaniel Emmons; New York State [maps]; Almanacks & Weather; Smith Family move to Palmyra, NY; Money Digging

Span dates: undetermined Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

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Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 55, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

emmonsRev. Nathaniel Emmons, D.D.
Biographical Sketch of the Rev. Nathaniel Emmons, drawn from A Cenurial History of the Mendon Association of Congregational Ministers,... Boston: The Association, 1853, pp. 109-117 [as found in Box 55, file 15, below]: "Was the sixth son and twelfth and youngest child of Deacon Samuel, jr. and Ruth (Cone) Emmons. He was born in East Haddam, Ct., 1 May 1745. Graduated at Yale College, 1767, and A.M.; also, at Dartmouth, 1786, and D.D. 1798 at Dartmouth. He professed religion in 1769, and commenced the study of theology with Rev. Nathan Strong of Coventry, Ct., and completed the usual course with Rev. John Smalley, D.D. of Berlin. He was licensed by the Hartford South Association, 3 Oct. 1769, and ordained over the church in Franklin, 21 April 1773; having been hired to supply the pulpit from 14 December preceding...."
As per a note included in file 15, "Rev. Emmons was the grandfather of William Cowdery and he also trained a [Solomon?] Spalding. S. Spalding's cousin was a justice of the peace in Windsor, Vermont."

Box 55
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — "Items to be checked" [miscellaneous notes]
ƒ03 — Vermont
ƒ04 — Vermont – New Hampshire Background and New England
ƒ05 — Vermont : Woodscrape, Related Items
ƒ06 — Vermont : Nathaniel Wood; Family
ƒ07 — Vermont : Paine Wingate
ƒ08 — Vermont : Laban Clark
ƒ09 — Vermont : Frisbie – Accounts; Biography
ƒ10 — Vermont : Tobias Spicer
ƒ11 — Vermont : Letters
ƒ12 — Vermont : Church Records
ƒ13 — Bar : Mormon Challenge ["Challenge to Us by Mormons"]
ƒ14 — Greenacre, Phyllis, "The Imposter," The Psychoanalytic Quarterly 27.3 (1958): 359-382 [photocopy]
ƒ15 — Emmons File, includes 1. Evidences of Revealed Religion [photocopy]; Bibliography; Biographical material
ƒ16 — Emmons Sermons
ƒ17 — Emmons, Nathaniel, and the Congregational Church, Franklin, Massachusetts
ƒ18 — Vermont : State Papers of Vermont, Volume 9, General Petitions, 1788-1792 [photocopy]
ƒ19 — Vermont : Congregational Records, Middletown Springs, VT
ƒ20 — Vermont : Poultney Church Records
ƒ21 — Vermont : Counterfeiting
ƒ22 — Vermont : Rutland County, VT
ƒ23 — Maps : Western New York
ƒ24 — Maps : Farmington/Manchester, NY
ƒ25 — Maps : Macedon/Palmyra, NY
ƒ26 — Maps : Central New York
ƒ27 — Almanacks/Weather [includes original editions from 1816 and 1818
ƒ28 — Windsor Area Papers : Weather, 1815-1819 and Miscellaneous Items
ƒ29 — Smiths Move to Palmyra/Manchester
ƒ30 — Money Digging : in Early America
ƒ31 — Money Digging : Joseph Smith involved
ƒ32 — Money Digging : Joseph in Harmony Area
ƒ33 — Money Digging : Joseph in Palmyra Area
ƒ34 — Money Digging : Money Digging and Magic
ƒ35 — Money Digging : "Tales of a Traveler," by Geoffrey Crayon (1825)
ƒ36 — Money Digging : Novel – "May Martin," by Judge Thompson (1841)
ƒ37 — Money Digging : The Prophets; or, Mormonism Unveiled, by Orvilla S. Belisle (1855); [photocopy of selected portions]
ƒ38 — Money Digging : Articles and Correspondence from R.L. Anderson; M.S. Hill
ƒ39 — Dowsing; Waterwitching
ƒ40 — Brooke, John L., 1987, "The Folk Culture of Metallurgy and the Emergence of Mormon Doctrine"; Correspondence regarding [28 leaves]

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