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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #57

Content Summary: Interview and Research Files; "First Vision" Research and Correspondence Files, 1960-1986

Span dates: 1960-1986 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 57, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

Administrative history:
The contents of folder 25 were detailed upon request, 25 August 2011.


Box 57
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid

ƒ02 — Kelly Interviews, Folder 1

ƒ03 — Kelly Interviews, Folder 2

ƒ04 — Smith, William

ƒ05 — Smith, William, on Mormonism

ƒ06 — Shinsel, Ruth, Correspondence

ƒ07 — Walters the Magician?

ƒ08 — Joseph Smith's Early Years – Oral History

ƒ09 — Saunder Interview

ƒ10 — Naked Truths About Mormonism [Oakland, CA], 1888 [photocopy]

ƒ11 — Anderson, Rodger, "Joseph Smith's Early Reputation Revisited"

ƒ12 — Revere, Tom

ƒ13 — Joseph Smith and Magic

ƒ14 — New York Mormonism – Paul Pry, Jr. and Grant Palmer

ƒ15 — The Life of David Marks, Photocopy of selected portions; Correspondence regarding

ƒ16 — Joseph Smith Cave

ƒ17 — Cumorah Cave with Treasures

ƒ18 — Printers in New York State : Hamilton, The County Printer

ƒ19 — First Vision : Importance Of It

ƒ20 — First Vision : Early Manuscript Accounts

ƒ21 — First Vision : Early Published Accounts

ƒ22 — First Vision : Non-Mormon Accounts of Origins

ƒ23 — First Vision : Other Mormon Accounts of Origins

ƒ24 — First Vision : Later Mormon Confusion

ƒ25 — First Vision : Controversy Before 1965, includes :
Roberts, B.H., 1930, A Comprehensive History..., vol. 1, pp. 51-53.
Brodie, Fawn, 1946, No man knows my history, pp. 20-25 and 406-411.
Nibley, Preston, 1944, Joseph Smith the Prophet, pp. 18-31; 44-46.
Widtsoe, John A., date?, Gospel Interpretations, p. 115-119; 126-133.
Widtsoe, John A., date?, Evidences and Reconciliations, pp. 331-339.
Widtsoe, John A., 1952, Joseph Smith, Seeker after Truth, Prophet of God, pp. 1-2.
Petersen, LaMar, 1957, Problems in Mormon Text, pp. 3-5.
Tanner, Jerald & Sandra, undated, "The Father and the Son?" [mimeographed, 5 p.]
Tanner, Mrs. Sandra, undated, "Dear Friend, Some time ago I wrote a letter stating my reasons..." [1 p.]
Olson, Earl E. to Georgia McGee, 24 March 1958 - in re: "... a reference to the first vision..." [1 p.]
Smith, Joseph F., "Evidences of the First Vision," The Improvement Era, 63.2 (February 1960): 80-81.
Tanner, Jerald, undated, to Walters, "Claire Noall...has the manuscript autobiography" [2 p.]
Richards, LaGrand to Wm. E. Berrett, 29 August 1960, "...called about her daughter, Sandra..." [1 p.]
Richards, LaGrand, to Mrs. Georgia McGee, 26 Sept. 1960, "...The important matter is whether or not..."
Berrett, Wm. E., to M/M Gerald [sic] Tanner, 7 October 1960, in re: "First Vision, Spring of 1820" [7 p.]
Hancock, Pauline [?], undated, The Godhead: Is There More Than One God? [19 p.]
Affidavit of Olive Wilcox and Barbara Moore, 25 Sept. 1961 in re: attempt to inspect a Stevenson Journal.
Tanner, Jerald, undated, "Who Censored the Joseph Smith Story?" [mimeographed typescript, 22 p.]
Tanner, Jerald, undated, Chapter 6 of Mormonism [p. 69-85]
Tanner, Jerald & Sandra, 1964, Mormonism - Shadow or Reality? [photocopy, p. 117-136.
Andrus, Hyrum L., pp. 62-77 of Joseph Smith, the Man and the Seer.
[Walters?], undated, Typescript, 15 p., "Travelers in upper New York state, who stop near the little town of Palmyra long enough to visit the birthplace of Mormonism,..." [early version of First Vision paper?]
Tanner, Jerald, undated, "I have just finished reading your article on the first vision..." [1 p.]
Tanner, Jerald, undated, "I thought your paper was a great piece of work; I did let Mr. Petersen read it...."
Petersen, LaMar, 11 May 1965, to Wes Walters - "...your recent essay on Joseph Smith's First Vision."
Walters to Petersen, 26 May 1965 [Walters thanks Petersen, Hancock, and Tanner for their input]
Tanner to Walters, undated, "I was delighted with your most recent work,..."
Koch, Glenn A., to Walters, 21 May 1965. "Congratulations and thanks..."
Bales, James D., "Joseph Smith's First Vision," The Gospel Broadcast (16 March 1944): 6-7.

ƒ26 — First Vision : Cheesman Thesis 1965

ƒ27 — First Vision : Items 1965-1968

ƒ28 — First Vision : Items 1969-1973

ƒ29 — First Vision : Items 1974-1983

ƒ30 — First Vision : Items 1984-1986

ƒ31 — First Vision : Marvin Hill on the,

ƒ32 — First Vision : Lucile Hyler on the,

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