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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #60

Content Summary: Mormonism in Ohio; Writings of A.T. Schroeder; Correspondence regarding "New Light on Mormon Origins"; Miscellaneous Articles and Research

Span dates: 1830-1979 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 60, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


Box 60
File & Subject

ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — Backman, Milton V., Jr., 1971, "Awakenings in the Burned-Over District," – Chapter 3 of Joseph Smith's First Vision. Salt Lake City, UT: Bookcraft, Inc., 1971, pp. 53-89 [photocopy]
ƒ03 — Mace, Wandle, Biography of Wandle Mace" [photocopy of pages 40, 5-16
ƒ04 — "Eye witness accounts, mainly chronological order, with related information & reprinting," collected by Rev. W.P. Walters, Marissa, Illinois [photocopies of index cards, 46 leaves]
ƒ05 — Nauvoo Materials – "Nauvoo, Illinois: The Mormon City," Chapter 30 in The Valley of the Mississippi Illustrated [photocopy, 13 leaves]
ƒ06 — Utah Materials – Excerpts from The Mormon Trials at Salt Lake City, by Geo. Alfred Townsend. New York : American News Company, 1871 [photocopy, pp. 3-49]
ƒ07 — Smith, John L. [Utah Evangel Press, Clearfield, UT], undated, "Questions to Ask the Mormon Missionaries" [7 leaves]
ƒ08 — Collier, Fred C., Gospel of the Father [1973; photocopy, 246 p.] and The Mormon God [1974; photocopy, 402 p.]; Letter from Robert R. Black, dated 27 September 1977 [with attachments, 10 p.]
ƒ09 — Mormons and Disciples in Ohio, Folder 1 : 1. Moss, Jesse Jasper, "Autobiography of a Pioneer Preacher," [photocopy, 31 leaves]; 2. "An Abridged Record of the Life of John Murdock"; 3. Excerpts from Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve, Ohio"; 4. Excerpts from The Millennial Harbinger, 1831ff.; 5. Excerpts from The Painesville Telegraph, 1830ff.
ƒ10 — Mormons and Disciples in Ohio, Folder 2 : Notes on 1. John Cook Bennett; 2. "How the Temple at Nauvoo was Destroyed"; 3. Conflict at Kirkland, by M.H. Parkin; 4. Mormonism Unvailed, and History of Mormonism, both by Eber D. Howe; 5. Howe Family Genealogical Information; 6. 1850 Census, Portage County, Suffield Township, Ohio; 7. Mormon Marriages, Geauga Co., OH; 8. Deeds, Geauga Co., OH; 9. Mormon Resources; 9. "Here is Lake County, OH"; 10. "Island King" by Barb Mraz; 11. Smith, Joseph, Jr., Correspondence & Biographical Information [photocopies, 10 leaves]; 12. "Mormon Gold: The Vermont Origins of Mormonism; 14. Excerpt photocopies from book on the History of Livingston County, OH.
ƒ11 — Vlachos, Chris Alex, 1979, "'Prophet' Brigham Young's False Teaching That Adam Is God" [photocopy, 32 leaves]; Cover Letter dated 28 February 1979 from Michael Marquardt [3 leaves]; Paste-up Draft of Vlachos Paper [44 leaves]; Annotated, Published copy of Paper [23 leaves]
ƒ12 — Lingle, Wilbur, 1976-1977, Correspondence with Mark E. Petersen [photocopies, approx. 100 leaves]; Letter to Wes Walters, dated 22 May 1976 [1 leaf]
ƒ13 — J.D. Bales Materials, Folder 1, 1966-1969ff., Correspondence; Articles; Tracts [approx. 150 leaves]
ƒ14 — J.D. Bales Materials, Folder 1, Miscellaneous Items primarily concerning Sidney Rigdon [25 leaves]
ƒ15 — Wilbur, Ruth Austin, 1858ff., Diary [photocopy, approx. 100 leaves]
ƒ16 — Austin and Cowdery Families, Genealogical Information [approx. 50 leaves]
ƒ17 — Schroeder, (Albert) Theodore, Correspondence regarding Schroeder Manuscript Collection; Finding Aid; Photocopies [approx. 100 leaves]
ƒ18 — Partridge, Edward, Letter of 22 October 1834, reproduced in Woman's Exponent, 12.5 (1 August 1883), [photocopy, two leaves]
ƒ19 — Schroeder Collection, Folder 1, Photocopies from Box 2, Folder 1, concerning Spaulding [approx. 50 leaves]
ƒ20 — Schroeder Collection, Folder 2, Photocopies [approx. 50 leaves]
ƒ21 — Schroeder, A.T., Lucifer's Lantern, Numbers 1-9, 1898-1899 [photocopies, approx. 100 leaves]
ƒ22 — Schroeder, A.T., The Origin of the Book of Mormon [photocopy, 31 leaves]
ƒ23 — Walters, Wesley P., 1971-1972, Joseph Smith Among the Egyptians, Manuscript drafts; Final article; Correspondence concerning [approx. 300 leaves]
ƒ24 — Research Inquiry reply
ƒ25 — Walters, Wesley P., 1966-1970, "New Light on Mormon Origins, from the Palmyra (N.Y) Revival," – Correspondence; Pamphlets; Abstract of Paper; Article as published.

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