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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #61

Content Summary: Miscellaneous Articles; Dissertations and Theses; Related Correspondence.

Span dates: 1816-1987 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 61, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


Box 61
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — Cincinnati: Commercial Tribune, 26 November 1897 notice by John Cleves Symmes of his theory of a hollow earth [photocopy]
ƒ03 — Putnam, Read H., "Were the Golden Plates Made of Tumbaga?"; Smith, B. Mildred, "Possible Weight of the Plates of the Book of Mormon"; Lechtman, Heather, "Pre-Columbian Surface Metallurgy"; Walters, Wesley P., "A Gold Plated Story" [draft, 7 p.]
ƒ04 — Quakers : A Declaration of the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Philadelphia, 1828 [photocopy]
ƒ05 — Contemporary Influence in the Book of Mormon, includes Delusions: A Review of the Book of Mormon, by Alexander Campbell (1831, reprint)
ƒ06 — Walker, John Phillip, Documents from Early Mormon History [photocopy]
ƒ07 — Works Available to the Smiths
ƒ08 — Smith, George D., 1986, "Contemporary Antecedents of a New Religion" [23 p.]; Response by Milton B. Backman [14 p.]
ƒ09 — Vogel, Dan, 1982, "Historical Basis for the Book of Mormon" [preliminary draft, 84 p.]
ƒ10 — Book of Mormon Legal System : Williams, James, "The Law of the Book of Mormon," American Law Review, Vol. 34, pp. 219-223.
ƒ11 — Eastern "Christians" – File includes The Christian Register and Almanack for 1821 and 1823; Photocopies from The Gospel Luminary, edited by David Millard; etc.
ƒ12 — Marquardt, H. Michael, 1987, "Hyrum Smith and the Organization of the Mormon Church [31 p.]; Carmack, John K., "Fayette: The Place the Church was Organized" Ensign, 19.2 (Feb. 1989): 15-19.
ƒ13 — Curtis, Susan, 1977, "Palmyra Revisited: A Look at Early 19th Century American Thought and the Book of Mormon" [41 p.]; Russell, William D., 1977, "The Historicity of the Book of Mormon: The Thought of Pre-exilic Israel and I & II Nephi Compared" [20 p.]; Comments by Robert F. Smith [3 p.]
ƒ14 — Bringhurst, Newell G., 1980, Correspondence; Introduction and Chapter 1 [draft copy] of Saints, Slaves and Blacks (Greenwood Press, 1981)
ƒ15 — Bushman, "The Book of Mormon and the American Revolution" BYU Studies 17.1 (Autumn 1976): 3-20.
ƒ16 — Revivalism in the Book of Mormon : Articles by Mark D. Thomas and James R. Harris
ƒ17 — Manchester Library, Research Notes
ƒ18 — Finney, Charles, Research Notes on Correspondence of
ƒ19 — Use of Plates Known – Correspondence; Miscellaneous Articles
ƒ20 — Early Works on American Antiquities available to Joseph Smith
ƒ21 — Rising Premillennialism in the 19th Century – Selected photocopies from A Guide to the Study of Chronological Prophecy, by Matthew Habershon [1841] and A View of the Expected Christian Millennium, by Josiah Priest [1828]
ƒ22 — Buck's Theological Dictionary – Photocopies of selected portions on Millennialism
ƒ23 — Boudinot, Elias, 1816, A Star in the West: A Humble Attempt to Find the Long Lost Ten Tribes of Israel [photocopy]
ƒ24 — A Star in the West – Research Notes
ƒ25 — Millard, David, 1818, The True Messiah Exalted… [photocopy]
ƒ26 — View of the Hebrews – Indians & Lost Tribes : Correspondence; Articles and Miscellaneous Photocopies; Hougey, Hal, "A Parallel" – The Basis of the Book of Mormon [1963, 55 p.]; Jonas, Larry S., Mormon Claims Examined [1961, 85 p.]
ƒ27 — Smith, Ethan, 2d ed., 1825, View of the Hebrews [photocopy]
ƒ28 — Differences between View and The Book of Mormon
ƒ29 — View of the Hebrews – Research Notes
ƒ30 — Roberts, B.H., "Of Human Origin" – Summary & Critique : Correspondence;
ƒ31 — Smith, George D., 1983, "The Nineteenth Century Background of the Book of Mormon"
ƒ32 — Riley, William L., 1971, A Comparison of Passages from Isaiah and Other Old Testament Prophets in Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews and the Book of Mormon [vi, 60, 1 p.]
ƒ33 — Tanner Answers Blake Ostler – "Mormonism and Plagarism" The Salt Lake City Messenger, Issue No. 63 (May 1987)
ƒ34 — M'Donald, John, 1824, New Translation of Isaiah, Chapter XVIII [photocopy]
ƒ35 — Where Are The Lost Tribes?
ƒ36 — Book of Mormon Chronology – Articles; Correspondence
ƒ37 — Morgan Affair – Thompson, John E., 1980, Joseph Smith and the Illuminati : Masonry and Anti-Masonry in the Burned-Over District [ii, 58, 13 p.]
ƒ38 — Book of Mormon – Translating [miscellaneous articles]
ƒ39 — Vogel, Dan, "Is the Book of Mormon A Translation?" The Journal of Pastoral Practice 5.3 (1982): 74-91; Draft copy; Correspondence concerning

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