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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #59

Content Summary: Miscellaneous articles by Frank F. Wipper.

Span dates: 1951-1964 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 59, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Book of Mormon Foundation Publications - Writings of Frank F. Wipper and others, Box 58, Walters Collection


Box 59
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid

ƒ02 — A Great Delusion! [11 p.]; A New Look! [15 p.]; Looking Into A New Look on Polygamy [17 p.]; About the "Godhead" [5 p.]; Amerigo : The Significance of the Early Discovery of America [9 p.]; An Unlearned Man [9 p.]; And I Command You… [9 p.]; Letter addressed to Dear Associates, dated 11 February 1964 [1 p.]; Apostles? : Are They to be Taken Seriously Now? [6 p.]; First Apostles – Is This Still the Order Among the Gentiles? [dated March 1964, 5 p.].

ƒ03 — A Number of Reasons Why the Works of John Bunyan Should be Promoted, by Clifford Rowlee [1 p.]; Bunyan's Biblical Briefs [1 p.]; The Covenant, by John Bunyan [3 p.]; Explaining the Reason for Sending…The Heavenly Footman" [3 p.]; The Heavenly Footman, by John Bunyan [8 p.]; The Heavenly Footman, by John Bunyan [23 p.]; John Bunyan, 1628-1688 [5 p.]; Just and Unjust Resurrections; also, The Books Opened, by John Bunyan [1628-1688], [15 p.]; An Error! [1 p.].

ƒ04 — Book of Mormon Texts [topical arrangement, 33 p.]; Brochure Explaining the Book of Mormon Foundation [16 p.]; Church of Christ [18 p.]; Emphatically Fundamental [9 p.]; Epilogue to October 1962 Issue No. 22, Commemorative of the Late Pauline Hancock of Independence, Missouri [6 p.]; The Four Horsemen of the RLDS [14 p.]; Reorganized Prophets! [19 p.].

ƒ05 — God [15 p.]; I was deceived" : re Twelve [dated 4 April 1962, 2 p.]; Is the Book of Mormon from God? [11 p.]; Just As I Am [2 p.]; The Latter Day Gentiles [11 p.]; Latter Day Saintism – An Expediency!, Part One [15 p.] – two copies; Latter Day Saintism – An Expediency!, Part Two [18 p.]; Let God Be True [3 p.].

ƒ06 — Jerald Tanner's Brochure on Mormonism Re-examined [9 p.]; Letter to Jerald Tanner, dated April 1963 [1 p.; Wipper notes April 13, 1963 as his 80th birthday].

ƒ07 — Mighty Works? [4 p.]; Of the Essence in the Book of Mormon [17 p.]; To Whom It May Concern [dated 5 June 1952, 1 p. – cover letter for "accompanying brochure" and most likely, "Our Human Nature"]; Our Human Nature: A Reply to the Concordant Theory [15 p.]; Priestcraft [9 p.]; Probing to Bed-Rock [1 p.]; Proorizo (Designates Beforehand) [5 p.]; Religious Mutations of the Latter Days [6 p.]; Reply to Samuel Wood, Editor of T.M., by B.B. Wrapfr [6 p.]; Restoration of the Gospel? [23 p.].

ƒ08 — Spirituals' Endowments" [2 p.]; Stimulated Concepts of the Mind! [7 p.] – two copies, with different covers; Strive Lawfully [12 p.] – two copies; Strong Delusion!! [13 p.]; Tangibles Vs. Faith [1 p.]; The Day I Met Christ [8 p.]; The Falling Away [3 p.]; The Gift of Translating [15 p.]; The Heights of Faith [13 p.]; The Lost 116 Pages [6 p.]; The New Covenant [13 p.].

ƒ09 — The Seneca Indians of New-York, by Prof. Anthony Wallace [4 p.]; The True Versus the Feigned or Pretended Authority, Part One [21 p.]; The True Versus the Feigned or Pretended Authority, Part Two [21 p.]; Thy Kingdom Come [42 p.]; To and Fro – Here and Yon [2 p.]; What Is That To Thee? [7 p.]; Wherefore They Both Shall Be Established In One; Zion [6 p.].

ƒ10 — Early Writings : 1. Commentary on Some Nephite Record Subjects [Pb, 23 p.]; 2. Nephite Record Texts [Pb, 109 p.]; 3. "Evil Spoken Of" [8 p. tract; 23.4 cm.]; 4. "Evil Spoken Of" [8 p. tract; 22 cm.]; 5. "First Apostles or First Presidency, Which?" [16 p.]

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